Hardy Boys eBooks and Nancy Drew eBooks Sale – Great Summer Reading!

Looking for Hardy Boys books? Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers? Hardy Boys Clue Books? Nancy Drew books? Nancy Drew Notebooks? Nancy Drew Clue Crew? Nancy Drew Files? For Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew fans who read ebooks – there’s a .99 sale going for @Kindle @iTunes @ BAM! Books-A-Million (and probably other online booksellers!) for some of the volumes in the previously mentioned series! It doesn’t say how long the sale is for. There are plenty of good ones to choose from. Some of them are ones I’ve been wanting to read as well as some I’ve read and love. 🙂 Excellent summer reading!!!!!! 😎 

Here are a few Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew book recommendations from me – great for reading in ebook (all these I’ve listed here are some of the ones for .99!) or paperback ~

Ice Cold CaseThe Crisscross Crime by Franklin W Dixon









The Hardy Boys #138 Alaskan Adventure
The Hardy Boys #148 The Ice-Cold Case
The Hardy Boys #150 The Crisscross Crime
The Hardy Boys #152 Danger in the Extreme
The Hardy Boys #155 The Hunt for the Four Brothers
The Hardy Boys #161 Training for Trouble
The Hardy Boys #183 Warehouse Rumble

Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #19 Foul Play
Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #21 Comic Con Artist

Whispers in the Fog by Carolyn KeeneNancy Drew 157 The Music Festival Mystery by Carolyn Keene









Nancy Drew #153 Whispers in the Fog
Nancy Drew #157 The Music Festival Mystery

Kindle books you can read on a computer, Kindle app on various devices, or on a Kindle ereader.

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The Hardy Boys #112 Demolition Mission Synopsis and Release Date

Here’s the synopsis for #112 Demolition Mission in The Hardy Boys series:

The Hardy boys have been invited to attend the Bayport Motor Speedway to test-drive the prototype of a world-class sports car. But when the high-performance racer vanishes without a trace, Frank and Joe’s investigation leads to the demolition derby, where they run head-on into danger.

Sounds dangerous and mysterious! The ebook edition, 160 pages, is available for the first time starting on the 8th of April from the usual ebooksellers – as in now! 😎 Should be great and I can hardly wait to get to read it! Really looking forward to more of The Hardy Boys series becoming available in digital form. Love The Hardy Boys. 😎 ❤

Don’t forget you can check out free first chapter samples @ Amazon Kindle, Google Play, etc.. 🙂

The Hardy Boys #112 Demolition Mission @ Kindle
The Hardy Boys #112 Demolition Mission @ Simon and Schuster

Hardy Boys Adventures and Nancy Drew Diaries

Are you excited about the new series coming? 😀 Less than a month away! I really really really (yep, three reallys! :p) hope The Hardy Boys Adventures and Nancy Drew Diaries are written great like they should be! 😀 Here is the lineup of titles which will be available in hardcover, paperback, and eBook on Feb. 5th:

Secret of the Red Arrow Adventures

Hardy Boys Adventures:
#1 Secret of the Red Arrow
#2 Mystery of the Phantom Heist

Nancy Drew Diaries:
#1 Curse of the Arctic Star
#2 Strangers on a Train

And more titles coming later:
May 7th Nancy Drew Diaries #3 Mystery of the Midnight Rider
June 4th Hardy Boys Adventures #3 The Vanishing Game
Sept 24th Nancy Drew Diaries #4 Once Upon a Thriller

I can’t wait!!!! 😀 Ok, I guess I have to, so I guess actually I can since I have to, but I’m really looking forward to reading and finding out what these new series will be like! 🙂