Hardy Boys Adventures #14 Attack of the Bayport Beast ~ My Review

An entertaining read for this new Hardy Boys book, the 14th volume of the ongoing Hardy Boys Adventures series! 🙂 As Joe says in the book “Sounds like a mystery.” 😎 Yep! 🙂 Plenty of cool things to enjoy about this one! : the Hardy brothers – of course!, mysterious real and faux clues to discern, humor, bravery, along with a range of fun to intense sleuthing. The first chapter sets a good tone for the rest of the book by starting things off in a humorous and fun way. Already there are some great quotes as Frank, Joe, and their friend Hector are checking out the sci-fi convention in Bayport ~

I felt like I was babysitting two toddlers who were distracted by every toy they came across. ~ Frank Hardy

 😆 Haha! 😆 And then Frank talking about reality shows ~

Just because it’s called reality doesn’t mean it’s real

So very, very true, Mr. Hardy!!!! 😎

The cover art is really cool showing an excellent action scene. 😎

The brother team of Frank and Joe are ready for this challenge – an unusual mystery that needs to be investigated. It starts to become more dangerous and ominous as the book goes on. They have to be ready and observant as well as brave while they sleuth for clues. I really enjoyed catching the clues as they were woven into the mystery. 😎

Camping was cool with the descriptions of the national forest being really good – you could feel like you were there. There’re definitely some scary intense scenes. Of course camping is usually in tents, but also intense in this adventure!! 😉 Truly. Like Joe said about dealing with each serious thing “One catastrophe at a time.”

I love that the writer notes that Frank and Joe can see clues as if they were written out. An accurate description of the well-honed detective skills. I like it and really appreciate it when the writing reflects their great ability as detectives. Like it was in this book and others; that can be done without them knowing everything or knowing nothing. I always appreciate when the writer remembers, as this one did, that they are observant detectives, as opposed to some books where the characters are written like they don’t even have the basic concepts of Basic Detective Skills 101 down.

I’m glad the writer has them intrigued about the mystery of why there were claims of sightings while not believing it.

I have to say that “cool” and “zombie movie” are contrary, disconnected concepts and words. And millions of years is an archaic theory that remains unproven.

Some intriguing twists to the mystery. As I mentioned already, I enjoyed figuring out clues and potential reasons for what was going on. I was pretty sure that some things that had happened were important factors to what was going on. Good pace to the book, too.

Absolutely thought the poetic justice was very appropriate during the finale scene of the book.

The brother team, the sleuthing, the humor were great and I really enjoyed the book. 🙂 This I will want to read again – I’m glad I have this Hardys Boys Adventures in paperback. 😎

You can check out the paperback, hardcover, or ebook at bookstores, physical and online, and at your local library. 😎


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7 thoughts on “Hardy Boys Adventures #14 Attack of the Bayport Beast ~ My Review

  1. I greatly enjoyed reading your review on Hardy Boys Adventures #14, Ann!! 🙂 I always look forward to reading what you have to say; your thoughts are interesting and accurate. 🙂 😎 I have this book in paperback, too. I look forward to reading this book again, too. I especially enjoyed the humor in the first part of the book. 🙂 Callie

    • Thank you so very much, Callie! 🙂 I’m glad! 🙂 I really appreciate that! 🙂
      Cool! 😎 Some I would like to have in hardcover – I have either paperback or ebooks for the Hardy Boys Adventures. Yes, very good humor and that makes it so enjoyable. 😎 Pretty exciting scenes in the book, too with the danger involved.

  2. I so agree with u! 😀
    One of the best HB I’ve ever read! Loved it! ❤
    Thanks for your wonderful review! 😀 ❤
    I'm always excited when u post a review of a HB and ND book. 🙂
    When r u going to post your review of #14 Riverboat Roulette?

    • Cool! 🙂
      I love a cool adventure that you know you want to read again! 😀
      Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and encouragement, Seema! 🙂 Much appreciated! 🙂
      That’s awesome – thanks so much! 🙂
      I almost got it ready yesterday as a draft on here (I have it pretty much completed as far as the actual review) – I have to go eat dinner like really soon, but hope to put it up before long! I really enjoyed both HBA #14 and NDD #14! 😀

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