Hardy and Drew Mysteries – 1 Year Anniversary

You’re invited to help celebrate the first year of the Hardy and Drew Mysteries blog! 🙂Hardy Boys 82 Blackwing Puzzle by Franklin W Dixon Thought we’d throw a virtual social gathering/get-together here to celebrate the anniversary of the start of the blog 1 year ago today. 😀 🙂 This blog is a place where Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew fans can come and discuss the books, play games, read stories, find out what’s new with the Hardys and Nancy, and hopefully have lotsa fun celebrating the books and other good things continually! 🙂 

Wow, let me tell you, we’ve had so many visitors – and from 70 countries! 🙂 Sweet! 🙂 Feel free to post the name of your country below – that’d be awesome! 🙂 I’ve always been fascinated and happy that Frank and Joe Hardy and Nancy Drew have so many fans worldwide. Just really cool. 🙂

First thanks goes to my wonderful Creator for so many, many blessings, including my family, and for everything good. 🙂 I thank my supercool family, including cousins – they encouraged me and told me I should start a blog – thank you for being you! 🙂 Thanks very much to Word Warrior who helps make things go so smoothly on here, fixes typos, and does such an awesome job moderating, etc. – thank you! 🙂 My very first poster, Callie – thank you! 😀 To all my cool friends, everyone who has posted such great comments – over 2000 comments – and for the follows, likes, and for visiting the blog – thank you! 🙂 Thanks again also to Jesse Post and Stan Goldberg of Papercutz – thank you both! 😀 – for sharing their time and everything they did. 🙂 I’m still awed that I got to interview Stan Goldberg! 🙂 And thank you to WordPress for all of the great blogging features, options, themes, etc! 🙂 So much fun! 😀

We’ve got lots more cool books to read and review, PC/Mac/Nintendo games to review (and several to play then review 😉 ), Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew book news, stories to post, games to play, and who knows what else! 😀 😎 It’s important to have fun as we talk about the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew and more – thanks to everyone who has and Big Time Rush CD 24Sevenwill take part in doing that! 🙂

Thanks again for the many treasures of words of those who have encouraged me by saying how much they like the blog and what’s here. And I hope everyone continues to enjoy the blog. 🙂

Now let’s social gather! 😀 (All Big Time Rush fans – Rushers – will get the show references 😉 ). 😎 *starts playing Big Time Rush’s “City is Ours” then “24/Seven” and many more!* 😎


62 thoughts on “Hardy and Drew Mysteries – 1 Year Anniversary

  1. Mazel tov! 🙂 Ann’s blog, Hardy Boys books, Nancy Drew books, plus Big Time Rush are all beloved in Israel! 🙂 Todah rabah! 🙂

    • Shalom Aleichem! 🙂 Todah rabah, Tikvah! 🙂 Cool! 🙂 So glad you’re able to be here for the social gathering/get together! 😉 😀 😎 Read, listen to music, dance, eat some virtual food, and have fun! 😀 Btw, I’m going to be doing a blog entry about the Hardy Boys books and Nancy Drew books that have been translated into various languages – featuring ones in Ivrit. 😎 🙂

      • Aleichem Shalom! 🙂 Welcome, Ann. 🙂 Todah. 🙂 Your blog is consistently a good place. 🙂 I enjoy reading each story and each post you add. 🙂 I will be watching for that blog entry! 🙂

  2. I knew this date was not only the birthday of the great, essential Paul Revere 😀 – of the famous 1960’s music group Paul Revere & the Raiders 😎 – but also the date on which one year ago my good friend Ann Chvq started her way cool blog, Hardy and Drew Mysteries! 😀 😎 & so I came to celebrate here! 😀 😎 “Celebration” Kendall sings after James’ opening vocal notes in Big Time Rush’s song, “Confetti Falling” 😎 – & that’s what this is! 😀 Appreciating the good things, keeping it real, keeping it fun – your blog does all of these things beautifully, Ann! 😀 😎 Thank you for taking the time to do this for fans everywhere, Ann! 😀

    I see Frank & Joe have brought the fireworks! 😛 Great bookcover choice there, Ann! 😀 😎

    70 countries! 😀 Wow! 😀 Israel’s first to congratulate you 😎 & here in the U.S.A. I congratulate you, Ann, on your great success! 😀 😎 Goodness, niceness, wisdom, truth, fun & genuineness is a sure way to do well in the world of blogs & websites 😎 – it’s what is searched for. 😎

    Over 2,000 comments in only one year! 😀 That’s amazing! 😀 Most blogs don’t see even a fraction of that! 😮 Your friendly way encourages people to communicate, Ann 🙂 – & the people who make the effort to show their appreciation for your tireless efforts show their good character as well. 😎

    I’m looking forward to additional good stuff on your cool blog, Ann! 😀 😎 Keep up the good work! 😀 😎 Keep the fire alive.

    Yep! 😀 😎 As a Rusher, I recognized the connecting references. 😉 😀 Great album cover! 😀 😎 I was listening to “Confetti Falling” from that album earlier. 😀 😎

    Appreciating the good things,

    • Hi Lily! 🙂 Thanks! 🙂 Very glad you came ready to celebrate! 😀 I can totally hear them! 🙂 And I’m picturing the footage from Worldwide Day of Play ’13. 😀 😎 I’m glad and thank you so much! 🙂

      Yep, they did! 😀 Thanks! 🙂

      As of today, now 71 countries! 🙂 So cool! 😀 Thank you! 🙂

      Yep, pretty cool! 🙂 I really appreciate it and awesome comments like yours and all the cool people on here really gives the blog quality. 🙂 Thank you again for the great encouragement and compliments! 🙂

      Thank you! 🙂 Definitely “keep the fire alive”. 😉 🙂

      I knew you would. 🙂 Sure is! 🙂 I was also listening to “We Are” and “Untouchable” – so many great songs!! 😀 😎

      • Hi, Ann! 😀 😎 You’re welcome! 😀 😀 😎 😀 Ooo 😀 – yes, that was so cool!!!!! 😀 😎 😀 😎 😀 😎 😀 😎 😀 😎

        😀 Welcome! 😀

        Cool! 😀 & it’s probably even more now! 😀 😎 Yes! 😎 😀 Welcome! 😀

        😀 😎

        Welcome! 😀 Yep! 😉 😀

        😀 Yep! 😀 True 😀 – another great album by Big Time Rush! 😀 😎 Great talent in that group! 😀 😎

        Appreciating the good things,

        • Hi, Lily! 🙂 Yep, definitely very cool! 🙂

          Yep, 74 countries and many return visitors! 🙂

          Absolutely. 🙂 Their music is great and I love to listen to their songs and recently it’s been extremely comforting and helpful. Their music and show both. Several songs in particular I’ve been listening to over and over, but all of them really. 🙂 Definitely great talent and supernice guys. 😎

          Your wise words are always uplifting and great, Lily. 🙂 Thank you so much. 🙂

          • 😀

            So cool! 😀 😎

            Supercool, Ann. 😎 Music is a powerful gift & blessing. 🙂 Big Time Rush – a great group of guys! 😎 Hey, are you getting Heffron Drive’s single that’ll be out on the 25th? 🙂 I sure am! 😀 😎 (For anyone who might not yet know about this cool group, Heffron Drive is Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush & Dustin Belt guitarist for BTR – these 2 friends were Heffron Drive before BTR got together & they never quit their band. 🙂 )

            Thank you, Ann. 🙂 You’re welcome 🙂 – I’m happy to be able to help. 🙂

            Appreciating the good things,

            • 😀

              😀 Absolutely. Music really really helps me so much. They sure are. Got it! 😀 Been waiting for the 25th so I could get it! Both are very talented – super great guitarists. Kendall’s vocals are awesome! Love hearing him sing. 😎

              You’re welcome. Your words help soooooooooooooooooo very very very much, Lily. Thank you again. 🙂

              • I think it’s really cool that the site lets you know each time a new country visits your cool blog 😎 – I remember you telling me about that before. 😀 😎 How many different countries have visited now? 🙂

                Cool! 😎 😀 Me, too! 😀 😀 Yes 😀 – they sure are! 😀 😎 I have the Heffron Drive single, the Latino single by Carlos – “Electrico” by PenaVega & “Never Too Young” – the MattyB single featuring James! 😀 😎 😀 Now that’s some great music! 😀 😎 Logan does some of my favorite vocals in the Big Time Rush songs 😀 😎 – like “Stuck” & “Someday” – & he’s so cool on his skateboard! 😀 😎 Natural talent. 😎

                🙂 That makes me happy. 😀 You’re welcome. 🙂

                Appreciating the good things,

                • Hi Lily! 🙂 Yep – very cool! 😀 77 countries! 😎

                  All those are great songs! 😀 I love ’em, too! 😀 I love all of their voices – super talented and nice guys. 😎 I love listening to their music and watching their show. 😎

                  🙂 Your wise words help me again and again. 🙂

                  • Wow! 😮 😀 😎 77 countries! 😀 😀 It’s so cool to know that people all over the globe are getting to read your cool stories, reviews, & other neat information concerning the world of the Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew! 😀 😎

                    Yep! 😀 😀 I believe that all that good stuff you said about the members of Big Time Rush is 100% cool & true! 😀 😎

                    Thank you, Ann 😀 – I’m very happy about that! 😀 😎

                    Appreciating the good things,

                    • It’s really cool that people worldwide check out my blog! 😀
                      Absolutely! They’re cool! 🙂

  3. Thank you for all your wonderful stories. I love reading every chapter you write. I read it again and again. I wish I could write the way you write.
    Hope to see this page celebrate many more years.
    Congrats from Sweden

    • Tusen takk for your wonderful comments, Helena! 🙂 I really appreciate you letting me know how much you enjoy my stories – it truly means a lot to me and makes me want to go write on more stories! 🙂
      🙂 Sweet words from Sweden – cool! 🙂

      • Thanks for your words even though here we spell takk tack but close enough. 🙂 And it warms my heart to see that you seek up my language to write back to me.
        I really looking forward to your next story. I love the way you make them real and the way you describes the love between the couples.
        Tack så mycket (thanks a lot)

        • Ok, cool, now I know! Tack for teaching me that! 🙂 When I’d looked it up online, both those spellings came up and I tried to guess which one might be right, but I really wasn’t sure. I definitely want to spell it accurately. 🙂 I read that “tusen” means thousand – is that correct? 🙂
          I hope you enjoy it! 🙂 That really makes me happy, because that’s definitely what I want to write. 🙂 Tack så mycket! 🙂

            • Cool. 🙂
              I’m blessed to have a friend in Sweden to tell me the correct way instead of having to guess about the site that said “takk” was Swedish. No surprise to find errors online.

  4. Congratulations on the one year anniversary of your hardyanddrewmysteries.wordpress blog, Ann!! 😀 It was a fun and informative year here and it is continuing in that tradition! 😎

    The artwork on this page is fittingly good. 🙂 Six very cool and talented gentlemen! 😉

    Your blog is a worldwide success and I am presently enjoying your blog in the United States of America. 🙂

    I like it that you thanked the Creator first. 😎 I am glad that you listened to those who encouraged you to start this excellent blog! 🙂 Your website is the answer to the hopes of those who truly love the books; here we find the much-needed true, honest and real Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew book talk and stories that reflect the books honorably. 😎 Thank you for the mention; I am pleased to have had the honor of being your first commenter. 🙂 There are so many who enjoy reading your good words, Ann; thank you for having this blog, representing what a true fan of the books knows. 🙂

    It is exciting to come here and read! 😀 I hope to read more of your excellent mystery writing soon! 😀 (No rush – only Big Time Rush! 😉 😀 )

    It is our pleasure to thank you and enjoy comunicating with you and all of the nice people who post their comments on here. 😎 There is no doubt that we will continue to enjoy your blog, Ann. 🙂

    Yeah!! 😀 I love Big Time Rush and their comedic television show, too! 😀 It is fun to be at a pleasant social gathering such as this! 😀 Rock on! 😎 Callie

    • Thank you so very much, Callie! 🙂 🙂 Cool! 🙂
      Yep – they are very cool and so talented! 😎
      Cool! 🙂
      That’s important. 🙂 Me, too! 😀 Oh, thank you, Callie – that’s defnitely my goal. 🙂 You’re welcome. 🙂 Happy to! 🙂
      Awesome. I hope to have another story completed soon. 🙂 Ah, good one! 😆
      I definitely enjoy talking with nice people worldwide! 🙂
      You know I love Big Time Rush! 😀 Woo! Hoo! Woohoo! 😀 Those were crazy jackets James and Carlos had on at the party in “Big Time Party”! 😛

      • You are welcome, Ann. 🙂

        And you are successful. 😎

        Good! 😀

        Thank you. 🙂

        Me, also. 🙂

        Yeah!!! 😀 Carefully selected by the “Hollywood Party Kings of Hollywood!” 😀 😉 😀 😀 Callie

        • Thank you, Callie! 🙂

          You’re welcome! 🙂

          Yep! 🙂

          😆 To quote from the show – “You know, you said ‘Hollywood’ twice.” 😉 😛 😆

          • You know the episodes well, Ann! 😀 A return quote you are also certain to recognize: “You bet I did.” 😉 😆 😀 Callie

            • Thanks, you do, too. 🙂 I should – I watch them a lot! 😀 Yep, I definitely recognize it – James said it in that episode. 🙂

              • 🙂 Cool. 🙂 Yes! 😀 James, Kendall, Carlos and Logan are excellent actors, singers and musicians. 😎 They put heart into everything they do; I like that. 🙂 Callie

  5. Nice! Congrats and thanks! 🙂 This is such a cool blog with really cool people!
    Love that HB book cover and BTR CD cover, too! Oh, and country, US here. 🙂

  6. You’ve been on here a year?? 😯 Wow, that’s amazing! 😀 Congratulations, Ann! 😀 You’ve got an incredible blog here!

    And of course, USA for me. :p

  7. Hello everyone! 🙂 Some of you I am seeing after a long time and some of you are new for me.. I am glad to see you all! 🙂 And I hope you are all doing good. 🙂

    Ann, congratulations and thank you so much for this awesome blog! 😀 I just had a quick look around and am very glad to see that it is going great and that there are so many more people posting here now 😎 and there are so many good posts and comments to read… and there is that cover art for the 6th book – quite interesting and exciting, had to stop there for a moment or two 😛 😀 …and your story, “Top Secret” – loved the banner, am looking forward to read it 😀 …and your reviews… and there are a lot more good things to read but alas, no time at present to read anything more than the posts’ title. 😛 😳 Don’t know how will I ever catch up with it all.. or when I would be able to visit this blog again but I will be back soon. Hopefully. 😛 🙂 Got to go now..

    Oh, I am in India and it is very late in the night here! Gotta go and sleep. 🙂

    Happy chatting everyone! Enjoy life and enjoy reading and commenting on Ann’s cool blog.. because it is fun! 😀

    • Bahut dhanyavaad, Ritu! 🙂 (I hope I spelled that correctly! 🙂 ) With help from Helena I now know the correct phrase for “thank you very much” in Swedish. 😎 I like knowing how to say “thank you” in more languages. 🙂 Of course, some I already knew without having to look it up such as American English, Hebrew, Spanish and sign language. 😉 😎 And Japanese, French and 1 or 2 more. 🙂 Hopefully you’ll get to catch up soon – I look forward to it! 🙂 Miss u! 😦 I’m really glad you enjoy the blog so much! 🙂

      Yep, cool! 🙂 Get some rest for all the reading you want to do! 🙂

      What a nice and sweet thing to say – really appreciate it so much! 🙂 🙂 Hurry back, Ritu! 🙂

      • I am back! 🙂 Didn’t mean it to be this long before I come here again but..oh well.. Missed you all and this blog. 😦

        That is correct, Ann! 🙂 Appreciate your looking up the correct phrase to comment. 🙂 I noticed that. 😎 🙂 You seems to know many languages – that is impressive. 😎 🙂


        I meant it, Ann. 🙂 Thanks. 🙂

        • Hi again, Ritu! 🙂 I, too, miss being here when my return is delayed; I undersand you missing it. I had noticed the absence of your comments and hoped you were doing okay. 🙂 I prayed for you and am glad you seem to be quite well and cheerful. 🙂

          Yeah! 😀 Ann is indeed a very nice, knowledgeable and thoughtful friend. 😎 Callie

          • Hi! 🙂 Thank you, Callie; I really appreciate that. 🙂 Incidentally, while commenting last time, I had also noticed that you have not posted anything from quite sometime.. so I was wondering about you. Hope everything is well in your world. 🙂

            True, very true. 😎 🙂

            • You are welcome, Ritu. 🙂 Yeah, it was a lot longer inbetween my visits here than I prefer; I greatly miss this fun-loving blog in cases like that! 😦 Thank you for mentioning you noticed; I appreciate knowing that. 🙂 Even though everything is not well in my world, I am okay because the Creator of the Universe is my Help, my Guide and the Savior of my soul. 🙂 He gives me the faith I need and I am helped. 😎 It is so good to know that He offers these things to everyone who seeks Him; all we need to do is ask and accept. 🙂

              Yep! 😀

              Nice talking with you, Ritu. 🙂

              Callie 🙂

              • I understand that. 🙂 You are welcome, Callie. 🙂 Oh. Sorry about that. 😦 But I am glad for your strong belief in the power of the Creator. 🙂 I will be praying for things to get better for you. 🙂

                🙂 Thank you. 🙂 It is always nice talking to you, too, Callie. 🙂

                • Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words, Ritu, and for your prayers to the Creator for me — this is such a wonderful thing we can do for one another. 🙂

                  You are welcome; thank you. 🙂 Callie

        • Hi Stranger! 😉 😛 😆 Missed you, Ritu! Are you really really back???? 😛 Wanted to make sure! 😉 😛 😉

          Awesome! So hoped it was correct! 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

          No problem, Ritu. 🙂

          • Not to butt in on the conversation between you and Ritu, Callie, but I wanted to say how much I missed you, also. So glad you’re back! 🙂 For good! 🙂 Thanks for the compliment – sure is true of you. 🙂 Sorry things aren’t all well for you – as you know, I’m praying for you. 🙂 Beautiful true words about the Creator by both you and Ritu. Very cool. 😎

          • 😀 So, are you sure now? 😉 😛 😀 Thanks, Ann. 🙂 Feels good to know that I was missed. 🙂

            You are welcome. 🙂

            • I guess so. 😛 😀 You’re welcome! 🙂 Of course you were missed, Ritu!!!!! 🙂


              Btw, hopefully soon I’ll be posting one of several stories I’ve been working on when I’ve been able to – I like to have a story completed before I begin posting it. 🙂

  8. Hi all! 🙂 It’s a nice feeling here where people genuinely care, you know? I pray for everyone, too, whatever’s going on in each person’s life. 🙂

    • Hey, Hardy Sleuth! 🙂 Absolutely – it can really bring make a person feel better – feeling the love and prayers. 🙂 😎 I appreciate prayers so much. 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

  9. (The reply space in our Big Time Rush conversation above was becoming too limited, Ann, so I’m starting a new comment here for easier reading. 🙂 )

    Yep! 😀 Austin Mahone is a good and talented man, too; it’s cool seeing him on the one hour “Big Time Rush” special, “Big Time Dreams”. 😀

    I wonder which song James will be dancing to on the fifth? He always does great. 🙂 It was so nice to see Kendall, Carlos and Logan there last week! 😀 Callie

    • Makes sense – thanks! 😎

      I agree! Austin’s a cool dude! 😎 A nice guy, a great grin, and talented singer! 🙂

      I loved seeing Kendall, Carlos, and Logan on the live show and at rehearsal! Very cool! I love that they’re like brothers. 😎 I know you’re excited like me that James is doing so great! 😀 Plus, I’ve been requesting Heffron Drive’s single! 🙂

      • Thank you and you are welcome. 🙂

        That is cool! 😀 Yep, all true! 😀

        Yeah! 😀 Yes, you are right, Ann. 😎 I’m ready to vote James into the spot he has earned: first place! 😎 He has worked for it with dedication, determination, strength, grace and good humor; I’m proud of him. 😎

        About the new single, I have been requesting its play on radio, too; Heffron Drive and Big Time Rush are two of the most requested! 😀 😀 Callie

        • You’re welcome, Callie. 🙂

          Yep! 🙂

          Super proud of James! 🙂 ❤

          Awesome! 🙂 I looooooooooooove Big Time Rush!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 ❤

          • 😀 James did magnificently; I’m very proud of his cheerful and determined attitude. 😎

            I love Big Time Rush, too. 😀 (I know I have already stated that before, but I believe it is repeatable. 🙂 And I don’t mind saying it again. 🙂 ) Callie

            • Definitely! 🙂 😎 Me, too! 🙂

              I don’t mind – and echoing you and saying it again myself that I love BTR also! 😀 😎

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