The Joe Shuster Story: The Artist Behind Superman ~ My Review

Most superhero comic readers and fans immediately recognize the names of Jerry (Jerome) Siegel and Joe (Joseph) Shuster. Namely, the creative talents who wrote and drew, respectively, the exciting adventures of mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent aka Superman from the planet Krypton. A champion of truth, justice, and the American way, Superman has fought greed and evil in comics, cartoons, tv shows, video games and movies for years. Jerry Siegel came up with the Superman character and wrote the stories and Joe Shuster illustrated them. These two high school friends didn’t know that Superman would help them achieve justice years later.

If we could time travel back to April 18, 1938, we could pick up a copy, for only 10 cents (wow! much better than 3.2 million like a pristine original sold on eBay), of the very first Superman story ever published. 😎 This well-loved character debuted in Action Comics, which was from National Allied Publishing and that became Detective Comics. The Superman comic in that issue was 13 pages long amongst other stories from different authors and characters in the 68 page comic. So today is the 80th anniversary of that comic. 😎 It soon became very obvious that Superman was what people wanted to read and made mucho money. Yet the two people who should have been getting the majority of the profits, namely the writer and artist who created the character before signing with the publisher, received only a small portion of that after getting convinced to sell the rights to Superman to said publisher…for $130 dollars. 😦

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster (born in Toronto, Canada), two nice, Jewish boys growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, decided to create some comics. Jerry took care of the writing and Joe the drawing. They both loved adventure, detective, and science fiction stories. The character of Superman would take on the job of rescuing people and combating evil alongside his regular job as reporter under his name Clark Kent. Like all good red-blooded males, Jerry and Joe wanted to meet and impress girls so several of the details about Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane were inspired by that fact.

The upcoming graphic novel, from Super Genius, an imprint of Papercutz, The Joe Shuster Story: The Artist Behind Superman, written by Julian Voloj and illustrated by Thomas Campi covers some of the happy and sad times of the artist who first drew Superman/Clark Kent, Lois Lane, etc.. One of my favorite parts in the book is telling about how Joe would borrow his mom’s bread board to use as a drawing board then he’d give it back in time each week for her to bake challah for Shabbat (Sabbath). Those kind of cool, real things are important. 😎

With financial situations the way they were, Joe resourcefully re-used brown wrapping paper and back of wallpaper to draw on. 

I also enjoyed reading about the excitement of creativity and wanting their work to be enjoyed by many. You can feel the thrill of them seeing their work, writing and drawing, in print at the newstand. 😎 That’s an author and illustrator’s dream, and especially for it to be so well-loved. 🙂

I really, really felt for them when they could smell the delicious aromas from Solomon’s Delicatessen, but were too broke to get a corned beef sandwich. 😦

They had much tzuris (trouble), hardships, and that was all heartbreaking to read. 😦 Many sad times noted in the book including a number of tragedies. Danger, risk, and drama weren’t only in the pages of the comic book issues. Treachery and legal fights in regards to reclaiming rights to Superman – it’s a shanda (shame) how they were done at times. There were gangsters to deal with. Death threats from evil nazis when Superman fought them in the comics. Way to go, Superman!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😎 You know you’re doing good when you make evil people angry. 😀

Jerry Siegel was drafted during World War II and on the 4th of July in 1943 at the Festival of Freedom he was the guest of honor. Comedian and actor, Bob Hope, was there, as well. 😎 Joe Shuster wasn’t drafted due to his eyesight.

I appreciate that historical facts were noted in the book and how they got to experience the exciting news that Israel had won statehood and independence after the horrible atrocities of the Shoah (the Holocaust), and World War II. 

Julian Voloj and Thomas Campi clearly put a lot of work into the book – it’s over 160 pages and includes reference details at the end of it. I appreciate that. 😎 You can see that much effort was given towards the research. I think the cover is pretty cool showing Joe Shuster drawing and make sure to check out the window. 😉

Several legal battles took place for the rights to Superman and Detective Comics took away Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s byline. That however had a happy ending because it was restored and it’s always noted that they created Superman. I really believe in giving credit where credit is due.

I loved reading about Stan Lee helping Jerry Siegel with a job at Marvel Comics after DC Comics dropped him. 

The popularity of Superman helped gain some compensation and Superman had a part in getting justice for them. The legal fights continued with the heirs and relatives of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. 

Five of my favorite quotes from The Joe Shuster Story ~

In a comic strip, two characters, Snoopy and Smiley, standing in front of Solomon’s Delicatessen: 

“See what faith and stick-to-it-iveness can do! Just keep trying and never give up!”

Jerry Siegel talking with Joe Shuster:

“Our own comic book. My ideas and your drawings. We can do this.”

Joe Shuster’s dad after getting a job as an elevator operator at Mount Sinai Hospital:

“Every job has it’s ups and downs.”

Joe Shuster to his dad when Israel gained independence in 1948:

David defeated Goliath.


“We won, Father.”

Clearly, plenty of quotes I liked in the book. 😎 Also ones I didn’t, such as the quote from some bigoted jerk. It wasn’t necessary to repeat that, but I’m glad it was pointed out he was a creep. Still, I didn’t like coming across that. And there were a few unnecessary and inappropriate graphics.

It’s cool that Superman is timeless and I love that even though he didn’t have to use his powers to save the world, he chose to do the right thing out of compassion and wanting to help people. 😎 Instead of using his abilities for his own gain, he fights evil . We all have abilities that we can use to help others, too, and make the world a better place. Superman’s a good example of values such as rachmonis (compassion) and doing what he can. That is my favorite thing about Superman and I’m glad Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster chose to make that an essential part of his character. 😎 Happy 80th Anniversary, Clark! 🙂

Thank you to Arthur Field @ Papercutz for the arc, advance review copy. 🙂 The graphic novel in hardcover and paperback,The Joe Shuster Story, will be available 15th of May, 2018.

Title: The Joe Shuster Story: The Artist Behind Superman
Written by: Julian Voloj
Illustrated by: Thomas Campi
Release Date: 5/15/18
Available Formats: Paperback, Hardcover
Published by: Super Genius, an imprint of Papercutz
Distributed by: MacMillan


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Hardy Boys Papercutz Graphic Novels News!

hardy-boys-adventures-graphic-novels-1Guess what? 😀 The Hardy Boys graphic novels will be published in paperback again and such a deal! 😎 It will be 4 stories in 1. These are the same stories as the Papercutz Undercover Brothers graphic novels (and as you know, I have some faves in this series!) and they have the Hardy Boys Adventures logo on them. This is like the Nancy Drew graphic novels that had been called Girl Detective and are now Nancy Drew Diaries with two of the previously published Girl Detective mysteries per volume.

The Hardy Boys Adventures #1 will be available November 8th, 2016, in paperback and ebook. It contains 384 pages (since it’s four graphic novels in one volume) and is 5 inches wide and 7.5 inches in height.

hardy-boys-adventures-graphic-novels-2The release date for The Hardy Boys Adventures #2 is April 25, 2017, also with 384 pages and four stories in the volume.

For each volume the paperback price is 15.99 (USD) and 9.99 for ebook.

So for all of us who don’t have each volume that we would like to have in paperback or for the ones we haven’t gotten to read yet, it’ll be easier to find, plus be a deal. 🙂 Check back here for an update when I reveal what four books are in each of the first two volumes. 🙂



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Coming in 2017 ~ All-New Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Graphic Novels, Comics, and Manga!

Guess what, guess what?!?!? 😀 Ok, so, if you’ve read the title of this post you’ve already picked up some clues to the news! 😉 Are you ready for more Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew comics/graphic novels? 😀 I know I’m ready, and as long as the writers stay true to the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew characters, I will love them! 😎 ❤ At this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, CA, in July, it was announced by New Jersey’s Dynamite Entertainment that they will be publishing all-new, original Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew graphic novels, manga, and periodical comic books for all ages. 😎

These all-new original series comes from an exclusive arrangement Dynamite Entertainment has secured with Simon and Schuster, who owns the rights to the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books. The books will begin to be available in 2017. More details coming – keep checking back! 🙂

I hope that the graphic novels, manga, and periodical comic books all will be written and treated with the respect Frank, Joe, and Nancy deserve. 😎 How the characters are written and portrayed is a major factor of whether I like a book or not.

Are you excited? 😀 Vote on the “2017 Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Comics, Graphic Novels, and Manga Poll“! 🙂

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The Hardy Boys Papercutz Graphic Novel #2 Identity Theft – My Review

Hardy Boys Graphic Novel #2 Identity Theft from Papercutz   In Papercutz’s second volume of Hardy Boys graphic novels, Identity Theft, you’re going to find action, humor, the strength of family love and the importance of a person’s character. 😎

   The book starts off in a fun way with these words by Joe “WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!” There’s some cool skydiving as Frank and Joe try to find out who’s smuggling diamonds in each town where the Trans-Continental Sky-Jumping Team performs at local high schools. Through a secret arrangement by ATAC, the brothers get to jump with the team at Bayport High School. It’s mentioned that their dad taught them how to jump out of an airplane years before – pretty cool. 😎

   Once they discover who the guilty one or ones are, that case is wrapped up and it’s back to the usual daily activities, like going to high school. Great seeing Chet there at Bayport High. 😎

   After catching the smugglers, the Hardy’s receive the info on their next case via a game cartridge. As you can tell by the title, it’s about identity theft – very literally. With all of the activity and connectivity with the internet in most people’s lives, there’s the danger and possibility of identity theft for anyone whose personal info is anywhere online. This mystery gives a unique and frightening spin on the ever-present threat while pointing out some important things about a person’s true identity. The love of family and importance of a person’s character are shown in the story. It also shows the fact that “cosmetic” changes/plastic surgery aren’t necessary because it’s who you are on the inside that counts – so true. As the cast of Nickelodeon’s “How to Rock” (currently seen on TeenNick) sings ~ “Only You Can Be You.” 😎 

   The brothers help a girl who claims to be Joy Gallagher, but there’s already someone else making that same claim. Frank and Joe also help Joy’s family because, regardless of who’s telling the truth, something’s going on. Something very dangerous. Helping people is a constant and vitally important aspect of a Hardy Boys book. So the Hardys have to sort out who’s who – and survive. 😎

   Intense scenes! I don’t want to give anything away, but I will say that parts of the mystery definitely had me on the edge of my seat! If you haven’t read it yet, you’ll see what I mean when you do. Those of you who have read it know exactly what I’m talking about!

   Fenton, Laura, and Gertrude/Trudy are in this one and are very cool. The love of family is very clear and Frank and Joe say about the great role models of their mom and dad in their upbringing. In this graphic novel you read about the switch from “Gertrude” to “Trudy” and how that came about. I thought that was pretty interesting and nicely done. The joking around with Aunt Trudy is fun and the serious moments are well-placed throughout the book. 

   This Hardy Boys Papercutz graphic novel has mysterious happenings, humor – which is alway necessary in books and real-life – and plenty of action! 😀

   You can get Hardy Boys #2 Identity Theft in paperback or hardcover and @Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, and many other places that sells ebooks. 🙂 Your local library might even have the cool Hardy Boys graphic novels from Papercutz! 😀

Hardy Boys Graphic Novel #2 Identity Theft @ Papercutz
Hardy Boys Graphic Novel #2 Identity Theft @ Amazon


Stan Goldberg – The Interview Issue 4!

Here now is the 4th issue of the Stan Goldberg interview! 😀 Such an awesome blessing virtually hanging out with the Stan Goldberg – comic/graphic novel artist and really nice, cool guy! 🙂 I’ve learned a lot and have had a great time! 😀 I never guessed when I started this blog a few months ago that I would have an opportunity like this – wow! 😀 I’m very thankful to the Creator. 🙂

There are so many great comics and great artwork to check out and enjoy over and over! 😎 I now have an even longer list of comics I want to read and I know all of you guys also enjoying this interview have been adding to your reading lists as well. 🙂234 Ironman and Spider-Man

All of the cool color schemes that leap off many pages of Marvel comics and graphic novels are courtesy of Stan Goldberg’s artistry. That’s just so awesome! For example, every time you see Spidey’s excellent blue and red attire seen in comics and cartoons and movies – we’ll know that Stan Goldberg came up with those familiar, perfect colors. So whenever Peter Parker aka Spider-Man swings by, stopping evil ones, he can look amazing doing so. 😎 And Tony Stark – Iron Man – would never accept a suit that wasn’t cool – and wasn’t red and gold! 😎

The happy faces of characters like Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and Reggie, Nancy, Ned, George, Bess, Hannah, and Carson of the Clue Crew graphic novels, Kathy the Teenage Tornado, Millie, and many others in the comics, plus more – they’re a reflection of the smiles that Stan Goldberg shares with us through his work. 😎

Thank you, Stan, for these drawings, color schemes, and smiles that can brighten a person’s day. Who hasn’t been stuck inside on a rainy day then an excellent comic book or graphic novel is opened by the eager reader who steps into a world of action-packed adventure that’s filled with good fighting evil, along with humor and wit! That’s cool on a sunny day, too! 😉 The results are easy to see from the many happy smiles that are on the faces of your many, many, many (I could keep going with the “many”) fans. 😀 And thank you in advance for cool drawings you’re doing in the future as well! 🙂

Now to the questions and answers! 🙂 Btw, my comments when I talked with Stan Goldberg have been abbreviated by me for these blog entries, because really, I want to get to what Stan has to say! 😀

10. Who is your favorite superhero from this line-up: Spider-Man, Hulk, the members of the Fantastic Four?19 The Amazing Spider-Man Stan Goldberg

Stan – All these new superheroes and villains were all great to color. They were drawn and written by a couple of real superheroes, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.  The cast of characters that filled up the pages were pure Lee and Kirby at their very best.

Ann – I think you’re also a real superhero – and I know you guys reading and enjoying this will agree with me! 🙂

11. You said that Stan Lee was a major influence early in your career – what is something then that helped you a lot and continues still to help you today?

Stan – I look back at those early days when I started my career in the early 50s and was part of Marvel comics from the very beginning….I was a very lucky young man.  Stan Lee still had time to write all my early books…KATHY and all the MILLIE THE MODEL comics.  There were five different Millie titles.  They were humor and adventure books.  There was also MY GIRL PEARL and PATSY WALKER.  Stan was a great editor/art director and he is still my good friend.  He wrote a nice tribute to me on a video that was shown when I was given the HALL OF FAME AWARD by the NCS last year in Las Vegas.  You can see it on my website…

Ann – Friends are such a blessing and that’s wonderful that you two have such a great continuing friendship. 🙂 Congratulations on the Hall of Fame award – you very much deserve it! 🙂 I’ll definitely be encouraging readers to check out your cool site! 🙂

12. What do you like most about going to fan events like NY Comic Con?

Stan – Going to comicons in New York and San Diego is lots of fun.  It’s always a nice change to get away from my studio and I get to see so many old friends and meet new friends that have enjoyed my work all these years.  I hope to keep going to more cons and drawing pictures for the fans.  I have some interesting new assignments on my drawing board right now, so I’ll say adios.

Ann – Looking forward to more great Stan Goldberg artwork! 🙂 Thank you so very, very,Jughead by Stan Goldberg very much, Stan! 🙂

On Stan Goldberg’s site, you’ll find that video he talked about with the tribute by Stan Lee to him when he was awarded by the National Cartoonists Society! 🙂 Plus, you’ll find another video I want to watch  – a 93 minute one for an online drawing course where he talks about his technique and more! 😎 Cool banner on his site, too, with a few of his drawings! 🙂

Thanks to Stan, Jesse, and all of you who have read, enjoyed and commented or liked or reblogged about this interview. 🙂 Johnny Storm the Human Torch likes to shout “Flame on!” and so I guess yours would be “Draw on!” 😎 And similiar to Ben’s “It’s clobberin’ time” how about: “It’s drawin’ time!” 😀 

I thought I’d add my tagline to this interview:

~ Never the end! ~

                                                                                                              ~ Ann (a Stan fan :D)

If you missed one of the four issues filled with cool clues and info from Stan Goldberg – don’t worry! 🙂 Here are the links to previous issues, so you can read the whole interview! 🙂

Stan Goldberg – The Interview Issue 1

Stan Goldberg – The Interview Issue 2

Stan Goldberg – The Interview Issue 3

Stan Goldberg – The Interview Issue 3!

Hola! Ready for the spectacular 3rd issue of Stan Goldberg – The Interview? I hope so, because it’s coming at you in mere seconds, friends! 😉 Get set to find out more awesome clues about cool artist, Stan Goldberg! 😎 Thank you so very much to Stan for the time he’s put into this interview and for sharing such great answers to my unique questions. Thank you also to everyone who’s given feedback – it’s very much appreciated and fun. 🙂 Be sure to check out every issue of the interview because you won’t want to miss a single second. 🙂

 Now, let’s get straight to the action! 😎

1. Do you like to listen to music (instrumental or with vocals) while you draw?Jughead's on the Jazz

Stan – Years ago I did some writing and my studio had to be perfectly still.  No radio at all.  Any sound would disturb me.  Then, when I did more art I did less writing.  When I do my artwork, I enjoy the working day much more and the radio is on all the time.  I listen to talk stations for half the day and for the rest of the day I play my music…big bands, good jazz and blues.  I occasionally take the time to enjoy the beautiful water view from my studio window.

Ann – Getting to do what you love is a wonderful blessing! I’m glad you enjoy drawing so much. And that’s also really cool about the music you enjoy listening to! Sounds like you’ve got a beautiful view from your studio – excellent! 🙂The Amazing Spider-Man 1975 147 Spanish edition

2. Do you draw even when you’re not working?

Stan – I always take a sketch pad with me whenever I travel.  We spend two months every winter in a colonial town in Mexico.  It’s a very artistic community, lots of artists and writers.  While I’m there, I go to a life drawing studio a couple of times a week.  I’ve also had a few galleries in town showing drawings of the local people that I draw along with my cartoon illustrations.Spider-Man and Hulk Spanish edition

Ann – Sounds picturesque and fun! 😀 (Note: I found some awesome Marvel Spanish covers online including two of the comic covers from the first issue of this interview. 🙂 Very cool! 😀 Check them out – por favor! Gracias!)

3. What was it like working with Marvel Comics? I’m a big Spidey fan. 🙂

Stan – I worked for Marvel in charge of the coloring department, never realizing that the comic book industry would become the giant that it is today.  Creating all the color schemes for all the superheroes and villains that came out of Marvel makes me very proud.  Stan Lee was my editor and he was a major influence in the early years of my career.  After almost ten years working in the bullpen I became friends with all the other artists and we stayed friends for many years.The Amazing Spider-Man 1963

Ann – That had to have been so much fun at Marvel!!! 😀 Wow, just so awesome to get to decide all of those essential color schemes for Marvel! 😀 That’s what I call superfun! 😀

BOLO for the next exciting issue in this four part series: Stan Goldberg – The Interview! 😎 

                                                                                                                                          ~ Ann (a Stan fan :D)

Stan Goldberg – The Interview Issue 2!

Thanks so much to the cool, talented Stan Goldberg for such a fun, informative interview that’s being enjoyed by many! 🙂 There’s been a lot of great feedback both publicly and privately. 🙂 

When artistry is present in comics and graphic novels, that makes them so enjoyable toMillie the Model by Stan Goldberg look at again and again. And when the artist is nice and cool that makes them even better! 😀

If  you ever get the opportunity to go to a book or comic/graphic novel event, such as the NY Comic Con and you can go see Stan Goldberg there, that would be such an awesome time! You get to meet him, talk with him, and listen to such cool stories while he’s drawing you a custom picture – that’s priceless! 😀 And the scoop from intrepid Papercutz reporter Jesse, is that there are always long lines of Stan’s many fans, anxious to get to hang out with him. 🙂 And it’s well worth the wait! 😎 

From all of the feedback, I know that you guys are anxious for more of the interview, so here now are the next three questions and answers with cool clues about the man and the artist – Stan Goldberg:

4.  I’m really fascinated by the art of comics/graphic novels and learning what it takes to create these cool works of art. What’s the process of how it gets from your ideas and the writer’s ideas to the comic/graphic novel that we see and read and enjoy?

Director Stan GoldbergStan –  The writer gives the script to the editor.  After the editor gives his OK, he sends it to me and it’s my turn to do the artwork.

As a very young man, always drawing…I always liked to turn these little drawings into some kind of storyline.  I’ve always enjoyed going to the movies.  I saw how the director prepared the actors for the camera.  Now….I’m the director and now, I create the scenes and prepare my characters  for the  graphic novel.  That’s how I tell my story in picture form from the script I’ve been given.

It’s a very simple procedure.

I’ve drawn comics and graphic novels for many years and I’m still learning how to get it right.

It’s a 7/24 kind of job.  It’s the best kind of job and I love doing it.

Ann – Really cool way to explain about the script and scenes and you being the director! 🙂 You say it’s a very simple procedure, but I think that’s only because you do it so well – so much creativity and artistry goes into telling the story through pictures! 🙂 I’d say you definitely get it just right! 🙂

5.  And a question not directly connected with your drawings – except that everyone needs to eat to do the things we love. 🙂 What’s your favorite food?

Stan –  My favorite food.  Well, that’s an easy question.  PASTA, PASTA. PASTAKathy the Teenage Tornado by Stan Goldberg 1

Ann – Cool, I love pasta, too! 😀

6.  Do you like to snack on a particular food while drawing?

Stan – Working as a freelancer since 1958, I’m still on schedule pretty much every day.  I never go to the fridge when I work.  In the summer months I drink lots of ice tea, no sugar.  No snacking.  This I find keeps me fresh and alert when I’m at the drawing board.


BOLO for the next exciting issue in this four part series: Stan Goldberg – The Interview! 😎                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ~ Ann (a Stan fan :D)

Stan Goldberg – The Interview Issue 1!

The Amazing Spider-Man 120I’m going to start this off with a question for everyone reading this. 🙂 What’s a cool fact about the Amazing Spider-Man aka Peter Parker, the Incredible Hulk aka Bruce Banner, Stan Lee aka Stanley Martin Lieber, the Fantastic Four aka Reed and Sue Richards, Ben Grimm, and Johnny Storm, Kathy the Teenage Tornado, Millie the Model, X-Men, more Marvel characters, Nancy Drew, Ned Nickerson, George Fayne, Bess Marvin, Carson Drew, Hannah Gruen, Jughead, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, and The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, and Curly) that they all have in common? Answer: they all have a mutual friend – the super-nice, talented artist Stan Goldberg! 😎 

When Papercutz’s the Amazing-Marketing-Director-Man (that’s his superhero name – I just came up with it :P), Jesse, first said that I could interview Stan Goldberg, I ran and told everyone at home (at the time) right away. I was super-excited!! 😀 And I’m still super-excited!! 😀 In case you couldn’t tell! 😉

I’m having so much fun interviewing Stan and finding out so many cool things! 🙂 It’s great to hear about someone loving what they do – and not only does he enjoy his work, he has so many fans who appreciate and love his illustrations. 🙂

Writer: Gerry Conway  Colorist: Stan Goldberg

Writer: Gerry Conway
Colorist: Stan Goldberg

Hardy Boys graphic novel trivia alert! Gerry Conway, who wrote the first ever graphic novel teaming of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, along with two more Hardy Boys graphic novels for Papercutz, also wrote for Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man comics for some of the same issues when Stan Goldberg was the colorist for the Spidey comics! 😀 😎

And now here are my first three questions and Stan’s answers: 🙂

1. What is your all-time favorite character to draw?

Stan – Hi Ann.. When I worked for Archie comics, I enjoyed drawing all the characters. M, but, when I drew the Jughead book for a number of years, he became my all time favorite.  When they took surveys, he was more popular than Archie.

Ann – Jughead is so endearing and likeable, it’s no surprise at all to me that he’s the favorite of so many. From your drawings of him, he’s someone a reader wants to follow his adventures and root for him because he’s so amiable. 🙂

2. What is the first character you ever drew?

Stan – In 1958, way before your time, I created a character called KATHY THE TEENAGE TORNADO for Marvel comics.  That was the start of my career in comics.  The book was published for many years.  Then I started drawing MILLIE THE MODEL for almost 20 years.

Kathy the Teenage Tornado by Stan Goldberg 2Ann – Kathy the Teenage Tornado sounds like great reads and Millie the Model! (Note to readers – I did an online search and these cool comics, including the Jughead series, can be found on Amazon, eBay, and comic sites to buy! Check ‘em out! ;))

3. What do you like best about having one of the most fun jobs ever in the world – drawing comics?

Stan – I enjoy drawing today, maybe more than when I started my career.  I keep my work very up to date and exciting and  I love doing continuity.

Ann – That’s really cool that your love of drawing’s maybe even more now. 🙂 Your good work is loved worldwide. 🙂 

Thank you again, Stan, for sharing your time out of your busy schedule and your cool talent with everyone! 🙂


BOLO for the next exciting issue in this four-part series: Stan Goldberg – The Interview! 😎

~ Ann (a Stan fan :D)

Stan Goldberg Interview Coming Soon!

That’s right – an interview with THE Stan Goldberg!!! 😀 I told you guys to watch for cool Papercutz announcements here! I wasn’t kidding! I’m really excited and honored and blessed to get to talk with Stan Goldberg, who’s not only a cool artist, but also a very nice guy. 😎 He currently draws for Papercutz’s Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew graphic novels and also for the Three Stooges graphic novels. He’s worked with Marvel Comics and Archie comics, so more than likely – if you love comics – you’ve gotten to enjoy a lot of his illustrations. 🙂 

So watch for the first installment (aka blog entry) of my interview with Stan Goldberg – coming soon! 🙂 😎

Did I mention Papercutz rockz? 😉

The Hardy Boys Papercutz Graphic Novel #3 Mad House – My Review

Mad House is the third volume of Papercutz’s awesome Hardy Boys graphic novel series.

Ok, so I’m not going in order, but I was re-reading this one the other day and just had to go ahead and review it! 😀 I love the action, the humor, and the Hardy brothers, Frank and Joe! 😎 Again, so much good stuff – where do I start? Oh, the beginning of the graphic novel you say? Alright, I can do that. 😀

First chapter and immediately you’re in the middle of an action-packed scene – awesome! Frank is airborne on a snowmobile before touching down on the ground again and zooming over the snow-covered ground. Joe is slicing through the air on a custom snowboard, maneuvering with some trick moves through the crisp air with a grin on his face. So is this just a regular race to see who wins? No way, much more is at stake than any competition – we’re talking about lives at risk – including Frank and Joe’s. The two brothers aren’t racing against each other, they’re racing to get to a downed British agent who is injured and stay ahead of the armed bad guys trying to stop them with bullets. They have their work cut out for them, but they can do it. 😎

Plus there’s a discussion between the brothers about the meaning of “fun”. 😀

It’s a daring, pulse-pounding rescue that has you anxious to see what happens next. As the Hardy brothers help out MI 6, take a guess about who the downed agent is? 😉 And he’s heard of the Hardy brothers! 😎 Pretty clear from the drawings and the words that it is one Bond, James Bond! 😀

After all of that excitement in the Swiss Alps, rescuing you-know-who, the next day is school and almost everyone’s talking about the reality show, Mad House, that is going to be filming in Bayport. Students from Bayport High are applying to be on the show.

Btw, you can find out whether Joe did well on his trig exam! 😉

Frank and Joe soon receive their mission, disguised as an ordinary video game that reformats after they watch it – which I still think is cool. Yep, I like that stuff. 😀 They aren’t fans of the Mad House show, but they are willing to go try to make sure no one else gets hurt on the show like people had been that season – and to stop what is going on before anyone gets killed. One of the suspicions is that the “accidents” are instigated for ratings. A sad, sickening possibility.

There are unique characters introduced as part of the cast and crew for the Bayport filming of Mad House at a renovated farmhouse. I like the Todster, a cool surfer dude, a lot 😎 and found Lester Worley interesting (he’s smart, I didn’t like his conceit though, but he got better). I like Ronald Johnson, too. 😎

Joe is a contestant while Frank is one of the production crew; both able to move around and sleuth without making anyone suspicious. 😎

Smart-mouth Joe easily outwits obnoxious Brian Conrad – I laughed and enjoyed all of that so much. 😎 And I also really enjoyed the quick, observant action of Frank when he saved Brian’s life. Up top, dude! 😀

Edge-of-your-seat barn fire and rescue scenes! Whew! Frank and Joe bravely take dangerous death-defying risks to save peoples’ lives. You can see why I love the Hardy brothers – they’re cool and inspiring. 😎 Frank and Joe get angry when the two camera guys keep filming when they could have been helping. Then once the crisis is over, Brian tries to take the glory (for doing nothing) and the ensuing scenes are great! 😀

I like the way the contestants – or at least some of them – banded together to help each other. That’s realistic because some people, like Frank and Joe, help out and think of others, while some people, like Brian, think only of themselves. Although Brian did have a moment of compassion in the story when he was worried about his sister and showed that he is capable of caring about someone other than himself, so that was cool and good to see. 😎

There are a number of suspects with motive and opportunity. I like trying to solve the puzzle and figure out what is going on – wait! 😮 The thrilling scenes with the sabotaged tractor are demanding my attention! More great action and danger. And Frank telling Joe to “be careful” – isn’t he always, Frank? 😛 😉 Excellent job with Plan B, Joe! 😉 Lives are rescued! 🙂

After the great action and all, comes my least favorite part of the book because a person is murdered. 😦 Now the Hardys have to find and stop a murderer.

Some tense moments as the murderer also finds them. And thankfully the Hardys aren’t alone in their fight for justice. 😎 I could say soooo much more but I don’t want to give anything away!

I agree wholeheartedly with Frank’s comments about how sad it was that the criminal chose greed. As Frank said, “In real life, actions have consequences.” So true.

Character note: Chief Ezra Collig is in this graphic novel! I always like noting what characters are in the various books. 😎

So much I loved about the epilogue “Home Again, Home Again…” with the Hardy family and guests – some great stuff! 😎 Joe isn’t an early “m’n’ng” person! 😉

You’ve got courage, humor, compassion, and action in this graphic novel – qualities you always want to find in books with the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew. 😎

Hardy Boys Graphic Novel #1 The Ocean of Osyria – My Review

My reviews on this blog for Papercutz graphic novels had to start with the Hardys! 😀 No secret that they’re my favorites of all graphic novels by any publisher anywhere! 😀 Frank and Joe Hardy solving mysteries and fighting bad guys in graphic novels – awesome! 😎

The story starts with the brothers working hard to rescue a horse that had been kidnapped and put into danger by animal rights activists. The horse, Jackpot, is so spooked that he nearly tramples Frank and Joe, who are trying to help him. The action is already jumping off the pages and you’re into the story, right there with the Hardy brothers as they race to stop a panicked Jackpot, who is going right through a field toward traffic. Scary enough for people on roads, let alone a horse!

You see Joe’s personality and Frank’s personality shine as they push the danger to themselves aside, working together to rescue Jackpot. The thrilling action and well-placed humor is so enjoyable! 😎 And you can see that they are getting very close to dangerous traffic – the tension is palpable. Joe takes a daring risk….very scary!!!!!

The dialogue is great between the brothers and the action – wow! 😀 And this is only the first chapter!!! 😎

I love Fenton and his sons talking and helping each other. 😎 I love also that Laura knows about the adventure, because she would. 😎 The family love and closeness is easily seen in this story and is an essential part of any good Hardy Boys’ book. 🙂 😎

And the great sleuthing is Hardy level throughout the book – that means it reflects their intelligence and shows that they are excellent, observant detectives. That’s also very important. 😎

Another very important factor – Frank and Callie. Joe and Iola. 😎 These characters are all featured in this book. 🙂 Frank and Callie are in class, and he was so focused on her then he almost missed answering the teacher’s question when called on! But he gets it answered in time. 🙂 Frank and Callie both blush. I love that scene. 😀

Joe’s inspiring words and attitude in gym are so Hardy-like. 😎 “Nobody ever won a game because they gave up trying.” So very true and smart, Joe, and I know you mean that about life, too. 🙂 😎

Chet, after innocently bidding online for some comic books, is in seriously big trouble – as in falsely accused by authorities – and arrested. The Hardys have their work cut out for them to clear Chet’s name and find the actual guilty party, along with recovering the stolen necklace, the Ocean of Osyria. Chet makes good sense in his defense. Frank, Joe, Callie, and his sister, Iola, all know he is innocent and they’re determined to face danger and go wherever it takes to prove it. 😎 Even if it means the brothers have to dodge bullets because agents are after them to stop them from figuring out everything going on. But the Hardys aren’t quitters. 😎 And that is how they end up in the Middle East.

Fun trivia: In this book you can find out Chet’s password – which is his favorite food! 😀

Now, if you thought the first half of the book was exciting – because it was! – hang on for the second half!!! 😎 Whoa! 😀 I’m not kidding, talk about action-packed!! 😎 Also, starting in the middle, Iola is written in character; I like that. 😎

When the agents are complaining because they’ve been looking for Frank and Joe and were unable to find them – those scenes are priceless! 😎

Frank and Callie, Joe and Iola take a flight to Osyria, worried about Chet, but doing their best to fix everything. 😎 Once there, the brothers sleuth and find the bad guys….slight problem, though – the bad guys find Frank and Joe! 😦

It’s so difficult deciding how much to put in a review without giving everything away. Let’s just say that all of the scenes when they are on the road, escaping to freedom and the following scenes are excellent and exciting while in Osyria!! 😀 😎 You don’t get a chance to catch your breath much, either! 😉 The teamwork is great! 😀

And then they take a flight to France, courtesy of Frank Hardy’s genius, necessary to recovering the necklace. 😎 And there’s an exciting costume ball where the Ocean of Osyria is secretly being auctioned off!! 😎 Party crashin’ time! 😉

Oh, I really like when Iola had just gotten done encouraging Chet over the phone and Chet knowing they wouldn’t let him down. 😎 See what I mean? All this good stuff in one graphic novel! 😎 Like Joe Hardy’s brave daring! 😎 The bad guys are shooting at them and the action is great! 😎

The dangerous showdown between the Hardy brothers and the bad guys ends up at the Eiffel Tower. Intense moments, let me tell you!!!

Plenty of action, danger, and humor in this, as well as some nice touching moments that are smooth and good. 😎

I like what Callie says : “with hard work and determination on the part of others, innocent people ultimately go free.” 😎

And note to Chet, that “rare bobblehead” – you know what to do with it. 😛 😉

I’ve read this graphic novel quite a few times and I so love the brothers, their teamwork, including the teamwork with their girlfriends, clearing Chet’s name, the courage, the action, the great lines – is there any doubt I love Frank and Joe and the excellent stories about them? 😀 😎

Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and Papercutz!

My family and friends are well aware of how much I love particular Papercutz graphic novels – specifically I have a special love for the awesome Hardy Boys graphic novels! 😀 😎 And not to leave out the cool Nancy Drew! 🙂 There are exciting things going on at the Papercutz site! 😎 New – and cool-looking as always – pages have been designed and posted that showcase the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew graphic novels, including the current Clue Crew ones. 🙂 There’s the inviting and intriguing “Fun Stuff” section there that will be updated with – I’m guessing 😉 – appropriately, fun stuff! 😀 😎 Looking forward to that! 😎 And if you like cool, fun info that is given with enthusiasm – and who doesn’t like that? – then you’ll definitely want to check out the Papercutz blog that Jesse has! 😀 😎

The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew graphic novels are available in paper and hardcover through the Papercutz site, bookstores, and online book sellers. They are at your local library, too, should you be able to find them on the shelves, but most of the time they’re usually checked out! 😎 And – sweet – the HB and ND GNs are also available digitally, which is really cool! 😀

Great books have definite re-readability and I love them! 😀 And I’m hoping to see more cool releases in the (hopefully near!) future. 😀 You can find previews of Hardy Boys graphic novels and previews of Nancy Drew graphic novels at the Papercutz site, including the new Clue Crew series currently running. 😎

Check back on this blog for upcoming reviews of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew graphic novels as well as updates on events at Papercutz and here! 🙂 😎

😎 Papercutz rockz!!! 😀 *insert awesome guitar riff here ;)*

The Hardy Boys graphic novels #1-#20 by Scott Lobdell, published by Papercutz and sold by MacMillan, are available in paperback/hardcover and also ebook. You can ask for them at bookstores and libraries. There are some great stories, adventures, mysteries and graphics waiting for your reading enjoyment. Whether you want to read a paper edition or to read on an ereader, your phone, tablet, or laptop you can go along with Frank and Joe on some awesome and thrilling adventures! 😀 😎

The paperback/hardcover editions are available through Papercutz and book sellers via mail order or online. The twenty ebook editions can be purchased from Amazon Kindle store, iBookstore for Apple devices, Kobo, Google, Barnes and Noble for Nook, etc.. Here’s a list of the book titles – check ’em out! 🙂

1 The Ocean of Osyria
2 Identity TheftBoard to Death
3 Mad House
4 Malled
5 Sea You, Sea Me
6 Hyde & Shriek
7 The Opposite Numbers
8 Board To Death
9 To Die Or Not To Die
10 A Hardy Day’s Night
11 Abracadeath
12 Dude Ranch O’ Death!
13 The Deadliest Stunt
14 Haley Danelle’s Top Eight
15 Live Free, Die Hardy!
16 Shhhhhh!
17 Word Up!
18 D.A.N.G.E.R. Spells the Hangman
19 Chaos at 30,000 Feet!
20 Deadly Strategy