Hardy Boys Adventures #13 Bound for Danger ~ My Review

Hardy Boys Adventures #13 Bound for Danger

To start off my review for Hardy Boys Adventures #13, Bound for Danger, I’m going to quote my favorite line from the book – a great quote by Joe and he would definitely say this ~ “Well, that wasn’t fun.” Hazing is never fun.

There are things I liked about the book and things I didn’t like…..as will be seen in my review. 😉 The cover is cool. 😎

The first chapter hadn’t excited me when I read it in the back of The Madman of Black Bear Mountain. When I started reading Bound for Danger I found where the sneak peek had left off and started from there. I hadn’t forgotten the first chapter and didn’t want to read it again.

I don’t understand the author writing the brothers as almost clueless about basketball. It was for the sake of the mystery, I know, but it was distracting and incorrect. I don’t like things contrary to established Hardy facts. I pushed past that and hoped the rest was better and made up for that error. If I’d enjoyed the book more, it definitely would have been easier to ignore.

Fact I’d like to point out: you can be creative and musical AND be athletic.

The things I liked in the book: the Hardy brothers, the teamwork, the not giving up (error in book: said gave up but didn’t in actuality). I was hoping for like what to do about hazing or giving people ideas how to fight it. It didn’t exactly do that, so I talked it over with a sib (who usually also reads Hardy Boys books with me, but decided this wasn’t one to read. Correct decision.)

I like the brothers taking care of things, stopping the hazing, capturing and stopping bad people, and I love the brothers looking out for each other as always. I’m glad the book pointed out how hazing is wrong, cowardly, and bad. Hazing is warped and stupid. I believe people who commit acts of hazing are punks and thugs.

Hazing is wrong. It’s asinine. It’s wrong to hurt people, it’s cruel and I certainly wouldn’t feel any solidarity with anyone who did that to me. I’ve been taught to stand up for myself, think for myself, don’t go along with something that is wrong, cruel, or immoral. If anyone treats you like that, they aren’t your friends, they aren’t your teammates, and can’t be trusted. I’m not referring to silly pranks, I’m referring to dangerous, everyone-knows-it’s-harmful kinds of things. Joking around, punching and wrestling is fine and much different than beating someone up. Hazing is cruel and mean-spirited and no one should participate or condone it.

Something that is sadly accurate in the book is that not all teachers, etc., are trustworthy or willing to do the right thing and stand against hazing. Everyone needs to stand up against that.

Bound for Danger overall can be summed up with a number of words. Disturbing. A bit depressing. Confusing. Odd at times. Some things didn’t make sense of why some things were in there. :/

They stopped short several times – would have pursued about the fake essay, not just taken it. That was so frustrating.

I didn’t like profanity on page 68. I can overlook cussing, please don’t use profanity.

Of the most recent Hardy Boys Adventures, I would recommend to read #11 Showdown at Widow Creek and #12 The Madman of Black Bear Mountain instead of this one. I had hoped Bound for Danger would be a lot better than it was, but also it could have been worse.

I love the confidence Joe has in his big bro’s ability. 😎

I love the poetic justice when the Hardys scared the jerks – that was cool.

Like Joe, I have no idea what song they were singing at the end of the book. I’m glad it was a short book and I have hope that the next one, #14 Attack of the Bayport Beast, will be much better. 🙂

Slight spoiler: One of the victims of the hazing chose to become one of the evil mob doing the hazing. That made him guilty, too, by partaking. Those involved by ordering it are also guilty. That’s not something they’ve overcome together, that’s a criminal cowardly act – as noted in the book – that they’ve perpetrated. I’m very thankful that the author didn’t have Frank or Joe commit any of the acts of hazing, otherwise I would have hated the book because they wouldn’t do that.


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6 thoughts on “Hardy Boys Adventures #13 Bound for Danger ~ My Review

  1. Excellent review, Ann!! 🙂 You did a great job pointing out and clarifying important stuff. 😎 I’m glad I didn’t waste any time or money on this book; I’m hoping the next one will be good. 🙂 I agree with you wholeheartedly on your recommendations. 🙂

    • Thank you, Callie! 🙂 You wouldn’t like Bound for Danger, and I totally wouldn’t recommend to you – I want to stay friends with you. 😉 😛 I know that wouldn’t destroy our friendship. ❤ Cool! 🙂

  2. Oh I so agree with u! I didn’t like it much either. 😦 I mean, it was fine but not the best HB I’ve ever read! Got to admit that Frank and Joe seemed kind of, well, mean in this one. It wasn’t by the same author who wrote #11 Showdown at Widow Creek and #12 The Madman of Black Bear Mountain. And yes, same. I hope the next one #14 Attack of The Bayport Beast would be better. 🙂
    Good review! Keep it up! 🙂

    • Thanks, Seema! 🙂 Yeah…wasn’t the worst book ever but, also not the best. A different writing style than #11 and #12 for sure. The author of Bound for Danger didn’t stay true to the characters. The other two I’m ready to read again. 😀 What part are you thinking of about the being mean?

      • Idk, but I just felt that they were mean… sorry, Idk how to explain but I just felt, like, Idk :P. I mean, I loved some parts in it for instance, the brother teamwork 🙂 and i liked that they hated the hazing- i hate it too! :p Also, there was a little cussing somewhere… it wasn’t the best HB I’ve ever read!

        • That’s ok! 🙂 I was curious for an exact, but sometimes it’s hard to point to exactly what makes u feel a particular thing about a book. Ikr
          The next one will hopefully be better – hopefully great! 😀

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