Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Book Characters

Check out who the many characters are in the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books. 🙂 This info’s from various mysteries, so you can go read and see these details in action! 🙂 I’ll be adding info to this page hopefully often. 🙂

Hardy Boys Book Characters:

The main characters are the Hardy brothers, Frank and Joe. Their parents are Fenton and Laura. The Hardys are a strong, close, brave, good-humored, intelligent family who knows the necessity of faith and doing the right thing no matter the odds. And they act on that knowledge and their compassion. These characteristics are also true of their girlfriends, Callie and Iola, and their friends. They’re all individuals who hold to essential ethics and values. 😎

As stated in the books, they’re trained, skilled detectives who are smart and figure things out for themselves, not believing just anything.They know to utilize all of those abilities and resources to stop evil people. That includes wisely using up-to-date, cutting edge technology. In fact, since that’s noted in the books, they immediately have an automatic update – an instant install of the latest gen tech. 😎

Here’s the thing about their excellence as detectives – they have a choice – they don’t have to fight those who are bad and help people worldwide. There’s the option of ignoring situations, those in need, and just going about their daily lives to deal only with everyday problems….but they don’t and can’t ignore a cry for help – loud or quiet. They want to help others and choose to rescue people even though it means mortal danger. That’s one of the best things about them – their bravery and dedication to doing what they can to right wrongs and protect others. 😎

Frank Hardy ~ The eldest Hardy brother has dark hair and dark eyes. He’s 6’1″ tall, handsome, serious, but can joke around and be a smart-mouth as well. Often, he has to come up with genius, impromptu plans due to his younger brother’s impulsiveness. More likely to first fully strategize and organize ideas before acting, he uses caution when approaching a situation. He can keep a more even-temper than Joe and remain calm. He feels things as strongly as Joe, he’s just more quiet about them. He’s trained and skilled in sleuthing, martial arts, sign language, and the most up-to-date technology to assist in stopping evil people. Athletic, he enjoys a variety of sports including baseball, football, basketball, swimming, track, snowboarding, hockey, surfing, and more. His true love is Callie Shaw. He has a pilot’s license and is part owner with his brother of their fast boat, the Sleuth.

Joe Hardy ~ The youngest Hardy brother has blond, curly hair and blue eyes. He’s 6 feet tall and handsome. He has a smart-mouth and utilizes sarcasm with his clever wit to annoy bad guys. And he can be very serious at times. Like his brother, he’s loyal, dependable, and fearless. He can be impulsive, acting on emotions, and jumping to conclusions, but his gut instinct – and his brother – don’t fail him. He has a definite lack of patience with jerks and ignorance, easily seeing through stupidity. He’s trained and skilled in sleuthing, martial arts, sign language, and the most up-to-date technology to assist in stopping evil people. He’s athletic, enjoys a variety of sports such as baseball, football, basketball, track, hockey, snowboarding, motocross, surfing, and more. His true love is Iola Morton. He has a pilot’s license and is part owner with his brother of their fast boat, the Sleuth.

Laura Hardy ~ She’s petite with blond hair and blue eyes. Loved very much by her three boys – her husband Fenton, and her two sons, Frank and Joe – she returns that powerful love. Her quiet strength, support, and efficiency appears effortless, but shows her strong character and is felt throughout the books. She’s pretty, determined, and intelligent. She’s concerned about her husband and sons dangerous work. Her own talented abilities as a detective are shown by successfully helping on cases, which she enjoys also. Plus, she’s a great cook.

Fenton Hardy ~ He’s tall with dark hair and dark eyes. Handsome, athletic, skilled, trained, and a highly successful detective, formerly with the NYPD before going out on his own. He’s pleased his sons are following in his footsteps, while of course worrying about them. He and Laura taught them essential moral standards such as right from wrong and to help others always. He uses all of the up-to-date technology to assist in stopping bad guys. He has several operatives and a pilot on standby. Fenton’s also an expert on disguises and going undercover.

Gertrude Hardy ~ Fenton’s older sister and the brothers’ beloved aunt. She’s tall, feisty, witty, and a great cook. She enjoys hearing about the cases and helping solve them, while warning her brother and favorite nephews of dangers.

Callie Shaw ~ She’s pretty, has brown eyes that sparkle with humor, blonde hair (color sometimes varying with the different writers in The Hardy Boys series), smart and has helped solve tough, dangerous cases with Frank and Joe a number of times in The Hardy Boys series (#1-190). Callie is Frank’s true love, and he’s hers. It’s pretty obvious from the books that Frank and Callie are soulmates. Another thing you can find in The Hardy Boys books, she’s always someone to count on to help with solving any mystery. Also, she’s good in sports, which include gymnastics and swimming, among other sports. Like Iola Morton, her detective and observation skills have been utilized on a number of the Hardys cases, such as both of their undercover work in The Secret of the Caves, and other volumes. She has her own car. Compassionate, brave, and a lot of vitality.

Iola Morton ~ Petite with dark curly hair and dimples, she has twinkling blue eyes, is witty, energetic, intelligent, pretty, and feisty. Plenty of examples in The Hardy Boys books that Joe loves Iola and she loves him – true love soulmates. Iola’s a great investigative operative during the Hardys’ dangerous cases, like Callie Shaw, going undercover when necessary (The Sky Blue Frame, etc.). Her language skills includes French, good-natured sarcasm, and speaking up against bullies. Athletic and competitive in several sports: gymnastics, swimming, fencing, and more. Cares very much about animals. Good at researching. Multi-cultural. Loyal and compassionate with much courage. Iola and her brother Chet share the distinction, along with the Hardy family, of being in the main series of Hardy Boys books AND every spinoff/alternate series, including graphic novels, as well as a video game (The Hidden Theft).

Chet Morton

Biff Hooper

Phil Cohen

Tony Prito

Jim Foy

Jerry Gilroy

Sam Radley

Ethel Radley

Jack Wayne

Con Riley

Ezra Collig

Jamal Hawkins

Daphne Soesbe

Oscar Smuff

Nancy Drew Book Characters:

Nancy Drew 

Carson Drew

Hannah Gruen

Ned Nickerson

George Fayne

Bess Marvin

Burt Eddleton

Dave Evans

Helen Corning Archer

Eloise Drew

Chief McGinnis

Miss Hanson