Papercutz ND and the Clue Crew #1 Small Volcanoes – My Review

Well, school’s started up and I figured this would be a good time to post my review for Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew graphic novel #1 Small Volcanoes – btw, I received a review copy from Papercutz. Note: Some of you read the review posted yesterday, but due to problems, doing this again. 🙄

Stan Goldberg is the artist for Papercutz’s Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew and also for the Three Stooges graphic novels by Papercutz. 🙂 What an interesting crossover that would make – Nancy and the Clue Crew vs. Moe, Larry, and Curly, rival private investigators! 😛 I think of things like that. 😀 Now, with the the plot, what stays with me after reading it is how really weird and scary it was when someone goes after the three girls on the playground. But we’ll get to that in a minute. Let’s start at the beginning of the story….

First contemplation is the eternal mystery of how minutes are so much longer than 60 seconds each when you’re waiting to get out of class – especially for the weekend. She asked if anyone else noticed. Yep, I’ve definitely noticed that! 😉 Sad to say, she can’t solve that one (no need to feel bad, though, there isn’t a person who can ;)), but she does have a puzzling problem she can solve and needs to soon! What to do for her science project. And she doesn’t want to do the usual (but always impressive and popular) volcano model.

Father and daughter being friends is important. 😎 In this story, she tells us that she usually listens to everything he says, but at dinner she was sidetracked by the mystery of what the Clue Crew’s science project would be. He offers to help her and they talk about it in hopes of figuring out what the project should be. 

By the next day, though, no one had come up with an idea she was happy with – they needed a clue on what to do. 😉 Then they saw a sign. No, literally. 😛 The name of a movie inspired them for their project. They decided to assemble a model of the earth and represent the varying layers with different colors. 🙂 And, just like it didn’t take millions or billions of years for the earth’s core, it didn’t take the three friends that long for the school project.  

Before they can get their science project finished, a mystery appears when their classmates’ volcanoes disappear! The Clue Crew sleuth for clues. And just in case someone threw them all away, that included the very nasty job of Dumpster diving. :ick: I need a puking smiley….  

As they stayed late after school to finish their project, they also continued working on solving the mystery of the vanishing volcanoes. They go outside, and while they are investigating a light shining through the basement window, a figure suddenly sneaks up behind them. The figure inexplicably begins to chase them around the playground. Nancy, Bess, and George do right to protect themselves from the inappropriate actions by screaming to get other people’s attention and running. When anyone hears such terrified screams like that, it’s shocking and disturbing if NO ONE goes and checks out what is going on. And in the book, no one did and there had to have been a number of other people around that would have heard the screams as well as would’ve seen what should have been questioned and stopped. 😯 

Nancy’s words of advice as they were being chased through the playground can be applied to everyone in potential danger – to use that essential element of surprise. Finally, the Clue Crew had successfully knocked the snot out of their pursuer. 😎 I thought the use of swings and a see-saw as weapons were well-utilized. But still no one had come to check on the girls after those terrified screams and all – what is wrong with the people there at that school?!?!?

It doesn’t matter if the person is familiar or a stranger, once that individual began pursuing three eight year old girls around the playground for absolutely no reasonable reason – that in itself is highly suspicious. He could see they weren’t criminals or troublemakers. He had no right or reason to do that. 

Then they willingly go down into the basement with the dude to investigate what they’d seen earlier. Remember, this is a suspect, no less, who’d just been trying to capture them – and they’re going into a secluded area with him – really?! 😕 It wasn’t as if the Clue Crew’s instincts were telling them it was okay, after all, they were still suspicious of him. 

I get that the dude in the story wasn’t dangerous, but he could have been. Going after them was weird and creepy and tells you something isn’t okay there. My parents taught me, before I was the Clue Crew’s age, to tell them about anything like that – not to only tell a teacher. So, I’m sure Carson and Hannah were really angry with that dude for chasing Nancy and her two friends around the playground. It would be great for Nancy, Bess, and George to learn Krav Maga – you know, for those times in the mysteries when there aren’t any swings or see-saws around. 😎 😀 Important to be prepared. 😎


9 thoughts on “Papercutz ND and the Clue Crew #1 Small Volcanoes – My Review

  1. I have been waiting to read what you have to say about this book, Ann, remember? 😉 I have read this book – and have regretted it ever since. 😦

    Your paragraph on Stan Goldberg is very cool, Ann! 😀 He is the only reason I do not completely despise this book.

    This review for Small Volcanoes is very good, honest, and holds many good points, Ann. 🙂

    I believe, for many reasons, that this book does NOT truly represent ANY of the real Nancy Drew book characters. One reason is that the three girls come across as conceited, cliquish, self-centered snobs – and every Nancy fan knows that those words and attitudes do NOT apply to the real Nancy, Bess, and George.

    What was the author thinking when she had little children climbing into Dumpsters? 😮 Besides the countless dangers from its possible contents, there is another horrific danger – that of the little girls becoming trapped in there!!!! I believe it is very irresponsible of the author to have this in her story. Little girls like to play Nancy Drew and pretend to sleuth – this book gives them an idea that could very possibly result in their death! It makes me feel sick. I am disappointed that this book was willingly published.

    Ann, your five paragraphs addressed what I believe to be the other horrendous part of the story so well that you have saved me from saying all of that myself; thank you! 😎 (I have been typing here for hours now and my hands are getting sore 😛 – but I would type it out if you hadn’t!) You made things very clear and were responsible toward your readers – which is something I cannot say of the book’s author. 😦 When I read that part of the book – and even now as I comment here – I believe it to be despicable that someone would have three little girls go down into a basement with someone who was creepily chasing them around the playground just minutes before!!!! No one else was around!!!! Authors need to THINK things through and write responsibly – especially if they expect children to read their books!

    I would not give this book to anyone I like – or to anyone I don’t like, for that matter! My recommendation is that the publisher pull the book from publication and either correct it or can it.

    Good recommend on the Krav Maga, Ann. 😎 Everyone should have some self-defense know-how. 😎 Callie

    • Yep, I remember you’ve been wanting to read my review of the book and now everyone also knows what you think about it. 😉

      Thank you for the compliments, Callie, about the review and all. 🙂 You know I’m a Stan fan, too! 🙂

      Nope, those definitely don’t apply to Nancy Drew characters.

      That’s a very good point about little girls pretending to be Nancy Drew and sleuthing.

      I’m sorry about how upset you are with the book – you clearly care very deeply and I respect your strong feelings very much.

      Thanks. Anyone interested in self-defense should check out Krav Maga. 😎 I agree. 🙂

  2. Hi!
    I haven’t read this book but I decided to read your review to see if you liked it or not.
    I’m shocked the writers would include that in the story! Both you and Callie are right. In my opinion, almost every girl who reads Nancy Drew books wishes she could solve a mystery too. But, just as you both said, if these books are geared toward younger readers, they need to be written carefully, in a way that would excite the reader, but not encourage younger children to put themselves in danger.
    What you said about self-defense is true. In the original books, George does know Judo, but Bess and Nancy don’t.(:

    • Hi Sassy! 🙂
      Really appreciate your eloquent comments/thoughts. 😎
      Yep, I really like self-defense stuff. 🙂 Thanks for the info on the originals. 🙂 I haven’t read all those yet – and you know I want to! – but the revised ones and some of the titles after those I have seen about martial arts in them. Like with George in #57 Triple Hoax and Nancy in #64 Captive Witness and #140 Door-to-Door Deception, etc. 😎

    • Thank you for your good and wise words, Sassy Sleuth. 🙂 I am glad you see it, too, and wish the book had been written in true Nancy Drew fashion. 😎 Callie

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