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Here’s the next fun Hardy Boys word game! 😀 Callie and Ritu have suggested and requested word association games for The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew! 😀 Thank you both! 🙂

To play the game, click or tap on this link to go to the page – Hardy Connections ~ The Hardy Boys Books Game! 🙂 As always – have fun!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


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Straight From the Books – Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Facts 3 – Iola Morton is Alive

Iola Morton would like you to know she is very much alive. Hopefully you already know this. If you didn’t, this will be very pleasant news to you. 🙂 After all, to anyone who didn’t know this, it should be great and exciting to find out, well, except a mean person wouldn’t be happy about it. Like the Assassins. For example, Al-Rousasa. Also the Assassin leader from Casefile #4 The Lazarus Plot, wouldn’t want you to know about that; he wanted to torment Joe and everyone else he could. I’m not going to let the lying Assassin get away with anything, just like Frank and Joe wouldn’t. I’m standing here on this side of it, in the 21st century, and it’s pretty clear, according to the books, that Iola is alive. Would you like details – clues, facts and quotes – from the books? Then please read on as we follow the trail of clues….to the many, many BIG clues. 😎

The Hardy Boys series, aka The Hardy Boys Mysteries/The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories, is the main HB series and starts with #1 The Tower Treasure (1927 original then revised) and goes through #190 Motocross Madness, 2005, as in the 21st century. This is the only series that can accurately be called “The Hardy Boys” (and that’s what it’s called) and there’s a reason for that. This is the real deal series and anything conflicting or contrary from any of the alternate series you can disregard because it can be refuted/disproven with set Hardy facts.
Checking out the main series, The Hardy Boys publication dates, they were being written and published alongside the Casefiles and continued for years after the Casefiles were canceled. There were new stories written and published in The Hardy Boys series, as seen by publication/copyright dates, before the Casefiles, during the Casefiles and years after the Casefiles had been canceled. I looked up to see when the last Casefile, #127, Dead in the Water, was published and it said 1/1998. I think most all of us who are reading The Hardy Boys series, and Undercover Brothers, and Hardy Boys Adventures, already know she’s alive. Just because some people stopped at the Casefiles or only read the Casefiles, that doesn’t change the facts that Iola is alive as proven by published Hardy Boys books.

Some of the writing in the Casefiles made a lot of statements as if they really happened – to cause panic and drama throughout that series. It happened over and over so you can see that’s what they liked to do. It was supposed to look like she might have been killed, but all the clues can be found in the various book series to proves Iola’s alive. The Casefiles themselves even contain enough clues.

If you want to assume continuity between the series, the Casefiles have to take place somewhere around #83 in The Hardy Boys series (1-190), because they go from their convertible to the van in #84. And there are many books in The Hardy Boys series after that with Iola and their black van in them. That means there are a lot of books that prove she’s alive. 😀 Casefiles, if you even include that alternate universe because I know many Hardy Boys fans who don’t, were retroactive. Certain things in the Casefiles series can only take place before some things in The Hardy Boys series (1-190) – it would be totally impossible for the Casefiles to happen after The Hardy Boys series. The mysteries with Iola very much alive, and when they got the van and on, took place after Casefiles because in them you find out what happened to the sedan.

So many things that prove that the Hardy Boys series aren’t pre-Casefile. Not in publication, not in reality, not in continuity, not in writing, not in what took place in the books! As far as being written, published, and when they took place according to the books content, it is very obvious to even casual readers. Times of seasons, school, etc.. Frank and Joe are older in The Hardy Boys main series than they are in the Casefiles. In Casefile #100 True Thriller, this is supposed to be Joe referring to himself in his thoughts: “What he knew about flying wouldn’t fill a Post-it note, but he knew that you had to pull back on the control yoke if you wanted the plane to go up.” The Hardy Boys #176 In Plane Sight published Dec. 2002, Joe has his pilot’s license. He clearly didn’t in the Casefile True Thriller, since you definitely need to know more than would fit on a Post-it note. 😉
Here’s another ~ For “A Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys SuperMystery” #23 Dead on Arrival, Joe was undercover as an EMT. His cover was blown when it was found out he was 17, since you have to be 18 to take EMT training. In The Hardy Boys #173 Speed Times Five, it doesn’t state their ages, both have EMT training, and are using their knowledge to help someone in the book. So they are 18 and 19 or older. I could keep going with examples between the series, but I’m trying to keep this sorta brief! 😀

In the Casefiles the sedan was blown up, so every time anyone sees the van in the main series, The Hardy Boys, where it’s known and shown she’s alive, that’s further proof – and just one of many – that states Iola is very definitely alive. 🙂 😎 There are so many clues in the various series – things that clearly show that Iola’s alive. 🙂

In the 1st Casefile, when she went to get more leaflets from the car for the political rally at the mall, she was walking ahead of the brothers fast then was out of sight. There was a significant amount of time between when she disappeared around one of the pillars a distance ahead of them in the underground parking garage and the sound of the explosion. The car was parked outside. Frank and Joe didn’t see her get in the car. Joe states this for a fact in The Lazarus Plot. She clearly didn’t get in the car. Read on to find out how you can tell that. 😉

Some of the clues about the explosive device from Casefile #1:  no remote, and the device apparently wasn’t wired to the ignition. Iola was going to get the leaflets from the backseat of the sedan – not start the car. Details throughout the book about the explosive set-up in the sedan, the M.O. of Al-Rousasa, the Assassin, and his overall plan indicate some potential problems. All the details and clues combine to say, or actually shout, that Iola is alive. Impossible for her not to be.

The physics of the explosion and the distance from the fire to how close to it Frank and Joe were able to get indicates the heat wasn’t intense enough to have obliterated any evidence. The physical evidence as well as the lack of certain things, such as no body, etc., are both important clues pointing to the fact that Iola wasn’t killed and is alive.

And then there are the KEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! As in the Key to the Clues© (that’s mine). 😀

     With choppy motions, Joe ripped off his tie.

    “You say I shouldn’t blame myself, but it was my fault.I can’t forget that. Remember these?” He pulled a chain out of his shirt. On it were a pair of keys, twisted and melted together. The last time Frank had seen them, they’d been jingling in midair, with Iola’s hand grabbing for them.

There’s a clue there in that quote from Casefile #1. The keys would have been in her hand and had they been inside the car, it would have melted onto other stuff. If she dropped the keys, it would be right next to her. The keys were melted but you could still tell they were keys. So the heat wasn’t as intense where they were – and Iola had the keys, that means there would have been evidence if she’d been killed. And there wasn’t.

Since they were recognizable as keys – twisted and melted together, but clearly keys – that indicates the keys were on the outside. Since there was an explosion it would have been incredible heat and would have melted the keys to a unrecognizable blob even if the force had thrown them in the air. Iola had the keys. The keys weren’t in the car – neither was she. The heat wasn’t intense enough to make the keys unrecognizable, so it also wouldn’t be hot enough to destroy all evidence of a person. And since no trace was found by police, as noted in the Casefiles series, then there was no body, and that means Iola is clearly ALIVE!

Don’t just take my word for it, or all the book clues, I’ll ask Joe to tell us the deal. From #4 The Lazarus Plot ~

“But I’m not giving up,” he told his brother. “Iola is alive, I can feel it. I couldn’t feel this strongly about someone who was dead.”

Joe has a very good record with his gut instinct. There’s a pattern, too, with his usual gut instinct telling him something then him having doubts. He would temporarily doubt his instincts only to find out his instincts had been right all along! 🙂

So regardless whether you do or don’t include the Casefiles, Iola is alive. Every time you see the van in The Hardy Boys (1-190) it’s a really huge clue – proof of life if you will – solid evidence – that Iola is very definitely alive. It’s proven that Iola’s alive contextually by The Hardy Boys series as well as the Casefiles.
The only ones who say differently either don’t know or are fine with being wrong. To claim anything other than the fact that she’s alive, after knowing these facts, causes a person to lose HB credibility. The big clues lead to the fact that Iola is alive. 🙂

Regarding The Hardy Boys books that came during and after the Casefiles – content-wise as well as publication-wise – know what? Iola’s alive and well in them. 😎

Bonus Fact: the Casefiles and The Hardy Boys series are pretty clear on how much Joe loves Iola, too, which I think is very cool.

To sum it all up, Iola can say with assurance that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. 🙂 😎


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Straight From the Books – Hardys Boys/Nancy Drew Facts 2 – Bayport, USA

We like to read about the Hardy family, Frank, Joe, Fenton, Laura and Gertrude (Trudy), Frank’s girlfriend, Callie Shaw, Joe’s girlfriend, Iola Morton, Iola’s brother, Chet, their friend, as well as their friends Phil Cohen, Biff Hooper, and Tony Prito, and find out fun facts. Time for more! They know where they live  and we know, too. Namely Bayport – and where is that exactly? Glad you asked! 🙂 Don’t worry it’s not missing. It’s in the books and on the map!

In my story, Bid for Intrigue, I included trivia from The Hardy Boys #139 The Search for the Snow Leopard, where we find out the exact house number and street address! 😎 

Now, what state is Bayport located in? Another great question that I’m glad you asked! 😉 In the volumes of the main Hardy Boys series, The Hardy Boys (aka The Hardy Boys Mysteries/The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #1-#190 1927-2005) it’s the state of New York. In The Hardy Boys #7 The Secret of the Caves, we find out ~

“There are only three Rockaways—one in Oregon, one in New Jersey, and the other on the coast down from Bayport.”

“It’s a cinch we won’t go to Oregon or New Jersey first,” Chet said.

There really are three places named Rockaway in the US. As noted in the book, located in the state of Oregon and New Jersey….. and on Long Island, New York. They mentioned the other states, so the clues in that sentence indicates that it’s in the same state as Bayport – New York, “on the coast down from Bayport.” That fits a number of clues in other volumes of The Hardy Boys series. 

In The Hardy Boys #37 The Ghost at Skeleton Rock it’s noted that they moved to Bayport, where Fenton became an internationally famous private investigator after having served as a detective in the New York City Police Department. It doesn’t say they moved to a different state, but to “the coastal town of Bayport”.

In The Hardy Boys #189 One False Step Frank says ~ 

“If we need something that only a big city has, then we drive to New York,” Frank added.

He’s referring to New York City (NYC) specifically, which is often done in the books. They’re in the state of New York.

These are just a few of the things indicating Bayport is in New York. 

And, just another little (BIG) clue to add ~ there is truly a Bayport, on Long Island, in New York. 😎

Bonus: Fun stats that show it to be in the state of New York, referencing the earlier mentioned quote about Rockaway in The Secret of the Caves, rather than Massachusetts ~ There’s a Bay Port Road in West Harwich, MA, so from there to Rockaway, NJ via 1-95 S (constructed 1957) it’s 295.6 miles which takes about 4 hours and 49 minutes. From West Harwich, MA to Rockaway, NY via  I-95 S it’s 269.2 miles that will take about 4 hours and 51 minutes. Bayport, NY to Rockaway via Southern State Pkwy (constructed 1927) it’s only 53.6 miles and only takes about 1 hour and 9 minutes. I can easily see why they’d choose to check out the one in their home state of New York first. 😉 

If a book, series, or show says somewhere other than New York that means the ghostwriter(s) didn’t look up that fact and just missed it.

Here are some of the books in The Hardy Boys series that states that Bayport is in New York. 😎
#138 The Alaskan Adventure
#149 The Chase for the Mystery Twister
#155 The Hunt for Four Brothers
#158 The London Deception

Now you know. 🙂 


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The Hardy Boys #180 Typhoon Island – My Review

I’ve read the awesome adventure of Hardy Boys Mystery #180, Typhoon Island, twice so far and plan on reading it again many more times.  😀 I love it– an excellent mystery filled with danger, action, and some of the scariest scenes ever in any book with the Hardy Boys name on it. 😎 Two reasons the book is great is because it has the real deal Frank and Joe Hardy. So much heart-pounding excitement, too. You’ve got danger from ruthless bad people, not to mention (but I really need to) the powerful and deadly weather. And perhaps a poisonous creature – and more. 😮 😮 😯 😮 😮

As the tagline says ~  “Fantastic Vacation Becomes A Fight For Life”

They’ve said “so long” to school and with Frank piloting, he and Callie, Joe and Iola fly to tropical, independent San Esteban in the Caribbean to visit Iola’s cousin, Angela Martinez. 😎 Before the Hardys and their girlfriends even reach San Esteban, their vacation’s almost cut very short. 😮 Intense! 😮

Angela’s very nice and has family resemblances with Iola. 😎 Iola’s cousin lives in the coastal city of Nuevo Esteban. It’s very beautiful there, but it’s in danger. From more than the upcoming fierce weather system. 😮

Intense and well-written, you feel like you’re there. You won’t want to put down this book once you start reading. It’s like they got past one danger and then there was another waiting for them. But they do get a little relaxation in during their vacation. But not much! 😮 And it’s believable, not overdone, and that’s important. 😎

They had to figure out who to trust and who not to trust at crucial times. Mysterious characters added to the intrigue and dangerous situations. There’s excellent detecting and sleuthing as the search for the answers to what’s going on turns into a pulse-pounding race. The threat of danger from evil plans of the person/persons engaged in sabotage, theft, and deadly acts increases as the weather drama attached to the coming typhoon escalates as well. 😮 It’s very real the way the combo of the case and weather builds to a huge crescendo. Really well done. Fighting to survive with everything that’s happening and going to happen while working to solve the case before it’s too late, keeps Frank, Callie, Joe, Iola, and Angela very busy. 😎

I could name all of the terrifying dangers they encounter, but I won’t. You’ll want to read each one as you get to them and be there with the Hardys, Callie, Iola, and Angela to see that they get through it and how they do so. 😎 Teamwork, support, bravery, wits, and resourcefulness, along with well-placed humor definitely were vital and present in the story. And prayer! They did a great job and never gave up, despite the extremely perilous situations. That’s also very true of the strong, good people of San Esteban, who knew it wouldn’t be easy to deal with everything, but didn’t let that stop them. 😎

Definitely a thrilling adventure and one of the best Hardy Boys books ever! 🙂 I love the brothers and their girlfriends bravely and realistically meeting each obstacle and hanging on despite the strong winds of danger. It’s always great to read the humor that really can make a big difference in deadly serious situations. I really felt like I was there and it was cool and scary!!! 😎

You can find this Hardy Boys mystery adventure at the many places where you can buy paperbacks and ebooks at bookstores and online booksellers. 🙂 Plus, your library should have a copy in paperback and if they loan ebooks then you can borrow it in either of those formats. 🙂 I just checked and it’s only $4.79 for the paperback at Simon and Schuster. 😎

With the Hardy brothers, Frank and Joe, and their girlfriends, Callie and Iola, a great mystery, detecting, adventure, humor, action, tropical setting, Typhoon Island, is an awesome read . 😎 Yes, I love this Hardy Boys Mystery!!!! 😀

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Hardy Boys eBooks – More Announced!

So happy that there are more Hardy Boys eBooks being released! 😀 I found these titles listed below from the essential Hardy Boys series (Hardy Boys Mysteries #1-#190, 1927-2005) on the Simon and Schuster main site. 😎 And the details of when they’ll be available at wherever your favorite place to purchase eBooks happens to be – such as Books-A-Million, Amazon, Simon and Schuster, Barnes and Noble, and many more. 🙂 You can read them on an ereader/tablet/phone, or, from some places, on your computer. Here’s what you want to know:

Mar. 2014Hardy Boys 111 Three Ring Terror by Franklin W. Dixon
#109 The Prime-Time Crime
#110 The Secret of Sigma Seven
#111 Three-Ring Terror (Great action cover art – waaayyyy up there’s a very scary place to have a fight!!!! :o)

Apr. 2014
#112 The Demolition Mission

Don’t forget about these Hardy Boys books along with these plus the titles listed here that are available. 🙂 And when more are announced (hopefully soon :D), I’ll let you guys know. 🙂

Hardy Boys eBooks!

If you have a phone, ereader, tablet, or you could read on your computer laptop – you have many titles from the excellent Hardy Boys mysteries to choose from! 😀 So far with the Hardy Boys series the first 66 titles are now available in paper and ebook from Penguin/Grosset & Dunlap and #136-#190 from Simon and Schuster. 🙂

I’m so happy that the cool Hardy Boys stories are/will be available as eBooks and I look forward to more titles that will hopefully be announced soon! Awesome! 😀 Exciting mysteries to solve and dangerous adventures to go on with Frank and Joe! 😎

In addition to cool Hardy Boys mysteries already available digitally, including these are the ones that will be available this summer. 😎

160 A Game Called Chaos by Franklin W Dixon

~Check out these upcoming titles and dates~

30th July
#157 The Lure of the Italian Treasure
#158 The London Deception

13th Aug.
#159 Daredevils
#160 A Game Called Chaos




Aug. Update: Hardy Boys #59-#66 (and in the Nancy Drew series #57-#62) aren’t still listed on the Penguin/Grosset & Dunlap site and the eBooks are also currently unavailable from online booksellers. I’m looking into it. I think maybe Simon and Schuster (who owns the rights to them) wants to have #59-#190 available from them. If that’s the case, then they’ll eventually be releasing them as eBooks. Remember, those eight Hardy Boys hardcover books (and eight Nancy Drew books) can still be found new in stores or online while supplies last and after that, you can still find them used. Plus, checking them out of libraries. 

Announcing “Hardy Words”!

Presenting one of Callie’s fun games she shared with me for everyone to enjoy called Hardy Words. 🙂 I’ve never played a HB or ND game like this online before and it will be fun! 😀

All visitors are welcome to play the game. 🙂 Word Warrior, as with the rest of the blog, will be overseeing the game and keeping the game flowing with approved posts and edits. 😎

The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories Available or Soon-To-Be-Available as eBooks

Mysterious Caravan54 Mysterious Caravan

As requested and encouraged by Callie :), I’ve gathered the info about the Hardy Boys Mystery books available (or soon to be released) as eBooks (Amazon Kindle, iBooks, Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo, etc.). And there’s great and exciting news! Several more digital editions of the in print hardback Hardy Boys Mysteries are going to be released! Sweet! 😀 Most of them are already available as eBooks, and have been for a while, except for a few such as these that are coming up:

UPDATE: These four had been listed in the Kindle store when I first posted this, but now they aren’t. 😦 Hopefully they still will be available soon, but for now, it is a mystery. More investigating is required. 😀

UPDATED UPDATE! 😀 ~ The titles below are now available! 😎

#38 Mystery at Devil’s Paw 
#51 The Masked Monkey 
#52 The Shattered Helmet
#54 The Mysterious Caravan

The date will be announced (hopefully soon!) by Penguin. 🙂 I’ll let you guys know when I come across that info. 🙂 I wonder if there might be an updated version of The Hardy Boys Detective Handbook sometime – that would be really awesome! The first 66 Hardy Boys Mysteries are also available in hardcover edition as well as at your local bookstore. 🙂 And they should be at your local libraries, too! 🙂

Aug. Update: Hardy Boys #59-#66 (and in the Nancy Drew series #57-#62) aren’t still listed on the Penguin/Grosset & Dunlap site and the eBooks are also currently unavailable from online booksellers. 😥 I’m looking into it. 😕 I think maybe Simon and Schuster (who owns the rights to them) wants to have #59-#190 available from them. If that’s the case, then they’ll eventually be releasing them as eBooks. 🙂 Remember, those eight Hardy Boys hardcover books (and eight Nancy Drew books) can still be found new in stores or online while supplies last and after that, you can still find them used. 🙂 Plus, checking them out of libraries. 😎

Hardy Boys books recently released in Dec. 2012:

138 The Alaskan Adventure140 Slam Dunk Sabotage

#137 High-Speed Showdown
#138 The Alaskan Adventure
#139 The Search for the Snow Leopard
#140 Slam Dunk Sabotage

To be released this month:
#145 Terror at High Tide
#146 The Mark of the Blue Tattoo

#141 The Desert Thieves
#142 Lost in Gator Swamp
#143 The Giant Rat of Sumatra

February 2013:
#147 Trial and Terror
#148 The Ice-Cold Case

#149 The Chase for the Mystery Twister
#150 The Crisscross Crime

Already available:
#161 Training For Trouble through #190 Motocross Madness

Btw, there are some sale prices at the Amazon Kindle store that you might want to check out on various titles. 🙂 Great deal: $4.74 for #171 The Test Case instead of $5.99. 😎 It is so great that these title are available as eBooks!!!! 😀 I love paper editions, of course, but hey, the main thing about the books is reading them and I don’t mind reading eBooks! 😀 I’m really excited and looking forward to reading the books I haven’t yet gotten to read and ones I’ve read and want to re-read! 😀

UPDATE ~ Here are additional titles for more Hardy Boys eBooks. 🙂 These are available or will be available from wherever you buy eBooks and your local libraries that lend eBooks. 🙂



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