Hardys Inn Danger by Ann ♥♪HB♪♥ – Chapter Three – Frank

Hardys Inn Danger header by Ann Chvq




   I wondered what Joe had planned for me. I’m pretty sure I was the number one suspect. The surprise on his face still showed somewhat when he came back downstairs. I got him good. Our girlfriends were busy this morning anyway, so I knew he wouldn’t miss a call.

   Pranks aside, I couldn’t wait to go out and see the Duesenberg again. Joe had wanted to sleep in the garage after we’d gotten it yesterday, but it wasn’t necessary.

   Still, I think both Dad and I were relieved to see the beautiful Duesenberg in the garage. Not just because of how cool it is, but also due to how much it’s worth. We have security, but since it belongs to someone else, we felt the responsibility.

   While the rest of our family got ready, Dad and I admired the Doozy. The outside was blue metallic, with chrome attachments, and leather seats in perfect condition inside. Gleaming in the garage, it would really sparkle in the sunshine. The engine, an eight cylinder, wasn’t the fastest by today’s standards, but it could leave plenty of modern cars in the dust. And look great doing so. When the Duesenberg brothers designed the chassis, they wisely used aluminum for as many parts as possible, which kept the vehicle light. That contributed to faster speeds along with the racing engine. Quality shone in every detail.

   No surprise, Joe was the next Hardy member ready. Looking like he just stepped from the pages of a 1927 mystery novel, he hurried into the garage, anxious to see the car again.

   “Wow,” he stated. “I still can hardly believe it.”

   Each of us Hardys had gotten to drive it yesterday. It was awesome as you could imagine. If I had one of those, I would want to drive it every day.

   The couple who owned it hadn’t told us much about the actual history of this particular Duesenberg. They hadn’t had the vehicle that long. We knew both the husband and wife traveled a lot and were sometimes vague with exact details prior to leaving.

   When the ladies of the house entered the garage, our Dad immediately went over to our Mom as Joe went to the right of Aunt Trudy and me to the left. Offering our arms to the elegantly attired Hardy females, we escorted them the few steps to the Duesenberg. Joe reached out and opened the back door for our aunt while Dad got the front in honor of Mom. Both ladies smiled with appreciation and got in.

   Dad had the privilege of driving to the show, although Joe had tried to get the job of chauffeur. All of us wanted to drive it and I’m really glad we had the opportunity yesterday. Mom told us we all could do so again, but she thought Dad should get to drive the first day to the show and we ultimately agreed, including Joe.

   Just riding in the Duesenberg was amazing. We enjoyed the smooth engine and ride in big time style. I’m not into opulence, but I appreciate well-done quality.

   We passed a lot of boring, generic vehicles on the road. I couldn’t help but think that those kind of vehicles wouldn’t get people to come from far away to showcase them or to look at them. The schlocky ones wouldn’t even last very long.

   It didn’t take us much time to get to the car show. There were a number of cars already there since many people had traveled and were staying at Inn the Bay where the majority of the show was taking place. It’s one of Bayport’s most highly rated and luxurious landmarks. Notorious, too, since it had belonged to a ruthless and murderous gangster in the 1920s. The name of the inn comes from the fact that it is built on a cliff and is so close to the water that you’re practically in the bay. It was named by the first owners who’d been forced out by the gangster.

   The inn itself had recently doubled its previous capacity. Just days before the show was to begin they completed the year-long renovations. I personally thought it had looked better before. It still looked nice, but I thought the original had more elegance. They could have kept with that style, and they almost did, except for the weird-looking addition to the left side. I don’t know what it was supposed to be.

   Dad followed the signs to where we were supposed to display the car. We planned to take turns staying with the car and going around checking out the sights. We waved to the new police officer who wore a 1927 style uniform, helping out with the show. It really felt like we were stepping back in time. Officer Landau had just joined the Bayport Police Department. Nice, friendly guy. A short time later we returned another wave from another friend on the police force, Con Riley.

   We knew pretty much everyone at the Bayport PD. Not from being arrested, but from solving mysteries and cases. You see, Joe and I had started investigating crimes when we were younger. Dad had been a highly successful detective on the NYPD then he went into private investigation with just as many expertly solved, tough cases. It’s in our blood and training to do whatever we can to help people.

   The sun was shining on all of the incredible paint jobs and chrome decorating the vehicles lining the roped-off areas. Those that stood out as quality were Chevrolets, Buicks, Packards, Stutz Bearcat, Auburns, Cords, Cadillacs and those from the Dodge Brothers. Each car had their marked-off rectangle to sit while people came by to look at them. There would also be an auction and an award show for various categories. Everyone voted each day of the event then the winners would be announced at the finale, complete with fireworks and music.

   I climbed out of the car, admiring it as I did. Holding out my hand to Aunt Trudy, I helped her out. She looked very nice in her 1927 dress and hat. Thankfully she and Mom picked some of the nicer styles rather than the really um, odd hats and all. Like some of the women walking around.

   Joe and I instantly began searching the crowd for two particular ladies – our girlfriends.

   “Since I found my phone, I’m going to find out where Iola is.” Joe gave me a look and I just grinned.

   “You could, but I think I just spotted her,” I told my brother. He immediately started looking in the direction I’d nodded my head in.

   “I see her!” exclaimed Joe enthusiastically. “Wow, she’s beautiful!”

   He was right and he ran to meet her, easily sidestepping people so he could go faster. They started talking right away. I grinned and waved at Iola. She returned both even as they kept walking and talking. Then she tilted her head to the right and my eyes followed the direction. With the sun shining on her was Callie, looking right into my heart.


14 thoughts on “Hardys Inn Danger by Ann ♥♪HB♪♥ – Chapter Three – Frank

  1. You better watch out Frank!!!!

    Wow, the Inn seems like a perfect place to be haunted. 👻👻👻

    Iola sure is beautiful. And Callie too of course.👱👧

    Love the fact that the cops too are travelling back in time. 👮👮

    As usual a fantastic chapter.

    With love Helena

    • Forgot to tell you what a fantastic work you have done describing the car and all the details. And mentioning all the other cars on display .🚘🚗
      And the comment about Gertrude and Laura’s outfit, especially the hats made me smile. 👒👒

      And the renovation of the Inn. I personally love old buildings and old things. Too bad it’s too expensive to buy.💵💵

      • Thank you so much, Helena! 🙂 I’ve seen some at classic car shows and it was very interesting finding out more online about the various cars. I plan on posting some pictures of cars and other things in the story sometime. 🙂 SOme really cool looking, fancy cars! 😎 That’s cool you posted two different pics of cars. 🙂

        Cool! 🙂 I wanted them to have pretty dresses and hats. 🙂

        Me, too! 🙂 I have a feeling you must feel the same as Joe about the hideous addition that didn’t fit with the inn’s style. 😎

    • Think he might be in a little trouble, huh? 😉

      The inn is very mysterious. 😎

      Yep, they both are. 🙂 😎

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the story so much, Helena! 🙂

      Thank you so very much! 🙂 ❤

  2. Frank’s smart 😀 – & thoughtful, too! 😀 Even during a prank! 😛 😎

    Supercool details – & color choice! 😀 – on the Doozy! 😀 😎 I like to see a lot of chrome on a good looking car 😎 – it makes it that much more pleasing to the eyes! 😀 😎 (As long as the sunlight isn’t hitting it at an angle that beams that brilliant light right into your eyes! 😮 Better wear your sunglasses! 😀 😎 😀 😎 )

    & which 1927 mystery novel would that be? 😉 😛 😀 😎 I totally understand them being excited about seeing that supercool car again! 😀 😎 It’s like a dream to see a car like that sitting in yor own garage! 😎 😀 So cool 😀 – they each got to drive the Doozy! 😀 😎 As my friend, Ann, would say ( 😉 ), “That rocks!” 😀 😀 😎

    The owners of the Duesenberg appear to be very intriguing & mysterious in their travels! 😎 Cool. 😎

    True gentlemen 😎 – I appreciate that! 😀 😎 Big time cool! 😀 😀 😎 I agree with you, Frank! 😎 😀

    Inn the Bay 😀 – a very cool name & the reasons for it explains it so well! 😀 😎 You are very creative, Ann 😀 😎 – I’ve never seen that name before 😎 – someone may want to buy the rights from you to use that for their inn! 😎 😀 😎

    I like your clarification on how it is that the boys pretty much know the entire Bayport Police Department. 😉 😛 😀

    Those are some really cool cars! 😀 & I love all that chrome! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😎

    Beautiful scenes as the boys caught sight of their girlfriends approaching! 😀 😎

    Appreciating the good things,

    • Yep! 🙂 😎

      Thank you so much, Lily! 🙂 I want to post some pictures soon to go with the story – of cars and other things. 🙂 Yep, definitely want to wear your sunglasses! 😎 😎 😀

      I think you know. 😉 😛 😀 Lol, yep, I say that. 😀 😎

      Yep – mysterious! 😀

      Yep, a cool way to honor the ladies. 🙂

      Thank you! 🙂 It was fun coming up with it. 😎 😀

      I figured it wouldn’t hurt to make that clear. 😛

      Yep! 😀

      Thank you. 🙂

      • It’d be cool to see some pictures! 😀 😎 I look forward to that! 😀 😎

        Appreciating the good things,

        • Awesome. 🙂 I was thinking about that earlier today. For one upcoming chapter I definitely want to post a pic of the car. 😎

  3. The opening paragraph of this chapter is so excellent; I love your writing style! 🙂 It is so real. 😎 The Hardy details, the historical details and all of the characters are so well written and well represented throughout this chapter (also in the other chapters I have read 🙂 )! 😀 What else can I say? 🙂 You are a gifted writer who generously shares her gift for the enjoyment of others. 🙂 That is beautiful. 🙂 Thank you, my friend! 😀 Callie

  4. Sweet ride! And I’m really enjoying going along on the ride! Super fun and cool! 🙂

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