Straight from the Books – Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Facts 4 – What Digest Already?

   As Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew fans, we love mysteries! 😎 Sometimes there seems to be a mystery concerning book facts where there’s not an enigma really, just misinformation. The main Hardy Boys series, #1-#190, and the main Nancy Drew series #1-#175,  are the series to refer to about details and facts, in regards to other series or even within the main series, for established character personalities. That real information can be found in the individual volumes consistently reflecting the character’s real characteristics. A small number of books I’ve read in those two series so far have fallen victim to ghostwriters’ discrepancies and errors at times.

   It’s not an unusual occurence to come across something online that is incorrect. One of those inaccurate things would be referring to any of The Hardy Boys books or Nancy Drew books as “Digests”. There’s no such thing as a “Digest” series for the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew. It’s a totally made-up fallacy. No mystery about the facts because it is easily confirmed. There isn’t actually a separate series called “Digests” for the Hardys or Nancy. Calling any of the books Digests isn’t accurate – neither the books nor the publishers refer to them as such. The main/real deal/essential series is The Hardy Boys, as referred to in the books and by the publishers, and also as The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories or Hardy Boys Mysteries. Both the Hardy Boys series, started in 1927, and the Nancy Drew series, started in 1930, came from the creative genius of Edward Stratemeyer, whose characters, Frank, Joe, and Nancy, have been solving mysteries ever since then. 😎

   The Hardy Boys main series went into the 21st century, with new mysteries being written and published into 2005. The volumes of this series, not surprisingly, go from #1 through #190 and there’s also The Hardy Boys Detective Handbook. 😎

   The Nancy Drew Mysteries also went into the 21st century, having started in 1930, with newly written and published stories to November 2003. There are 175 volumes in the Nancy Drew series, numbered clearly and for a reason, beginning with #1 naturally, plus the Nancy Drew Sleuth Book. 😎

   The consecutive numbering provide huge clues that those books are the same series. So there’s really no mystery about that for the Hardys or Nancy.

   I don’t understand why anyone would make up some name like Digests that is incorrect and very easily shown not to be accurate. It’s also misleading, I think, and kinda divisive. I’m really not into any of that. I wouldn’t even refer to it on here, but that was one of the things I wanted to address on my blog since you can come across that misinformation online. Finding it on a wiki page or any site simply means someone entered that incorrect info, maybe without knowing it’s inaccurate. I’m sure everyone knows that there are correct things and false things found online, so coming across it on the internet doesn’t make something true.

   Proof of evidence is in the books themselves. If you get any of the Hardy Boys books, whether it’s #100 or #190, check inside the book. Yeah, don’t be surprised when you don’t find the books being called “Digests” anywhere in there.

   Also, I think it’s cool to note that only one series is called “The Hardy Boys” and one series called “Nancy Drew”. The alternate universe series have different series titles. 😎

   Now you know. The Hardy Boys series – Hardy Boys Mystery Stories – #1-#190 1927-2005 – one series. Nancy Drew Series – Nancy Drew Mystery Stories – #1-#175 1930-2003 – also all one series. One of several ways you can tell is from the sequential numbering of the books, as in there’s only one #1 in The Hardy Boys series and the Nancy Drew series. 😎


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14 thoughts on “Straight from the Books – Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Facts 4 – What Digest Already?

  1. Thank you, Ann!! 🙂 It is so nice to see accurate, informed, intelligent words online. 😎 Online is the only place I have ever seen Hardy or Drew books referred to erroneously as “Digests”; I think that the error was made online and unfortunately picked by those who didn’t know the facts. Thank you so much for clarifying that there is no such thing as “Digests” in either series and about the long duration of each series from the 1900’s into the 2000’s. You do a great job sharing information straight from the books!! 🙂 Callie

    • Yep! 🙂 Thanks, Callie! 🙂 Yep, just a few places online is also where I’ve seen it. I like to make things clear and delete any confusion. 😀 There are even a few people whose comments I’ve read online, in reviews, etc., that seem not to know that The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books continued! So, I wanted to have the details down for everyone to read. 🙂
      Thank you so very much! 🙂

    • A person can call them that, in their opinion, of course, but as far as what they actually are, they aren’t “Digests”. There’s just no such thing as a Hardy Boys Digest or a Nancy Drew Digest. The whole series is Hardy Boys, or Nancy Drew, respectively, and some are hardback and some are paperback. 😎

  2. Yeah, I’ve seen that online. I know when I first saw that, on a different site, o.O was my reaction. 😛 Hehe

  3. Another thing to agree with this article, digest, as a noun, means like a collection of short stories. Most HB and ND books are full stories, just ones like The Hardy Boys Handbook, Seven Stories of Survival, and a few other select books, are short stories. 😀 So like you said, just isn’t accurate. The main series 1-190 is all one series, not a separate one. 🙂

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