Nancy Drew Diaries #14 Riverboat Roulette ~ My Review

The fourteenth volume of the Nancy Drew Diaries, Riverboat Roulette, is a cool, fun mystery! 😀 Nancy, George, Bess, and Bess’s mom get to ride on a riverboat plus help an animal rescue charity at the same time – and solve a mystery during the trip! Riverboats look really cool and would be a great place to sleuth around and solve a mystery! With cool cover art and setting, this book had the potential to be an entertaining mystery and it didn’t fail to live up to that. 😎

This book has such a pretty and cool cover – it’s one of my fave of the Nancy Drew Diaries. 🙂

There were suspects to investigate, clues to find, possible motives to consider, and the time limit of finding the culprit(s) and money before they docked added to the excitement. I loved the exploring and the sleuthing around the riverboat – totally wouldn’t have minded more! 😎

Not a fan of gambling, since much heartache can come from that when people are addicted to it, so I would have preferred just prize money and sponsering as is done in a race for charity rather than actual betting. I was taught when I was little to think of the effect you have in your actions. Other than that, it is a very enjoyable book. 🙂

The scene with Nancy’s escapade on the riverboat when she was trying to get to the other side of it is well-written pulse-pounding real! Precarious predicament and definitely dangerous! Intense! Whew! That was great! 😎 I wanted to re-read it right then, yet I also wanted to keep reading to see what happened next. Such dilemmas – but that means the book is good, so I love those kind of dilemmas! 😀

Not only did the river flow along well, so did the book. 😎

My ND/HB book reading sib and I both think this would make a great game! The intriguing riverboat, the fun sleuthing for the clues to find the guilty party (or parties), the time limit to solve the mystery, and the lights along the shore would all be really cool! 🙂 You can definitely see what a cool game that would be by reading the book and envisioning that in your head. 😎

I wish Ned had gotten to be there – I did miss him. Happy for the good mentions of him, though. 🙂

I always love solving the mysteries along with the detectives of the book I’m reading. This was written well so that you felt like you were there, searching for clues while trying not to focus on how much time until they docked, but keeping that in mind. It’s an enjoyable ride on a riverboat with Nancy, George, Bess and her mom and an entertaining mystery. 😎

Nancy Drew Diaries #14, Riverboat Roulette, is available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook at many bookstores and libraries. There are more Hardy Boys Adventures that I like than Nancy Drew Diaries. That said, this is one that gets a definite recommend from me! It’s a good, real Nancy Drew mystery. 😎 Looks nice on my bookshelf, too! 🙂


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Nancy Drew Diaries Volume 15

Want the info on the 15th book in the Nancy Drew Diaries, The Professor and the Puzzle? Click or tap on the link for the details about it on my other HB/ND blog, The Hardy Boys Books and Nancy Drew Books! 🙂



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Covers and Details #14 Hardy Boys Adventures and Nancy Drew Diaries plus Clue Books

You can check out the recently released cover art, synopsis and more for the Hardy Boys Adventures #14 Attack of the Bayport Beast, Nancy Drew Diaries #14 Riverboat Roulette, Hardy Boys Clue Book #5 Scavenger Hunt Heist, Nancy Drew Clue Book #7 Candy Kingdom Chaos @ The Hardy Boys Books and Nancy Drew Books! 😀 😎 🙂 Let me know what you guys think! 🙂 Tap/click on the links from the titles or on the covers to go to the individual posts to see the cover art larger and discover the clues you want to know! 🙂 😎


Hardy Boys Adventures #14 Attack of the Bayport Beast

Nancy Drew Diaries 14 Riverboat Roulette

HB Clue Book Scavenger Hunt HeistNancy Drew Clue Book 7 Candy Kingdom Chaos




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Updates: Cover Art, Synopsis, HB Clue Book #4, Nancy Drew Diaries #13

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Nancy Drew Diary #9 The Clue at Black Creek Farm

   Here’s the synopsis and info for The Clue at Black Creek Farm, the ninth volume of the Nancy Drew Diary series. 🙂 It will be available the 12th of May, 2015 and is 208 pages. I think the title and the mystery sounds intriguing. The plot seems deeper and more detailed than the previous books in the Diary series and hopefully it will have the necessary-but-sometimes-missing elements for mysteries such as danger, action, and excitement. 😎 Btw, murder isn’t a necessity for a good mystery. I look forward to Nancy, Bess, and George solving the case and helping those in need. 😎 Also looking forward to seeing the cover, too! 🙂

Healthy eating becomes a hazard when a local farm is sabotaged in this ninth book of the Nancy Drew Diaries.

Nancy, Bess, and George are thinking about joining Black Creek Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Sam and Abby Heyworth run both Black Creek’s organic farm and the CSA, a program where people pay to receive fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the growing season. Buyers get local produce at a reasonable price; the farmers get money to run their farm. Everybody wins!

But during a fundraising dinner showcasing the farm’s produce, several people become seriously ill, and tests reveal that the fruits and vegetables are contaminated with deadly E. coli bacteria. Sam swears his produce is clean: E. coli doesn’t magically appear in vegetables—it has to be transferred by animals or contaminated equipment. And after the Heyworth’s greenhouse is trashed and their chickens are killed by an intruder, Nancy thinks all signs point to sabotage.

Nancy, Bess, and George are on the case. But who would try to ruin a farm? And why?

You can find out in paperback, hardcover, or ebook, from a bookstore, ebookseller, or library when it’s available in May. 🙂
The Clue at Black Creek Farm @Amazon
The Clue at Black Creek Farm @Simon and Schuster

Update: Here’s the cool cover ~

Nancy Drew Diaries 9 The Clue at Black Creek Farm by Carolyn Keene


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   On a much better note, I’ll hopefully get another chapter posted this week of Hardys Inn Danger. Plus, I also want to start the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew trivia page I’ve been putting together and add to the Hardy and Drew character page very soon. 🙂




Book Sites and Book News!

Have you seen the two nice-looking sites from Simon and Schuster – one for The Hardy Boys and one for Nancy Drew! 😎 You can find links to many (but not all) available titles, along with some excerpts, from the essential Hardy Boys Mystery series, Hardy Boys Adventures series, the essential Nancy Drew Mystery series, the Nancy Drew Diaries series and more. There are some errors from Simon and Schuster’s main site that have shown up on these two sites in regards to titles, series, etc., but it is still a nice site that can improve. 🙂 I’ve bookmarked them. 🙂

Whispers in the Fog by Carolyn KeeneThe Crisscross Crime by Franklin W Dixon

Both sites also have links to the Papercutz Hardy Boys page and the Papercutz Nancy Drew page, too! 🙂 And of course these are favorite pages to visit! 😎 You didn’t think I would miss an opportunity to mention the cool Papercutz graphic novels, did you? 🙂 Ah, spring, cute guys, and skateboarding….cute guys skateboarding!! 😀 Frank and Joe Hardy!! 😎

 Board to Death

Nor will I miss an opportunity to talk about two more favorite links for the Grosset & Dunlap Hardy Boys and Grosset & Dunlap Nancy Drew books. Published by the Penguin Group USA, the hardcover Hardy Boys Mysteries and Nancy Drew Mysteries are in print and many available in eBook. 😎 So many popular, much-loved, great books!! 😎

The Mystery at Lilac InnSecret of the Old Mill by Franklin W Dixon

Check out the great books on these sites! 😀 A lot of good reading available for you! If you happen to love excitement, adventure, mystery, intrigue, and fighting evil ones then you will find many titles you will want to read and re-read! 😎

And bonus info of the day – Nancy Drew Diaries #5 Sabotage at Willow Woods is scheduled to be released the 7th of Jan, 2014 in hardcover, paper, and eBook. Also, Nancy Drew Diaries #7 on the 23rd of Sept, 2014. No cover or synopsis for either one yet (or #6 for that matter ;)). Plus, I’ve been checking for the title and cover for Secret Files #16 that is to be released also in 2014, namely on the 2nd of Dec., and the titles, release dates, and covers for Secret Files volumes 14 and 15. 🙂 Sweet – mysteries to be solved! 😉

Find the Secret – Escape the Curse!

Hardy Boys Adventures and Nancy Drew Diaries countdown continues! 😀 On Feb. 5th we’ll be able to sleuth and find out the Secret of the Red Arrow and escape danger, foil the Curse of the Arctic Star, discover the Mystery of the Phantom Heist, and determine the identities of the Strangers on a Train. 😎  But before that you should go ahead and solve these mysteries:

~ Do you pre-order the books?

~ Do you plan to read both the Hardy books and then the Nancys’ or one of each or the Nancy ones first and then the Hardys?

~ Do you buy paperback, hardcover, or eBook?

~ Or do you get them from the library and are you already on the waiting list for them there? 

Keep up with the countdown by checking out the widget I posted for the countdown to the Adventures and Diaries. 🙂 

Hardy Boys Adventures and Nancy Drew Diaries

Are you excited about the new series coming? 😀 Less than a month away! I really really really (yep, three reallys! :p) hope The Hardy Boys Adventures and Nancy Drew Diaries are written great like they should be! 😀 Here is the lineup of titles which will be available in hardcover, paperback, and eBook on Feb. 5th:

Secret of the Red Arrow Adventures

Hardy Boys Adventures:
#1 Secret of the Red Arrow
#2 Mystery of the Phantom Heist

Nancy Drew Diaries:
#1 Curse of the Arctic Star
#2 Strangers on a Train

And more titles coming later:
May 7th Nancy Drew Diaries #3 Mystery of the Midnight Rider
June 4th Hardy Boys Adventures #3 The Vanishing Game
Sept 24th Nancy Drew Diaries #4 Once Upon a Thriller

I can’t wait!!!! 😀 Ok, I guess I have to, so I guess actually I can since I have to, but I’m really looking forward to reading and finding out what these new series will be like! 🙂