Hardy Boys #5 Hunting for Hidden Gold – My Review

The Hardy Boys #5 Hunting for Hidden Gold by Franklin W Dixon
    Want to travel to the Rocky Mountains, solve several mysteries, including a missing persons case, search for lost gold, chase and fight fugitives from justice, experience a blizzard along with a lot of other dangerous situations and try to survive numerous murder attempts? If so, you’ll want to read or re-read Hardy Boys #5 Hunting for Hidden Gold! 😎 It’s a multi-layered mystery with a lot of action and suspense requiring resilient investigating. Perfect to read while it’s snowing outside (like it’s doing out there as I type this on here! 😉 ). And it doesn’t fail in excitement reading it again, either. That’s what you want a book to be like.

   Callie and Hardy Sleuth decided to read it together recently and I thought I’d put up a page so reviews can be posted if anyone would like to. 🙂 A lot of thrills and chills in the book (and when I say chills, I did mention the blizzard! 😉 ). Definitely some scary parts, but I won’t give anything away for those who haven’t yet read it.

   Frank and Joe face many dangers bravely – before and after they take off for the Rockies to work with their dad on a case. The action actually begins right away as soon as you start the book. Talk about close calls! If you’ve read it, you know what I’m talking about – and if you haven’t, you need to!!! This mystery has a lot of danger that doesn’t let up through the whole book. The Hardy brothers have several enemies to confront and to bring to justice. They have to dodge bullets, keep from drowning, etc. .! Plus, naturally, they keep their sense of humor with them at all times. 🙂 That’s essential. 😎

   Along with all of the excitement and danger in the book are the great examples of the Hardy family’s being there for each other and teamwork that I always really love to read about. Awesome. 😎 I like seeing the realism of caring and fearing for one another’s safety. And there are numerous situations where that is necessary – such as a gang trying to kill them and their dad. Definitely tense times in the book where you’re anxiously reading sentence after sentence wondering what is going to happen next.

   The cover’s very cool, also. You just know it’s going to be an intriguing book. 😎 I like the coloring – looks great. 🙂 The illustrations inside are awesome, too.

   You can read an excerpt from Hardy Boys #5 Hunting for Hidden Gold by Franklin W. Dixon @Amazon and buy it there or from Penguin or BAM or many other booksellers and ebooksellers. Or you can check it out of your local library in hardback or ebook. 🙂 Then enjoy a thrilling adventure and mystery with Frank and Joe Hardy! 😎 It’s definitely a Hardy Boys must-read! 😎

   Anyone who’s read it or reading it, feel free to post what you enjoyed most about Hunting for Hidden Gold – maybe there’s a particular scene you liked best, thought was the most exciting, or just all of the danger and excitement together, etc.. 🙂 




6 thoughts on “Hardy Boys #5 Hunting for Hidden Gold – My Review

  1. I enjoyed reading your review, Ann. 🙂 Nicely done. 😎 This book is so good it is hard to choose a scene as my favorite. One of the qualities I most enjoyed about Hunting for Hidden Gold is the realistic observation and thought process of the detectives. I love the solidness of this book; it is always great to read it again. 🙂 Callie

    • Thank you so much, Callie! 🙂 I know what you mean!! Yep, smart, good detective work and observing things is very important. Essential really for a detective. And also like you said, realistic. Great review, Callie! 🙂

  2. Totally agree! 🙂 Frank and Joe are cool bros, and I really like a lot of things about this great mystery adventure. Excitement and action from all of the danger and the teamwork, This one is on my favorites list of Hardy Boys books. 8)

  3. Great review, Ann!!!!! 😀 😀 😎 That’s so cool that it was snowing while you prepared your review!!!!! 😀 😎 I love cool, happy, timely things like that – thanks for sharing with us!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😎

    I love this book!!!!! 😀 😎 I’ve read it more than once & look forward to reading it again!!!!! 😀 😎

    Appreciating the good things,

    • Thanks, Lily! 🙂 Yep, it was! 😎 Warm out there now – I believe it’s called summer. 😛 😉 Yep, me, too! 🙂 No problem! 🙂

      Yep, it’s excellent! 😎 Very cool! 🙂

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