Hardy Boys Adventures #11 Showdown at Widow Creek ~ My Review

Showdown at Widow Creek is a super fun Hardy Boys Adventure! It’s volume 11 in the series. I really enjoyed reading it! It has suspense, humor, and good brotherly love. I read it as soon as I got it which was the day it came out. I’m already ready to read it again. Look at that previous sentence and find 3 “reads”. 😀

This mystery adventure has a great flow to it and I could really picture the fun and exciting scenes. One of the things I loved and really enjoyed was Joe and the western movie themes playing in his head. 😀 A great mix of action and fun.

Hardy Boys Adventures 11 Showdown at Widow Creek CoverThe whole feels-real-thing dialogue is very good. I think Showdown at Widow Creek is the best one so far in the Hardy Boys Adventures series, although there are parts I love in #1 Secret of the Red Arrow and #2 Mystery of the Phantom Heist.

The danger was palpable. That’s a fun word to work into a sentence. 😛 The book even has some twists so that it isn’t totally obvious about what’s going on. Good detective work by the brothers, which I always appreciate reading. It was pretty intense at times and the writer captured the enjoyment of the adventure as well as the edge-of-your-seat aspect of the drama.

I definitely recommend this one to all Hardy Boys fans to enjoy the mystery and the good brother team working to help people. I’d hoped it was going to be good and it turned out to be even better than I expected it to be! I’m not into rodeos, so this is a good example that it can be a great read as long as the writing is good. And it is in HBA #11. I truly hope there are more adventures such as this one! 😎

Showdown at Widow Creek is available in paper, hardcover, and ebook. There are plenty of places to buy it or if your library has it, you can check it out. 🙂 Also, if you like this one, you’ll also like the Hardy Boys graphic novel #12 Dude Ranch O’Death! from Papercutz – one of my favorites. 😎 I love great adventure, fun, humor, and the Hardy bros! 🙂Hardy Boys Adventures #12 The Madman of Black Bear Mountain Anyone who wants to read either of those at the same time – let me know, I’d love to! 🙂 😎

Hardy Boys Adventure #12 will be available soon and I hope it’s as great as this one! 🙂 It should be exciting if the cover is any indication! We’ll find out! Queston: do you tend to buy or borrow these books? Do you pre-order? 






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19 thoughts on “Hardy Boys Adventures #11 Showdown at Widow Creek ~ My Review

  1. Good review!
    I totally agree that it was one of the best HB Adventures!
    Yes, brotherly love was what I loved about it! 🙂

  2. I like the original books better. With Callie and Iola dating the boys. 💑💑
    I read “Battle of Bayport” and I liked it but I missed the girls and the boy’s friends. 👨👩👱

    • The Hardy Boys series is definitely my fave. Yep, I love it when they’re in the books. 😎
      I haven’t read that one yet, actually! The next one is out on the 7th and I hope it’s good. 😀 Like you, I love it when the brothers’ girlfriends are in the books, and also their friends Chet, Phil, Biff, and Tony. 😀

  3. Great review, Ann!! 🙂 I’m continually thankful that there is finally a good story in this series! 🙂 And now there are two!! 🙂 Yes, it appears that book #12 is written by the same good writer as this book!! 😀 I bought it the day it came out and started reading it right away! 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your review on that one as well. I will save most of my comments for that expected post. 😉

    In answer to your question: I usually buy them. 🙂 There are a few titles in this series I didn’t even bother buying – or reading, after seeing the sample chapters. They are on a good streak now, though, and I hope they continue with this author! 🙂 Now I’m excited about this series!! 🙂

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