Hardys Inn Danger by Ann ♥♪HB♪♥ – Intro/Chapter One – Frank

Hardys Inn Danger header by Ann Chvq


During the annual classic car and air show at Bayport’s historic Inn the Bay, where mystery is on a staycation, Frank and Joe take part in several very unexpected adventures. Faced with puzzling cases that demand immediate attention, the brothers, their family, girlfriends and friends meet each obstacle with courage. Danger finds them every time and justice has to win. Even when some things are different, the essential things remain strong and present always, in the past, now, and the future. Truths are timeless.

Author’s Notes:
 This is written in the first person style of the Undercover Brothers and Hardy Boys Adventures. It’s like Frank and Joe are telling you what happened, alternating back and forth with one brother then the other sharing with you about the mysteries, danger, and adventures.  

Hardys Inn Danger contains a unique concept, which may or may not be science fiction – you have to read to find out what I’m talking about. 😉

Last year a sib of mine and I had the opportunity to read an unrevised edition of The Mystery of the Flying Express. It was pretty interesting and we want to read more of them. 🙂

Always first to the Creator and to my family/friends, forever. Lots of love, hugs, and thanks. ❤      ❤      ❤       

 Hardys Inn Danger header by Ann Chvq




   As I finished getting ready for the Bayport Car and Air Show, I noted how much time there was before we had planned to leave. I had gotten up early enough so that I could leisurely do my usual routine. Plus, maybe have time left over to read some and listen to music.

   The early morning birds called to each other outside my window and I stopped to look out. The bright sun, brilliant cumulus clouds, and amazing blue sky were all present. That was great news for the event. As fun as last year was, the rain did dampen things, if you’ll pardon the expression. This year would be epic. A larger number of cars would be on display for this one as more and more people heard about it. I couldn’t wait to see what was there and take some video.

   A glance in the mirror showed a tall guy with dark hair and eyes in a nicely pressed suit. I adjusted my tie a little and made sure the lapels were flat. I gave a grin at my reflection, thinking how I looked like I had just stepped out of the 1920s or 1930s. My brother, Joe, and I both read a lot of books that take place or were written in various times, so we knew some historical details, but today we would step back in time as much as possible. Live it, not just read about it.

   A lot of people dressed up for the Bayport Car and Air Show, especially those with vehicles on display. For this one, all of the Hardys would be wearing period clothes and arriving there in an awesome 1927 metallic blue Duesenberg. We were showing it for friends who had been called away on business. The event would last for a few days, so it was possible the owners would be back in time for part of the show.

   I’m a big history buff and with a vehicle like a Duesenberg, this would really add to that feeling of traveling back in time. It’s possible to see a Duesenberg if you visit a big car show or museum that has one on display, or watch specific classic movies, or a new TV show could have a story with Duesenbergs. With a limited number of the custom-built cars produced, they are highly collectible and really cool. Many celebrities have owned Duesenbergs, including Elvis.

   A bunch of us like to watch classic movies, ranging from comedies to murder mysteries. Joe and I look for good ones, black and white or color, on the channels that air classic movies either all the time or occasionally. There can be newer ones that are great, too, of course, but there is something fascinating about the earlier ones. It just depends on the quality of the writing and acting, not when it was done.

   I moved away from the window and went over to get my phone off my nightstand. As I looked at the home screen, I thought of an entertaining thing to do. Slipping my phone into my pocket, I stepped out into the hall and to my brother’s room.

   Opening the door ever so quietly, I stealthily went in. As expected, Joe was fast asleep in bed. Sunlight filtered through the curtains, managing not to awaken him. He doesn’t like getting up early in the summer. Or the fall, winter, or spring, for that matter.

   He looked so docile sleeping, I almost laughed. I held it in, though, and continued on with my mission. I’m a lighter sleeper than he is, so I was not too concerned that I would wake him up. Still, it never pays to be overconfident. Just the right amount of confidence.

   I paused as he shifted and turned some. Patience, I told myself. He settled down and after a few moments I continued. My eyes spotted the object I was searching for and I picked it up. Then Joe shifted again. I stilled once more. He moved his head a little and I wondered if he was waking up.

   Mentally willing him to remain asleep, a lullaby just for this went through my head.

Little brother, keep quietly sleeping,
Little brother, no alarm is beeping.

   I’m sure the lullaby in my head doesn’t get the credit, especially since he didn’t hear it, but Joe did keep sleeping.

   So, I moved silently, making my way back across the room. I stepped past the baseball mitt and the carefully arranged overflow stack of books on the floor. We each have bookshelves in our rooms and they are filled to capacity. Our virtual shelves of eBooks are happy, too.

   Reaching the door, I glanced again at my brother, just to make sure he hadn’t woken up and was quietly watching me. Yep, still sound asleep. Mentally snickering, since that is quieter than out loud, I left with the ‘borrowed’ item.

   After stopping by my room real quick, I headed downstairs. Delicious smells that assured me waffles were being prepared wafted to me. Tempted to take the stairs faster, I kept it to a reasonable and safe speed. After all, I was always after Joe not to run on the stairs, so I had better follow that, too.

   “Good morning to two of the most beautiful women in the world,” I said, entering the sunny kitchen with a smile and a growling stomach.

   “Good morning, Frank,” my mom greeted me on her way over to the counter. I bent down for a kiss on the cheek and gave her one in return. “Don’t you look handsome!”

   “Thanks.” I looked at her modern casual clothes. “You’re beautiful as always, but I kinda thought the clothes from the 20s and 30s were more different.”

   My mom laughed. “No way I’m going to make waffles in those other clothes! Women back then surely had different clothes for cooking and going out.”

   Aunt Trudy gave me a hug and said, “We’re beautiful or the waffles are?”

   “Both,” I said with a teasing grin. “But you ladies much more so.”

   Our joking around was suddenly interrupted by the youngest Hardy’s yell of:

   “I can’t find my phone!”



18 thoughts on “Hardys Inn Danger by Ann ♥♪HB♪♥ – Intro/Chapter One – Frank

  1. As always I can’t put into words how grateful I am to be able to read your stories. And how blessed we all are to have a so talented writer.
    How well you describe all the friends and family of the boys.
    Love the love and loyalty between the boys and between them and their friends.
    Exellent choice of year. 🚗
    Looking forward to the next chapter. As always.

    With love Helena

    • Thank you so much, Helena, I love reading your awesome comments and compliments. I really appreciate you sharing them with me and you do very well. 🙂
      Thank you! 🙂
      I always love seeing the love and loyalty in the books, too. 🙂
      Thanks – thought it’d be appropriate. 😉
      Posting chapter 2 shortly! 🙂
      Returning the love – thanks, Helena! 🙂

  2. Frank (and, as you already let us know, Joe) Hardy is talking to us, the readers, as he lives the mystery. 😎 We are seeing the Hardy world through Hardy eyes and mindset. 😎 I think this is what they were trying for with the Undercover Brothers and Hardy Boys Adventures, but you didn’t just try for it – you achieved it, Ann! 😀 This is the real character of Frank Hardy talking to us; you write this first person style as excellently as you do the third person style! 😎 It is all so cool and entertaining!! 😀

    A beautiful 1927 Duesenberg! :wow: That is so cool, Ann! 🙂 I love it that you chose a classic car from the very same year that the very first Hardy Boys Mystery Story was published! 😎 Antique cars, like the Duesenberg you mentioned that Elvis Presley was in (I saw that specific car on display not long ago), are so fun to look at! 🙂 They are fun to see in motion, too; they also sound really cool! 😀

    Frank has some very good points about classic movies and more recent ones; it truly depends on how they are done. 😎

    Now what is Frank up to? 😛 His brother will certainly notice! 🙂

    You are great at describing things! 😎 (Thanks to you, Ann, from information on your blog about the books and eBooks available for purchase, I have an even happier bookcase and virtual bookcase than I did before! 🙂 )

    Ohhh, I think we just found out what item Frank “borrowed” from his brother’s room! 😛 With their good-natured sense of humor, this will be very entertaining indeed! 🙂 Joe already has a mystery to solve – and he hasn’t even had his breakfast yet! 😛

    There is an intelligence and brightness to your stories that is a rare commodity, Ann. You truly are my favorite author on earth. 🙂 Callie

    • Yep, it’s fun! 🙂 Thank you, Callie! 🙂 I appreciate that so much! 🙂 I try! 🙂

      🙂 Yep! 🙂 Cool that you saw that one in person!!! I like seeing nice-looking classic cars – they’re pretty awesome! 🙂

      That’s how I feel about it, too. We’ve been watching some silent movies and other classic movies. They’re new to us and there are aspects that are definitely relevant to us in the 21st century. 😎

      Lol – you know it! 🙂

      Thanks! 🙂 That’s cool, Callie! I’m glad! 🙂 Happy physical and virtual bookcases are great! 😀

      Yep and Joe’s not being quiet about it! 😛 Lol, that’s right! 😛

      Wow, thank you, Callie! 🙂 What an honor. 🙂

      • 🙂 You are welcome, Ann. 🙂 You succeed. 🙂

        🙂 Cool! 😎 Yeah! 🙂

        Nice. 🙂 That is true.


        You are welcome, Ann. 🙂 Yeah!! 😀

        No, he isn’t. 😆 😀

        You are welcome, Ann. 🙂 It is an honor to be allowed to read your magnificent stories! 🙂 Callie

  3. After pausing to admire your artistic title work again 🙂 & rereading the synopsis, author’s notes, & dedication 🙂 – it is well worth a second look 😉 – I started reading what Frank has to say in chapter one. 🙂 😎 I smiled 🙂 , laughed 😆 , agreed 😎 , then smiled 🙂 & laughed some more 😆 😆 , enjoying this supercool story! 😀 😎 😀

    Solid writing, Ann. 😎 Bona fide cool. 😎

    It is nice to start out with a comparatively calm first chapter, knowing that serious intrigue & danger awaits us on the following pages! 😮 🙂 😎 However, Joe doesn’t seem all that calm right now! 😉

    Appreciating the good things,

    • Cool! 🙂 I’m glad you liked checking it out again. I love reading your reactions as you read it – thank you! 🙂

      Thank you, Lily! 🙂

      Oh, do you think I might have a cliffhanger or something like that? 😛 😛 😉 Lol, nope! 😛

  4. Can totally hear and picture Frank and everyone! Joe was particularly loud! 😉 Laughing at the prank, love the humor! 8)

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