Into Thin Air Cover Art!

Check out the awesomely cool cover for Hardy Boys Adventures #4 Into Thin Air! 😀 😎 Another great cover for the series! 😀 You can see the serious expressions on the brothers’ faces from the collision with the truck, plus the sparks from the hit and even the reflections on the wet road! Super action! 😀

Hardy Boys Adventures #4 Into Thin Air by Franklin W. Dixon

Available 22nd of Oct. 🙂 Synopsis for the book, of course, was already revealed @ Amazon.


15 thoughts on “Into Thin Air Cover Art!

  1. Thanks, Ann! 🙂

    Wow! 😀 What great artistry! 😎 The colors, shading, reflections, and other detailings are great! 🙂 Although I am not always solidly impressed with the story inside of the Adventures books, I am very pleased with the artistic abilities of the artists for the outside of the books. This cover even looks great in black and white! 😎 The lights on the car, the sizzle of the sparks flying from the sideswipe, the shadows and reflections on the wet road – great stuff! 😀 The trees and clouds are expertly depicted. 😎 This cover is so well done that it very nearly looks like a photograph! 🙂 Beautiful work. 😎 Callie

  2. You’re welcome, Callie! 🙂

    I definitely agree! 😎 I’m really impressed with it. 🙂 I’m very glad that Simon and Schuster has such talented artists for the series. 😎

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