Hardy Boys Adventures #14 Attack of the Bayport Beast ~ My Review

An entertaining read for this new Hardy Boys book, the 14th volume of the ongoing Hardy Boys Adventures series! 🙂 As Joe says in the book “Sounds like a mystery.” 😎 Yep! 🙂 Plenty of cool things to enjoy about this one! : the Hardy brothers – of course!, mysterious real and faux clues to discern, humor, bravery, along with a range of fun to intense sleuthing. The first chapter sets a good tone for the rest of the book by starting things off in a humorous and fun way. Already there are some great quotes as Frank, Joe, and their friend Hector are checking out the sci-fi convention in Bayport ~

I felt like I was babysitting two toddlers who were distracted by every toy they came across. ~ Frank Hardy

 😆 Haha! 😆 And then Frank talking about reality shows ~

Just because it’s called reality doesn’t mean it’s real

So very, very true, Mr. Hardy!!!! 😎

The cover art is really cool showing an excellent action scene. 😎

The brother team of Frank and Joe are ready for this challenge – an unusual mystery that needs to be investigated. It starts to become more dangerous and ominous as the book goes on. They have to be ready and observant as well as brave while they sleuth for clues. I really enjoyed catching the clues as they were woven into the mystery. 😎

Camping was cool with the descriptions of the national forest being really good – you could feel like you were there. There’re definitely some scary intense scenes. Of course camping is usually in tents, but also intense in this adventure!! 😉 Truly. Like Joe said about dealing with each serious thing “One catastrophe at a time.”

I love that the writer notes that Frank and Joe can see clues as if they were written out. An accurate description of the well-honed detective skills. I like it and really appreciate it when the writing reflects their great ability as detectives. Like it was in this book and others; that can be done without them knowing everything or knowing nothing. I always appreciate when the writer remembers, as this one did, that they are observant detectives, as opposed to some books where the characters are written like they don’t even have the basic concepts of Basic Detective Skills 101 down.

I’m glad the writer has them intrigued about the mystery of why there were claims of sightings while not believing it.

I have to say that “cool” and “zombie movie” are contrary, disconnected concepts and words. And millions of years is an archaic theory that remains unproven.

Some intriguing twists to the mystery. As I mentioned already, I enjoyed figuring out clues and potential reasons for what was going on. I was pretty sure that some things that had happened were important factors to what was going on. Good pace to the book, too.

Absolutely thought the poetic justice was very appropriate during the finale scene of the book.

The brother team, the sleuthing, the humor were great and I really enjoyed the book. 🙂 This I will want to read again – I’m glad I have this Hardys Boys Adventures in paperback. 😎

You can check out the paperback, hardcover, or ebook at bookstores, physical and online, and at your local library. 😎


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Another one!

Guess what? I decided to start another blog! 😀 It’s also about The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, and while there are a few things that will be on both blogs, such as my reviews, the newer blog will have some new stuff. Plus, the layouts and (w) themes are different. I hope you like it! It’s a work in progress (just started it). 😛 Check it out: The Hardy Boys Books and Nancy Drew Books!

Whenever I post anything at the second one, I’ll give a link to it on here so you won’t miss anything. 😎 As in this one I just posted about the upcoming Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew collector covers. 🙂

Hardy and Drew Mysteries is the main blog. I also wanted a blog with the name “The Hardy Boys Books and Nancy Drew Books” but I didn’t want to lose my ranking on this one by changing the title of it. Plus, I love the title of this blog. 😀 Both are very book-focused and I like the look of both personally. 😀 Hope you guys do also! 🙂


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Hardy Boys eBooks and Nancy Drew eBooks on sale @ Kindle and iTunes!

A number of Hardy Boys books, such as Three Ring Terror, and Nancy Drew books, like Door-to-Door Deception are on sale for 1.99 at Kindle and iTunes! Also there are some of The Hardy Boys Clue Books, Nancy Drew Notebooks,  and a few Girl Detective and ND Files.
To find the deals @ Amazon, in the search field, you can type in Franklin W. Dixon for Hardy Boys books then when you’re ready for the next search type in Carolyn Keene for Nancy Drew books. Once the results for each author’s search are displayed on your screen, to filter the titles and more quickly find the sale ones, select “Price: Low to High” – then start checking out the various titles! 🙂 Scroll down until you get to Hardy Boys books or Nancy Drew books (some of the Penny Parker listed there first are possibly in public domain so those are actually free elsewhere). For iTunes, search each author’s name and look for the 1.99 deals to jump out like clues to a detective as you sleuth for them! 🙂

For those not in the US, they should also be on sale. It’s not all of the Hardy Boys books and Nancy Drew books, just some. And remember, you can read Kindle books on your computer as well as various devices. iTunes eBooks can only be read on Apple devices with the iBooks app.

Here are a few ebook Kindle and iTunes links for Franklin W. Dixon (some I’ve read and some I need to!) ~
111 Three Ring Terror  @ Amazon
111 Three Ring Terror @ iTunes
112 Demolition Mission @ Amazon
112 Demoltion Mission @ iTunes
154 Caribbean Cruise Caper @ Amazon
154 Caribbean Cruise Caper @ iTunes
158 London Deception @ Amazon
158 London Deception @ iTunes

These two Clues Brothers I’ve gotten to read in eBook and are well-written. They’re also at iTunes:
2 The Karate Clue @ Amazon 
4 Jump-Shot Detectives @ Amazon

Here are a few ebook Kindle and iTunes links for Carolyn Keene ~
118 Trouble at Lake Tahoe @ Amazon
118 Trouble at Lake Tahoe @ iTunes
135 Riddle of the Ruby Gazelle @ Amazon
135 Riddle of the Ruby Gazelle @ iTunes
140 Door-to-Door Deception @ Amazon
140 Door-to-Door Deception @ iTunes
150 Mystery at Moorsea Manor @ Amazon
150 Mystery at Moorsea Manor @ iTunes

Not sure how long the sale is on for, maybe just for today. Check it out! Great summer sale for some excellent mysteries! 🙂 😎

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Hardy and Drew Mysteries Blog – 2nd Anniversary!

Israel Hardy Bos 1 The Tower Treasure by Franklin W Dixon HebrewWow, 2 years of blogging – pretty awesome fun! 🙂 There continues to be so many readers from all around the world. We have a lot of fun here and enjoy talking about how much we love the Hardys and Nancy. I have plenty of ideas and plans for lotsa things, so check back often to see what’s happening. 🙂 Speaking of anniversaries – it will be The Hardy Boys’ 88th and Nancy Drew’s 85th in 2015. Impressive. Here’s a little trivia about them: since in the original 1927 first volume of the Hardys Boys series, The Tower Treasure, Frank is 16 and Joe is 15, that clues us in that Frank will be 104 and Joe 103 in 2015. 😎 In The Secret of the Old Clock from 1930, her first book, Nancy’s 16, so in 2015 she’ll be 101. 😎 You might find someone trying to say she’s 85, but that’s not correct math or word usage; they’re just adding to some of the fallacies you can come across online. If she was born in the first book, well, that’s a little ridiculous. 😛 I like details and accuracy as well as giving credit to people. Frank, Joe, and Nancy, have been giving readers a lot of cool mysteries and adventures for quite a while and continue to do so. 😎

Nancy Drew Game The Secret of the Old ClockBack to the blog anniversary, first, as always, thanks to the faithful Creator, who is forever wonderful. My awesome family/friends, always much thanks. Thanks to Word Warrior, who constantly moderates the blog for me, even when super busy. 🙂 Thank you to all who come and read the blog. 🙂 Thanks to each of you who post such wonderful comments and contribute to making this a fun, happy place. 🙂 I appreciate it so very much. Readers/commenters/friends from all over the world, are in my prayers for many blessings, peace and happiness. Even though I don’t know the details of what all you each deal with, I know that the One I pray to does. He cares for and loves us all forever unfailingly. 🙂 ❤



Hardy and Drew Mysteries Blog 100th Post!

Woohoo! This is my 100th blog entry that I’ve posted on here! 😀 Thank you, Word Warrior, for taking care of moderating and your awesome encouragement, etc. 🙂 With so many visits worldwide and cool comments, I want to thank every one of you for all of the constant reads and beautiful comments you’ve posted! ❤ Hope you continue to come and enjoy a fun place to talk about the Hardys and Nancy as well as other cool subjects! 😀 😎 Lots more to look forward to as Hardys Inn Danger continues, plus starting a trivia page with info from the books, more reviews, polls, Hardys Boys and Nancy Drew news, etc! 🙂 Come back often and enjoy!  🙂 

On this 100th post, I also want to remind everyone not to text and drive. You may have seen #X ads to help encourage no texting while driving . No text is worth a life – that’s a fact and you can politely let friends/family know that you won’t be texting, emailing, surfing online, or anything like that while driving. It’s that serious and that important and that easy to do the right thing. You can help save a life, and it might be yours. 😎 ❤

Don't Text and Drive




Finally an update….

So very sorry that I’ve not gotten my replies, story, and reviews posted yet. Last month wasn’t what I was expecting at all with one serious crisis after another, but we’re very thankful that we’re never alone, never without the Creator. That is priceless and never changing, which means we can count on that faithfulness forever. Prayers and solidarity help so much. ❤

I’ve been concerned that the beautiful readers/commenters on the blog would be upset with me for not posting more and getting back to everyone. I will hopefully be posting stories, replies, reviews, etc. very very soon. 🙂

Love to all of you. 🙂 😎 ❤ 🙂

Sometimes we feel like Harold Lloyd in this awesome scene, who did that amazing stunt himself, in ‘Safety Last’ and the important thing is to keep holding on. This pic is a teaser for Hardys Inn Danger ~

Harold Lloyd in Safety Last 1923

Cool WordPress Feature: Selecting When to Publish a Post

   So many cool features with WordPress. One of them is scheduling the posting of a blog entry. I can type up a draft of a post, tweak it whenever, choose from among backup revisions, and decide when it’s published. For example, I have some Papercutz reviews to post and I just type them up then set the date and time of when I want each one to publish and boom, there you go. It publishes on the day and at the time selected. How cool is that? 😀

   Scheduling when to post a blog entry is very easy. If you have a WordPress blog, as you’re typing up your post, on the right side, where it says “Publish immediately” then there’s a link “Edit” – click on that. The location might differ according to theme, I’m not sure. After that, just type in the date and time, hit “OK” when you’re finished then you’ll have a blog entry that day you selected already good to go. 😀 When things are super busy and all, this is great! 🙂

   Also, I wanted to let everyone know that I’ll have a multi-chapter story completed hopefully before long. Check back often! 🙂

   Hope everyone is having a great spring. 🙂 As Kendall from Big Time Rush says, “Be cool, everybody.” 😎

Hardy and Drew Mysteries – 1 Year Anniversary

You’re invited to help celebrate the first year of the Hardy and Drew Mysteries blog! 🙂Hardy Boys 82 Blackwing Puzzle by Franklin W Dixon Thought we’d throw a virtual social gathering/get-together here to celebrate the anniversary of the start of the blog 1 year ago today. 😀 🙂 This blog is a place where Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew fans can come and discuss the books, play games, read stories, find out what’s new with the Hardys and Nancy, and hopefully have lotsa fun celebrating the books and other good things continually! 🙂 

Wow, let me tell you, we’ve had so many visitors – and from 70 countries! 🙂 Sweet! 🙂 Feel free to post the name of your country below – that’d be awesome! 🙂 I’ve always been fascinated and happy that Frank and Joe Hardy and Nancy Drew have so many fans worldwide. Just really cool. 🙂

First thanks goes to my wonderful Creator for so many, many blessings, including my family, and for everything good. 🙂 I thank my supercool family, including cousins – they encouraged me and told me I should start a blog – thank you for being you! 🙂 Thanks very much to Word Warrior who helps make things go so smoothly on here, fixes typos, and does such an awesome job moderating, etc. – thank you! 🙂 My very first poster, Callie – thank you! 😀 To all my cool friends, everyone who has posted such great comments – over 2000 comments – and for the follows, likes, and for visiting the blog – thank you! 🙂 Thanks again also to Jesse Post and Stan Goldberg of Papercutz – thank you both! 😀 – for sharing their time and everything they did. 🙂 I’m still awed that I got to interview Stan Goldberg! 🙂 And thank you to WordPress for all of the great blogging features, options, themes, etc! 🙂 So much fun! 😀

We’ve got lots more cool books to read and review, PC/Mac/Nintendo games to review (and several to play then review 😉 ), Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew book news, stories to post, games to play, and who knows what else! 😀 😎 It’s important to have fun as we talk about the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew and more – thanks to everyone who has and Big Time Rush CD 24Sevenwill take part in doing that! 🙂

Thanks again for the many treasures of words of those who have encouraged me by saying how much they like the blog and what’s here. And I hope everyone continues to enjoy the blog. 🙂

Now let’s social gather! 😀 (All Big Time Rush fans – Rushers – will get the show references 😉 ). 😎 *starts playing Big Time Rush’s “City is Ours” then “24/Seven” and many more!* 😎

Thank you! :)

And we’re back live here on Hardy and Drew Mysteries for more fun! 😛 😀 😎 😉 Sorry for the delay – glitches, etc. I’m really glad I started this blog because I’m enjoying it so very much! 🙂 Gotta say thank you for all of the cool comments/compliments about this blog, the “likes”, follows, reblog, volume of hits – awesome! 🙂 Really appreciate it! 🙂 More coming your way ~ reviews, book character info, stories, Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew news, games, and some surprises! 😉 

Thanks again and hope everyone is having an awesome, fantastic day and summer! 😎

It Can Wait – Txting and Driving

If you ask someone “Would you like to be a superhero?”, most likely the person would say, “Definitely!”. Then you could ask why they’d like to be a superhero, and the other person would say so that they can help make the world a better place and save lives. There are actually many ways anyone can do that wherever they are because they have that power. One of those ways has to do with driving. So what am I referring to? Well, a driver affects many people – other drivers, passengers (either their own or others’), those walking along the sidewalk, etc.. And now you’re saying “Aaand?” It’s easy, really. A driver could potentially save a life or lives just by waiting to text. It’s tempting to just send a real quick message, just takes a couple seconds, but it can have deadly results. That quick text will take some of your attention and focus away from your driving – no matter how great a driver you are – and those seconds could destroy your life and/or others’ lives. 

By not texting while driving, you could actually save a life and/or lives. I’ve heard about some really awful, tragic accidents, where people were killed or paralyzed, that could have been avoided so easily. Yet because someone wasn’t paying attention to their driving like they should have been, some people’s family members never made it home or are paralyzed. The types of negligence by some drivers varies – texting, not paying attention because the driver’s focused on a conversation they’re having via Blue Tooth, alcohol, drugs, speeding, etc.. And there are so many innocent victims. I know a girl who sustained serious, life-altering injuries – she and her family, and everyone wishes they could change what happened, but they can’t. You can help keep these things from happening again.

So, if you drive, next time you’re tempted to text while driving, please use your power wisely and remember – “It can wait.” And everyone who’s a passenger has this ability to save lives also. If the person driving is texting or focused on their “hands-free-but-not-paying-attention-to-their-driving” phone conversation, ask them to please stop, because “It can wait.”

Even when the Hardys or Nancy are following bad guys, they know they have to be careful for others and also for their own safety, so they can survive to help fight evil and make the world a safer place. R U doing ur part? 🙂 

Thnx. 🙂 Thanks. 🙂

Good thing Frank wasn't texting or he wouldn't have had time to get out of the way.

Good thing Frank wasn’t texting or he wouldn’t have had time to get out of the way.

Quick Update

It’s wonderful to come back to see all of these nice comments! 🙂 I had messages waiting for me from Callie and Ritu and two more Hardy fans – Paul and MacGyver! 🙂 Awesome – thank you guys! 🙂 I wanted to apologize for it being several days after everyone posted their comments. But I’m here now to reply and earlier Word Warrior – my blog editor who approves comments and deletes spam, etc. – took care of all that (thank you! 🙂 ). 🙂

There are a lot of things upcoming for my blog that I hope everyone enjoys. 🙂 A fun game that Callie told me about on here :), plus I have the Nancy Drew eBook page to post, my story, my review for Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew graphic novel #1, AND there’s exciting Papercutz newz that I’m ecstatic about! 🙂 Wonder what it is? 😀

Find the Secret – Escape the Curse!

Hardy Boys Adventures and Nancy Drew Diaries countdown continues! 😀 On Feb. 5th we’ll be able to sleuth and find out the Secret of the Red Arrow and escape danger, foil the Curse of the Arctic Star, discover the Mystery of the Phantom Heist, and determine the identities of the Strangers on a Train. 😎  But before that you should go ahead and solve these mysteries:

~ Do you pre-order the books?

~ Do you plan to read both the Hardy books and then the Nancys’ or one of each or the Nancy ones first and then the Hardys?

~ Do you buy paperback, hardcover, or eBook?

~ Or do you get them from the library and are you already on the waiting list for them there? 

Keep up with the countdown by checking out the widget I posted for the countdown to the Adventures and Diaries. 🙂