Hardy Boys Secret Files #19 The Race is On

Some details so far on volume 19 in The Hardy Boys Secret Files:
Title: The Race is On
Release Date: Dec. 1, 2015
Number of pages: 96
Available formats: paperback and ebook

Hardy Boys Secret Files 19 The Race Is On by Franklin W Dixon

Looks like Chet is running for president! 😀

UPDATE: Synopsis from publisher Simon and Schuster ~

Frank and Joe vote to solve the mystery of who sabotaged their friend’s election speech in this Hardy Boys Secret Files adventure.

The Bayport Elementary elections are coming up, and Chet Morton is running for class president against Cissy Cimero. Frank and Joe have done everything they can to help their friend. They’ve made posters, handed out buttons, and helped him write one of the best campaign speeches in Bayport history. When the day of the election finally comes, they know every vote will count.

But when Chet gets a rude surprise during his speech, everyone is shocked. Who would want to ruin Chet’s speech? And how did he or she manage to pull off the prank? Can Frank and Joe figure out what happened before the election is called in Cissy’s favor?










8 thoughts on “Hardy Boys Secret Files #19 The Race is On

  1. Thank you, Ann. 🙂 Yes, and he would make a good one! 🙂 He cares and always puts great effort into the tasks he takes on. 🙂 Callie

  2. The cover says a lot! 🙂 Is Chet supposed to be there in this cover picture? Does not look like it.

    • Hi Ritu! 🙂 Yep, pretty interesting cover. Yep, in the Secret Files series, the drawings of Chet and Biff are kinda similar looking. That looks more like Biff to me on the cover, but I think it’s supposed to be Chet.

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