Hardy Boys Adventures #13 Bound for Danger

Here are some of the details on volume 13 in the Hardy Boys Adventures series  ~

Title: Hardy Boys Adventures #13 Bound for Danger
Release Date: Oct. 11, 2016
Number of pages: 160
Available Formats: Paperback, Hardcover and eBook
Update ~ Cover: Hardy Boys Adventures #13 Bound for Danger

Sounds like from the title that the Hardy brothers are traveling somewhere – wonder where? 😎 Where do you hope they’re headed for? They can find adventure anywhere in the world. 🙂

Update Synopsis from Simon and Schuster:

Brother detectives Frank and Joe find themselves on the basketball court and in the midst of a dangerous team initiation scheme in this thrilling Hardy Boys adventure.

Joe and Frank are taken aback when Principal Gerther announces that they need more extracurriculars on their school transcript, and he’s signed them up for the basketball team. They think it’s odd because they both stink at basketball!

But the Hardys soon find out that their principal isn’t acting out of concern for their college applications; he wants them to solve a dangerous mystery on the team. It turns out that a band of masked players are kidnapping new team members and then beating them up, blackmailing them, and threatening them—all in an effort to boost performance.

Can the boys step up to the line and stop the shadiness?


Hardy fact: Frank and Joe don’t stink at basketball!

Thoughts on cover (nice action and cool background!) and synopsis (needs work), guys? 🙂


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18 thoughts on “Hardy Boys Adventures #13 Bound for Danger

  1. I hope they go somewhere where they haven’t been before. See new things.🌎🌏🌍🗼🗽🗿
    They are surely a magnet for trouble. They find mysteries in the smallest things. 🔬🔭. And most of the time they are right.

    With love Helena

  2. Thanks, Ann!! 🙂 I hope they are headed for a well-written mystery adventure in which they actually act like the real Frank and Joe Hardy!! 😉 I keep hoping. 🙂 Callie

  3. Hope they go someplace intriguing with cool places to check out. 😀 And solve a neat mystery with action and adventure.

  4. I just finished reading #12 The Madman of Black Bear Mountain (which was very good!) and there was a sneak peek of #13 Bound for Danger. Whereas #11 and #12 were very enjoyable mysteries – finally – the first chapter of Bound for Danger reeks with disappointment for the Hardy fans. It clearly was not written by the same talented author who wrote #11 and #12, who were fairly knowledgeable with Hardy stuff (although the characters are a little different than in the main series). Bound for Danger was written by the same person (or a copycat) who wrote the second half of book #1 Secret of the Red Arrow. That they are apparently unfamiliar or perhaps uninterested in how to write the real Hardy Boys isn’t even the main problem. What is so horrendously bad – and won’t get a sale from me – is the apparent disrespect (on the author’s part) toward a veteran of the U.S. military. I utterly detest the manner in which the author wrote the character – it smacked of mockery. The character, as a veteran, deserves respect for his bravery and devotion to helping free people from oppression; he did not deserve to be treated as the butt of jokes or the corny character in the story. I also hated similiar misrepresentation in Hardy Boys Adventures book #6 Battle of Bayport. I know that no one is perfect, but someone who served their country honorably before God should not be used as a joke or set up as the bad guy or girl in a story. The author chooses whom to write as the criminal and I believe that this author chose very poorly and disrespectfully. If this author was the only writer in this series, I wouldn’t read one more word in it. However 🙂 , I am so very thankful that there are other authors writing in the Hardy Boys Adventures! 😀 I plan to look for those good authors’ work and read them only.

    • You read #12 The Madman of Black Bear Mountain? Lucky!! I can’t wait to read it, I ordered it recently. 🙂

    • We got The Madman of Black Bear Mountain a couple days after its release and read it around the weekend – the sib of mine who also reads the HB (and ND) and I enjoyed it! 😀 Plus, also read the sample chapter in the back for Bound for Danger…..agreed. To add to what is wrong with portraying a vet like that, I think the author of Bound for Danger has time traveled from maybe the Dark Ages where some people ignorantly treated those with hearing problems as if that affected brain and thinking capacity – the writing makes it seem like that’s the author’s mindset from the portrayal. That’s pretty offensive. At least the writer doesn’t have the brothers being jerks. It’s also possible writing him in such a way mostly might just be pointing out the fact that not all principals are nice, they don’t always listen to or treat their students right with respect. Into Thin Air also had Principal Gerther in the book and he helped with a life-saving driving tip that came in super-handy for the brothers. Plus, he had been the basketball coach as well as driver’s ed.
      The Madman of Black Bear Mountain is a fun read! 😀

      • Good, I’m glad you all enjoyed it! 🙂

        You are absolutely right, Ann! That is just stupid. Yes, I also noticed with relief that at least the author didn’t have the brothers being jerks. True. Yes, I remember that about the driving from Into Thin Air; it was maybe the one cool thing in the book.

        I agree!! 🙂

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