New Hardy Boys Series: Clue Book #1 and #2 and Poll

Move over Secret Files, there’s a new series coming in 2016 entitled Hardy Boys Clue Hardy Boys Clue Book 1 The Video Game BanditBook! Hope it’ll be good. 🙂 Here are some of the details:

Title: #1 The Video Game Bandit
Illustrated by: Matt David
Release Date: 19th of April 2016
Number of Pages: 96
Available Formats: Paperback/eBook/hardcover
Update: Synopsis from Simon and Schuster:

Frank and Joe are on a mission to track down a thief in the first book in an all-new, interactive Hardy Boys chapter book mystery series. Includes space for readers to jot down their own ideas and solutions to the case!

Bayport Elementary is throwing a fundraiser so they can go on an end-of-the-year trip. Ellie Freeman’s parents have volunteered their house for the event, and neighbors have donated all sorts of prizes to be raffled off including movie tickets and gift certificates to Fun World. But the best prize of all is a brand-new ZCross50000, a video game system that every kid has been drooling over.

But sometime during the event, the ZCross goes missing. Can Frank and Joe figure out who took the prize before it’s too late to save the big school trip?

Hardy Boys Clue Book 2 The Missing Playbook

 Title: #2 The Missing Playbook
Illustrated by: Matt David
Release Date: 19th of April 2016
Available Formats: Paperback/eBook/hardcover
Number of Pages: 96
Update: Synopsis from Simon and Schuster: 

Frank and Joe try to hit a home run by figuring out what happened to the Bayport Bandits’ playbook before the first big baseball game in the second book in an all-new, interactive Hardy Boys chapter book mystery series. Includes space for readers to jot down their own ideas and solutions to the case!

Frank and Joe and the rest of their Bayport Bandits teammates can’t wait for Little League to start! Everyone is celebrating the beginning of the season at Speedy Zermino’s house. While they’re all together, Coach Quinn shows off the Bandit’s new playbook that contains all of the new strategies and plays that will help them to a winning season.

The next day at practice, Coach Quinn realizes the all-important playbook has gone missing! With their teammates counting on them to get the book back, Frank and Joe must take a swing at cracking this case…or their season will be over before it even begins.

The Nancy Drew Clue Book series coming in July replaces the Nancy Drew Clue Crew series. The first two titles, Pool Party Puzzler and Last Lemonade Standing, will be available on the 7th of July. Four titles have been announced so far in the new series. I really liked the Clue Crew series title because it gives cred to George and Bess and it rhymes. 😎

Like the Secret Files and Clue Crew, the price (US) will be 5.99 paperback/ebook. Unlike the Secret Files and Clue Crew, it says at the Simon and Schuster site that they’ll be available in hardcover, too.

So, whatcha think? Interested in the Hardy Boys Clue Book series or Nancy Drew Clue Book series? Vote on the poll! 🙂

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Hardy Boys Secret Files #18 Medieval Upheaval

Volume 18 of The Hardy Boys Secret Files series is entitled Medieval Upheaval and will be available in paperback as well as ebook the 4th of August 2015. Check back here for more details! 🙂

Update: Hardy Boys Secret Files #18 cover ~

HBSF #18 Medieval Upheaval by Franklin W Dixon

UPDATE: Synopsis from publisher Simon and Schuster ~

A medieval faire brings the past to life—and a mystery to the present—in this Hardy Brothers Secret Files adventure.

Frank and Joe Hardy are excited to visit the King Arthur Faire in Bayport. On Kid’s Day, there are all kinds of special contests and events, like the Medieval Maze and Junior Jester Court Slam. The highlight of the day is the Junior Joust competition: whoever can stay on a mechanical horse and lance a golden ring with their (fake) sword will win seats to watch the real jousting competition later in the day.

To everyone’s surprise (and delight) Joe and Frank’s friend, Chet Morton, manages to lance the ring and beat out town bully, Adam Ackerman. But after celebrating the win at a pizza stand, Chet discovers his ring—and ticket for the grand prize—is missing! Can Joe and Frank figure out who is the rogue knight before the big show?





Hardy Boys Secret Files #17 The Great Escape Info

Hardy Boys Secret Files #17 The Great Escape available 21st April, 2015, 96 pages. Check it out at the various booksellers like iBooks and Amazon. The cover has a snake and a kangaroo on it along with Frank and Joe and a new friend from Australia. 😎



Hardy Boys Secret Files #16 Camping Chaos

The mysterious, previously untitled for a long time, Hardy Boys Secret Files #16 has been announced – Camping Chaos. Also the cover art’s been released as well. It’s 96 pages and will be available in paperback and ebook starting the 2nd of Dec. From the title and cover, looks like it should be fun. 🙂 Had this info but just now getting it posted. Finally. 😛 Check out the cover for the 16th book of The Hardy Boys Secret Files at Amazon.

UPDATE: Hardy Boys Secret Files #17 The Great Escape available 21st April, 2015, 96 pages. Check it out at the various booksellers. The cover has a snake and a kangaroo on it. 😎

Secret Files #15 Ship of Secrets!

Hardy Boys Secret Files #15 Ship of Secrets by Franklin W. Dixon

There’s a Ship of Secrets heading your way in 2014 and you can set sail on the S.S. Pacific starting the 5th of August when Hardy Boys Secret Files #15 (96 pages) will be released. 🙂 😎 Looks like it should be a good, fun, summer book! 🙂 😎 

The acronym for the book is – SOS! 😮 Wonder what mystery Frank and Joe have found now! 😎

Book Sites and Book News!

Have you seen the two nice-looking sites from Simon and Schuster – one for The Hardy Boys and one for Nancy Drew! 😎 You can find links to many (but not all) available titles, along with some excerpts, from the essential Hardy Boys Mystery series, Hardy Boys Adventures series, the essential Nancy Drew Mystery series, the Nancy Drew Diaries series and more. There are some errors from Simon and Schuster’s main site that have shown up on these two sites in regards to titles, series, etc., but it is still a nice site that can improve. 🙂 I’ve bookmarked them. 🙂

Whispers in the Fog by Carolyn KeeneThe Crisscross Crime by Franklin W Dixon

Both sites also have links to the Papercutz Hardy Boys page and the Papercutz Nancy Drew page, too! 🙂 And of course these are favorite pages to visit! 😎 You didn’t think I would miss an opportunity to mention the cool Papercutz graphic novels, did you? 🙂 Ah, spring, cute guys, and skateboarding….cute guys skateboarding!! 😀 Frank and Joe Hardy!! 😎

 Board to Death

Nor will I miss an opportunity to talk about two more favorite links for the Grosset & Dunlap Hardy Boys and Grosset & Dunlap Nancy Drew books. Published by the Penguin Group USA, the hardcover Hardy Boys Mysteries and Nancy Drew Mysteries are in print and many available in eBook. 😎 So many popular, much-loved, great books!! 😎

The Mystery at Lilac InnSecret of the Old Mill by Franklin W Dixon

Check out the great books on these sites! 😀 A lot of good reading available for you! If you happen to love excitement, adventure, mystery, intrigue, and fighting evil ones then you will find many titles you will want to read and re-read! 😎

And bonus info of the day – Nancy Drew Diaries #5 Sabotage at Willow Woods is scheduled to be released the 7th of Jan, 2014 in hardcover, paper, and eBook. Also, Nancy Drew Diaries #7 on the 23rd of Sept, 2014. No cover or synopsis for either one yet (or #6 for that matter ;)). Plus, I’ve been checking for the title and cover for Secret Files #16 that is to be released also in 2014, namely on the 2nd of Dec., and the titles, release dates, and covers for Secret Files volumes 14 and 15. 🙂 Sweet – mysteries to be solved! 😉

Mystery of the Phantom Heist – My Review

My review for Hardy Boys Adventure #2 Mystery of the Phantom Heist begins…. 😀 now! 😀

Iola and Chet are in the book! 😀 😎 So happy to see them! 🙂 Iola is described as fearless like Joe – that’s true. 😎 The Morton siblings helped the Hardy bros throughout the book and really added to the story. 😎

I’m keeping a list of all of the Hardy Boys book characters who show up in this new series. 🙂 I already knew from reading the first chapter that Chet would be in the book and I was hoping to see Iola, also! 🙂 The Hardys, Chet, and Iola, along with Callie, Phil, Biff, and Tony are all in the Secret Files. That series has been alluded to several times in the first two books of the Hardy Boys Adventures. In both series, their aunt lives in an apartment over the garage and the Hardy Boys Adventures also mentioned that Frank and Joe have been sleuthing since they were kids (like in the Secret Files). So I’m hoping Callie, Phil, Biff, and Tony will also be showing up. 🙂

There were several things I liked about the first book and also about the second one. I was really glad to see, after the brothers bravely faced the threat of being sent away, not letting that stop them, they can now sleuth and not get sent to that creepy place. Uncle Ben wasn’t mentioned, but I’m figuring he helped free his nephews from that threat. 😎 So now they can more freely do what they do so well – stop the criminals! 😎

Another thing I really loved in this book – Fenton and Laura know about the brothers sleuthing and that makes sense because they are a close family. 😎 And even though Fenton is still writing on his book, in the Mystery of the Phantom Heist, it says he also continues to fight crime! Yes! 😀 😎

I love that the brothers stood up for Chet when mean girl, Lindsay, was, well, mean. She was consistently nauseating throughout the book and I was so glad to see that the author didn’t write Frank, Joe, Chet, and Iola as impressed by Lindsay’s obnoxiousness at any time, because they certainly wouldn’t be impressed. That was a really important aspect of the book to me. I can’t stand it when characters are written out of character. And I also can’t stand it when people think that power and money make it ok to be rude jerks. So yes, that meant a lot that the characters were written correctly about that. 😎

Bayport High School colors – green and gold in both books of the Hardy Boys Adventures, specified as dark green in Mystery of the Phantom Heist.

One fellow student from BHS, named Tony (no, not our Tony Prito) Riley (no, didn’t say he was related to Con Riley), was being harassed at his waiter job by some jerks, but he didn’t say anything. However, our Joe didn’t keep quiet. 😀 I enjoyed that. 😀

Frank is a senior and has a secondhand sedan. The brothers had a car in Secret of the Red Arrow.

Laura is in real estate in both books of the Hardy Boys Adventures.

The brothers actually already have smartphones, unlike what this adventure said. 😎

Sounds like both brothers can operate a boat, like in the Mystery stories. 😎

Aunt Trudy (Gertrude) is cool, smart-mouth, a great cook, and great at gardening. 😎

Fenton was going to be grilling steaks for dinner, but Frank and Joe wouldn’t be back in time since they were busy with the case. Joe was hungry and said about steak for a stakeout – lol, that was cute and funny. 😀

Mean girl Lindsay’s party was at the Bayport Bijou and the Hardy brothers and Chet were ready to stop the heist. 😎 They were undercover in togas as part of the catering service. 😀

There was one instance of lying that really could have been avoided so easily, smoothly, and coolly.

Chet did a great job with timing and it shows his good character that he helped take down the villains, even after how he was treated by Lindsay.

I think Joe summed it up very well, saying that they: “battled an army of gladiators with nothing but torches and karate kicks”.

Now that is cool. 😀 😎

Secret Files – Balloon Blow-Up

#13 in the Secret Files, Balloon Blow-Up, will be available the 3rd of Dec. and the cover art has been released. 🙂

Next up in the Secret Files series on the 2nd of April #11 Robot Rumble. 🙂

Hardy Boys Secret Files #14, Fossil Frenzy, will be available in 2014, 29th of Apr and the cover art has been revealed. 🙂