Nancy Drew Diaries #13 The Ghost of Grey Fox Inn ~ My Review

Nancy Drew Diaries 13 The Ghost of Grey Fox InnNancy Drew Diaries #13 The Ghost of Grey Fox Inn by Carolyn Keene synopsis ~ Nancy and George come along with Bess to her cousin, Charlotte’s, wedding, in sunny South Carolina. Charlotte’s groom, Parker is from there while Charlotte and her family’s from Connecticut. The wedding party and guests are all staying at a cool, historic, beautiful inn. Since Parker is from a local, wealthy family, and is a famous news personality, the wedding draws much interest throughout South Carolina and on the internet. Acts of sabotage create growing concern as the wedding approaches, but things get even worse when 6 figure heirloom wedding rings are stolen. Nancy, George, and Bess need to solve this mystery fast and restore the wedding rings to the rightful owners! 😎 The element of having a short amount of time to get this done is great. 😎

I love the cover! After seeing the intriguing, mysterious cover – especially the beautiful bookshelves, paneling, Nancy’s pretty clothes, and the designs – and the synopsis being so good, I’ve been looking forward to reading this when it was first announced. It starts great with Nancy and Bess being written right and George is most of the time. She would be amused by talk of ghosts and looking for excitement, but she wouldn’t actually be expecting there to be real ghosts. Only fake ones – she too smart and logical to believe otherwise. It was a lot of fun being along for the ride as they traveled to Grey Fox Inn in Charleston, South Carolina. There’s humor, great descriptions of the inn and the start of an intriguing mystery all in the first chapter.

My HB/ND reading sibling enjoyed this one, also. 😎 It was fun. 😀

I really loved the sleuthing around and exploring the inn – personally I would love more of that. 😀 The beautiful decor, the cool grand staircase (love that kind of thing!), the rooms, are all described well and easy to picture from the writing. Perfect for detecting, exploring, looking around, searching for clues – fun! 😀 The hall is lined with bookshelves just like the cover! 😎 I love that! 😀

The bride and groom, Charlotte and Parker, are both nice, likable characters that were an important part of making the book so good. I’m not giving anything away – you definitely want to read and see what happens! 🙂 😎

I like the way the mystery flowed and the development of it. No boring or slow parts. There were some really cool, dangerous, exciting scenes – essential to a mystery!!!!!!!!!!!! 😎

Nancy, George, and Bess would immediately look for hidden entrances to the room. I would have liked for Ned to be there, but the mentions about him were cool and how much Nancy loves him. 😎 Ned’s a favorite character. 😀

The Ghost of Grey Fox Inn would make a great ND game! 😎 I can easily picture it as a full-length game with awesome graphics and the mini-games and the sleuthing would be great! 😎 The characters are all distinctive and developed. The mystery has a number of suspects to investigate and actually several stories interwoven throughout with what happens. Questions are answered at the conclusion of those mysteries. 😎 I really like how things turned out and worked out with the multiple developments and stories. 😎

I’ve never been to Charleston, South Carolina, and I enjoyed going there with my sib (who was reading also), Nancy, George, and Bess. I know it’s beautiful there and I could easily picture it all. 😎 I like that it was mentioned they did have some time to look around Charleston even with being busy with the mystery and wedding. 😎

This book has mystery, friends, exploring a gorgeous inn, warm/hot weather (well, it is cold here and it sounds awesome!), fun humor, sleuthing, beautiful romance, and even a great, poignant example of forgiveness. I’d sensed/hoped that this would be my favorite of the Nancy Drew Diaries so far – and it is, without a doubt. Plus, it looks great on my bookshelf! 😎



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10 thoughts on “Nancy Drew Diaries #13 The Ghost of Grey Fox Inn ~ My Review

  1. Excellent review, Ann!! 🙂 You always do such an excellent job of telling about the cool elements of a story without giving anything away. 😎 This is the only Nancy Drew Diary book I have actually purchased; the other stories didn’t convince me I would want to own them. I enjoyed reading this book and I look forward to reading it again. You are absolutely right (of course 😉 ) that Nancy, George and Bess would have immediately suspected hidden passageways in a cool old building like that – especially when there was no other way into the locked room without leaving any evidence of that. It was cool that the three girls looked for trick locks on the windows and such as well; the author did some pretty good thinking for this mystery. 😎 I’m glad that there was finally a good Nancy Drew book in this series; I hope this will continue. 🙂

    I enjoyed reading the sneak peek of the next book, #14 Riverboat Roulette, and I look forward to its release early next year. 😎 I thought the name of the guy was really cool George is looking forward to meeting, Brett Garner – I have seen James Garner as gambler Bret Maverick on DVD!! 🙂 That’s a cool part of the story and draws me to want to read it; the author has to be pretty cool to come up with that. 😎

    • Hi Callie! 🙂 Thanks so much! 🙂 I’m glad – I try, that’s for sure. 😀 Cool that you have it, too! 🙂 So true about the trick locks – I liked that, too. 🙂 Me, too!!!! 😀

      Cool! 😀 I’m hoping it will be good, too. Definitely looks interesting from the sneak peek! 😀

  2. OMG OMG! Yes! 😀 Once I saw u posted a review for this one, Ann, I was excited! 😀
    It was definitely my favourite ND Diaries too! ❤
    I just loved it! ❤ ❤
    Yeah, I agree with u. It would have been much cooler if Ned was there. He's one of my favourite characters too. 🙂
    Oh, and yes me too! Me too!!! I also loved this ND Diaries cover art. My favourite!!! 😀 I also loved that the author captured Nancy's character right.
    Good review. Keep it up! 🙂
    Looking forward for more.

    • Hi Seema! 🙂 Cool! 😀 Yes! ❤

      I'm so glad you're a Ned fan, too! 😀

      That is so important for the author to get Nancy's character right so that we feel like we're actually reading a ND book! 😀

      Thank you so much 🙂

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