Cut to the Chase by Ann Chvq – Chapter Nine

Cut to the Chase – Chapter Nine ready to be read! 🙂 Just click on the previous link or the pic below. A little bit of behind the scenes info for a character introduced in this chapter. Sometimes for characters there’s a specific person I picture as that person. If Cut to the Chase was made into a movie, the person I’d want to play the part of Jungle Jack definitely would be actor Bruce McGill, who portrays Jack Dalton on the much-loved action/adventure show, MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson). 😎 Btw, MacGyver episodes airs on satellite/cable and online and can be purchased on DVD or digitally from Amazon Instant Video, etc.. It’s a cool show. 🙂

Cut to the Chase by Ann Chvq


15 thoughts on “Cut to the Chase by Ann Chvq – Chapter Nine

  1. Yeah! 😀 Chapter Nine, it is so good to see you! 😀 Thank you, Ann! 😀

    Cool!! 😎 I can hardly wait to read about Jungle Jack! 😀 Bruce McGill did an excellent job as “Jack Dalton”; he played the part with just the right mixture of traits that made “Jack” the unique character that he is. 🙂 There is a lot of great stuff on “MacGyver”, including some of your favorite lessons like never letting a friend down, help others, never give up, etc. 🙂 Some of the episodes I could probably quote from start to finish I have watched them so many times! 😛 Callie

    • 😀 You’re welcome, Callie – and thank you! 🙂

      Cool – yep, Jack Dalton’s very entertaining – makes you wonder what scheme he’s up to at the moment that will get loyal MacGyver in trouble! 😮 And how MacGyver will get them both out of that trouble! 😉 😎 Like you said about never letting a friend down, helping others, and never giving up – those things are so very important. 😎 I want to watch some more MacGyver like really soon! 🙂
      😆 That’s cool, Callie! 🙂

  2. MacGyver still runs in Sweden too. I really love the show. He can do anything out of nothing. See if Joe can protect Iola by playing MacGyver. 🙂

    • Btw Richard Dean Anderson has Swedish and Norwegian ancestors and Dana Elcar’s parents were born in Denmark. Dana probably knew some Danish.

    • Oh, that’s great it’s airing in Sweden also! 🙂 So glad you watch MacGyver and love it, too, Helena! 🙂 Yep, so cool – it’s fun seeing what MacGyver comes up with and how he gets out of those intense situations! Ooooh, I like that – and I can’t wait for you to read this next chapter I’m posting, Helena!!!! 😀 I think MacGyver would definitely approve of what Joe does. 😉

      Thanks for the cool info, Helena! 🙂 Hadn’t known about those details of their background – you must be pretty pleased about the Swedish ancestry! 😉
      Pete’s a great character and Dana Elcar’s perfect at the role. He’s always warning MacGyver about helping Jack. 😛 I really want to watch some more MacGyver!!! 😀

  3. I love the MacGyver show! This is so cool! I’m letting my other friends know about this, too! 🙂

  4. MacGyver is my favorite TV show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There are tons of good things I could say about him. Yes, he does have his flaws, but he’s also honest to deal with them. And he’s honest and loyal to his friends and he is generous and kind and a Good Samaritan. He is self-sacrificing and gentle and loving and forgiving and hard-working and always optimistically hopeful- ever walking by faith and not by sight.

    • Cool – not surprising! 😉
      MacGyver’s a great guy for sure. 😎 Cool qualities. 😎 I think one of my absolute favorite episodes is when he has to deal with that female assassin and he was temporarily blinded. That’s a great example of literally walking by faith and not sight. 😎

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