Hardys Inn Danger by Ann ♥♪HB♪♥ – Chapter Seven – Frank

Hardys Inn Danger header by Ann Chvq




   As we were walking toward the stream to have our picnic lunch, Tony stopped us.

   “I’m going to check around, see if maybe Capone, or some other gangster is lurking around. He’ll be sorry!” Tony grinned and pulled on the brim of his hat, lowering it a little to shadow his eyes.

   “You do that,” I said.

   “Do you think there’s a chance?” Joe asked with what looked like genuine concern rather than joking around.

   Since Joe knew that there was no way Al Capone was here, maybe my brother was thinking that with this big crowd, there likely would be some evil people trying to mess things up for others. That made sense. Tony needed to be careful.

   “Don’t try to take on a whole gang by yourself, okay, Tony?” Callie requested.

   “Yeah, call us or come back and tell us so we can get in on the fun of capturing them.” Iola grinned. “Here, take a sandwich and lemonade with you so you won’t pass out from hunger.” She handed him the food and drink she had gotten out of the picnic basket I was carrying.

   “Thanks! And it’s a deal!” Tony stated, then with a grin and a wave, he took off.

   “Tony knows to be careful,” Joe said, as if trying to convince himself. “Those punks aren’t on the square.”

   “Come on, let’s hurry and find a spot so we can eat. I think Joe needs it.” I led the way through the throng of people, with Callie holding onto my left hand.

   As we got to the stream and found the perfect spot, I kept a vigilant and alert watch. I was sensing something, but I couldn’t quite figure it out. At the moment, it didn’t seem like danger. Even though I wasn’t being influenced by Tony’s talk of gangsters, I knew that pickpockets loved big crowds. Yet, it felt like something bigger.

   “Here, have some food to fuel your brain,” Callie said with a smile, handing me a plate.

   I had eaten a few grapes earlier after getting the picnic basket out of the Duesenberg, to keep from starving, but they had long ago worn off.

   “Thanks,” I said, grinning as I took the plate.

   “What’s got you so quiet, Mr. Detective?” she asked.

   “I don’t know exactly. Just trying to keep a watch on things, I guess. A lot of people here. Not all of them are here for fun.”

   Callie nodded seriously. “It’s good to be observant.”

   “Yep. It’s also good, while being observant, to relax and have fun,” I reminded her. I didn’t want for her to worry. I stretched my legs out and looked around as I ate. We were a little distance away, but we could still easily see the car show. “It really seems like we are in 1927!”

   Joe looked over from where he and Iola had been talking quietly and eating. He gave me an odd look.

   “Why wouldn’t it?” he asked.

   I chuckled and his expression went from puzzled to his usual easy-going grin.

   “This day is so amazing!” Iola exclaimed. “As much fun as it was helping to plan it and looking forward to it, participating rocks!”

   I noticed Joe look at Iola as if he were trying to figure out what she had said. Maybe he was getting dehydrated. It was pretty warm out and these clothes definitely weren’t our usual, much-cooler-in-temperature apparel.

   “More lemonade, Joe?” I asked.

   He shook his head and looked over at his cup. “I still have some. Thanks.” He cleared his throat a little then said, “I’m looking forward to the matinee. Are we walking there?”

   “I think it’d be fun. I wanted to walk around downtown some. See the displays and all,” Iola said.

   Joe nodded. “So, we’ll be seeing the new Harold Lloyd film?”

   “Yep. Although a number of people have seen it before us.” I grinned.

   Harold Lloyd, a film star genius made both feature-length and short movies. We’ve gotten to see a few on the channel that plays classic films all the time. His movies are fun comedies filled with suspense, romance, optimism, and action. He did most all of his own stunts. Plus, he worked on 3D photography as well.

   The one playing at the Bijou we haven’t gotten to see before, called The Kid Brother, released in early 1927. It was going to be great feeling like we were watching it back then. They’ve run classic movies there before and we really enjoyed it. This one would be accompanied by organ, respecting Harold Lloyd’s preference with his movies.

   “How cool is it going to be watching it in the theater?” Iola exclaimed.

   Joe finished his sandwich and told her, “Probably not all that cool in there, not with how warm it is out here.”

   He didn’t sound like he was kidding, but as if he had taken what Iola said very literally. Joe’s really good at joking around and maintaining a straight face.

   Iola quickly covered her slightly puzzled look with a giggle. “True.”

   Joe smiled. “Hey, I’m looking forward to seeing the new Eddie Cantor film, too.”

   We all whole-heartedly agreed. Eddie Cantor, another favorite movie star from back then. Also a great comedian like Harold Lloyd, Eddie Cantor made a lot of popular movies. As we watched them, they were new to us. The humor, fun, and entertainment are timeless.

   “I’m glad we tried these classic movies to find out that they’re enjoyable to watch for the first time in this day and age,” Callie commented.

   Joe looked like he was going to ask her something, but Callie continued.

   “Anyone ready for dessert? Of chocolate chip cookies? Warm chocolate chip cookies?” she asked with a knowing smile.

   “I’m always ready for chocolate chip cookies,” Joe stated.

   Iola and I of course agreed.

   “Hey, you know, when Joe and I made the sandwiches, we used condiments that would have been available then,” Iola informed Callie and me. “Pretty coo-” she paused and glanced at Joe then changed it to, “-fun.”

   Joe still looked at her in puzzlement. “‘Available then’?”

   “Joe, are you feeling alright?” Iola asked.

   “I guess so,” he said, while looking a little unsure. Then he had a pile of cookies in front of him and he seemed fine.

   “That stream is so pretty,” Iola said after a while.

   “Has a nice calming sound,” Joe murmured.

   “Going to take another nap?” Iola teased. She told Callie and me, “Joe was snoozy in the Doozy when I got there before you guys.”

   We all laughed. Iola leaned over against Joe and he put his arms around her. Callie snuggled up to me and we enjoyed being next to each other. The sound of the stream flowing and the birds chirping combined for a very nice symphony.



14 thoughts on “Hardys Inn Danger by Ann ♥♪HB♪♥ – Chapter Seven – Frank

  1. Better watch out boys and girls. Al Capone is on the loose. 🎩
    And maybe some pickpockers too. 👋👐
    Waiting for next chapter.
    As usual. Wonderful chapter with love, excitment and mysteries.

    With love Helena

    • Definitely need to watch out!!!!
      Thank you so very much, Helena! 🙂 So glad you’re enjoying it!!! 🙂 Just posted Chapter Eleven! 🙂

  2. I love picnics!!!!! 😀 😎

    Tony is so cool. 😎 😎

    Frank has very good instincts! 😀 😎 He has good advice, too 🙂 😎 – be observant (but don’t stress) relax & have fun! 😀 😎

    Joe is very 1927, isn’t he? 😉 Very authentic. 😎 These conversations & observations are great! 😀 😎

    That’s cool stuff about the actors, Harold Lloyd & Eddie Cantor, the movies & Harold Lloyd’s work in 3D photography! 😎 🙂

    Chocolate chip cookies warmed-by-the-sun to melted chocolate prefection! 😀 😀 A perfect picnic dessert! 😀 😎 (Yes, I used the word “perfect” twice 😛 – it isn’t often we humans use that word correctly 😉 🙂 )

    Sweethearts preparing the sandwiches together is nice 🙂 (that can be a lot of fun! 😉 😀 ) – & that’s neat with how they are carefully sticking to the 1927 time period – very well! 😎 😀

    😀 😆 “…snoozy in the Doozy…”! 😀 😆 I love it!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😎

    Cozy! 😀 😎 🙂

    Thanks for another super fun & intriguing chapter, Ann! 😀 😎

    Appreciating the good things,

    • Me, too! 😀

      He sure is! 🙂

      Yep – so true. 🙂 I need to be reminded of that….a lot sometimes. 😮 About the not stressing. I’m observant, and I have fun. 🙂

      😉 😉 Thanks! 🙂

      I think it’s so cool Harold Lloyd and Eddie Cantor blessed the world with such fun movies that have withstood time and are enjoyable to watch right now in the 21st century! 😀 😎

      Exactimo!!! 😎 Mmm, I’m hungry, now! 😛 You bet you did! 😉 😛

      I enjoyed writing that a lot. 🙂 😎 Fun. 🙂 Thanks! 🙂


      You’re welcome, Lily – and thank you so very much! 🙂

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