Hardy Boys eBooks and Nancy Drew eBooks on sale @ Kindle and iTunes!

A number of Hardy Boys books, such as Three Ring Terror, and Nancy Drew books, like Door-to-Door Deception are on sale for 1.99 at Kindle and iTunes! Also there are some of The Hardy Boys Clue Books, Nancy Drew Notebooks,  and a few Girl Detective and ND Files.
To find the deals @ Amazon, in the search field, you can type in Franklin W. Dixon for Hardy Boys books then when you’re ready for the next search type in Carolyn Keene for Nancy Drew books. Once the results for each author’s search are displayed on your screen, to filter the titles and more quickly find the sale ones, select “Price: Low to High” – then start checking out the various titles! :) Scroll down until you get to Hardy Boys books or Nancy Drew books (some of the Penny Parker listed there first are possibly in public domain so those are actually free elsewhere). For iTunes, search each author’s name and look for the 1.99 deals to jump out like clues to a detective as you sleuth for them! :)

For those not in the US, they should also be on sale. It’s not all of the Hardy Boys books and Nancy Drew books, just some. And remember, you can read Kindle books on your computer as well as various devices. iTunes eBooks can only be read on Apple devices with the iBooks app.

Here are a few ebook Kindle and iTunes links for Franklin W. Dixon (some I’ve read and some I need to!) ~
111 Three Ring Terror  @ Amazon
111 Three Ring Terror @ iTunes
112 Demolition Mission @ Amazon
112 Demoltion Mission @ iTunes
154 Caribbean Cruise Caper @ Amazon
154 Caribbean Cruise Caper @ iTunes
158 London Deception @ Amazon
158 London Deception @ iTunes

These two Clues Brothers I’ve gotten to read in eBook and are well-written. They’re also at iTunes:
2 The Karate Clue @ Amazon 
4 Jump-Shot Detectives @ Amazon

Here are a few ebook Kindle and iTunes links for Carolyn Keene ~
118 Trouble at Lake Tahoe @ Amazon
118 Trouble at Lake Tahoe @ iTunes
135 Riddle of the Ruby Gazelle @ Amazon
135 Riddle of the Ruby Gazelle @ iTunes
140 Door-to-Door Deception @ Amazon
140 Door-to-Door Deception @ iTunes
150 Mystery at Moorsea Manor @ Amazon
150 Mystery at Moorsea Manor @ iTunes

Not sure how long the sale is on for, maybe just for today. Check it out! Great summer sale for some excellent mysteries! :) :cool:

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Hardy Boys Adventures #12 The Madman of Black Bear Mountain

Here are some of the details on Hardys Boys Adventure #12 ~

Title: The Madman of Black Bear Mountain
Release Date: 6/7/16
Number of pages: 160
Available Formats: Paperback, Hardcover and eBook
Cover: Check back here! :)
Synopsis: Check back right here soon! :)

Anyone have any guesses about the plot? I always try to guess what the mystery is going to be. Black Bear Mountain is in New York, although there could be other places with that name. In the main series, The Hardy Boys (The Hardy Boys Mysteries), Bayport is, of course, in New York. :)

You can bookmark this page if you like so you can quickly check back here about the synopsis and cover art. :)



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Nancy Drew Girl Detective #25 Trails of Treachery – My Review

Nancy Drew Girl Detective 25 Trails of Treachery

Trails of Treachery, #25, is one of the best in the Nancy Drew Girl Detective series! Nancy and Bess are George’s support team as she participates in an intense bike race in Costa Rica. It’s really beautiful there as the reader can imagine from the aptly described scenery. The author did such a great job with that, you can really feel like you’re there with Nancy, George, and Bess and some new friends. There are many dangerous situations they must contend with. The hazardous elements of the race trail include biking in extreme heat through the jungle and shivery cold temperature at the higher elevation of the volcano, plus a precarious rope and wood bridge, torrential rain, mud and dirt to deal with. Some very difficult obstacles to work through!

Along with all of that, there’s a mystery that also needs their attention. One of the top racers has been targeted for sabotage – and murder. Nancy, Bess, and, George do their best to investigate the threats and sabotage quickly, sensing that danger is racing to overtake them. It’s an intriguing, exciting mystery with several suspects. Definitely fast-paced with the action, plus the added pressure for our friends from River Heights having to determine, before it’s too late, whom they can trust. There are clues to find in the mystery and good sleuthing, making it fun to read.  

Easily one of the best in the Girl Detective series. There are several volumes in the series that I think are good Nancy Drew books, including this one and #2 A Race Against Time. Both actually revolve around bike races, but they’re different mysteries. And I don’t like all bike race mysteries, such as the Nancy Drew Files one that my-Nancy-Hardy-book-reading-buddy sibling and I checked out last year together. I’d say that of the three alternate universe series, Files, Girl Detective, and Diaries so far, the one with the best books of the ones we’ve tried would be the Girl Detective series. My sib feels the same as me about the various series and made a great point that this book would make an awesome game. :cool: It sure would! :cool:

Here’s the synopsis for Nancy Drew Girl Detective #25 Trails of Treachery from Simon and Schuster:

Leave it to Nancy Drew to be on the case no matter where she is….

Nancy and Bess travel to Costa Rica with George as she prepares to participate in La Ruta de los Conquistadores, a 3-day mountain bike race. It soon becomes clear that someone will go to great lengths to make sure top cyclist Derek Woodhall doesn’t win.

Actually, the top U.S. cyclist’s name is Derek McDaniel, not Woodhall. :roll:

So, if you enjoy reading Nancy Drew books with a good action-packed mystery in a well-described tropical setting, you’re gonna love this one! It’s available in ebook from Simon and Schuster and other ebooksellers, but the paperback is not available at this time. You can check a digital version out from libraries where they loan ebooks. And of course, a used copy of the paperback can be found online or perhaps at a library sale. :) I have the ebook, but I’d like the paperback as well. :cool:


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New Hardy Boys Series: Clue Book #1 and #2 and Poll

Move over Secret Files, there’s a new series coming in 2016 entitled Hardy Boys Clue Hardy Boys Clue Book 1 The Video Game BanditBook! Hope it’ll be good. :) Here are some of the details:

Title: #1 The Video Game Bandit
Illustrated by: Matt David
Release Date: 19th of April 2016
Number of Pages: 96
Available Formats: Paperback/eBook/hardcover
Update: Synopsis from Simon and Schuster:

Frank and Joe are on a mission to track down a thief in the first book in an all-new, interactive Hardy Boys chapter book mystery series. Includes space for readers to jot down their own ideas and solutions to the case!

Bayport Elementary is throwing a fundraiser so they can go on an end-of-the-year trip. Ellie Freeman’s parents have volunteered their house for the event, and neighbors have donated all sorts of prizes to be raffled off including movie tickets and gift certificates to Fun World. But the best prize of all is a brand-new ZCross50000, a video game system that every kid has been drooling over.

But sometime during the event, the ZCross goes missing. Can Frank and Joe figure out who took the prize before it’s too late to save the big school trip?

Hardy Boys Clue Book 2 The Missing Playbook

 Title: #2 The Missing Playbook
Illustrated by: Matt David
Release Date: 19th of April 2016
Available Formats: Paperback/eBook/hardcover
Number of Pages: 96
Update: Synopsis from Simon and Schuster: 

Frank and Joe try to hit a home run by figuring out what happened to the Bayport Bandits’ playbook before the first big baseball game in the second book in an all-new, interactive Hardy Boys chapter book mystery series. Includes space for readers to jot down their own ideas and solutions to the case!

Frank and Joe and the rest of their Bayport Bandits teammates can’t wait for Little League to start! Everyone is celebrating the beginning of the season at Speedy Zermino’s house. While they’re all together, Coach Quinn shows off the Bandit’s new playbook that contains all of the new strategies and plays that will help them to a winning season.

The next day at practice, Coach Quinn realizes the all-important playbook has gone missing! With their teammates counting on them to get the book back, Frank and Joe must take a swing at cracking this case…or their season will be over before it even begins.

The Nancy Drew Clue Book series coming in July replaces the Nancy Drew Clue Crew series. The first two titles, Pool Party Puzzler and Last Lemonade Standing, will be available on the 7th of July. Four titles have been announced so far in the new series. I really liked the Clue Crew series title because it gives cred to George and Bess and it rhymes. :cool:

Like the Secret Files and Clue Crew, the price (US) will be 5.99 paperback/ebook. Unlike the Secret Files and Clue Crew, it says at the Simon and Schuster site that they’ll be available in hardcover, too.

So, whatcha think? Interested in the Hardy Boys Clue Book series or Nancy Drew Clue Book series? Vote on the poll! :)

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Hardy Boys Book Characters – Callie Shaw and Iola Morton

Now along with info on the Hardy family – Frank, Joe, Fenton, Laura, and Gertrude (aka Trudy) – I’ve posted details about Iola Morton and Callie Shaw. They’re the Hardy Boys’ girlfriends/true loves, and cool characters who’ve helped solve some really dangerous cases. :cool: Both Iola and Callie are smart, resourceful, brave, and vivacious – one of the words often used to describe each of them in The Hardy Boys books. It means lively and spirited, so it’s definitely a good thing to be vivacious. That and their other great qualities makes them excellent soul mate matches for the Hardy brothers. :) Also fun to read about. And to write. :cool: The main characters are Frank and Joe, of course, and it’s good and important that there are additional great characters. Makes it more real. :cool:

In addition to the Hardy family, Iola, along with her brother Chet, and Callie are the only other Hardy Boys book characters to be in the Papercutz graphic novels. :cool: Iola and Chet also have the cool distinction and honor to be in every book series with the Hardy Boys’ name in it along with the Hardy family. :cool: That’s trivia straight from the books. And coming soon to this blog: the start of The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew facts page. Be ready for interesting and intriguing facts and details from the books. :cool:

Check out the Hardy Boys Book Characters to find out more. :)



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The Hardy Boys – Battling Injustice and Helping People Since 1927

   Guess what? Tomorrow, the 16th of May, is when the Hardy Boys’ books were first Secret of the Old Mill by Franklin W Dixoncopyrighted! :cool: The real deal Hardy Boys’ series, aka The Hardy Boys Mysteries/The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories, ran from 1927, when the first three volumes in the series were released, to April of 2005 with the publication of #190 Motocross Madness. :cool: Checking out the online records of copyrights, including searching digital copies of public domain books for info, I found that in the U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1955 January – June, the first three Hardy Boys volumes – #1 The Tower Treasure, #2 The House on the Cliff, and #3 Secret of the Old Mill, were listed with the copyright date of May 16, 1927, and the copyrights were renewed on March 24, 1955. Edward Stratemeyer, who wrote the detailed outlines of the first Hardy Boys books and Nancy Drew books, published the first three volumes of The Hardy Boys series simultaneously in 1927. Seriously cool that the awesome brother team of Frank and Joe started in 1927 and went right into the 21st century. :cool:

   The details in this post about the first 3 Hardy Boys books refer to the revised editions, since those are the ones I know and have read – namely, the ones currently available now in print and ebook formats. The original first 38 mysteries were revised, then after that every title has one original, unrevised edition, with new stories written and published into this century. Volumes 1-58 can be found new in hardcover in print and some of the paperbacks. Thankfully many of the 190 mysteries can be found in ebook, with hopefully more to be released soon. :cool:

   In the first book, The Tower Treasure, a reader ready for mystery and action can meet most of the characters of the Hardy Boys series. Frank Hardy and Joe Hardy, crimefighting brothers, their parents, Fenton and Laura Hardy, friends Phil Cohen, Biff Hooper, Chet Morton, Tony Prito, and Jerry Gilroy, and you know that the brothers are dating their true loves – Joe’s Iola (Morton), and Frank’s Callie (Shaw). <3 Frank and Joe’s Aunt Gertrude makes her first appearance in #3, The Secret of the Old Mill, as does their boat, the Sleuth.

   The essential, real deal series, The Hardy Boys/The Hardy Boys Mysteries, about Frank and Joe, along with the other cool characters, contains a lot of excitement, bravery, danger, death-defying action, and risks as they fight evil people bent on destruction while escaping the numerous murderous attempts directed at them. They combat very serious and dangerous crimes with courage as well as making sure to keep it real by infusing such intense situations with humor and sarcasm. Throughout the series, those excellent characters, Frank, Joe, Fenton, Laura, Iola, Callie, Chet, Phil, Tony, from the first three Hardy Boys volumes do their best to do what’s right, not just what is the least dangerous or most popular even. And help is definitely needed in that path. It’s not the quantity of friends you have, but rather the quality. :cool:

Hardy Boys 190 Motocross Madness Franklin W Dixon    In  the Hardy Boys #190, Motocross Madness,  released in April of 2005, you can be up-to-date in the 21st century by seeing that the Hardy brothers’ girlfriends  Iola, Callie, plus Chet along with the whole Hardy family are still going strong. :cool:

   Like Nancy, who has helped out the Hardy brothers on more than one occasion, Frank and Joe have many books available for us to read and enjoy their cool adventures and mysteries in The Hardy Boys series. And there have been alternate universes, including the currently running Hardy Boys Adventures and Secret Files. There are also games, including Treasure on the Tracks, and The Hidden Theft and The Perfect Crime. Plus the Nancy Drew games like Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon where they’re special guests (cool!), and the ones in which they’re phone guests. Also available are some excellent graphic novels from Papercutz, such as Sea You, Sea Me. If you want to read Hardy Boys fanfiction, ones based on the books can be found, although not all claiming to be HB fanfiction qualifies as having any resemblance at all to the books or characters, except for borrowing the names. :roll:

   Let me know what you like best about the Hardys. :) I haven’t read all of the Hardy Boys books in the series, but I have a large number of favorites, some hardcover, some paperback, and ebook. :D I love the action and exciting mysteries, the teamwork of the brothers with their loved ones, the humor, and the determination and bravery to stand up against evil and never backing down, which is also true of Nancy Drew. That resilience and integrity is not only commendable but very inspiring to each one of us, wherever we are and whatever situation we find ourselves in. :cool:

   Here’s the first ever poll at the Hardy and Drew Mysteries blog! Please vote and comment and invite others to come vote as well. Be ready for more polls to come! :D

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Happy Anniversary, Nancy Drew!

Nancy Drew #3 The Bungalow Mystery by Carolyn KeeneAs I mentioned in a previous post, the 28th of April, 2015 is the anniversary of when the exciting, much-loved, cool, popular series, Nancy Drew (Nancy Drew Mysteries/Nancy Drew Mystery Stories) began being published. The 85th anniversary to be exact. Mystery readers have had the opportunity to read Nancy’s thrilling adventures starting on this date in 1930, with the publication of the first three volumes, The Secret of the Old Clock, The Hidden Staircase, and The Bungalow Mystery. That was the start of another successful Edward Stratemeyer series, The Hardy Boys (The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories/The Hardy Boys Stories) series having been established in 1927. Both series being read and loved here and now in the 21st century. That’s pretty cool. The Nancy Drew series continued with new stories from 1930 until November 2003 with #175 (The Hardy Boys went to April 2005 with #190). I have a facsimile edition of books #1-#3 (unread as of yet) and I also have the revised editions, which I have read. :) My favorite of the first three Nancy Drew books is #3 The Bungalow Mystery. :)

There are several essential characters who’ve helped Nancy a lot. Her dad, Carson, is a lawyer who loves his daughter, and although he’s always concerned for her safety, he’s super proud of her. Her boyfriend, Ned Nickerson, brave, loyal, and smart, lets Nancy know he loves her, not only by telling her, but also showing it with understanding and support. Hannah Gruen, the Drews’ housekeeper who’s been like a mother to Nancy. George Fayne and Bess Marvin, cousins who’ve stuck with Nancy through many dangerous situations. Also Helen Corning, a friend appearing in several books. And my favorite characters, the Hardy Boys, brothers Frank and Joe, fellow detectives and justice-seekers have worked with Nancy.

Important trivia if you don’t want to be wrong: Nancy was 16 years old in the first book. That means she isn’t 85 years old today – because she would have had to have been a baby in The Secret of the Old Clock – and maybe people really matured a lot quicker than us today, but she could drive a car, etc, so that’s just not in the realm of possibility for her to be an infant in the first book. So since she was 16 in the original, she would be 101, but with her being 18 in the revised edition of The Secret of the Old Clock, you could say she’s 103. But it is physically impossible for her to literally be 85 and not 101 or 103. :) So if you read anywhere online that’s she 85, you know that’s incorrect and you know the actual facts. :cool: If you want to get really technical, The Secret of the Old Clock was written in 1929, so that would make her 102 or 104. :)

It’s not a mystery at all as to why Nancy (and the Hardy Boys) continue to be important, much-read characters. The answer is that readers who love action and mystery love reading about the adventures of people who have a strong sense of ethics and are willing to take on deadly foes murderously intent on getting away with a number of crimes. Bad individuals and groups get stopped and it’s good to see that. Plus Nancy and the Hardys keep their sense of humor, which also helps them. Smart, brave, loyal, compassionate, resourceful, quick-witted and wise are all words that describe Nancy Drew (and The Hardy Boys :D ). And I’m extremely thankful to know that there are people like them for real. :)

Nancy not only has a lot of books, but other items as well. My mom and dad got me a book about Madame Alexander dolls and it has in there about the doll made in Nancy’s honor. Plus, there are numerous movies, games, several alternate universe book series, and graphic novels from Papercutz. The games includes PC/Mac/tablet/phone games from HeR Interactive, including one of my favorite ones, The Secret of the Old Clock – which I like more than the book. :cool:

So those of us who love an adventure want to read the exciting mysteries Nancy’s solved. You can find them on sale online or in bookstores, or check them out of public libraries in paperback, hardcover, and ebook. Puzzling clues and fascinating mysteries at a variety of locations await you! :)

Let me know what you like most about Nancy and if you have a favorite book or game! :)