Hardy Boys Adventures #10 Tunnel of Secrets

Some details so far for #10 of the Hardy Boys Adventures:
Title: Tunnel of Secrets
Release Date: 20th of Oct.
Number of pages: 160
Available Formats: paperback, hardcover and ebook

Hardy Boys Adventure #10 Tunnel of Secrets by Franklin W Dixon

Now you know. 🙂 Check back here to see when the synopsis is released. 🙂 I usually add the cover and synopsis to the original blog entry for each book title. 🙂

UPDATE: Synopsis from publisher Simon and Schuster ~

When Frank and Joe set out to explore caves and tunnels, they dig themselves into some dark and dangerous trouble in this Hardy Boys adventure.

When a sinkhole opens up and swallows one of Bayport’s historic statues, Frank and Joe suspect something—or someone—shady at play. They jump at the chance to investigate; Joe as a member of an urban exploration club, and Frank as photographer for the school paper.

But in the thick of their search, the boys stumble upon an entire underground city that’s been abandoned for years. Now the city is home to a cultish band of criminals who plan to take over Bayport. Frank and Joe are determined to shut down the crooks, but after being barreled down by a boulder and nearly squashed by a runaway train, they have to wonder: are they in over their heads?





18 thoughts on “Hardy Boys Adventures #10 Tunnel of Secrets

  1. The real Hardy brothers wouldn’t be in over their heads. 🙂 I’m not sure I’m going to read this one. Callie

  2. It could be good, but a good writer is necessary for sure. The Hardys might at times feel like they’re in over their heads, but thankfully they don’t throw up their hands and just say, wow, this is too much.

  3. I tried the sample, Ann. One chapter. One chapter too much. 😦 It wasn’t in keeping with the genuine Hardy Boys. 😦 I wish they would get the characters right!!

    • Yep, well, actually I only read part of the 1st chapter. I didn’t like the first sentence, that wasn’t cool. Plus, what deputy? I don’t think that is correct BPD procedure there. Me, too.

      • I’m so happy for you! 😉 🙂 Truly. It was awful. Yeah, asinine is a good word to describe that sentence you didn’t like. You are correct; the procedure written in this book was incorrect.

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