Hardys Inn Danger Chapter Twenty – Joe

Here we go with Hardys Inn Danger Chapter Twenty with Joe! 🙂 Just click or tap on the link in the previous sentence or on the title pic below! 🙂 Also, check out the picture of the best selling American car of 1927, the Chevrolet Capitol AA, that came in a choice of three styles, with many of the same features which wouldn’t have been standard on other car manufacturers’ vehicles, but was on the Chevrolet. I had fun researching details online about the cars of 1927, particularly looking for original ads like they would have seen back then. Just like today, the better quality and more dependability of the Chevy would be important in the Hardys’ investigations. 😎 Joe describes the Chevrolet Capitol AA Sedan, the Hardys’ 1927 vehicle featured in this chapter, for you in my story. 🙂 Enjoy! 🙂

Hardys Inn Danger  header by Ann Chvq

1927 Chevrolet Capitol AA

1927 Chevrolet Capitol AA The Sedan – the Hardys’ 1927 vehicle for Hardys Inn Danger


6 thoughts on “Hardys Inn Danger Chapter Twenty – Joe

  1. Yeah! 🙂 I like what you wrote above and including the advertisement is so cool! 🙂 Thank you so much for being so nice and thoughtful, Ann; you are a great and personable author. 🙂 Callie

  2. Cool seeing the pics of the cars! 8) I’m not up to this chapter yet in my reviewing, but looking forward to doing so!! 🙂

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