The Hardy Boys – Battling Injustice and Helping People Since 1927

   Guess what? Tomorrow, the 16th of May, is when the Hardy Boys’ books were first Secret of the Old Mill by Franklin W Dixoncopyrighted! 😎 The real deal Hardy Boys’ series, aka The Hardy Boys Mysteries/The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories, ran from 1927, when the first three volumes in the series were released, to April of 2005 with the publication of #190 Motocross Madness. 😎 Checking out the online records of copyrights, including searching digital copies of public domain books for info, I found that in the U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1955 January – June, the first three Hardy Boys volumes – #1 The Tower Treasure, #2 The House on the Cliff, and #3 Secret of the Old Mill, were listed with the copyright date of May 16, 1927, and the copyrights were renewed on March 24, 1955. Edward Stratemeyer, who wrote the detailed outlines of the first Hardy Boys books and Nancy Drew books, published the first three volumes of The Hardy Boys series simultaneously in 1927. Seriously cool that the awesome brother team of Frank and Joe started in 1927 and went right into the 21st century. 😎

   The details in this post about the first 3 Hardy Boys books refer to the revised editions, since those are the ones I know and have read – namely, the ones currently available now in print and ebook formats. The original first 38 mysteries were revised, then after that every title has one original, unrevised edition, with new stories written and published into this century. Volumes 1-58 can be found new in hardcover in print and some of the paperbacks. Thankfully many of the 190 mysteries can be found in ebook, with hopefully more to be released soon. 😎

   In the first book, The Tower Treasure, a reader ready for mystery and action can meet most of the characters of the Hardy Boys series. Frank Hardy and Joe Hardy, crimefighting brothers, their parents, Fenton and Laura Hardy, friends Phil Cohen, Biff Hooper, Chet Morton, Tony Prito, and Jerry Gilroy, and you know that the brothers are dating their true loves – Joe’s Iola (Morton), and Frank’s Callie (Shaw). ❤ Frank and Joe’s Aunt Gertrude makes her first appearance in #3, The Secret of the Old Mill, as does their boat, the Sleuth.

   The essential, real deal series, The Hardy Boys/The Hardy Boys Mysteries, about Frank and Joe, along with the other cool characters, contains a lot of excitement, bravery, danger, death-defying action, and risks as they fight evil people bent on destruction while escaping the numerous murderous attempts directed at them. They combat very serious and dangerous crimes with courage as well as making sure to keep it real by infusing such intense situations with humor and sarcasm. Throughout the series, those excellent characters, Frank, Joe, Fenton, Laura, Iola, Callie, Chet, Phil, Tony, from the first three Hardy Boys volumes do their best to do what’s right, not just what is the least dangerous or most popular even. And help is definitely needed in that path. It’s not the quantity of friends you have, but rather the quality. 😎

Hardy Boys 190 Motocross Madness Franklin W Dixon    In  the Hardy Boys #190, Motocross Madness,  released in April of 2005, you can be up-to-date in the 21st century by seeing that the Hardy brothers’ girlfriends  Iola, Callie, plus Chet along with the whole Hardy family are still going strong. 😎

   Like Nancy, who has helped out the Hardy brothers on more than one occasion, Frank and Joe have many books available for us to read and enjoy their cool adventures and mysteries in The Hardy Boys series. And there have been alternate universes, including the currently running Hardy Boys Adventures and Secret Files. There are also games, including Treasure on the Tracks, and The Hidden Theft and The Perfect Crime. Plus the Nancy Drew games like Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon where they’re special guests (cool!), and the ones in which they’re phone guests. Also available are some excellent graphic novels from Papercutz, such as Sea You, Sea Me. If you want to read Hardy Boys fanfiction, ones based on the books can be found, although not all claiming to be HB fanfiction qualifies as having any resemblance at all to the books or characters, except for borrowing the names. 🙄

   Let me know what you like best about the Hardys. 🙂 I haven’t read all of the Hardy Boys books in the series, but I have a large number of favorites, some hardcover, some paperback, and ebook. 😀 I love the action and exciting mysteries, the teamwork of the brothers with their loved ones, the humor, and the determination and bravery to stand up against evil and never backing down, which is also true of Nancy Drew. That resilience and integrity is not only commendable but very inspiring to each one of us, wherever we are and whatever situation we find ourselves in. 😎

   Here’s the first ever poll at the Hardy and Drew Mysteries blog! Please vote and comment and invite others to come vote as well. Be ready for more polls to come! 😀

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17 thoughts on “The Hardy Boys – Battling Injustice and Helping People Since 1927

  1. Excellent, excellent article, Ann!! 🙂 🙂 I really enjoy reading what you write. 🙂 Your stories always feature the true characters from the books – thank you so much for that, too!! 🙂 😎

    What I like best about the Hardys? How to narrow it down? 🙂 Although there are many things I like about them, I will name one here. 🙂 Their good thinking. 😎 I enjoy reading as they logically and wisely think things through and figure out the connection between the clues they discover along the way in their investigations. 😎

    I like how you encourage the application of the good characteristics to our lives; it isn’t just something to read about. 😎

    The poll is so cool!! 🙂 I enjoyed voting on it. 🙂 I know we don’t have to say, but I voted for D), because I love reading all three books. 🙂

    Callie 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Callie! 🙂 Cool, I’m glad! 🙂 That’s definitely my goal and I’m very happy that is reflected in my stories. 🙂

      I know – lotsa things. 🙂 Yep, excellent choice. 🙂

      Oh, absolutely. 🙂

      Me, too and I enjoyed making the poll. Pretty cool and fun. Something I’d been wanting to do for quite a while because I LOVE polls! 😀 It is very difficult to choose!! 🙂

  2. What I love about the Hardy boys?
    Friendship.👦. Mysteries. Timeless. ⏰⌛⏳.
    And despite the year the Hardys and friends always fights for the truth and for law and order. 👮🚓🚔.

  3. You want me to say just one thing? Wish they would do more with Nancy Drew, and they would have more take over, I guess you would call it.

    • Oh, you can name several, just wanted everyone to name at least one thing. 😉 There are definitely many reasons I like them. 🙂 Yep, and one way would be being in another game. When the Hardy Boys Adventures and Nancy Drew Diaries started, I’d wondered how long before they’d have them team up – hopefully soon! And yep, I totally agree I’d also like for the Hardys to be in the book more. 😎

  4. Cool, great details here! Thanks! 🙂 The Hardys doing their best to make the world better, because the world truly needs help. That’s what I like best about them, and like Nancy, who also does her best to improve the world, they care, are nice, and don’t give up. Brave. I like the Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon a lot, and part of The Creature of Kapu Cave (some yes, some no). I’ve got LOTS of favorite Hardy Boys books. Volume 6 The Shore Road Mystery and 152 Danger in the Extreme of The Hardy Boys series are two of them. 🙂
    Fun poll, too, I really enjoy them. 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

    • 🙂 Thank you, Hardy Sleuth! 🙂 Absolutely – great reasons to love them and Nancy. 😎 Very true. 😎 Blue Moon Canyon is definitely one of my faves. Yep, just talking about the Kapu Cave game. Yep, I’ve gotten to read The Shore Road Mystery and Danger in the Extreme (ebook) and love ’em both. Great reads! 🙂
      Cool, glad you liked the poll! 🙂 No problem. 🙂 Planning on more! 🙂

  5. Oh, and I meant to also say, I’ll let friends know about the poll, too. 🙂 I was a little too quick! 😛

  6. I think I was first drawn to The Hardy Boys because I was a voracious reader as a child and just read most any book I came across. I was definitely initially interested by the action and adventure in the books as well as the mystery. I have always loved those crazy and near-impossible last second escapes that Frank and Joe Hardy, Indiana Jones and MacGyver (and others for that matter) always seem to pull off all the time. I like the literal cliff-hangers! 🙂
    And it’s fun to read about exploits that I may not always be able to do myself, but I can pretend to be there alongside the Hardys and enjoy their adventures with them. And definitely I love their strong moral stance and to see good defeat evil. Particularly resonating with me as a Christian are the moral values that Frank and Joe hold to- loyalty, honesty, integrity, hard work, humility, kindness, graciousness, generosity and certainly love. They display the fruit of the Spirit that The Bible describes in Galatians 5:22-23 very well. This is not to say that they don’t have some fallings at times too, but they admit them and grow from them. I don’t think I could think of many other fictional characters who offer such great role models for kids. I love The Hardy Boys and I love to read them no matter what age I’m at. 🙂

    • Well said, MacGyver, my friend. 🙂 8) The Hardys have a lot of friends with them; I’m there with them, too. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for sharing why you love the Hardy Boys, MacGyver. 😎 I love seeing them get out of those situations, too. 😎 As much as I love the thrilling action and intriguing mystery, that strength of character and values they exemplify which are obtainable by anyone and everyone who seeks those essential qualities that come from and by the Creator, I love even more so. 🙂

  7. Great post, Ann!!!!! 😀 😀 😎 😎 It is always good to read your articles, reviews & stories – you love the books, know about them, & it shows throughout your writing. 😎 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! 😀 😀

    Frank & Joe’s genuine thoughtfulness toward others is always great to see. 😎 Their determination & bravery is way cool, too – as well as many other good attributes! 😎

    Appreciating the good things,

    • Thanks, Lily! 🙂 I’m glad! 🙂 No problem! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Yep, I totally agree. 🙂 Absolutely! 🙂 😎

  8. I just read this article, and, wow! It was great to read!
    What I love about the Hardys?
    I love their relationships with each other, and I love that they care about people. They’re great models! 🙂
    The Hardys will be my forever heroes!! 🙂 ❤

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