The Hardy Boys #8 The Mystery of Cabin Island ~ My Review

There’s a lot of excitement and action in the eighth volume of The Hardy Boys series! 😎 The Mystery of Cabin Island has danger, adventure, humor, ice boat racing, a theft, missing persons, and smart detective work with the various mysterious situations. 😎 The brother team of Frank and Joe Hardy are enjoying some winter camping in a cabin along with two of their buddies, Chet Morton and Biff Hooper. You get to see Tony Prito, another pal of theirs, in the book briefly. 😎 

You can take a virtual thrilling ride in the Hardy brothers ice boat named Sea Gull. It’s cool that they earned enough money to buy it. I have no doubt it would be really fun and exciting with the ice boat – just reading and imagining, you can feel the rushing, cold wind while gliding high-speed along the frozen water. Of course, as in real life, there are some jerks who like to wreck things and cause problems. So, gotta watch out for them. The Hardys and their friends don’t let that mess up the fun and investigating. Good to do like that irl, too. Don’t let obnoxious people run or ruin decent, fun things for you. 

I enjoyed the code breaking in the book. 😎 That kind of thing is so fascinating. I love word puzzles and codes. It’s fun and challenging. 😎 

The internal illustrations are excellent, very well-done. I’ve always thought they’re cool. 😎 

Some great quotes in the book! 😎 Here’s one of my favorites from our friend Biff Hooper, referring to jerks they were having to deal with ~

“You can’t tell these idiots a thing.” ~ Biff Hooper in The Mystery of Cabin Island

I know the feeling, Biff. 

The intriguing mysteries in the book and the life-threatening dangers resulting from someone’s ruthless greed will keep you turning pages to see what happens next. 

Do I recommend this book? Of course!. 😀 How could I not?!?!? It’s a fun, exciting winter adventure with the Hardy bros! 😎 It’s great reading it the first time and reading it again. You can get it in hardcover or in ebook at your favorite bookseller or you should be able to get it at your local library. 🙂 Check it out for some winter sleuthing! 😎 

And if you want to vote on your favorite Hardy Boys winter cover art, check out the poll at The Hardy Boys Books and Nancy Drew Books blog I posted! 🙂


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11 thoughts on “The Hardy Boys #8 The Mystery of Cabin Island ~ My Review

  1. Back! 🙂 Excellent opening paragraph – who wouldn’t want to read this great book after a write-up like this?! 🙂 The entire review is great – I agree with all you said & appreciate the wisdom shared, Ann. 🙂 I love reading this book – read it the other month with a friend from on your blog here! 🙂 😎 Great stories – looking forward to reading your next one! 🙂

  2. All of your reviews are excellent and enjoyable to read as well as being very informative! 🙂 Thank you, Ann! 🙂

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