Nancy Drew Diaries #14 Riverboat Roulette ~ My Review

The fourteenth volume of the Nancy Drew Diaries, Riverboat Roulette, is a cool, fun mystery! 😀 Nancy, George, Bess, and Bess’s mom get to ride on a riverboat plus help an animal rescue charity at the same time – and solve a mystery during the trip! Riverboats look really cool and would be a great place to sleuth around and solve a mystery! With cool cover art and setting, this book had the potential to be an entertaining mystery and it didn’t fail to live up to that. 😎

This book has such a pretty and cool cover – it’s one of my fave of the Nancy Drew Diaries. 🙂

There were suspects to investigate, clues to find, possible motives to consider, and the time limit of finding the culprit(s) and money before they docked added to the excitement. I loved the exploring and the sleuthing around the riverboat – totally wouldn’t have minded more! 😎

Not a fan of gambling, since much heartache can come from that when people are addicted to it, so I would have preferred just prize money and sponsering as is done in a race for charity rather than actual betting. I was taught when I was little to think of the effect you have in your actions. Other than that, it is a very enjoyable book. 🙂

The scene with Nancy’s escapade on the riverboat when she was trying to get to the other side of it is well-written pulse-pounding real! Precarious predicament and definitely dangerous! Intense! Whew! That was great! 😎 I wanted to re-read it right then, yet I also wanted to keep reading to see what happened next. Such dilemmas – but that means the book is good, so I love those kind of dilemmas! 😀

Not only did the river flow along well, so did the book. 😎

My ND/HB book reading sib and I both think this would make a great game! The intriguing riverboat, the fun sleuthing for the clues to find the guilty party (or parties), the time limit to solve the mystery, and the lights along the shore would all be really cool! 🙂 You can definitely see what a cool game that would be by reading the book and envisioning that in your head. 😎

I wish Ned had gotten to be there – I did miss him. Happy for the good mentions of him, though. 🙂

I always love solving the mysteries along with the detectives of the book I’m reading. This was written well so that you felt like you were there, searching for clues while trying not to focus on how much time until they docked, but keeping that in mind. It’s an enjoyable ride on a riverboat with Nancy, George, Bess and her mom and an entertaining mystery. 😎

Nancy Drew Diaries #14, Riverboat Roulette, is available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook at many bookstores and libraries. There are more Hardy Boys Adventures that I like than Nancy Drew Diaries. That said, this is one that gets a definite recommend from me! It’s a good, real Nancy Drew mystery. 😎 Looks nice on my bookshelf, too! 🙂


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Nancy Drew #11 The Clue of the Broken Locket ~ My Review

Nancy Drew #11 The Clue of the Broken Locket by Carolyn Keene

This is one of my favorite Nancy Drew covers ever – it just looks so cool. As a mystery reader, you’re immediately curious of what’s going on and what’s up with that mysterious locket Nancy’s holding in her hand. You just know there’s an intriguing story connected to it – and you find out that includes treasure! Even more important than the treasure, it’s a clue to those who are in danger and need help. There is more than one mystery in this book, which I love for there to be several in one volume. 😎 Great sleuthing from Nancy and the others to gather clues to solve these mysteries. The investigating, especially at night, is super-fun. 😎

In The Clue of the Broken Locket you’ll find: mysterious settings, stay at a cool cabin, hear some rockin’ music, see a curious sight of an alleged “phantom ship”, investigate a one-of-a-kind lodge, travel to Baltimore, Maryland, come across a Civil War era mystery still needing to be solved, learn what the clue in the broken locket is all about, and discover cool hidden places. Plenty of things to enjoy!

There are definitely some edge-of-your-seat scenes – literally for me. 😛 I’m reading the book, just really into it and focused on it then my Mom, who’d been in another room, innocently comes to tell me something and I jump! 😀 I was there with Nancy investigating, so I was startled! Told you I get into the books! My Mom totally understood – with a smile. 🙂

Absolutely love Ned in this book. He does a great job investigating and is very proud of Nancy. He was sure that the police chief there at Misty Lake hadn’t found out as much as Nancy had – and Ned was absolutely right. 😎 My favorite part in the whole book is when Ned wants to go punch the jerks who are being mean to the little twins in the story. One of the biggest reasons that I like the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books is because they, and others, help people and rescue them from bad ones – and stop wrongdoing. That is a universal necessity.

There are a number of excellent internal illustrations. The first one is a great, and intense, action one with Nancy trying to avoid being captured by the bad ones, who’ve been chasing her. I love seeing the pictures in the books.

Great quote by Nancy, trying to reassure her worried friends and explain how she can’t quite avoid danger ~ “But I never know when I’m going to have to take chances!” she countered. Thanks for taking chances, Nancy. 🙂

The I-can’t-believe-they-did-that-because-they-just-wouldn’t-do-that award goes to the scene where Nancy and Cecily, whom they’re helping, rescue one person, but still have others to rescue and the bad ones are likely to show up anytime, yet stand there and talk for a long time! That is really not the time to catch up on the details of the mystery. That can all be recounted LATER when everyone’s safe!!!! 😮

Still, that aside, there’s so much great sleuthing by our friends, with a lot of heart, bravery, courage, and tenacity. Intriguing mysteries, romance, and more than one reunion! I recommend this one to every Nancy Drew, and Hardy Boys, fan. 🙂  

This mystery is available in hardcover and ebook at booksellers and libraries – check it out if you like good mysteries! 🙂


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