Hardy Boys Adventures #13 Bound for Danger ~ My Review

Hardy Boys Adventures #13 Bound for Danger

To start off my review for Hardy Boys Adventures #13, Bound for Danger, I’m going to quote my favorite line from the book – a great quote by Joe and he would definitely say this ~ “Well, that wasn’t fun.” Hazing is never fun.

There are things I liked about the book and things I didn’t like…..as will be seen in my review. 😉 The cover is cool. 😎

The first chapter hadn’t excited me when I read it in the back of The Madman of Black Bear Mountain. When I started reading Bound for Danger I found where the sneak peek had left off and started from there. I hadn’t forgotten the first chapter and didn’t want to read it again.

I don’t understand the author writing the brothers as almost clueless about basketball. It was for the sake of the mystery, I know, but it was distracting and incorrect. I don’t like things contrary to established Hardy facts. I pushed past that and hoped the rest was better and made up for that error. If I’d enjoyed the book more, it definitely would have been easier to ignore.

Fact I’d like to point out: you can be creative and musical AND be athletic.

The things I liked in the book: the Hardy brothers, the teamwork, the not giving up (error in book: said gave up but didn’t in actuality). I was hoping for like what to do about hazing or giving people ideas how to fight it. It didn’t exactly do that, so I talked it over with a sib (who usually also reads Hardy Boys books with me, but decided this wasn’t one to read. Correct decision.)

I like the brothers taking care of things, stopping the hazing, capturing and stopping bad people, and I love the brothers looking out for each other as always. I’m glad the book pointed out how hazing is wrong, cowardly, and bad. Hazing is warped and stupid. I believe people who commit acts of hazing are punks and thugs.

Hazing is wrong. It’s asinine. It’s wrong to hurt people, it’s cruel and I certainly wouldn’t feel any solidarity with anyone who did that to me. I’ve been taught to stand up for myself, think for myself, don’t go along with something that is wrong, cruel, or immoral. If anyone treats you like that, they aren’t your friends, they aren’t your teammates, and can’t be trusted. I’m not referring to silly pranks, I’m referring to dangerous, everyone-knows-it’s-harmful kinds of things. Joking around, punching and wrestling is fine and much different than beating someone up. Hazing is cruel and mean-spirited and no one should participate or condone it.

Something that is sadly accurate in the book is that not all teachers, etc., are trustworthy or willing to do the right thing and stand against hazing. Everyone needs to stand up against that.

Bound for Danger overall can be summed up with a number of words. Disturbing. A bit depressing. Confusing. Odd at times. Some things didn’t make sense of why some things were in there. :/

They stopped short several times – would have pursued about the fake essay, not just taken it. That was so frustrating.

I didn’t like profanity on page 68. I can overlook cussing, please don’t use profanity.

Of the most recent Hardy Boys Adventures, I would recommend to read #11 Showdown at Widow Creek and #12 The Madman of Black Bear Mountain instead of this one. I had hoped Bound for Danger would be a lot better than it was, but also it could have been worse.

I love the confidence Joe has in his big bro’s ability. 😎

I love the poetic justice when the Hardys scared the jerks – that was cool.

Like Joe, I have no idea what song they were singing at the end of the book. I’m glad it was a short book and I have hope that the next one, #14 Attack of the Bayport Beast, will be much better. 🙂

Slight spoiler: One of the victims of the hazing chose to become one of the evil mob doing the hazing. That made him guilty, too, by partaking. Those involved by ordering it are also guilty. That’s not something they’ve overcome together, that’s a criminal cowardly act – as noted in the book – that they’ve perpetrated. I’m very thankful that the author didn’t have Frank or Joe commit any of the acts of hazing, otherwise I would have hated the book because they wouldn’t do that.


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Hardy Boys Adventures #4 Into Thin Air – My Review

Hardy Boys Adventures #4 Into Thin Air Franklin W. Dixon

Hardy Boys Adventure #4, Into Thin Air, is basically the second part of the mystery that began in Hardy Boys Adventures #3 The Vanishing Game. What happens at the end of the 3rd book is the synopsis for this volume. I had my reviews for both of these books pretty much finished a while ago and I’m finally getting them posted. 😳 Trying to get caught up. 🙂

First off, the cover’s cool and once again it’s done by Kevin Keele. 😎 One of the things I like best about this series so far is the great cover art. 🙂

There were some good lines in this book. 😎 Along with some errors in how the Hardys would handle certain situations. I’d hoped for improvement in this one, but instead got really disappointed because the brothers in it actually gave up for a little while after being threatened. 😯 That is NOT the Hardy way and totally wasn’t believable! One of the things I love about the Hardys is that they never give up despite threats, danger, and the odds. The real Hardys don’t give up – in fact, threats just make them more determined. 😎  

Also, Frank and Joe are cool. They, themselves, their characters/personalities, who they are – cool. In this book that wasn’t truly represented. Like at lunch – again where are their friends??!?!?!?! – it sounded like they’re considered unpopular and uncool —–what? I want to mention that actually in school there are some people who are popular and aren’t snobby jerks like in this book and some who are. That goes for those who aren’t so-called “popular” – some aren’t snobby jerks and some are. There are nice people and jerks in school – regardless of whether they’re popular or not. And since Frank and Joe solve crimes and help people, they would be liked by good people, some people would be jealous, and bad people would dislike and fear the Hardys. Just saying. Because it needed to be. 😎

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I’m really into tech stuff. So when there are errors, inconsistencies, it’s very noticeable to me. There were. But that didn’t bother me as much as the “quitting” thing did. I think I’ll say it again – the Hardy Boys never give up. 😎

There was a sneak peek of the next Hardy Boys Adventures, #5, Peril at Granite Peak, at the end of this book. Chet’s in it, so that should be good. Although I already saw one big mistake that I wasn’t  impressed with, but hopefully it’s explained later in the book. Most of the preview looked really good. 🙂

Still hoping for some better mysteries in the future for this series. 🙂 The first two volumes, #1 Secret of the Red Arrow, and #2 Mystery of the Phantom Heist, have some parts I really, really like and are overall better than #3 and #4. Hardy Boys #5 Peril at Granite Peak is available now and I hope to read/review soon. 🙂

Hardy Boys Adventures #3 – The Vanishing Game – My Review

 Hardy Boys Adventures #3 The Vanishing Game by Franklin W. Dixon 

For my review of Hardy Boys Adventure #3 The Vanishing Game, I have to start with the first thing you see – the great cover! 😎 The cover art shows you intense danger  and makes you anxious to get to the section of the story it’s taken from to see the brothers somehow survive the situation. And about that scene from the cover….um….that, would be a spoiler….

In the first chapter, it’s the opening night of Funspot, but not everyone’s having fun. Before we even get to the new ride, G-Force, something else scary takes place….as in scary rude! 😯 Can you imagine a girl who’s supposed to be on a date with Frank, instead of realizing what a cool, handsome, great guy he is – she’s flat-out rude and obnoxious to him? The character of Penelope wasn’t fun to read because she’s definitely written as a mean girl. 

It was cool when Frank made a good point about the scientific impossibility of the ad claims for the ride. 😎

At the end of the very first ride, a girl is missing. The brothers are quick to help try to find her, their willingness to do the right thing present – I always like that. 😎 Btw, I’ve been to amusement parks – and it’s never a bad idea to pray. Some people have been killed on rides in real life. 😦

Hector Rodriguez owns Funspot and one of the best parts of the book was when he told off the jerks who were only interested in making money. As we know, the Hardy brothers are always disgusted by greedy jerks and I was really happy that was done so well – another favorite part.

I love that the Hardy Boys Adventures get it right that the brothers both have some language skills which agrees with actual facts from the main series, The Hardy Boys (1-190, 1927-2005), and that’s always important to me. That only makes sense because with reading, TV, online, school, travel, etc., you’re going to pick up words and phrases without even trying. Especially if you actually travel to places where that would be not only helpful, but necessary. Not knowing would be unrealistic and I’ve come across that fail several times in the Casefiles continuity. 😯

In The Vanishing Game, the mention of the missing girl’s phone was just about checking the records, but the Hardys would know they could track her phone via the GPS – and boom, there you  go.

I like that they used the phone for more than just to click a pic. The night vision app and filming was an excellent idea. 😎 I was virtually cheering at that. 😀 As shown and mentioned plenty of times in the essential series, The Hardy Boys (1-190), the Hardys are always cutting edge, wisely using their brains to utilize resources that will help capture evil ones as fast as possible. 😎

Another favorite thing about the book – like in many other HB books –  is that it shows in a real way that the Hardys care about each other – they’re good brothers. 😎

Rather than an exclaimation of disrespect, Daisy (Hector’s daughter) called out for help – which you definitely need to do. 😎

I’m assuming the insult about the “teen brain” – which is easily refuted many times over by many examples – was put in there as a joke and also to show through Frank and Joe that it isn’t true. 

Friends from Bayport High were there, but sadly the author didn’t mention any of their names, but made up some instead. 😦 There were quite a few people I missed seeing in this book: Fenton and Laura weren’t even mentioned – not even a short sentence of where they were. Frank’s true love, Callie Shaw, and Joe’s true love, Iola Morton, should have been in the book and the brothers would be helping solve the case for a friend and fellow student. 😦 The realism would have been elevated had Frank’s and Joe’s real girlfriends – Callie and Iola – been in the book. Also missing were Chet Morton (but Iola and Chet did both appear in Hardy Boys Adventure #2 Mystery of the Phantom Heist 😎 ), Biff Hooper, Phil Cohen, Tony Prito, Chief Ezra Collig, Con Riley, Jack Wayne, Sam and Ethel Radley.

Anyone who reads the synopsis for the next book in the series, #4 Into Thin Air, won’t be surprised with how #3 The Vanishing Game ends. 

I always enjoy reading the well-written, accurate parts in the books about the brothers – because they’re cool. 😀

Mystery of the Phantom Heist – My Review

My review for Hardy Boys Adventure #2 Mystery of the Phantom Heist begins…. 😀 now! 😀

Iola and Chet are in the book! 😀 😎 So happy to see them! 🙂 Iola is described as fearless like Joe – that’s true. 😎 The Morton siblings helped the Hardy bros throughout the book and really added to the story. 😎

I’m keeping a list of all of the Hardy Boys book characters who show up in this new series. 🙂 I already knew from reading the first chapter that Chet would be in the book and I was hoping to see Iola, also! 🙂 The Hardys, Chet, and Iola, along with Callie, Phil, Biff, and Tony are all in the Secret Files. That series has been alluded to several times in the first two books of the Hardy Boys Adventures. In both series, their aunt lives in an apartment over the garage and the Hardy Boys Adventures also mentioned that Frank and Joe have been sleuthing since they were kids (like in the Secret Files). So I’m hoping Callie, Phil, Biff, and Tony will also be showing up. 🙂

There were several things I liked about the first book and also about the second one. I was really glad to see, after the brothers bravely faced the threat of being sent away, not letting that stop them, they can now sleuth and not get sent to that creepy place. Uncle Ben wasn’t mentioned, but I’m figuring he helped free his nephews from that threat. 😎 So now they can more freely do what they do so well – stop the criminals! 😎

Another thing I really loved in this book – Fenton and Laura know about the brothers sleuthing and that makes sense because they are a close family. 😎 And even though Fenton is still writing on his book, in the Mystery of the Phantom Heist, it says he also continues to fight crime! Yes! 😀 😎

I love that the brothers stood up for Chet when mean girl, Lindsay, was, well, mean. She was consistently nauseating throughout the book and I was so glad to see that the author didn’t write Frank, Joe, Chet, and Iola as impressed by Lindsay’s obnoxiousness at any time, because they certainly wouldn’t be impressed. That was a really important aspect of the book to me. I can’t stand it when characters are written out of character. And I also can’t stand it when people think that power and money make it ok to be rude jerks. So yes, that meant a lot that the characters were written correctly about that. 😎

Bayport High School colors – green and gold in both books of the Hardy Boys Adventures, specified as dark green in Mystery of the Phantom Heist.

One fellow student from BHS, named Tony (no, not our Tony Prito) Riley (no, didn’t say he was related to Con Riley), was being harassed at his waiter job by some jerks, but he didn’t say anything. However, our Joe didn’t keep quiet. 😀 I enjoyed that. 😀

Frank is a senior and has a secondhand sedan. The brothers had a car in Secret of the Red Arrow.

Laura is in real estate in both books of the Hardy Boys Adventures.

The brothers actually already have smartphones, unlike what this adventure said. 😎

Sounds like both brothers can operate a boat, like in the Mystery stories. 😎

Aunt Trudy (Gertrude) is cool, smart-mouth, a great cook, and great at gardening. 😎

Fenton was going to be grilling steaks for dinner, but Frank and Joe wouldn’t be back in time since they were busy with the case. Joe was hungry and said about steak for a stakeout – lol, that was cute and funny. 😀

Mean girl Lindsay’s party was at the Bayport Bijou and the Hardy brothers and Chet were ready to stop the heist. 😎 They were undercover in togas as part of the catering service. 😀

There was one instance of lying that really could have been avoided so easily, smoothly, and coolly.

Chet did a great job with timing and it shows his good character that he helped take down the villains, even after how he was treated by Lindsay.

I think Joe summed it up very well, saying that they: “battled an army of gladiators with nothing but torches and karate kicks”.

Now that is cool. 😀 😎

Secret of the Red Arrow – My Review

Ok, here’s what I thought of Secret of the Red Arrow. 🙂 I liked reading the first book of a new series right when it came out! 🙂 I read the book with a sib of mine and we grabbed some time whenever we could to check out Hardy Boys Adventures #1. 😀

So what did we find out about the Secret of the Red Arrow? The Hardy brothers continue to have their strong sense of justice and stopping evil. 😎 Along with their awesome teamwork and looking out for each other. In the first eight chapters of the book, there are some really good, particularly intense scenes. Plus, good wit and humor during the often very serious mystery taking place. 😎 That’s important. 😎

Love this sentence of Joe’s: “Not that they would stop us.” It shows the Hardys’ determination and dedication and bravery so essential to doing the right thing at the risk of being murdered and the risk of being falsely and unjustly locked up for doing the right thing….it has happened before to innocent people in real life. That kind of thing goes on even today. 😦 So this element is actually very VERY scary (the awful place should be shut down!). The Hardys have to keep it a secret that they are sleuthing, fighting crime, detecting, which they excel at. They want to help people, willing to take these risks, and this is the thanks they get? Real life and scary. Clearly those in the story who are helping out the criminals the Hardys have stopped are haters of justice and are on the side of evil. The agreement to avoid the threat of being sent away is called “the Deal”.

Cyberbullying is also stood up to in the book – love Frank and Joe taking a stand. The Diller character is a dangerous dork who, for the sake of his “art” will do stupid things and put others in very real and serious dilemmas. Diller trying to call something a prank or a joke doesn’t change the fact that crimes were committed, that could have had deadly consequences. I’m glad that the Hardys were there to stop the crimes. 😎 Preventing crimes, including murder, is always preferable to solving the crime afterwards and prevention should always be the main focus.

I was pleased to see that, like in the Hardy Boys Mystery books, they live in New York. 🙂

New interesting Hardy character award goes to: Ben Hardy – Fenton’s brother who is a tax lawyer out of Hartford, Connecticut, where he is working on taking care of the legalities concerning the unfair, unjust, and stupid lawsuits against the brave Hardys who are willing to do what is right, no matter the odds or risks. 😎 Uncle Ben Hardy has only been mentioned so far. 🙂 Should be interesting. 🙂

The first eight chapters have a very good writing style to them so that you can easily picture what is happening, with a good flow to the story. And I’m really impressed with the early twist! 😉 Did NOT see that coming! Nicely done! 😀 So there are really good parts in the book that I will want to read again. 🙂

After reading the whole thing, it really seems that there was one author writing the first part and yet a different author at least by the 9th chapter.

There’s a typo in the book by not having Marine capitalized, yet “Earth” and “Sun” were capitalized in a sentence.

Partway into the fourth chapter, one of Joe’s chapters in first person, Joe is speaking but then there was an accidental switch to Frank and then back to Joe and then to Frank again and then it was finally back to Joe by the end of the fourth chapter.

In the first eight chapters of the book, which was good, it was noted that Frank and Joe had worked with their dad on cases. You’ve been introduced to “the Deal” in this book, but there is something I call “the Mistake” that I hope doesn’t continue. Suddenly in chapter nine it became not-Hardy-like – saying they hadn’t worked with their dad on their cases, never asked for advice or help. Well-established Hardy facts refute this. One of the things I really love about the Hardy Boys books, is that father and sons work together. That is cool. They are a close family. 😎 Laura and Gertrude get involved with the mysteries, too, in the Hardy Boys Mystery books (1927-2005). 😎 Plus, as great detectives, Frank and Joe wouldn’t fail to recognize such an excellent resource for help as their Dad! 😎

There was some lying that could have easily been avoided – unnecessary and not cool.

The brothers’ girlfriends, Callie and Iola, along with friends Chet, Phil, Biff, and Tony weren’t in the book. 😦 Chet is in Mystery of the Phantom Heist and I’m hoping to see all of them in the series and written right. 🙂 Have only read the first chapter of the second book so far….

Another error – Principal Gorse’s first name is Hank early on in the book but then it’s Simon in the second half of the book. Plus, at the storage container where he said he made his phone calls at, just a short time later there was no reception there. Unless he has a cell phone jammer. Not sure about the deal with that (not referring to the “Deal”, just saying).

Chief Collig isn’t in the book, instead there’s Chief Gomez. While Chief Gomez is nice and likable, I just don’t understand replacing an established character. And Con Riley hasn’t shown up yet but he might. I would have liked to have seen him, but I wouldn’t have wanted them to write him like Officer Olaf.

One good thing at the end of the book was Frank crumbling up the note from the Red Arrow and sending a message that the Hardys wouldn’t be intimidated. 😎

The Hardys need to pull a Green Arrow and tell the Red Arrow: “You have failed Bayport City.” 😀 😎 Thwiiiip!!! Send an arrow flying real close and scare the Red Arrow! 😀

Bottom line – I’m glad there are characters like Frank and Joe Hardy who fight for justice no matter the odds stacked against them. That’s awesome and I’m glad there are those in real life who also make a difference and do everything they can to right the wrongs in the world, despite the odds. Interesting question to ask yourself – when you see something wrong do you respond like many of the residents in the book, with cowering fear and letting the bad people continue by doing nothing or caving in and actually doing their bidding? Or do you stand up for the right things even at personal cost? People have been pushed into ignoring wrong in the past as history clearly shows. Even people who aren’t normally evil. Some even become part of the evil they fear, justifying their actions in the name of self-preservation. And some brave souls are willing, like Frank and Joe in Secret of the Red Arrow, to take an underappreciated stand against evil while they and their family are being threatened. Each person who takes a stand is doing something.

As Frank said at the beginning of the book – “It’s funny to think about having enemies. Not funny ha-ha. Funny strange.”

I agree, Mr. Hardy. 🙂 😎 Thank you for not letting enemies scare you and your brother away. 😎

Secret of the Red Arrow: 1st Chapter Preview and My Review!

Secret of the Red Arrow

Secret of the Red Arrow – first chapter – now posted at Simon and Schuster! 😀 I just read it! Do I have any thoughts about it? Yep, sure do! 😎 I’ve been so anxious for more glimpses of what this series will be like. Ok, first a few details. The chapter is in first person with Frank and takes place in Bayport. The Hardys had all been taking a “break” from cases basically due to lawsuits from criminals 😦 and risks, but Frank and Joe can’t go more than a month without a mystery before taking cases for friends and helping out. They figure that sleuthing must be in their blood. Very true. 😎 Yep, there’s no way they can go without a mystery – I always like that aspect of helping people and that good character quality is definitely in their blood. 😎

What I like:
The cover art, the first thing you see, importantly is exciting and well-done – draws you to want to help them by reading the mystery and seeing them through that scary situation! 😎

Now to the also important factor of the quality of the content. I was happy to see the writing wasn’t bad. In fact, it started off with some dry humor, which is cool – I liked it. 😎 I won’t give too much away with what happens in the chapter (go read it and see what you think). 🙂 It has a pretty good flow to it and a scary cliffhanger. Feb. 5th seems like a long time from now for the next chapter! 😛 Although just from having read the synopsis, you do know a bit of what is happening.

There’s good humor and the sense of danger – both things are very important in books I like. 😎

I could picture it pretty well. And I wanted to. 😎 Well, except for the bank robbers’ creepy masks, which thankfully weren’t described in too much detail.

I like it fine that it’s written in first person. I’ve never had any trouble with that style, and personally think it is cool, so I don’t mind them continuing that at all, as long as the writing is good enough to represent the real characters and sounds like them. 😎 Which wasn’t always the case with the Undercover Brothers.

I found Frank’s nervousness about having to give a speech in class, even after the intensely dangerous situations and all that he’s been through, to be a very believable and relatable thing. 😎

What I don’t like:
There’s a typo in the chapter that really annoys me. The first letter of Marine is always supposed to be upper-case if you’re referring to the Marines, no matter what the location is in the sentence. Unless you’re talking about marine as in something to do with the ocean, then the first letter is lower-case, unless it is at the very beginning of the sentence. As the daughter of the most wonderful Marine in the entire world, I had to say something. 🙂 So I did. 😉 US Marine Corps. 😎

Fenton not still solving cases but writing books on law enforcement….That’s not realistic. Sleuthing is in his blood, too, he wouldn’t stop detecting. Although I can see that if he felt it was safer for his family. But he knows that by busting criminals, that makes the world a safer, better place for his family and he gets that. 😎

Possible lying. The writer indicated that the brothers aren’t supposed to be sleuthing, so everything has to be done secretively. That can be done without lying. A good writer can keep the characters from lying without giving away information that needs to be kept quiet for safety and security reasons.

My hopes for the series:
I really hope that the morals and character of the real deal Hardy Boys (and all of the real book characters) are reflected continually in this series. And I dislike any lying, so none of that is ever cool in any series – like I mentioned earlier, a good author can get around writing the characters actually lying – no matter what the reason or what it is called. Keep the characters in character – they’re smart and honest and clever. 😎

And another important thing to help make this a successful series is the accurate inclusion and representation of additional, popular, real deal Hardy Boys book characters. Such as: Frank’s girlfriend, Callie Shaw, in the books as his girlfriend. 😎 Joe’s girlfriend, Iola Morton, in the books as his girlfriend. 😎
Friends – Chet Morton, Phil Cohen, Tony Prito, Biff Hooper, Officer Con Riley, and Jack Wayne. 😎

Overall, the feel of the first chapter for Secret of the Red Arrow is pretty good. I’m interested in reading the rest of the book. And I’m hoping for the elements necessary to make this a successful series. 🙂