Nancy Drew #153 Whispers in the Fog – My Review

Whispers in the Fog by Carolyn KeeneNancy Drew #153 Whispers in the Fog has thrilling adventure, intriguing mystery, and great Nancy Drew book characters to qualify as one of my top favorite ND books of all time! 😀 It’s fast-paced while giving enough time to details and plenty of action. And a cool title! 😎

There are essential elements for a great mystery in the book – cool places to investigate such as lighthouses and sea-caves, complete with eerie noises and plenty of danger! 😎  Picturing the beautiful scenery’s very enjoyable, too. 🙂 Interestingly, it takes place during this month. 🙂

Nancy, Ned, George, and Bess are in Seabreak, California, visiting a friend of George’s, Katie Firestone. Katie and George had both been in a world sea kayaking competition together. Along with getting in some training and practicing, disturbing problems need to be taken care of that are threatening Katie’s boat and income. Someone seems to want Katie’s whale-watching tourist business to sink via threats and sabotage. Katie’s guests from River Heights decide to help her keep that from happening. 😎 

There are a number of suspects to investigate. And the sleuthing’s done very well – big clues as well as harder-to-find clues aren’t overlooked. Nancy’s a detective and although, of course, she can make mistakes, this book doesn’t have unrealistic and uncharacteristic poor detecting like in some other books. I’m really glad about that because it makes the book so much more enjoyable, because Nancy’s not going to miss clues a person not even looking for them would find. So definitely good, well-trained, intelligent sleuthing in this mystery. 😎

Anyone who has played HeR Interactive’s awesome Nancy Drew PC/Mac game, Danger on Deception Island, and also read the excellent Nancy Drew Mystery, Whispers in the Fog, can see the similarities between the two. But they aren’t identical so neither mystery would be blown no matter which one you play/read first. When I received the game as a birthday gift, I didn’t have the book yet (and didn’t know about the similar details.) So I played the game first, then a little later read the book and love both. 🙂 It’s great that HeR Interactive made such a cool game based on elements from Whispers in the Fog. Dangerous situations in both make them exciting to read and to play. 🙂

I love that Ned’s in the book, always great to see him. 🙂 Great description of him, too – tall, clean-cut good looks, athletic. And cousins, George and Bess, are also very important to the story and I’m happy they’re in the mystery, too. 🙂 All three have adventures and it’s good Nancy can count on them. 🙂

I really enjoyed the sea kayaking, biking, exploring and investigating the sea caves, lighthouse, and other places in both the book and the game.:)

My friend Callie’s eloquent words explains it so well – getting across the excitement and mystery waiting for every reader in the Nancy Drew Mystery Whispers in the Fog. 🙂 She posted her extremely cool review when we were talking on another blog entry, Nancy Drew Mystery Stories Available As eBooks or Will Be and with her permission, I’m re-posting it on this one. 🙂

Whispers in the Fog (book 153) is one of the best Nancy Drew mysteries! 😀 It is a well-thought-out and well-written story with intriguing circumstances, fascinating discoveries, and thrilling action! 😎 This book contains more than one mystery and Nancy solves them all in her tried and true detecting style. 😎 Her Ned, as well as her friends Bess and George, add to the exciting mystery-solving with additional bravery, know-how, and solid detecting skills, too. 😎 The setting is along the northern coastline of California. 😎 The action includes:

A treacherous driver determined to run Nancy off of the steep-cliffed coastal road.

An unknown enemy chasing the detective through a dangerous and dark grove of twisted trees.

A desperate search for a woman swept away by a potentially deadly “sneaker wave”.

And an adrenaline-filled, high-speed race to stop a murder that is about to take place before Nancy’s very eyes!

This book also has intriguing discoveries and fascinating sleuthing spots like:

An old, abandoned lighthouse!

A sea cave with multiple rooms – and perhaps an additional entrance!

A huge ocean freighter – whose owner decides to get Nancy, Ned, and Bess out of the way by depositing them in some foreign land to fend for themselves in an enemy state!

There is so much more I could say about how great, thrilling, and satisfying this mystery story is, but I will leave the rest – and the details thereof – for each of you who have yet to read this exciting Nancy Drew Mystery Story entitled, Whispers in the Fog! 😎 😀 Callie

Excellently said, Callie! 😎 🙂 😎 Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂 I love multiple mysteries, too, and agree whole-heartedly with what you said!  😎

Anyone who would like to read Whispers in the Fog can buy the eBook from booksellers or check it out of the library in paperback or in digital edition if yours has those available. Plus there are used paperbacks available online or in used bookstores. 🙂 


21 thoughts on “Nancy Drew #153 Whispers in the Fog – My Review

  1. Your review for Whispers in the Fog is excellent, Ann! 😀 I like how you drew the correlation between the book and the game. 😎 Well done! 😀 I was surprised and honored when you asked for permission to quote my review here; thank you. 🙂 Whispers in the Fog is a highly recommendable book; anyone who enjoys a good mystery is certain to be glad when they read this book! 😀 Callie

    • Thank you so much, Callie! 🙂 The book and game are both cool. I’m sure you noticed all of the similarities right away. 🙂 You wrote your review so expertly and thanks again for letting me add it with mine. 🙂 I agree whole-heartedly with that recommendation! 🙂 Our combined review received a “like”! 🙂

    • I have read this book, and funnily enough, right after I went Whale watching in the Channel Islands-so timely! I gave the book away, and now I’m sorry I did!

      • Hi, Linda!! 🙂 Yes, that was very good timing; it would surely make the book even more real in that case. 😎 It was very nice of you to give such a good mystery book to someone else, although I understand desiring that you still had it. I get attached to my books, maybe you do, too — or perhaps you could buy another copy from somewhere? 🙂 I have been very happy with getting eBooks whenever the actual, physical book is unavailable to me. 🙂

        It was so nice to come here and find a new friend, Linda!! 🙂 If you do decide to get another copy of the book, physical or eBook, and would like to read it at the same time, I would gladly read it again. 🙂 It is fun to do that sometimes. 🙂 Callie

        • Hi Callie,
          As a matter of fact I just ordered it for 1Cent from Amazon-it’s on it’s way! Not that I needed it. I love my books. Am reading now “The secret in the parchment’-pretty good!


          • Hi, Linda!! 🙂 Oh! 🙂 That is wonderful!! 🙂 I have not read that one yet; I greatly enjoy reading my Nancy Drew mysteries and my Hardy Boys mysteries!! 🙂 I have read many and look forward to reading them time and again. 🙂 Have you yet had time to read any of Ann’s wonderful stories? 🙂 They are of superior quality (I’m an avid book-reader, thus I do not hand out this compliment lightly). Given your enjoyment of excellent mysteries like Whispers in the Fog, I believe you would enjoy Ann’s mysteries immensely. 🙂 Callie

            • Callie,
              Who is Ann? I’ve never read any of the Hardy Boys books. They still haven’t been able to free the Blue Whale, as last I heard, it’s in Mexican waters so U.S. cannot do anything-too bad!

              • Hi, Linda!! 🙂 Ann is the nice girl whose blog this is. 🙂 I have been enjoying coming here ever since she started it. 🙂 Not only does she do great reviews like this one for Whispers in the Fog, but she also posts updates on pertinent Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books and games information, interviews legendary people like Stan Goldberg (his comic book art of Spider-Man is amazing!! 🙂 ) and posts Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys mystery stories that she has written herself. 🙂 She is an excellent author and very humble about it. 🙂 She shares her love of the books by having this informative blog and sharing her stories here – so we can enjoy reading them for free. 🙂 There is a link to her stories near the top of this page, just below the picture/header (which Ann designed herself 🙂 ) – unless you are viewing this site on a smaller device, in which case it might be located to the side or on the bottom. 🙂 She has a great combination of action, adventure, wit, romance, mystery and fun in each of her stories. 🙂

                Then there are many more good mysteries for you to get to read!! 🙂 The Hardy Boys were created by Edward Stratemeyer, who created many other series as well including Tom Swift, The Dana Girls — and Nancy Drew!! 😀 The author names we see on the books are actually pen names; being a bit shy about writing, he has many monikers among his prolific works. 🙂

                I’m praying for the Blue Whale; the Creator cares about all of His creatures. 🙂

                On the combined subjects of Ann’s stories, Hardy Boys and sea life, I would recommend you read her story “Gotcha!”; there are dolphins in it!! 🙂 Here’s a link directly to that excellent story:

                It is nice talking with you here, Linda. 🙂 I hope you are having a very pleasant day! 🙂 Callie

      • Hi Linda! 🙂 Nice to meet you and thank you so very much for following my blog! 🙂 Hope you enjoy it here! As you’ve already noticed from Callie’s warm welcome and sweet words – there are super-nice readers on here! 🙂
        That must have been cool whale watching – I’ve only done that in my imagination while reading books like Whispers in the Fog (which I’m ready to read again!) or playing Danger on Deception Island. 🙂

        • We, here in Los Angeles, are REALLY Whale Watching, right now. The great Blue Whale is tangled in fishing lines, and hopefully will soon be freed of it-he has been spotted in the waters near Tijuana, MX. I hope they won’t be too late! An endangered species. Whale watching is something everyone should do, if only once, in their life!

          • Oh, yes, hopefully the whale will soon be free and ok! I think they’re magnificent creatures. So are dolphins and I have seen them in person – I love watching them with my parents, family, friends. 😎
            Please keep us updated, Linda! Cheering for him to get free!

  2. This is a great book! 🙂 And a great game, too! 🙂 And great reviews! 😀 Nancy has to be careful around those rocks in the game, btw! 😮

  3. I love reading great reviews like this! 😀 😎 Way cool! 😎 😀

    Appreciating the good things,

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