Hardy Boys Adventures #6 The Battle of Bayport – Synopsis

Hardy Boys Adventure #6 The Battle of Bayport by Franklin W. Dixon

On the Simon and Schuster site I saw the plot description for Hardy Boys Adventures #6 The Battle of Bayport by Franklin W. Dixon. 🙂 As mentioned before, the paperback, hardcover, and ebook editions will all be available on the 6/3/14. Good timing that it’s being released just a little over a month before Independence Day. 😎 Here’s the synopsis ~

Bayport goes back in time when a Revolutionary War-era battleship is discovered, along with a treasure trove of historic artifacts. To celebrate, the town stages a reenactment of the historic Battle of Bayport, complete with antique artillery, canons, and tricorn hats. Even Frank and Joe Hardy are decked out in full Colonial costume, fighting over freedom and taxes on opposite sides of the battle line.

But things get a little too real when a stray shot leaves Bayport’s biggest benefactor, Don Sterling, without a pulse. Wait a minute—weren’t those muskets supposed to be unloaded? And even though the Hardy Boys have technically retired from solving mysteries, they can’t help but get involved, especially when a favorite teacher turns out to be a prime suspect. Is someone trying to frame Mr. Lazin? And who would want Don Sterling dead? Murder by reenactment is one the Hardys haven’t seen before, but don’t think they’re not up for the challenge!

Most of it sounds like it should be a great book – plenty of potential. But I always prefer that murders be prevented, so that isn’t good. For the rest of The Battle of Bayport book, I’m hoping for excitement, action, danger, humor, clearing their teacher, Mr. Lazin, and the presence of Hardy book characters such as, you know, Frank, Joe, Fenton, Laura, Trudy, Chet, Iola, Callie, Biff, Phil, Tony, and Con. 😎

Don’t forget the interesting Hardy Boys book info from #36 The Secret of Pirates’ Hill of the essential Hardy Boys series. 😎

With a Revolutionary war battleship and other historical items being found, that should be fascinating. It’ll be interesting reading the details of the discovery. Fighting on opposite sides for the reenactment doesn’t sound cool, so not excited over that in the plot description. A sibling of mine said that maybe someone didn’t show up or you get assigned to one of the sides so that there will be people on both sides. Hopefully that’s the case. 😎

A little typo in the synopsis on the Simon and Schuster page – it’s supposed to be cannon. And the whole “retired” thing has already been cleared up (thankfully) in previous books in the series. 😎

Joe and Frank are both for freedom and not fans of overtaxing. Reenactments aside, the Hardy brothers fight for freedom and liberty – that’s what they do. 😎 And very well, too. 😎


7 thoughts on “Hardy Boys Adventures #6 The Battle of Bayport – Synopsis

  1. Well. I love history and I love the Hardy’s so I’m looking forward to be able to read it.

  2. Yep, for sure! 🙂 The Revolutionary War findings ought to be cool. I really hope the Hardy book characters are all there. I like seeing them in the books. 🙂

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