Hardy Boys Adventures #4 Into Thin Air – My Review

Hardy Boys Adventures #4 Into Thin Air Franklin W. Dixon

Hardy Boys Adventure #4, Into Thin Air, is basically the second part of the mystery that began in Hardy Boys Adventures #3 The Vanishing Game. What happens at the end of the 3rd book is the synopsis for this volume. I had my reviews for both of these books pretty much finished a while ago and I’m finally getting them posted. 😳 Trying to get caught up. 🙂

First off, the cover’s cool and once again it’s done by Kevin Keele. 😎 One of the things I like best about this series so far is the great cover art. 🙂

There were some good lines in this book. 😎 Along with some errors in how the Hardys would handle certain situations. I’d hoped for improvement in this one, but instead got really disappointed because the brothers in it actually gave up for a little while after being threatened. 😯 That is NOT the Hardy way and totally wasn’t believable! One of the things I love about the Hardys is that they never give up despite threats, danger, and the odds. The real Hardys don’t give up – in fact, threats just make them more determined. 😎  

Also, Frank and Joe are cool. They, themselves, their characters/personalities, who they are – cool. In this book that wasn’t truly represented. Like at lunch – again where are their friends??!?!?!?! – it sounded like they’re considered unpopular and uncool —–what? I want to mention that actually in school there are some people who are popular and aren’t snobby jerks like in this book and some who are. That goes for those who aren’t so-called “popular” – some aren’t snobby jerks and some are. There are nice people and jerks in school – regardless of whether they’re popular or not. And since Frank and Joe solve crimes and help people, they would be liked by good people, some people would be jealous, and bad people would dislike and fear the Hardys. Just saying. Because it needed to be. 😎

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I’m really into tech stuff. So when there are errors, inconsistencies, it’s very noticeable to me. There were. But that didn’t bother me as much as the “quitting” thing did. I think I’ll say it again – the Hardy Boys never give up. 😎

There was a sneak peek of the next Hardy Boys Adventures, #5, Peril at Granite Peak, at the end of this book. Chet’s in it, so that should be good. Although I already saw one big mistake that I wasn’t  impressed with, but hopefully it’s explained later in the book. Most of the preview looked really good. 🙂

Still hoping for some better mysteries in the future for this series. 🙂 The first two volumes, #1 Secret of the Red Arrow, and #2 Mystery of the Phantom Heist, have some parts I really, really like and are overall better than #3 and #4. Hardy Boys #5 Peril at Granite Peak is available now and I hope to read/review soon. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Hardy Boys Adventures #4 Into Thin Air – My Review

  1. I believe that the cover art is consistently the best part of this Adventures series. Ann, you are too kind. Really. There are numerous things you could have pointed out as being erroneous in this book; I believe this fourth book is the worst yet – after all, they are expecting us to believe that those two goobers are Frank and Joe Hardy, right? 😡

    Ann, you know the real Hardy boys and you are correct in everything you said; thank you for saying the way it really is. 😎 You made many good observations in this review.

    I know which error you must be referring to in book number five; I look forward to reading your review on it, too. 🙂 And I have some comments of my own about Peril at Granite Peak. 😉

    My opinion, supported by established facts, is that you know the true Hardy book characters and their personalities and their abilities. 😎 Callie

    • Cool cover art, for sure. I like that and the good, realistic Hardy scenes that I come across. Lol. 😛

      Thank you, Callie. 🙂

      I’m not surprised. I don’t have my review for it finished yet – got several started with notes mostly for a few books. Lol, I’ve no doubt that you do. 😉

      Really appreciate that – thank you. 🙂 That’s definitely true of you. 🙂 😎

      • 🙂

        You are welcome, Ann. 🙂

        🙂 Your reviews are always enjoyable to read. You are good at finding nice, honest comments to make, give a clear, concise overview of the mystery and are not shy about pointing out mischaracterizations when the true Hardy path is strayed from. Thank you for being a reliable reviewer, Ann; your observations and thoughts on a book are consistently helpful. 🙂

        You are welcome; thank you. 🙂 Callie

        • Thank you, Callie. 🙂 I try and I definitely want to keep it real. 😎 I’m really glad – thanks so much! That’s definitely true of your comments and reviews. 🙂 I’ve got several more reviews to post soon as well as stories. 🙂 Been really busy and all.

  2. I read this book, like, last week and it was great but what I didn’t like about it is them giving up. Like seriously, that wasn’t the Hardy Boys at all! They never give up!

    • Absolutely that’s not the Hardys way at all! You got that so right they don’t give up! 😎 That was so frustrating in the book. Hey, you read #3 Vanishing Game, right? Did that super annoy you with the short part concerning the exciting scene on the cover? I’m trying to avoid spoilers, but if you’ve read it you’ll know what I mean! 🙄

      • Yup, I’ve read #3 The Vanishing Game. It was good and yea ur right! Whatever’s in the cover was not in the story. Also, it was annoying that the part keeps being concerned about Joe being attached to that girl Daisy and all. Poor Frank felt he was the third wheel.

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