More Nancy Drew eBooks!

Whispers in the Fog by Carolyn Keene

Exciting upcoming Nancy Drew eBooks! 😎 Just like there are great Hardy Boys mysteries available digitally with more on the way, that’s also true for Nancy Drew mysteries! 😀 Whatever device you have, whether you read on a Kindle, tablet, phone, or any other ereader or your computer/laptop, there are great mysteries to solve and places to travel to with Nancy, Ned, George, and Bess! 😀 Along with the Nancy Drew mysteries already available as eBooks, the titles listed below will be released this summer and fall! 😎 

~Here are upcoming titles and dates~

Jun. 2013 ~
#171 Intrigue at the Grand Opera
#172 The Riding Club Crime

Jul. 2013 ~
#80 The Case of the Disappearing Diamond

#78 The Phantom of Venice
#174 A Taste of Danger
#175 Werewolf in a Winter Wonderland

#81 The Mardi Gras Mystery
#82 The Clue in the Camera
#84 The Joker’s Revenge

Aug. 2013 ~
#86 The Mystery of Misty Canyon
#87 The Case of the Rising Stars
#88 The Search for Cindy Austin

#89 The Case of the Disappearing Deejay
#90 The Puzzle at Pineview School
#91 The Girl Who Couldn’t Remember

#92 The Ghost of Craven Cove
#93 The Case of the Safecracker’s Secret
#94 The Picture-Perfect Mystery

#95 The Silent Suspect
#96 The Case of the Photo Finish
#97 Mystery at Magnolia Mansion

Sept. 2013 ~
#98 The Haunting of Horse Island
#99 The Secret at Seven Rocks
#100 A Secret in Time

#101 The Mystery of the Missing Millionairess
#102 The Secret in the Dark
#103 Stranger in the Shadows

#104 The Mystery of the Jade Tiger
#106 The Case of the Artful Crime
#107 The Legend of Miner’s Creek

Oct. 2013 ~
#108 The Secret of the Tibetan Treasure
#109 The Mystery of the Masked Rider
#110 The Nutcracker Ballet Mystery
#111 The Secret at Solaire
#113 The Secret Lost at Sea

#114 The Search for the Silver Persian
#115 The Suspect in the Smoke
#116 The Case of the Twin Teddy Bears
#117 Mystery on the Menu

#118 Trouble at Lake Tahoe
#119 The Mystery of the Missing Mascot


The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories Available or Soon-To-Be-Available as eBooks

Mysterious Caravan54 Mysterious Caravan

As requested and encouraged by Callie :), I’ve gathered the info about the Hardy Boys Mystery books available (or soon to be released) as eBooks (Amazon Kindle, iBooks, Barnes and Noble Nook, Kobo, etc.). And there’s great and exciting news! Several more digital editions of the in print hardback Hardy Boys Mysteries are going to be released! Sweet! 😀 Most of them are already available as eBooks, and have been for a while, except for a few such as these that are coming up:

UPDATE: These four had been listed in the Kindle store when I first posted this, but now they aren’t. 😦 Hopefully they still will be available soon, but for now, it is a mystery. More investigating is required. 😀

UPDATED UPDATE! 😀 ~ The titles below are now available! 😎

#38 Mystery at Devil’s Paw 
#51 The Masked Monkey 
#52 The Shattered Helmet
#54 The Mysterious Caravan

The date will be announced (hopefully soon!) by Penguin. 🙂 I’ll let you guys know when I come across that info. 🙂 I wonder if there might be an updated version of The Hardy Boys Detective Handbook sometime – that would be really awesome! The first 66 Hardy Boys Mysteries are also available in hardcover edition as well as at your local bookstore. 🙂 And they should be at your local libraries, too! 🙂

Aug. Update: Hardy Boys #59-#66 (and in the Nancy Drew series #57-#62) aren’t still listed on the Penguin/Grosset & Dunlap site and the eBooks are also currently unavailable from online booksellers. 😥 I’m looking into it. 😕 I think maybe Simon and Schuster (who owns the rights to them) wants to have #59-#190 available from them. If that’s the case, then they’ll eventually be releasing them as eBooks. 🙂 Remember, those eight Hardy Boys hardcover books (and eight Nancy Drew books) can still be found new in stores or online while supplies last and after that, you can still find them used. 🙂 Plus, checking them out of libraries. 😎

Hardy Boys books recently released in Dec. 2012:

138 The Alaskan Adventure140 Slam Dunk Sabotage

#137 High-Speed Showdown
#138 The Alaskan Adventure
#139 The Search for the Snow Leopard
#140 Slam Dunk Sabotage

To be released this month:
#145 Terror at High Tide
#146 The Mark of the Blue Tattoo

#141 The Desert Thieves
#142 Lost in Gator Swamp
#143 The Giant Rat of Sumatra

February 2013:
#147 Trial and Terror
#148 The Ice-Cold Case

#149 The Chase for the Mystery Twister
#150 The Crisscross Crime

Already available:
#161 Training For Trouble through #190 Motocross Madness

Btw, there are some sale prices at the Amazon Kindle store that you might want to check out on various titles. 🙂 Great deal: $4.74 for #171 The Test Case instead of $5.99. 😎 It is so great that these title are available as eBooks!!!! 😀 I love paper editions, of course, but hey, the main thing about the books is reading them and I don’t mind reading eBooks! 😀 I’m really excited and looking forward to reading the books I haven’t yet gotten to read and ones I’ve read and want to re-read! 😀

UPDATE ~ Here are additional titles for more Hardy Boys eBooks. 🙂 These are available or will be available from wherever you buy eBooks and your local libraries that lend eBooks. 🙂



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