Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Mystery #2 Danger Overseas ~ My Review

This second volume of the Nancy Drew Girl Detective and the Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers Super Mystery, Danger Overseas, starts off with some action from the Hardy brothers fighting bad guys – always a good place to start. 🙂 There’s some humor, too. 😎 It’s cool when a book starts off with the action of the current case and then goes to the next one. It’s like a bonus with two stories. 🙂 There have been some Undercover Brothers books where that was the best part.

The brothers’ next American Teens Against Crime (ATAC) mission, a crime-fighting organization started by their dad Fenton Hardy, is at an archaeological dig in Italy. I like the way the ATAC mission assignments are given like games or music CDs and then they reformat, effectively erased, clearly inspired by Mission Impossible. 😎 And btw, Aunt Trudy would totally know about ATAC in reality. The Hardy brothers’ assignment was to investigate an American’s arrest for trying to sell stolen artifacts.

Nancy, cousins George, and Bess are in Rome, Italy with the cousins’ Aunt Estelle. She treated them to a trip there, which was nice and generous of her. There are other things there than the mythology stuff, but there was focus on that. To me, mythology with false gods is very, very boring, so whenever that was mentioned it was…well, very, very boring. Thankfully there wasn’t a whole lot of it in the book. I did have to forgive Aunt Estelle for the rudeness about Nancy, George, and Bess’ (and my) adjective use.

They help an amnesia pickpocket and she was really difficult to put up with, since she was extremely obnoxious to those going out of their way to help her – very whiny. 🙄 I admire Nancy very much because she did the right thing and helped her regardless of how annoying Thief Girl got. Nancy’s a very good example of being kind and gracious even when faced with a real brat. Admirable. SPOILER WARNING *Amnesia Thief Girl is Caitlin, a missing person of interest in the arrested American’s case* END SPOILER WARNING

While reading this mystery, I got curious about Corsica, an island located off the coast of Italy, and looked it up. Learned about their history, their flag, etc.. So this book did inspire me to find out more and that’s cool. 🙂

As far as original characters go in this one, the two best were Sam Lewis, the American who was arrested by the Italian authorities for attempting to sell stolen archaeological items, and the English archaeology lady, each one with a backstory that will make you feel sorry for them. They were both helped by our friends and I liked that. As I already mentioned, the whiny amnesia victim caused a lot of problems mostly brought on by brattiness and selfishness, a very narcissistic person.

I can usually find some good parts in a Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew book, and this one was no exception. 🙂 I have three favorite scenes. I like that Frank sent up a silent prayer (and not to any false god, but to the Creator). 😎 Another favorite part was when Joe was worried about his big brother. Then when Joe disappeared and Frank, also a good brother being very concerned. 😎

There were a couple of times the detectives would have been smarter.

I’m reading this for the second time and I feel the same way about it. It starts off good and ends good. 🙂



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Update and Hardy Boys Clue Book #6 News

Hi! 🙂 Remember me? 😛 I’m so sorry it’s been several weeks – my previous blog post was 10/10/16. I should have set up some blog entries to post in advance, knowing things would be busy in Oct. – and it was! A lot of fun stuff, like annual family things for those weeks, except for the end of October. All of that good stuff along with regular stuff can keep a girl pretty busy, let me tell you! 😛 So, what have you guys been up to? 🙂 Even when I’m not at my blog, I think of you and pray for your safety and complete happiness. 🙂 Hope you’re all doing well. Each one of you are very, very special and I think a lot of you! 🙂

Hardy Boys Graphic Novel #7 The Opposite NumbersI have plenty of stuff planned that I hope you enjoy ~ book reviews (Hardy Boys Graphic Novel #7 The Opposite Numbers/Nancy Drew Graphic Novels #20 and #21 High School Musical Mystery Parts I and II/Hardy Boys Adventure #13 Bound for Danger/Nancy Drew Diaries #13 The Ghost of Grey Fox Inn and more books), a Hardy Boys story to post that I’d already done before Oct, but need to go over etc., new Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew book info, more polls, and who knows what all? 😀 I’ll be back hopefully the 1st day of the week to answer replies. 🙂

 New book to mention ~ Hardy Boys Clue Book #6 A Skateboard Cat-astrophe. Release Date: Nov. 2017 Cover and synopsis coming soon! 🙂


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Straight from the Books – Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Facts 4 – What Digest Already?

   As Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew fans, we love mysteries! 😎 Sometimes there seems to be a mystery concerning book facts where there’s not an enigma really, just misinformation. The main Hardy Boys series, #1-#190, and the main Nancy Drew series #1-#175,  are the series to refer to about details and facts, in regards to other series or even within the main series, for established character personalities. That real information can be found in the individual volumes consistently reflecting the character’s real characteristics. A small number of books I’ve read in those two series so far have fallen victim to ghostwriters’ discrepancies and errors at times.

   It’s not an unusual occurence to come across something online that is incorrect. One of those inaccurate things would be referring to any of The Hardy Boys books or Nancy Drew books as “Digests”. There’s no such thing as a “Digest” series for the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew. It’s a totally made-up fallacy. No mystery about the facts because it is easily confirmed. There isn’t actually a separate series called “Digests” for the Hardys or Nancy. Calling any of the books Digests isn’t accurate – neither the books nor the publishers refer to them as such. The main/real deal/essential series is The Hardy Boys, as referred to in the books and by the publishers, and also as The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories or Hardy Boys Mysteries. Both the Hardy Boys series, started in 1927, and the Nancy Drew series, started in 1930, came from the creative genius of Edward Stratemeyer, whose characters, Frank, Joe, and Nancy, have been solving mysteries ever since then. 😎

   The Hardy Boys main series went into the 21st century, with new mysteries being written and published into 2005. The volumes of this series, not surprisingly, go from #1 through #190 and there’s also The Hardy Boys Detective Handbook. 😎

   The Nancy Drew Mysteries also went into the 21st century, having started in 1930, with newly written and published stories to November 2003. There are 175 volumes in the Nancy Drew series, numbered clearly and for a reason, beginning with #1 naturally, plus the Nancy Drew Sleuth Book. 😎

   The consecutive numbering provide huge clues that those books are the same series. So there’s really no mystery about that for the Hardys or Nancy.

   I don’t understand why anyone would make up some name like Digests that is incorrect and very easily shown not to be accurate. It’s also misleading, I think, and kinda divisive. I’m really not into any of that. I wouldn’t even refer to it on here, but that was one of the things I wanted to address on my blog since you can come across that misinformation online. Finding it on a wiki page or any site simply means someone entered that incorrect info, maybe without knowing it’s inaccurate. I’m sure everyone knows that there are correct things and false things found online, so coming across it on the internet doesn’t make something true.

   Proof of evidence is in the books themselves. If you get any of the Hardy Boys books, whether it’s #100 or #190, check inside the book. Yeah, don’t be surprised when you don’t find the books being called “Digests” anywhere in there.

   Also, I think it’s cool to note that only one series is called “The Hardy Boys” and one series called “Nancy Drew”. The alternate universe series have different series titles. 😎

   Now you know. The Hardy Boys series – Hardy Boys Mystery Stories – #1-#190 1927-2005 – one series. Nancy Drew Series – Nancy Drew Mystery Stories – #1-#175 1930-2003 – also all one series. One of several ways you can tell is from the sequential numbering of the books, as in there’s only one #1 in The Hardy Boys series and the Nancy Drew series. 😎


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Have an Opinion? Take a Poll!

I’ll be adding more polls to The Hardy Boys Books and Nancy Drew Books blog, including for The Hardy Boys vs the 4 collector covers, plus one of just the collector covers. 🙂 The first one, I’m so proud of this title that I worked so hard on ( 😉 ) The Hardy Boys Collector Cover Poll #1, is up now! 🙂 Plenty more polls coming! 😀

Have fun and share your opinion! 🙂

Plus, here’s the link to the page, The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Polls, on here that will have links to all of the polls – which, once posted, are always available. 😀


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Straight From the Books – Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Facts 1

   If you’re interested in facts straight from the Hardy Boys books and Nancy Drew books then that means accuracy is important to you. It definitely is to me and I tend to make mental and/or typed notes of various things from the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books.

   You see quite a few errors online as you surf around looking for Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew information. Some errors you come across are just copied from other incorrect online sources. Plus you’ll find errors resulting from misusing words – with the person failing to grasp a definition. All are easily disproven, usually just by picking up a Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew book and actually reading them. Sometimes you might find a discrepancy in a book itself due to the number of ghostwriters or the writer being unfamiliar with basic, solid Hardy or Nancy facts. So if you come across something that just isn’t correct and true to their character, you can toss it out as an error by the writer – because that’s exactly what it is. What’s true is true and what isn’t true is….false. 😀

   Ok, Hardy trivia: In my story, Hardys Inn Danger, they go to the Bayport Bijou. Is there such a place in the books? Yep, sure is, called the Bijou or the Bayport Bijou. Not a whole lot on it – much of the detail about what it looks like and who owns it comes from my imagination. You can go to the Bijou/Bayport Bijou in these books respectively ~ Hardy Boys #16 A Figure in Hiding and Hardy Boys Adventures #2 Mystery of the Phantom Heist. 😎

   How about Nancy, where’s a place to go to the movies in her hometown? In #8 Nancy’s Mysterious Letter, she and Hannah check out a movie when they went to the River Heights Theater to cheer up Nancy. 🙂

   Keep checking back here for more blog entries with Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew trivia/facts straight from the books. 😎 Here’s the link to the page where I’ll add the HB/ND info to Hardy/Drew Facts Straight From the Books. 🙂


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Hardy and Drew Mysteries Blog – 2nd Anniversary!

Israel Hardy Bos 1 The Tower Treasure by Franklin W Dixon HebrewWow, 2 years of blogging – pretty awesome fun! 🙂 There continues to be so many readers from all around the world. We have a lot of fun here and enjoy talking about how much we love the Hardys and Nancy. I have plenty of ideas and plans for lotsa things, so check back often to see what’s happening. 🙂 Speaking of anniversaries – it will be The Hardy Boys’ 88th and Nancy Drew’s 85th in 2015. Impressive. Here’s a little trivia about them: since in the original 1927 first volume of the Hardys Boys series, The Tower Treasure, Frank is 16 and Joe is 15, that clues us in that Frank will be 104 and Joe 103 in 2015. 😎 In The Secret of the Old Clock from 1930, her first book, Nancy’s 16, so in 2015 she’ll be 101. 😎 You might find someone trying to say she’s 85, but that’s not correct math or word usage; they’re just adding to some of the fallacies you can come across online. If she was born in the first book, well, that’s a little ridiculous. 😛 I like details and accuracy as well as giving credit to people. Frank, Joe, and Nancy, have been giving readers a lot of cool mysteries and adventures for quite a while and continue to do so. 😎

Nancy Drew Game The Secret of the Old ClockBack to the blog anniversary, first, as always, thanks to the faithful Creator, who is forever wonderful. My awesome family/friends, always much thanks. Thanks to Word Warrior, who constantly moderates the blog for me, even when super busy. 🙂 Thank you to all who come and read the blog. 🙂 Thanks to each of you who post such wonderful comments and contribute to making this a fun, happy place. 🙂 I appreciate it so very much. Readers/commenters/friends from all over the world, are in my prayers for many blessings, peace and happiness. Even though I don’t know the details of what all you each deal with, I know that the One I pray to does. He cares for and loves us all forever unfailingly. 🙂 ❤



Hardy and Drew Mysteries Blog 100th Post!

Woohoo! This is my 100th blog entry that I’ve posted on here! 😀 Thank you, Word Warrior, for taking care of moderating and your awesome encouragement, etc. 🙂 With so many visits worldwide and cool comments, I want to thank every one of you for all of the constant reads and beautiful comments you’ve posted! ❤ Hope you continue to come and enjoy a fun place to talk about the Hardys and Nancy as well as other cool subjects! 😀 😎 Lots more to look forward to as Hardys Inn Danger continues, plus starting a trivia page with info from the books, more reviews, polls, Hardys Boys and Nancy Drew news, etc! 🙂 Come back often and enjoy!  🙂 

On this 100th post, I also want to remind everyone not to text and drive. You may have seen #X ads to help encourage no texting while driving . No text is worth a life – that’s a fact and you can politely let friends/family know that you won’t be texting, emailing, surfing online, or anything like that while driving. It’s that serious and that important and that easy to do the right thing. You can help save a life, and it might be yours. 😎 ❤

Don't Text and Drive




One Shot by Ann Chvq

Are you ready for a one shot story called, oh, idk, “One Shot“? 😀 If so, just click on the link in the first sentence or on the pic below. I have more stories in progress, including several multi-chapter ones. Hopefully I’ll have one of those good to go very soon. 🙂 Thanks so much for the encouragement, everyone – I really love knowing that you guys enjoy my stories. 🙂

One Shot header by Ann Chvq

Frank is on a desperate search for his kidnapped brother, Joe, who is facing a deadly enemy. Neither brother will give up in their battle for justice as well as for their own survival and each other’s. When you have only one shot, you don’t want to miss.



Hi! 🙂 Happy you came to check out my blog for Frank and Joe Hardy and Nancy Drew – awesome detectives who, with their intelligence, wit, courage, faith, and perseverance, have been solving crimes and disrupting and stopping bad guys’ activities in two centuries and in various places around the world!!! 😀

On this blog I want to share cool facts and trivia I’ve seen in the books I’ve read so far, talk about the many books, including upcoming releases and relevant Hardy and Nancy book news, plus have stories I’ve written that are inspired by the books. 🙂

Thank you to my family and friends who have encouraged and helped me greatly! 🙂 Most of all, I thank the Creator of us all for so many blessings. 🙂

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