Hardys Inn Danger by Ann ♥♪HB♪♥ – Chapter Five – Frank

Hardys Inn Danger header by Ann Chvq




   The crowds had increased right before the air show. After everyone there had watched our display, they began checking out the rows and rows of shiny, elegant cars.

   Callie and I held hands as we walked. She and Iola had enjoyed the air show, then at the end of it, they had helped a family who nearly got separated. By the time they were done that crisis, Callie texted me that they were stopping by the restrooms next. After that, Callie would meet me around the hot air balloon rides and Iola would meet Joe at the Duesenberg. All of which were nearby each other.

   Our spot for displaying the Duesenberg was on the ‘real’ side, as Joe calls it, of Inn the Bay. Namely, one of the angles where you couldn’t see the recently added ‘hideous monstrosity’, again Joe’s words and I’m in complete agreement. My brother and I agree on all essential things and also on a lot of opinions, he’s just more vocal about stuff. Joe said it looked like a monster had chewed up several styles, all ugly, then threw up. Yeah, he can get a little graphic at times.

   “Maybe next year you’ll be piloting one of the planes,” I said to Callie, smiling at her. She and Iola had gone up with us many times when my brother and I flew planes, including during practice with the biplane replicas. Callie was working on getting her pilot’s license, which she would ace, I had no doubt.

   “Maybe,” Callie agreed, her brown eyes sparkling. “Flying a plane is such a cool feeling.”

   “I know what you mean.”

   Over to our right were booths for food sales and the smells drifted over very temptingly. We had a really great picnic lunch to eat, not too long from now, I hoped. I took a quick glance at my watch and silently told my stomach to wait.

   “Do you want to go on a balloon ride?” I asked.

   The lines were pretty long, but I thought I would check while we were nearby. Callie glanced back, catching a tendril of hair that had escaped in the slight breeze. Moving it out of her eyes, she turned back to me with a grin.

   “That’s sweet of you to be willing to stand in a line that long. But I think I just want to walk around and check out the sights.” She squeezed my hand, an action which I echoed.

   “Sounds like a good plan to me.”

   We were both fascinated with the many cool cars. Chevrolet, the Dodge brothers vehicles, and Packards were favorites. It was also really something to see so many people dressed up in the style of the 1920s. Really added to that ‘step back in time’ feel. That was the theme of the show, attempting a feeling of time travel. Everyone seemed to be having a great time.

   “I think watching a movie at the Bayport Bijou later is going to be really fun, too,” Callie commented as she gazed at an Auburn Cord.

   “Probably going to be packed. Good thing they’re having multiple showings for all of the days of the event,” I stated. “I like that we could get the tickets in advance.”

   “Yeah, me, too.” Callie watched as a hot air balloon drifted overhead.

   “You sure you don’t want to ride one now?” I asked.

   “No, that’s okay, thanks. Maybe later.”

   I figured she would want to sometime. She’s been up in one before and enjoyed it. It would be pretty cool to go over Bayport and see the different areas of downtown portraying the 1920s theme. Some things you had to go into the shops along Main Street to see what deals and displays they had going on. A number of them were in business back then and some were still run by the same families.

   Of course, there were some businesses that weren’t willing to join in the fun. Such as the US Postal Service didn’t have any desire to lower the current price of postage stamps for a few days to that of 1927, which was two cents.

   “That baseball game will be fun,” I noted. The teams would be wearing the uniforms from the 1920s. Also, the food would be sold at the prices from then, thanks to the generosity of a Bayporter who loves baseball.

   “Oh yeah, I can’t wait!” Callie grinned. “This event really has so much going for it! I love it!”

   I smiled at her enthusiasm and whole-heartedly agreed. It really was a community event and had been worked on throughout last year. Each of us had been given opportunities during the planning to be a part of it. Everyone at most Bayport educational facilities even received extra credit during the school year for helping. We would have anyway without that incentive. Part of the appeal was that it had been voluntary, rather than mandatory.

   Suddenly my stomach decided it had been way too long since those waffles and the smells of food were just too much. It seemed like to me that the loud growl could have been heard miles away, above all of the other sounds.

   “Oh, Frank! Why didn’t you say you were starving?” exclaimed Callie.

   “I think my stomach just said it.” I grinned.

   “Let’s go get Joe and Iola and have that picnic lunch!” She looped her arm through mine and tugged playfully. “Hurry!”

   We laughed and headed back for the car. Aunt Trudy and her date, a really nice, cool guy, would be up next for watching the Duesenberg. By the time we got there, it would almost be time for that. The plan was to have the picnic down by the stream that meandered through the well-kept lawn of Inn the Bay.

   With clasped hands, we hurried politely through the crowds. Fantastic turnout. We spotted my parents going along another row of cars so we waved to them.

   Before long, we saw the Duesenberg up ahead. Joe and Iola were sitting on the nearby bench. It was too warm to sit in the car. As the summer sun climbed in the sky throughout the morning, so had the temperatures.

   “Ready to eat?” I asked when Callie and I were close enough.

   “Sure,” my brother said with a grin. “You always come up with such creative and clever plans.”

   I gave him a look as I went over to get our picnic basket out. We’d even chosen condiments that would have been available in 1927. Everything seemed so much like a step back in time.

   Aunt Trudy and her boyfriend got there and we left in the direction of the stream. We would be coming across a twist and surprise in the very near future about the past, but presently we were going to have to wait to find out about that.



12 thoughts on “Hardys Inn Danger by Ann ♥♪HB♪♥ – Chapter Five – Frank

  1. I like how you get both past and present in the story. 🙂 There are so many interesting things from the past as well as the present. 🙂

    I have enjoyed this fifth (chapter) visit to the Bayport Car and Air Show! 😀 It is so fun: the sights, the sounds, the delicious scents wafting through the air, and spending this time with my Hardy book friends! 🙂

    The close of this chapter is fascinating; I can hardly wait patiently for what takes place in the upcoming chapters of this magnificent story! 😀 Callie

  2. Hey, I think I’ve seen some of that architect’s other works! 😮 😛 😮 Or maybe it was done by someone else with similar taste. 😛 I believe Joe’s description is apt. 😎

    Frank & Callie are a nice couple. 🙂 😎

    That really is neat 🙂 – people getting into the fun of getting into the theme that it is around the 1920’s, lending to the feel of stepping back in time by the clothes that they wear. 😎 Cool fun 😀 – watching movies at the Bayport Bijou! 😀 😎 The hot air balloon rides are probably great fun as well. 😎 I like it that Frank was aware of Callie’s interest in them & that he was willing to stand in a long line for her to get to ride one again. 😎 & it was nice of Callie to decline the offer. 🙂 That’s neat about many of the downtown businesses taking part in the celebrations as well! 😀 😎 & it’s not surprising that some businesses are not joining in on the fun. 😛

    I agree 🙂 – the baseball game sounds like lots of fun! 😀 😎 The whole thing is cool! 😀 😎 & it being done on a voluntary basis is key 😎 – mandatory sucks almost all of the fun out of stuff. Frank had better get some food fast! 😮 It’s cool that they have something much better, yummier, than fast food – they’ve got picnic fixin’s! 😀 😎 A picnic on the lawn by a stream is a great setting! 😀 😎 The playfulness between Frank & Callie is really sweet & cool. 🙂 😎

    That last paragraph is loaded with intriguing indications! 😀 This is so cool, Ann! 😀 😎 I love it! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Appreciating the good things,

    • 😆 Lol – yep, Joe said it exactly! 😛

      Definitely. 🙂

      They’re having fun there at the show! 🙂 Both being thoughtful is important. 🙂 Lol, yep. 😛

      Thanks very much, Lily! 🙂 You said it. 😎 Fun writing the playfulness. 🙂

      I’m glad – thank you! 🙂 Loving your beautiful comments! 🙂

  3. The last lines promises a lot of things.😊

    Frank is so thoughtful and kind. Wish my husband was like Frank. 💏

    Callie as Amelia Earhart. That’s something. ✈

    And Joe always up for something to eat. 🍖🍗🍕🍝🍟🍔

    Waiting for your next chapter. 📖📖

    And as always your story is fantastic. You are a talented writer. ✏📝

    With love Helena

    • Yep! 🙂 Posting the next chapter shortly! 🙂 Thank you so much, Helena! 🙂 I’m enjoying your comments both in words and pictures! 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

  4. Love it! 🙂 What Joe said about the renovation to Inn the Bay cracked me up! I know what he’s saying! 😛
    Gotta keep reading……………

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