Hardy Boys Adventures #3 – The Vanishing Game – My Review

 Hardy Boys Adventures #3 The Vanishing Game by Franklin W. Dixon 

For my review of Hardy Boys Adventure #3 The Vanishing Game, I have to start with the first thing you see – the great cover! 😎 The cover art shows you intense danger  and makes you anxious to get to the section of the story it’s taken from to see the brothers somehow survive the situation. And about that scene from the cover….um….that, would be a spoiler….

In the first chapter, it’s the opening night of Funspot, but not everyone’s having fun. Before we even get to the new ride, G-Force, something else scary takes place….as in scary rude! 😯 Can you imagine a girl who’s supposed to be on a date with Frank, instead of realizing what a cool, handsome, great guy he is – she’s flat-out rude and obnoxious to him? The character of Penelope wasn’t fun to read because she’s definitely written as a mean girl. 

It was cool when Frank made a good point about the scientific impossibility of the ad claims for the ride. 😎

At the end of the very first ride, a girl is missing. The brothers are quick to help try to find her, their willingness to do the right thing present – I always like that. 😎 Btw, I’ve been to amusement parks – and it’s never a bad idea to pray. Some people have been killed on rides in real life. 😦

Hector Rodriguez owns Funspot and one of the best parts of the book was when he told off the jerks who were only interested in making money. As we know, the Hardy brothers are always disgusted by greedy jerks and I was really happy that was done so well – another favorite part.

I love that the Hardy Boys Adventures get it right that the brothers both have some language skills which agrees with actual facts from the main series, The Hardy Boys (1-190, 1927-2005), and that’s always important to me. That only makes sense because with reading, TV, online, school, travel, etc., you’re going to pick up words and phrases without even trying. Especially if you actually travel to places where that would be not only helpful, but necessary. Not knowing would be unrealistic and I’ve come across that fail several times in the Casefiles continuity. 😯

In The Vanishing Game, the mention of the missing girl’s phone was just about checking the records, but the Hardys would know they could track her phone via the GPS – and boom, there you  go.

I like that they used the phone for more than just to click a pic. The night vision app and filming was an excellent idea. 😎 I was virtually cheering at that. 😀 As shown and mentioned plenty of times in the essential series, The Hardy Boys (1-190), the Hardys are always cutting edge, wisely using their brains to utilize resources that will help capture evil ones as fast as possible. 😎

Another favorite thing about the book – like in many other HB books –  is that it shows in a real way that the Hardys care about each other – they’re good brothers. 😎

Rather than an exclaimation of disrespect, Daisy (Hector’s daughter) called out for help – which you definitely need to do. 😎

I’m assuming the insult about the “teen brain” – which is easily refuted many times over by many examples – was put in there as a joke and also to show through Frank and Joe that it isn’t true. 

Friends from Bayport High were there, but sadly the author didn’t mention any of their names, but made up some instead. 😦 There were quite a few people I missed seeing in this book: Fenton and Laura weren’t even mentioned – not even a short sentence of where they were. Frank’s true love, Callie Shaw, and Joe’s true love, Iola Morton, should have been in the book and the brothers would be helping solve the case for a friend and fellow student. 😦 The realism would have been elevated had Frank’s and Joe’s real girlfriends – Callie and Iola – been in the book. Also missing were Chet Morton (but Iola and Chet did both appear in Hardy Boys Adventure #2 Mystery of the Phantom Heist 😎 ), Biff Hooper, Phil Cohen, Tony Prito, Chief Ezra Collig, Con Riley, Jack Wayne, Sam and Ethel Radley.

Anyone who reads the synopsis for the next book in the series, #4 Into Thin Air, won’t be surprised with how #3 The Vanishing Game ends. 

I always enjoy reading the well-written, accurate parts in the books about the brothers – because they’re cool. 😀


11 thoughts on “Hardy Boys Adventures #3 – The Vanishing Game – My Review

  1. I enjoyed reading your review, Ann! 😀 You always do an excellent job of it. 😎 You said it all well and true. 😎 While this Adventure series has thus far failed to reach the standard level of the essential Hardy series, I do enjoy the occasional glimpses of the real Frank and Joe. 🙂 Callie

    • They really are great characters and very important. I’m glad that Iola and Chet showed up for the Hardy Boys Adventures – Chet now twice with Peril at Granite Peak and the Morton siblings are in Mystery of the Phantom Heist. 😎 Hopefully they’ll all be in future mysteries. 😎

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