Hardy Boys Graphic Novel #10 A Hardy’s Day Night ~ My Review

Another exciting Hardy Boys graphic novel! 😎 I’ve read this one, like a number of volumes in the series, several times so far. It has action, brother teamwork, humor and plenty of heartwarming moments. All important qualities to look for. 🙂

I enjoyed the exciting action scene at the beginning of A Hardy’s Day Night – it is cool! 😎 It’s a nominee for Favorite Scene Award for this mystery. 😀

The next scene’s endearing and fun. 😎 Frank being shy about a girl he liked and Joe, being not as shy with the girls, helping him – love that. 😎 Another Favorite Scene Award nominee, without a doubt. 😀 Choosing the winner of this category will be next to impossible! 😎

The next case hits fast and sudden, and you will want to read what happens next all at once, if possible. I don’t think there’s a place in it where you can easily put it down. The Hardys are in trouble when a deadly foe seeks their demise. They need to use their cunning and skills not only to escape that, but also to find and stop their enemy – and to rescue a kidnapped toddler at the same time. They’ve got plenty to keep them busy in this one, as well as in other volumes of the series. 😎

It is difficult to write a spoiler-free review…..but I’m trying, I’m trying!

The brothers get the drop on the bad guys several times much to the pleasure of all of us cheering for them! 🙂 I also love the plans each of the brothers come up with in different deadly situations in the book. 😎 More nominees for Favorite Scene Award!!!!

Unbelievable Scene aka Slap-Your-Forehead-With-The-Palm-Of-Your-Hand Award goes to when the brothers have disarmed a bad dude and Joe takes out the clip then tosses the gun aside. No…..just no. There were other bad dudes, kidnappers yet, who could come along, get it, reload and – you get the picture. Plus, smart detectives (such as Joe and Frank) utilize resources. They could have even used the empty gun for a bluff. They were trying to rescue a kidnapped toddler and with their resourcefulness and intelligence, they wouldn’t have tossed aside the gun like that which could help the bad guys! Frustrating! :/

Thankfully, the writing comes back after that error.

Favorite Samuel Clemens Quote Award from the book (it doesn’t matter it’s the only one, I’ve read this clever quote before): “As Mark Twain might have said, “The reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated.””

The Awwwww aka Heartwarming Award goes to when….hmmm, can’t really explain without spoilers…Let’s just say there are a few scenes that are nominated for the Awwww award. 🙂 One is during the actual rescue of the kidnapped toddler, Mickey. 🙂

The rescues at the finale of the case – excellent. 😎 More nominees! 😀

Beautiful Father and Sons Moment in the book goes to…..Chapter Eight with Hardy and Sons! 🙂

Best Brother Detective Team for this year again goes to…..Joe and Frank Hardy! 😀 😎

Now for the Favorite Scene Award, which was difficult to decide on, because there are a few! The award goes to the scene where they are all alive and well after the culprit(s) have tried and thankfully failed to kill them! 😎

You hopefully can find this volume of the Hardy Boys graphic novels at ebooksellers, used bookstores, and libraries. 🙂


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The Hardy Boys Papercutz Graphic Novel #7 The Opposite Numbers ~ My Review

A roller coaster ride for The Hardy Boys graphic novel, The Opposite Numbers, volume 7 from Papercutz! 😀 Great cover, as you can see in this post! 😎 I love the beginning of the book with the case they’ve been working on. The brothers are doing their part to rescue Aunt Trudy’s parrot, Playback, and other animals. Good action and humor in the opening scenes – really enjoyable. 🙂 Very re-readable, too. 😀 I’ve read it quite a few times! 😎 I really like way the Undercover Brothers finish a case at the beginning of the books and then go to the next one. 😎 Opening with exciting action is always cool. 😎

After that excitement is wrapped up, it’s time for a break from school for a while. 😎 Nice seeing Chet and Callie. 😎 I like that Callie was going to use her free time to help kids. 😎 Some of the rest of that scene didn’t make sense with whoever the one student was supposed to be seemed like she was snobby and narcissistic. 🙄 Didn’t care for that. 

Great cover – another favorite Hardy Boys Graphic Novel cover art! 😎 

Hardy Boys Graphic Novel #7 The Opposite NumbersOne of my absolute fave scenes in the book is the part at the train, right after Frank and Joe arrive there to board, and the Hardy brothers bravely do what they can to prevent a literal train wreck. Cool when they immediately ran to help – talk about exciting! 😎 I loved that!  😎 Another favorite scene is when the conductor needs help getting back in the train after getting pushed by a culprit. Courage and excitement! Great action in all of those 5 star scenes! I love the excitement, the danger, and the excellent teamwork, as in any Hardy Boys books that I enjoy. 🙂 😎

The book could be a little bit distracting at times because it went back and forth between artists. First was Daniel Rendon, then Paulo Henrique, then back to Daniel Rendon, and then the rest of the book was Paulo Henrique and Sidney Lima.That shouldn’t stop anyone from reading it, though!

There were various characters on the train Frank and Joe had to help and contend with, providing several suspects. You had to figure out if the characters were just sorta odd or wackos. The Noir sisters are…annoiring. 😉 The gung-ho guard dude was also seriously annoying. There are annoying people out there, though! I knew there were two trustworthy people on the train – Frank and Joe. 😎

The parts I loved I really loved and want to read again! 🙂 Always, I love the brothers teamwork and not giving up even when things look bad! 😎

Hardy Boys graphic novel #7 The Opposite Numbers from Papercutz is available digitally at ebooksellers and at libraries as well as used booksellers in paperback and hardcover. 🙂 It’s definitely worth a read or two or more! 🙂


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Presenting The Lil’ Hardys with The Whole Story!

The word fun can refer to many blessings in life such as friends, writing, drawing, comics, and the Hardy Boys! 🙂 Combining all of those then you’ve got awesome fun and the end result’s a comic called The Whole Story! 😀 Super-talented siblings, Sarah and Shadow, did the cool drawings and shadowing in the comic, a great display of their artistry, and I wrote the story. 🙂 It was extremely fun! 😀 Thank you, Sarah and Shadow, you two are so cool! 🙂

The Lil’ Hardys with The Whole Story! 🙂 Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Synopsis: Joe’s mysterious question gives Frank a puzzle to solve, but it might get the younger Hardy in trouble until his big brother figures it out. Click on the pic below to read and find out what happens with Lil’ Joe and Lil’ Frank! Hardy Boys The Whole Story Sarah Sleuth Shadow Ann Chvq

Papercutz ND and the Clue Crew #1 Small Volcanoes – My Review

Well, school’s started up and I figured this would be a good time to post my review for Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew graphic novel #1 Small Volcanoes – btw, I received a review copy from Papercutz. Note: Some of you read the review posted yesterday, but due to problems, doing this again. 🙄

Stan Goldberg is the artist for Papercutz’s Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew and also for the Three Stooges graphic novels by Papercutz. 🙂 What an interesting crossover that would make – Nancy and the Clue Crew vs. Moe, Larry, and Curly, rival private investigators! 😛 I think of things like that. 😀 Now, with the the plot, what stays with me after reading it is how really weird and scary it was when someone goes after the three girls on the playground. But we’ll get to that in a minute. Let’s start at the beginning of the story….

First contemplation is the eternal mystery of how minutes are so much longer than 60 seconds each when you’re waiting to get out of class – especially for the weekend. She asked if anyone else noticed. Yep, I’ve definitely noticed that! 😉 Sad to say, she can’t solve that one (no need to feel bad, though, there isn’t a person who can ;)), but she does have a puzzling problem she can solve and needs to soon! What to do for her science project. And she doesn’t want to do the usual (but always impressive and popular) volcano model.

Father and daughter being friends is important. 😎 In this story, she tells us that she usually listens to everything he says, but at dinner she was sidetracked by the mystery of what the Clue Crew’s science project would be. He offers to help her and they talk about it in hopes of figuring out what the project should be. 

By the next day, though, no one had come up with an idea she was happy with – they needed a clue on what to do. 😉 Then they saw a sign. No, literally. 😛 The name of a movie inspired them for their project. They decided to assemble a model of the earth and represent the varying layers with different colors. 🙂 And, just like it didn’t take millions or billions of years for the earth’s core, it didn’t take the three friends that long for the school project.  

Before they can get their science project finished, a mystery appears when their classmates’ volcanoes disappear! The Clue Crew sleuth for clues. And just in case someone threw them all away, that included the very nasty job of Dumpster diving. :ick: I need a puking smiley….  

As they stayed late after school to finish their project, they also continued working on solving the mystery of the vanishing volcanoes. They go outside, and while they are investigating a light shining through the basement window, a figure suddenly sneaks up behind them. The figure inexplicably begins to chase them around the playground. Nancy, Bess, and George do right to protect themselves from the inappropriate actions by screaming to get other people’s attention and running. When anyone hears such terrified screams like that, it’s shocking and disturbing if NO ONE goes and checks out what is going on. And in the book, no one did and there had to have been a number of other people around that would have heard the screams as well as would’ve seen what should have been questioned and stopped. 😯 

Nancy’s words of advice as they were being chased through the playground can be applied to everyone in potential danger – to use that essential element of surprise. Finally, the Clue Crew had successfully knocked the snot out of their pursuer. 😎 I thought the use of swings and a see-saw as weapons were well-utilized. But still no one had come to check on the girls after those terrified screams and all – what is wrong with the people there at that school?!?!?

It doesn’t matter if the person is familiar or a stranger, once that individual began pursuing three eight year old girls around the playground for absolutely no reasonable reason – that in itself is highly suspicious. He could see they weren’t criminals or troublemakers. He had no right or reason to do that. 

Then they willingly go down into the basement with the dude to investigate what they’d seen earlier. Remember, this is a suspect, no less, who’d just been trying to capture them – and they’re going into a secluded area with him – really?! 😕 It wasn’t as if the Clue Crew’s instincts were telling them it was okay, after all, they were still suspicious of him. 

I get that the dude in the story wasn’t dangerous, but he could have been. Going after them was weird and creepy and tells you something isn’t okay there. My parents taught me, before I was the Clue Crew’s age, to tell them about anything like that – not to only tell a teacher. So, I’m sure Carson and Hannah were really angry with that dude for chasing Nancy and her two friends around the playground. It would be great for Nancy, Bess, and George to learn Krav Maga – you know, for those times in the mysteries when there aren’t any swings or see-saws around. 😎 😀 Important to be prepared. 😎

The Hardy Boys Papercutz Graphic Novel #3 Mad House – My Review

Mad House is the third volume of Papercutz’s awesome Hardy Boys graphic novel series.

Ok, so I’m not going in order, but I was re-reading this one the other day and just had to go ahead and review it! 😀 I love the action, the humor, and the Hardy brothers, Frank and Joe! 😎 Again, so much good stuff – where do I start? Oh, the beginning of the graphic novel you say? Alright, I can do that. 😀

First chapter and immediately you’re in the middle of an action-packed scene – awesome! Frank is airborne on a snowmobile before touching down on the ground again and zooming over the snow-covered ground. Joe is slicing through the air on a custom snowboard, maneuvering with some trick moves through the crisp air with a grin on his face. So is this just a regular race to see who wins? No way, much more is at stake than any competition – we’re talking about lives at risk – including Frank and Joe’s. The two brothers aren’t racing against each other, they’re racing to get to a downed British agent who is injured and stay ahead of the armed bad guys trying to stop them with bullets. They have their work cut out for them, but they can do it. 😎

Plus there’s a discussion between the brothers about the meaning of “fun”. 😀

It’s a daring, pulse-pounding rescue that has you anxious to see what happens next. As the Hardy brothers help out MI 6, take a guess about who the downed agent is? 😉 And he’s heard of the Hardy brothers! 😎 Pretty clear from the drawings and the words that it is one Bond, James Bond! 😀

After all of that excitement in the Swiss Alps, rescuing you-know-who, the next day is school and almost everyone’s talking about the reality show, Mad House, that is going to be filming in Bayport. Students from Bayport High are applying to be on the show.

Btw, you can find out whether Joe did well on his trig exam! 😉

Frank and Joe soon receive their mission, disguised as an ordinary video game that reformats after they watch it – which I still think is cool. Yep, I like that stuff. 😀 They aren’t fans of the Mad House show, but they are willing to go try to make sure no one else gets hurt on the show like people had been that season – and to stop what is going on before anyone gets killed. One of the suspicions is that the “accidents” are instigated for ratings. A sad, sickening possibility.

There are unique characters introduced as part of the cast and crew for the Bayport filming of Mad House at a renovated farmhouse. I like the Todster, a cool surfer dude, a lot 😎 and found Lester Worley interesting (he’s smart, I didn’t like his conceit though, but he got better). I like Ronald Johnson, too. 😎

Joe is a contestant while Frank is one of the production crew; both able to move around and sleuth without making anyone suspicious. 😎

Smart-mouth Joe easily outwits obnoxious Brian Conrad – I laughed and enjoyed all of that so much. 😎 And I also really enjoyed the quick, observant action of Frank when he saved Brian’s life. Up top, dude! 😀

Edge-of-your-seat barn fire and rescue scenes! Whew! Frank and Joe bravely take dangerous death-defying risks to save peoples’ lives. You can see why I love the Hardy brothers – they’re cool and inspiring. 😎 Frank and Joe get angry when the two camera guys keep filming when they could have been helping. Then once the crisis is over, Brian tries to take the glory (for doing nothing) and the ensuing scenes are great! 😀

I like the way the contestants – or at least some of them – banded together to help each other. That’s realistic because some people, like Frank and Joe, help out and think of others, while some people, like Brian, think only of themselves. Although Brian did have a moment of compassion in the story when he was worried about his sister and showed that he is capable of caring about someone other than himself, so that was cool and good to see. 😎

There are a number of suspects with motive and opportunity. I like trying to solve the puzzle and figure out what is going on – wait! 😮 The thrilling scenes with the sabotaged tractor are demanding my attention! More great action and danger. And Frank telling Joe to “be careful” – isn’t he always, Frank? 😛 😉 Excellent job with Plan B, Joe! 😉 Lives are rescued! 🙂

After the great action and all, comes my least favorite part of the book because a person is murdered. 😦 Now the Hardys have to find and stop a murderer.

Some tense moments as the murderer also finds them. And thankfully the Hardys aren’t alone in their fight for justice. 😎 I could say soooo much more but I don’t want to give anything away!

I agree wholeheartedly with Frank’s comments about how sad it was that the criminal chose greed. As Frank said, “In real life, actions have consequences.” So true.

Character note: Chief Ezra Collig is in this graphic novel! I always like noting what characters are in the various books. 😎

So much I loved about the epilogue “Home Again, Home Again…” with the Hardy family and guests – some great stuff! 😎 Joe isn’t an early “m’n’ng” person! 😉

You’ve got courage, humor, compassion, and action in this graphic novel – qualities you always want to find in books with the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew. 😎

Hardy Boys Graphic Novel #1 The Ocean of Osyria – My Review

My reviews on this blog for Papercutz graphic novels had to start with the Hardys! 😀 No secret that they’re my favorites of all graphic novels by any publisher anywhere! 😀 Frank and Joe Hardy solving mysteries and fighting bad guys in graphic novels – awesome! 😎

The story starts with the brothers working hard to rescue a horse that had been kidnapped and put into danger by animal rights activists. The horse, Jackpot, is so spooked that he nearly tramples Frank and Joe, who are trying to help him. The action is already jumping off the pages and you’re into the story, right there with the Hardy brothers as they race to stop a panicked Jackpot, who is going right through a field toward traffic. Scary enough for people on roads, let alone a horse!

You see Joe’s personality and Frank’s personality shine as they push the danger to themselves aside, working together to rescue Jackpot. The thrilling action and well-placed humor is so enjoyable! 😎 And you can see that they are getting very close to dangerous traffic – the tension is palpable. Joe takes a daring risk….very scary!!!!!

The dialogue is great between the brothers and the action – wow! 😀 And this is only the first chapter!!! 😎

I love Fenton and his sons talking and helping each other. 😎 I love also that Laura knows about the adventure, because she would. 😎 The family love and closeness is easily seen in this story and is an essential part of any good Hardy Boys’ book. 🙂 😎

And the great sleuthing is Hardy level throughout the book – that means it reflects their intelligence and shows that they are excellent, observant detectives. That’s also very important. 😎

Another very important factor – Frank and Callie. Joe and Iola. 😎 These characters are all featured in this book. 🙂 Frank and Callie are in class, and he was so focused on her then he almost missed answering the teacher’s question when called on! But he gets it answered in time. 🙂 Frank and Callie both blush. I love that scene. 😀

Joe’s inspiring words and attitude in gym are so Hardy-like. 😎 “Nobody ever won a game because they gave up trying.” So very true and smart, Joe, and I know you mean that about life, too. 🙂 😎

Chet, after innocently bidding online for some comic books, is in seriously big trouble – as in falsely accused by authorities – and arrested. The Hardys have their work cut out for them to clear Chet’s name and find the actual guilty party, along with recovering the stolen necklace, the Ocean of Osyria. Chet makes good sense in his defense. Frank, Joe, Callie, and his sister, Iola, all know he is innocent and they’re determined to face danger and go wherever it takes to prove it. 😎 Even if it means the brothers have to dodge bullets because agents are after them to stop them from figuring out everything going on. But the Hardys aren’t quitters. 😎 And that is how they end up in the Middle East.

Fun trivia: In this book you can find out Chet’s password – which is his favorite food! 😀

Now, if you thought the first half of the book was exciting – because it was! – hang on for the second half!!! 😎 Whoa! 😀 I’m not kidding, talk about action-packed!! 😎 Also, starting in the middle, Iola is written in character; I like that. 😎

When the agents are complaining because they’ve been looking for Frank and Joe and were unable to find them – those scenes are priceless! 😎

Frank and Callie, Joe and Iola take a flight to Osyria, worried about Chet, but doing their best to fix everything. 😎 Once there, the brothers sleuth and find the bad guys….slight problem, though – the bad guys find Frank and Joe! 😦

It’s so difficult deciding how much to put in a review without giving everything away. Let’s just say that all of the scenes when they are on the road, escaping to freedom and the following scenes are excellent and exciting while in Osyria!! 😀 😎 You don’t get a chance to catch your breath much, either! 😉 The teamwork is great! 😀

And then they take a flight to France, courtesy of Frank Hardy’s genius, necessary to recovering the necklace. 😎 And there’s an exciting costume ball where the Ocean of Osyria is secretly being auctioned off!! 😎 Party crashin’ time! 😉

Oh, I really like when Iola had just gotten done encouraging Chet over the phone and Chet knowing they wouldn’t let him down. 😎 See what I mean? All this good stuff in one graphic novel! 😎 Like Joe Hardy’s brave daring! 😎 The bad guys are shooting at them and the action is great! 😎

The dangerous showdown between the Hardy brothers and the bad guys ends up at the Eiffel Tower. Intense moments, let me tell you!!!

Plenty of action, danger, and humor in this, as well as some nice touching moments that are smooth and good. 😎

I like what Callie says : “with hard work and determination on the part of others, innocent people ultimately go free.” 😎

And note to Chet, that “rare bobblehead” – you know what to do with it. 😛 😉

I’ve read this graphic novel quite a few times and I so love the brothers, their teamwork, including the teamwork with their girlfriends, clearing Chet’s name, the courage, the action, the great lines – is there any doubt I love Frank and Joe and the excellent stories about them? 😀 😎