It Can Wait – Txting and Driving

If you ask someone “Would you like to be a superhero?”, most likely the person would say, “Definitely!”. Then you could ask why they’d like to be a superhero, and the other person would say so that they can help make the world a better place and save lives. There are actually many ways anyone can do that wherever they are because they have that power. One of those ways has to do with driving. So what am I referring to? Well, a driver affects many people – other drivers, passengers (either their own or others’), those walking along the sidewalk, etc.. And now you’re saying “Aaand?” It’s easy, really. A driver could potentially save a life or lives just by waiting to text. It’s tempting to just send a real quick message, just takes a couple seconds, but it can have deadly results. That quick text will take some of your attention and focus away from your driving – no matter how great a driver you are – and those seconds could destroy your life and/or others’ lives. 

By not texting while driving, you could actually save a life and/or lives. I’ve heard about some really awful, tragic accidents, where people were killed or paralyzed, that could have been avoided so easily. Yet because someone wasn’t paying attention to their driving like they should have been, some people’s family members never made it home or are paralyzed. The types of negligence by some drivers varies – texting, not paying attention because the driver’s focused on a conversation they’re having via Blue Tooth, alcohol, drugs, speeding, etc.. And there are so many innocent victims. I know a girl who sustained serious, life-altering injuries – she and her family, and everyone wishes they could change what happened, but they can’t. You can help keep these things from happening again.

So, if you drive, next time you’re tempted to text while driving, please use your power wisely and remember – “It can wait.” And everyone who’s a passenger has this ability to save lives also. If the person driving is texting or focused on their “hands-free-but-not-paying-attention-to-their-driving” phone conversation, ask them to please stop, because “It can wait.”

Even when the Hardys or Nancy are following bad guys, they know they have to be careful for others and also for their own safety, so they can survive to help fight evil and make the world a safer place. R U doing ur part? 🙂 

Thnx. 🙂 Thanks. 🙂

Good thing Frank wasn't texting or he wouldn't have had time to get out of the way.

Good thing Frank wasn’t texting or he wouldn’t have had time to get out of the way.


57 thoughts on “It Can Wait – Txting and Driving

  1. Well said, Ann, well said. 😎 Thank you for caring so much that you took the time and made the effort to write this post. Understanding your genuineness of character, I know that these are not just words of advice to others – they are words that you believe and follow in your own life. 😎 You made many good points. Thank you.

    I first became aware of the It Can Wait cause while watching an episode of “Arrow”. 😎 Not only was a commercial aired (appealing to drivers to please not text while driving), but also this message was artistically and powerfully featured in the “Arrow” episode that was premiering that night. 😎 It touched me deeply that the writers and other participants in that show care about others to the extent of communicating important life-saving information like this. This show is more than good entertainment for the viewers; it cares about viewers (and non-viewers) living another day and another and another…

    Good visual and caption with the Adventure cover, Ann; I agree with what you wrote about the Hardy brothers and Nancy in the paragraph before that, too. 🙂 Good job.

    I noticed your text lingo in this post’s title (leaving out the “e” in “texting”), in the body of your article, and your bilingual words of appreciation at the end there. 😉

    I hope you and yours – as well as the many who read and follow your blog – have a safe and good 4th! 😀 Happy Independence Day, U.S.A.! 😀 Callie

    • Thank you, Callie. 🙂 I feel it’s an important thing and all, so I really thought I should. Thank you, that’s really nice of you. 🙂 It’s something that everyone can get involved in to do the right thing and maybe save a life by telling others. Anyone who drives can keep from texting while driving and passengers can also encourage drivers not to text when driving. 😎 No problem. 🙂

      I love that also, with Arrow (Stephen Amell! :cool:) – I agree totally with you. I’d found out about it before seeing that episode of Arrow and like you said, they wove it into the story very well. Exactly, Callie, nicely said. 🙂

      Thank you! 🙂 You know I tend to think Hardy and Nancy related with many things. 😉

      Lol, “bilingual” – I guess it could be looked at as another language – that’s cool! 😎 This is actually the only time that Word Warrior (the awesome moderator and editor of my blog) will allow me to text talk on here! Not kidding! I mean, I can get away with an “idk” or a “jk” or “btw” once in a while, but that’s about it! 😛 I know it’s good practice not to do too much text talk online and some places don’t allow it, actually. Since I’ve got the go ahead to use some for the blog entry, I figure I can for the comments on this post (at least a little – don’t want to push my luck 2 much! :P) ttyl! 🙂 g2g! 🙂 Well, let’s see if Word Warrior edits this or not! 😛 😉

      Thanks, Callie, I echo that! 🙂 😎

      • You are welcome, Ann. 🙂 Yes, it is. Whether a person’s chosen mode of transportation is by automobile, horseback, motorcycle, bike, skateboard, roller skates, inline skates, on foot, sailing, flying, all terrain vehicle (ATV), jetpack, moped, or whatever the choice for getting from one place to another is, we should refrain from texting or anything else that distracts our vision. Not only can we prevent injury to others, but also to ourselves. 😎

        That is cool! 😀 Thank you, Ann. 🙂

        You are welcome. 🙂 Yeah! 😉 🙂

        😛 Yes, it is! 😛 It is nice to see complete words. 😎 It looks like Word Warrior has chosen to let you run wild with the text talk – at least on this post, anyway! 😛 😀

        You are welcome, Ann; that is cool. 🙂 Callie

        • Excellent, excellent points, Callie! 🙂

          🙂 You’re welcome and thank you so much for your very wise words. 🙂

          🙂 I wasn’t too sure if my comments would be edited by Word Warrior or not! 😛 And they weren’t – sweet! 😛 😉 😀 Dare I push it? 😛 Nope, better not. I don’t want to annoy Word Warrior! 😮 Hey, I understand Ashley Tisdale (Sharpay!) took the pledge to not text and drive – how cool is that? 😎 She’s a great actress. 😎


          • Thank you. 🙂

            It is probably best not to push it with your editor, Ann. 🙂

            That is very cool about Ashley Tisdale; I agree that she is a very good actress. 🙂 😎 Callie

            • You’re welcome, Callie. 🙂

              LOL! You know on Big Time Strike when Logan and James are in front of Rocque Records with the rhyming demands 😉 😛 and signs? Well, I really wanted to get a pic of right then or in Gustavo’s office with the sign “Pushing It”. 😉 😛 Hehehehe 😀

              Yep – true! 😀 😎

              • Yeah! 😀 I love that episode of “Big Time Rush”! 😛 😀 Yes, I know exactly to what you refer – in both instances! 😛 😀

                I have not seen tonight’s hour-length episode yet, but I am looking forward to it! 😀

                Did you see that cartoon one? I love the music romp cartoon style featuring “Song for You” – it is excellent! 😀 I enjoyed the Big Time Rush cartoon and the four scenes featuring the guys singing that great song! 😀 Two times in cartoon heart-shaped frames and twice with them doing the dance with the colorful cartoon background – it is so cool! 😀 Kendall, James, Logan, and Carlos are so much fun! 😀 I love watching their show; I can hardly wait for the next season to start! 😀 Callie

                • Knew you would! 😀 😎

                  Oh, yeah – another awesome episode! Love all of the songs on it! 😀 Of course! 😉

                  Big Time Cartoon is soooooooo cool! 😀 Hilarious and awesome! 😀 “Song for You” is another favorite song that I loved as soon as I heard it! Not sure how many times I’ve listened to it – a lot! 😀 I totally agree with you and I love the way you described the cartoon! 🙂

                  • 😀 😎

                    Yeah! 😀 Excellent! 😀

                    I love their music! 😀 Big Time Rush = big time talented! 😎 Those guys are great actors; they are so much fun to watch! 😀 Thank you, Ann. 🙂 Callie

                    • 😀 Me, too! 😀 “We Are” – that song is awesome. 😎 Yep, exactly – big time! 😀 You’re welcome, Callie. 🙂

  2. An important point, very well made! 😎 🙂

    Ann, Callie… I hope both of you are doing great. 🙂

  3. Very nice- I like this. And yes- a great reminder to everyone that some messages can just wait.

  4. There was not an option or replying on our conversation above, Ann; there must be a limit on that. I have something to say – besides verifying that we agree on Big Time Rush 😉 – so I decided to just start a new comment post here. 🙂

    “We Are” is an excellent, artistic song with amazing vocals! 😀 Kendall pulls the heart strings with those clear, perfect notes! 😎 Each of the guys of Big Time Rush have wonderful voices; they have been greatly blessed. 😎 I am glad that they compose and sing such excellent music! 😀 Callie

    • Yep, must have reached it. Perfectly cool! 😀

      YES! 😀 Exactly what you beautifully said – everything – so true! 😎 I listen to “We Are” over and over – just wow! 😎 They all really have great voices! 😎

      • 😀

        😀 Thank you! 🙂 Yes – wow! 😀 Agreed! 😀

        Big Time Rush’s DVD, “Elevation”, is due out next week! 😀 I look forward to the 6th; I am hoping to get the DVD on that first day of availability! 😉 😀 😎 😀 I am excited about it! 😀 Callie

        • You’re welcome. 🙂 They sound great live in concert, too – so cool! 😀

          I didn’t expect it to be a week until I replied! 😯 Yep, it’s available now! 🙂 Sweet! 😀

          • That is true; they don’t have to rely on studio work to sound good. 😎 They have genuine musical talent. 😎

            That is okay, Ann. 🙂 Yes!!!! 😀 Callie

            • They really are blessed with much talent – and gorgeous! 😎 “We Are” is going through my head right now – love it! 😀 What one are you listening to? What happens to me, if someone mentions a song I know, that one starts going through my head. 😛 I’m hoping to play “We Are” on the piano. 🙂

              Thanks so much for understanding, Callie – I feel bad though when it’s a while. 😮

              • Yeah! 😀 That is cool, Ann. 🙂 Big Time Rush’s “Amazing” has been going through my “inner stereo” most of the day. 😉 🙂 You must be very glad then that the song I am hearing is a good one! 😛 🙂 Oh! That is very cool, Ann! 😎

                You are welcome; you need not feel that way. 🙂 Callie

  5. Callie said: “Cool! 😎 Thank you, Ann. 🙂 I thought you would be. 🙂 You are welcome, Ann. 🙂 Callie”

    Yep – extremely grateful – for some reason I like hearing good music in my head. 😉 😛 Good music like BTR! 😀

    • Really?! 😮 😛 I like hearing good music, too! 😀 When I turn on the radio, it often seems like bad music is what the stations seem to think we want to hear! 😮 😛 Big Time Rush has excellent music and should get more radio play than they do. I have their albums, but it is still so cool to hear great songs like theirs anytime the radio is on! 😎 Callie

      • Yep – it’s a fact! 😛 Cool (somehow I figured that ;))! 😀 😎 And those who think that are WRONG! 😉 I definitely agree! You should request the songs you want to hear from the radio stations you listen to, Callie. Ask them to play BTR. 🙂 Me, too – it comes from liking good music as we’ve mentioned. 🙂 I like changing channels/stations – we’ve got quite a few to choose from and sometimes the same song (and not usually a good one) is playing on more than one! 😯 And there are a number of artists and songs I really like! 🙂

        Btw, I was watching BTR’s 24/Seven video earlier and that’s going through my head. Love it! 😀

        • 😀 Yeah! I need to do that; there are several stations I flip to to hear if they have a good song playing so I will probably contact each of them. To get me to be a regular listener, they are going to need to play good stuff like Big Time Rush (it would also be nice if they would cut down on some of the bilge the stations are playing – I cut a station from my preset list and don’t stop by there anymore because of the despicable stuff they had on there). I know what you mean! 😮 😛 😉 Yes – with a good, long list of songs and artists that you like, you really should get to hear them more often on the radio, Ann.

          Cool! 😀 That is a great video and a great song! 😀 An upbeat song like that helps make every day a holiday – 24/Seven! 😉 😀 Callie

          • Yep, you should! 😎 Awesome – hope they play them! 🙂 Exactly!!!! 😎 Not everyone has good songs like BTR. I don’t mind the stations playing the same song as long as it’s a good one. 😀 My opinion as well! 😀

            Definitely! 😀 I love the song and video! 😀 Also love “Na Na Na” – listening to that a lot, too. 😀 Ok, so I’m working on mentioning like every song on 24/Seven! 😉

            • 😎 Yeah! 🙂 Excellent points, Ann! 😀 😛 – I would not mind the one song repeat (only a slight exaggeration on the number – I once counted up a grand total of nine different songs a station was choosing to play repeatedly! 😮 ) as long as it is a good one! 😀 Cool! 😎

              😀 They are so good! 😀 Yeah! Love it! 😀 Yes, but the conversation IS about good music! 😉 🙂 Name on! 😎 Here is another: “Amazing”! Beautiful. 😎 Callie

              • 🙂 Thanks, Callie! 🙂 LOL! 😀 True true! 😎 Like a song by BTR! 😀

                Definitely! 😀 Yep, got the Carlos FIO quote “Love it” and that he wrote “Na Na Na” – excellent, Callie! 🙂 That’s right! 😀 Oh, “Amazing” is exactly what the title says – amazing. 😎 Yep, beautiful. 🙂

  6. Great post, Ann! 😎 Well said all of the way through. 😎 The comments afterwards have a lot of wisdom & good sense also. 🙂 I like it that the Big Time Rush conversation is keeping this important post active. 🙂 That’s another good thing. 😎

    Big Time Rush – Carlos, James, Kendall, & Logan (I put their names down alphabetically because I love them all & appreciate them each so much that if I try to write them any other way, I feel like I’m giving the first spot to one and not giving as good of a spot to the other 3. I know that seems silly 😛 , but at least my heart’s in the right place! 😉 🙂 ) – they are a group their fans can be proud of! 😀 😎 I sure am! 😀 😎

    Naming songs from their newest album, “24/Seven” – “Confetti Falling”!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎

    I’d love to get their DVD, “Elevation”, but it’s doing so well that it’s been backordered in stores & online! 😀 Even though I haven’t gotten to get that very cool DVD myself yet, I’m so happy for those who have gotten it 😀 & I’m also very happy for Big Time Rush! 😀

    Appreciating the good things,

    • Thanks so much, Lily! 🙂 Plenty of smart talk, as James Diamond would say ;), by smart commenters on here. 😀 Yep, love BTR! 😀

      I understand – it’s not silly at all. 🙂 Your heart’s definitely in the right place, Lily. 😎 True – me, too! 😎

      Ooh, love that one, also! 😀 “Feels like confetti falling” – I love that in “Big Time Cameo”. 😀

      That’s great it’s backordered – hopefully they’ll get them in soon! 🙂 Yep! 🙂

  7. Have you seen Stephen Amell’s commercial for It Can Wait? He did really good! 🙂 I am looking forward to the start of the second season next week; he does an excellent job as “Arrow”! 😎 Callie

  8. I was watching Ryan Beatty’s cool video for his song “Hey, L.A.”; at the close the camera focused in on the bumpersticker. Can you guess what it was? 😉 Yes! 😀 “IT CAN WAIT” – cool! 😀 I liked seeing that. 😎 It’s a great video & Ryan has a very good voice and style. 😀 Callie

      • Cool, Hardy Sleuth! 😎 He has a couple of EPs, a single, and is also featured on a special album of various artists. Besides “Hey, L.A.”, you would probably enjoy these songs especially: “Every Little Thing”, “Like Me or Not”, “Simple Song” and “Give Myself A Try” (this song encourages confidence and not giving up). 🙂 Callie

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