Straight From the Books – Hardys Boys/Nancy Drew Facts 2 – Bayport, USA

We like to read about the Hardy family, Frank, Joe, Fenton, Laura and Gertrude (Trudy), Frank’s girlfriend, Callie Shaw, Joe’s girlfriend, Iola Morton, Iola’s brother, Chet, their friend, as well as their friends Phil Cohen, Biff Hooper, and Tony Prito, and find out fun facts. Time for more! They know where they live  and we know, too. Namely Bayport – and where is that exactly? Glad you asked! 🙂 Don’t worry it’s not missing. It’s in the books and on the map!

In my story, Bid for Intrigue, I included trivia from The Hardy Boys #139 The Search for the Snow Leopard, where we find out the exact house number and street address! 😎 

Now, what state is Bayport located in? Another great question that I’m glad you asked! 😉 In the volumes of the main Hardy Boys series, The Hardy Boys (aka The Hardy Boys Mysteries/The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #1-#190 1927-2005) it’s the state of New York. In The Hardy Boys #7 The Secret of the Caves, we find out ~

“There are only three Rockaways—one in Oregon, one in New Jersey, and the other on the coast down from Bayport.”

“It’s a cinch we won’t go to Oregon or New Jersey first,” Chet said.

There really are three places named Rockaway in the US. As noted in the book, located in the state of Oregon and New Jersey….. and on Long Island, New York. They mentioned the other states, so the clues in that sentence indicates that it’s in the same state as Bayport – New York, “on the coast down from Bayport.” That fits a number of clues in other volumes of The Hardy Boys series. 

In The Hardy Boys #37 The Ghost at Skeleton Rock it’s noted that they moved to Bayport, where Fenton became an internationally famous private investigator after having served as a detective in the New York City Police Department. It doesn’t say they moved to a different state, but to “the coastal town of Bayport”.

In The Hardy Boys #189 One False Step Frank says ~ 

“If we need something that only a big city has, then we drive to New York,” Frank added.

He’s referring to New York City (NYC) specifically, which is often done in the books. They’re in the state of New York.

These are just a few of the things indicating Bayport is in New York. 

And, just another little (BIG) clue to add ~ there is truly a Bayport, on Long Island, in New York. 😎

Bonus: Fun stats that show it to be in the state of New York, referencing the earlier mentioned quote about Rockaway in The Secret of the Caves, rather than Massachusetts ~ There’s a Bay Port Road in West Harwich, MA, so from there to Rockaway, NJ via 1-95 S (constructed 1957) it’s 295.6 miles which takes about 4 hours and 49 minutes. From West Harwich, MA to Rockaway, NY via  I-95 S it’s 269.2 miles that will take about 4 hours and 51 minutes. Bayport, NY to Rockaway via Southern State Pkwy (constructed 1927) it’s only 53.6 miles and only takes about 1 hour and 9 minutes. I can easily see why they’d choose to check out the one in their home state of New York first. 😉 

If a book, series, or show says somewhere other than New York that means the ghostwriter(s) didn’t look up that fact and just missed it.

Here are some of the books in The Hardy Boys series that states that Bayport is in New York. 😎
#138 The Alaskan Adventure
#149 The Chase for the Mystery Twister
#155 The Hunt for Four Brothers
#158 The London Deception

Now you know. 🙂 


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16 thoughts on “Straight From the Books – Hardys Boys/Nancy Drew Facts 2 – Bayport, USA

  1. Super-excellent, Ann!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Couldn’t make it any clearer! 😉 😎 You got the facts – you know your stuff! 😀 😎

    Appreciating the good things,

      • Yep, so true, excellent point, Helena! 🙂 And Shore Road is in Patchogue, NY, on Long Island and in Suffolk County just like Bayport. In The Shore Road Mystery – Shore Road is “just outside Bayport”. Patchogue, NY is only about 3 miles/4 kilometers away, just 7 minutes from Bayport, NY.

  2. More facts from the books: In #22, The Flickering Torch Mystery, there are 2 towns/cities the Hardys go to that aren’t far from home – Beemerville and Morrisville – & those two cities are, in fact, in New York. 😎 Guess what I’m reading right now? 😉 As I was reading, I thought of this post of yours, Ann, & wanted to share. 🙂

    Appreciating the good things,

  3. Great series, Ann!! 🙂 I’m loving reading all of this information you compiled. 😀 Thank you!! 🙂

  4. Yep, definitely in NY. 😀 Nice that there’s all of this accurate facts together here for everyone to read. Great! 🙂

    • Yep! 😎 Thanks, Hardy Sleuth! 🙂 I wanted to post some answers to things I’ve noticed a few people online have had questions about and this is one of them. 🙂 More on the way! 😀

  5. I was talking to some other friends of mine about Bayport being in New York and just wanted to add my quote here since it went with it. 🙂
    The clues in The Hardy Boys series, 1-190, are pretty good and that’s where I find out that Bayport is in New York (particularly the NY/NJ area). Sometimes it’s stated plainly and also when they talk about Bayport, you can tell from the context it’s in the same state as New York City, for example when Fenton served in the NYPD and moving from NYC to the coastal/waterfront/seaside town of Bayport, such as referred to in The Great Airport Mystery and more.
    In The Hardy Boys 58 The Sting of the Scorpion, the brothers ate breakfast, worked in their basement lab, cleaned up, got on the bus and pulled into NYC a few minutes after 11am. Quote from The Hardy Boys The Shadow Killers: “The Kinshasu probably have people in most of the major ports – New Orleans, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, maybe even Bayport – it’s on the Atlantic, and pretty close to New York Harbor.”
    Bayport being in New York can be found in pre-Casefile and post-Casefile volumes of The Hardy Boys series. Many books in the Hardy Boys series (1-190) state that Bayport is in fact in New York state. 😉 😀 One of them is The Hardy Boys The Alaskan Adventure, it says Bayport, New York. 🙂

    • Yep, a lot of clues! 😎 Excellent factual info from the books! 🙂 Thanks for posting them, Hardy Sleuth! 🙂 Really appreciate it! 🙂 Hey, speaking of #138 The Alaskan Adventure it’s .99 (USD) @Kindle!!!!!!!! 😀 And so is Hardy Boys #158 The London Deception and #163 The Spy That Never Lies! 😎

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