Hardy/Drew Facts Straight from the Books

It’s good to find out the facts about things for many reasons. Details and facts about the Hardy Boys books and Nancy Drew books are fun to research and find.The internet can be a great place to find out stuff, but as anyone who has ever been online at all should know, there are a lot of errors to be found as well as facts. It’s really annoying when I come across misleading or false information that can be cleared up by just reading the books. Wrong info online can be posted by either those who just don’t know, make an innocent mistake, make assumptions, or are even purposely misleading. Sadly, some people who claim to be fans aren’t really when you look at the things they say. So, beware and don’t assume that anyone claiming to be an ‘expert’ actually is. That’s something that can apply in school, too, btw. In anything, don’t let others think for you. Checking a reliable source, namely the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books, is essential if you want actual facts about them.

On this page I will be adding facts, details, trivia about the books. Keep checking back because you never know when cool information will be posted. Maybe even answer a question you’ve been wondering about.


Straight from the Books – Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Facts 1 ~

   Ok, Hardy trivia: In my story, Hardys Inn Danger, they go to the Bayport Bijou. Is there such a place in the books? Yep, sure is, called the Bijou or the Bayport Bijou. Not a whole lot on it – much of the detail about what it looks like and who owns it comes from my imagination. You can go to the Bijou/Bayport Bijou in these books respectively ~ Hardy Boys #16 A Figure in Hiding and Hardy Boys Adventures #2 Mystery of the Phantom Heist. 😎

   How about Nancy, where’s a place to go to the movies in her hometown? In #8 Nancy’s Mysterious Letter, she and Hannah check out a movie when they went to the River Heights Theater to cheer up Nancy. 🙂


Straight from the Books – Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Facts 2 Bayport USA ~

The location of Bayport the Hardys Boys hometown ~ New York. Tap or click link for details! 🙂

The location of River Heights, Nancy Drew’s hometown ~ Illinois. 🙂


Straight from the Books – Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Facts 3 Iola Morton is Alive ~

The fact is Iola Morton is alive and Joe is very thankful! All of his friends and family are happy, too! 😀 Tap or click link for details! 🙂


Straight from the Books – Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Facts 4 – What Digest Already? ~

There aren’t any Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew series actually entitled “Digest. The Hardy Boys series – Hardy Boys Mystery Stories – #1-#190 1927-2005 – one series. Nancy Drew Series – Nancy Drew Mystery Stories – #1-#175 1930-2003 – also all one series.