Hardy Boys Papercutz Graphic Novels News!

hardy-boys-adventures-graphic-novels-1Guess what? 😀 The Hardy Boys graphic novels will be published in paperback again and such a deal! 😎 It will be 4 stories in 1. These are the same stories as the Papercutz Undercover Brothers graphic novels (and as you know, I have some faves in this series!) and they have the Hardy Boys Adventures logo on them. This is like the Nancy Drew graphic novels that had been called Girl Detective and are now Nancy Drew Diaries with two of the previously published Girl Detective mysteries per volume.

The Hardy Boys Adventures #1 will be available November 8th, 2016, in paperback and ebook. It contains 384 pages (since it’s four graphic novels in one volume) and is 5 inches wide and 7.5 inches in height.

hardy-boys-adventures-graphic-novels-2The release date for The Hardy Boys Adventures #2 is April 25, 2017, also with 384 pages and four stories in the volume.

For each volume the paperback price is 15.99 (USD) and 9.99 for ebook.

So for all of us who don’t have each volume that we would like to have in paperback or for the ones we haven’t gotten to read yet, it’ll be easier to find, plus be a deal. 🙂 Check back here for an update when I reveal what four books are in each of the first two volumes. 🙂



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The Hardy Boys Papercutz Graphic Novel #5 Sea You, Sea Me ~ My Review

The fifth volume of the Hardy Boys Papercutz series, Sea You, Sea Me, is the very first Hardy Boys graphic novel that I read. It had already been out a while then when I saw a preview on Amazon of the opening action with the fencing scenes, and I was like, okay, that’s cool! 😀 Great artwork, witty banter, and the awesome brother team of Frank and Joe stopping anyone who needs to be stopped. It’s definitely one of my favorites. 😎

This is one of Frank and Joe’s many thrilling adventures where they must face serious obstacles. I enjoy cheering them on as they do a great job fighting evil. 😎

As I already mentioned, the action scenes right off the bat with Frank and Joe taking on bad guys in a fencing showdown is so cool! 🙂 I enjoy the comments and love the cool artwork. It’s also fun when the brothers get their next assignment. They’re anxious to see what it is as are you and me as the readers. In this case, they have to head up to Maine from Bayport, New York. 😎

Before they even reach the location of their assignment, which is to find out what the deal is on a fishing vessel, the brothers are propelled into action when they see danger they can do something about.That’s one of the reasons I love ’em. They see what needs to be done and they do that without hesitation. 😎

Hardy Boys Graphic Novel #5 Sea You Sea Me from PapercutzThere’s plenty of danger and excitement once on the ship, with suspects to question and an intense storm on the sea to survive. Plus, fighting a fire after an explosion and needing to circumvent attempts on their lives during all of the dangerous situations. The brothers are there for each other and know that they’re the only ones, humanly speaking, aboard the ship who they can definitely rely on and trust.:cool:

It’s really hard not to share all of my favorite scenes, but for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet, I know you’d want to read it yourself and see what happens. I love it that the brother teamwork is strong and I really enjoy seeing them stop bad people.They help people and are very brave. 😎

Joe’s ongoing fish puns are fun and Frank’s banter back about them. 😎

Frank’s swim meet at the end of the book with Joe encouraging his brother and joking around’s cool and fun. 😎 Yet another fave scene from the book! 🙂 😎

Hardy Boys Graphic Novel #5 Sea You, Sea Me is available in paperback and hardback at libraries, used booksellers, and also the volume is in the digital format of the ebook device of your choice. 🙂 A great read and re-read. 😀 Check it out for exciting adventure and action with the Hardy brothers! 😎


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Geronimo Stilton Papercutz Graphic Novel #14 The First Mouse on the Moon – My Review

Geronimo Stilton #14, The First Mouse on the Moon, is a really fun graphic novel! There’s good humor in the story along with intriguing dilemmas. The drawings are great with bright colors and it’s like watching a cool, fun cartoon. I love that kind of thing. 😎

I really enjoyed reading about the main characters Geronimo Stilton, his sister Thea, Geronimo Stilton #14: The First Mouse on the Mooncousin Trap, nephew Benjamin, and Benjamin’s friend Bugsy Wugsy and their adventure. The plays on words in the story were fun. When I read New Mouse City, I thought New York City, of course, with Mouse Island being Long Island. 😎

There’s humor, mystery, adventure, courage, and time travel, too! Time machines are, of course, fascinating and they’ve got one. Pretty awesome, if you ask me. 😀

Finding out the Pirate Cats’ plans was very entertaining. So were Geronimo and the others’ efforts to foil those plans. The story and graphics were continuously well-done and enjoyable. I’m very glad I got to ride along on the adventure as I read this graphic novel.

Geronimo Stilton #14: The First Mouse on the MoonI learned some stuff, too. This was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than any stuffy lesson in class ever about moon travel, etc.

Definite thumbs up from me! 😀 I’m interested in reading more Geronimo Stilton graphic novels. 🙂 This 14th title in the series is available in hardcover from Papercutz as well as other booksellers and the digital edition at ebooksellers. Plus you can see if your local libraries carries it. If you’d like to read a fun, cool, entertaining graphic novel then you’ll definitely want to check out Geronimo Stilton #14 The First Mouse on the Moon. 🙂

I received an advanced review copy (arc) of this title from Papercutz. Thanks! 🙂 Check out the cool pics with this review! 🙂 Want to see more? Click or tap on this link here for additional previews! 🙂



Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and Papercutz!

My family and friends are well aware of how much I love particular Papercutz graphic novels – specifically I have a special love for the awesome Hardy Boys graphic novels! 😀 😎 And not to leave out the cool Nancy Drew! 🙂 There are exciting things going on at the Papercutz site! 😎 New – and cool-looking as always – pages have been designed and posted that showcase the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew graphic novels, including the current Clue Crew ones. 🙂 There’s the inviting and intriguing “Fun Stuff” section there that will be updated with – I’m guessing 😉 – appropriately, fun stuff! 😀 😎 Looking forward to that! 😎 And if you like cool, fun info that is given with enthusiasm – and who doesn’t like that? – then you’ll definitely want to check out the Papercutz blog that Jesse has! 😀 😎

The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew graphic novels are available in paper and hardcover through the Papercutz site, bookstores, and online book sellers. They are at your local library, too, should you be able to find them on the shelves, but most of the time they’re usually checked out! 😎 And – sweet – the HB and ND GNs are also available digitally, which is really cool! 😀

Great books have definite re-readability and I love them! 😀 And I’m hoping to see more cool releases in the (hopefully near!) future. 😀 You can find previews of Hardy Boys graphic novels and previews of Nancy Drew graphic novels at the Papercutz site, including the new Clue Crew series currently running. 😎

Check back on this blog for upcoming reviews of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew graphic novels as well as updates on events at Papercutz and here! 🙂 😎

😎 Papercutz rockz!!! 😀 *insert awesome guitar riff here ;)*

The Hardy Boys graphic novels #1-#20 by Scott Lobdell, published by Papercutz and sold by MacMillan, are available in paperback/hardcover and also ebook. You can ask for them at bookstores and libraries. There are some great stories, adventures, mysteries and graphics waiting for your reading enjoyment. Whether you want to read a paper edition or to read on an ereader, your phone, tablet, or laptop you can go along with Frank and Joe on some awesome and thrilling adventures! 😀 😎

The paperback/hardcover editions are available through Papercutz and book sellers via mail order or online. The twenty ebook editions can be purchased from Amazon Kindle store, iBookstore for Apple devices, Kobo, Google, Barnes and Noble for Nook, etc.. Here’s a list of the book titles – check ’em out! 🙂

1 The Ocean of Osyria
2 Identity TheftBoard to Death
3 Mad House
4 Malled
5 Sea You, Sea Me
6 Hyde & Shriek
7 The Opposite Numbers
8 Board To Death
9 To Die Or Not To Die
10 A Hardy Day’s Night
11 Abracadeath
12 Dude Ranch O’ Death!
13 The Deadliest Stunt
14 Haley Danelle’s Top Eight
15 Live Free, Die Hardy!
16 Shhhhhh!
17 Word Up!
18 D.A.N.G.E.R. Spells the Hangman
19 Chaos at 30,000 Feet!
20 Deadly Strategy