Hardy Boys Fanfiction ~ Wintertime

Want to read Hardy Boys fanfic for the holidays and/or winter? You’ve come to the right/write place! 😀 For your Chanukah and Christmas reading enjoyment and all snow days, when an exciting and intriguing mystery along with a cup of hot chocolate, as well as maybe some doughnuts and latkes, go very nicely together, I present to you ~

Spinning Through Peril:
Being abandoned by an irresponsible babysitter doesn’t slow down seven year old Joe and eight year old Frank. An unexpected snowstorm, a call for help, and more than one rescue are some of the adventures they encounter in this story.

Spinning Through Peril by Ann Chvq header

Top Secret:
The grand opening of Bayport’s largest toy store ever has many excited as the date, just days before Chanukah begins and Thanksgiving, draws closer. And with the Hardys a mystery containing action and danger is sure to be in store. Yet something much more important than a toy store is on the hearts and minds of the Hardys’ loved ones. Fenton, Frank, and Joe are away on an extremely dangerous case and should things go wrong, and not be righted, would mean disaster for many.

Top Secret by Ann Chvq

Currently Posting ~ Holiday Caper:
The Hardy brothers, Frank and Joe, are in NYC with their girlfriends for a day packed with skating at Wollman’s Rink in Central Park, shopping, eating at a favorite deli, hanging out with friends, making a new friend, plus a few dangerous items they hadn’t planned on. It’s always good to be prepared. Will they have time to take down a criminal, too? Can they juggle all of that? Read The Hardy Brothers in Holiday Caper ~ A Hardy Boys Fanfic ~ and find out!

Hot Ice:
A snow day, trouble at school, a jewelry store heist, a hostage situation, thieves, Assassins, mystery, and danger…..You’ll find all of that and more in this Hardy Boys case!

Night of Danger:
An evening of relaxation changes speed in a hurry with a call for help from Joe’s girlfriend, Iola. Can Frank, Joe, and Iola evade and prevail over the dangerous intent of enemies or will the hours prove fatal? Read and find out!

Night of Danger by Ann


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Hardy Boys Fanfiction ~ Top Secret and Spinning Through Peril

Featuring two completed Hardy Boys fanfics for this month’s festivities and celebrations – I hope you’ll read (and re-read) and enjoy! 🙂 I really enjoyed writing them! 🙂 I’m in the process of writing another one (actually I have more than one I’m working on – I keep getting ideas. 🙂  )

  Top Secret Spinning Through Peril If you celebrate Chanukah – Happy Chanukah! If you celebrate Christmas – Merry Christmas! If you celebrate both – Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas! 🙂