Hardy Boys Graphic Novel #1 The Ocean of Osyria – My Review

My reviews on this blog for Papercutz graphic novels had to start with the Hardys! 😀 No secret that they’re my favorites of all graphic novels by any publisher anywhere! 😀 Frank and Joe Hardy solving mysteries and fighting bad guys in graphic novels – awesome! 😎

The story starts with the brothers working hard to rescue a horse that had been kidnapped and put into danger by animal rights activists. The horse, Jackpot, is so spooked that he nearly tramples Frank and Joe, who are trying to help him. The action is already jumping off the pages and you’re into the story, right there with the Hardy brothers as they race to stop a panicked Jackpot, who is going right through a field toward traffic. Scary enough for people on roads, let alone a horse!

You see Joe’s personality and Frank’s personality shine as they push the danger to themselves aside, working together to rescue Jackpot. The thrilling action and well-placed humor is so enjoyable! 😎 And you can see that they are getting very close to dangerous traffic – the tension is palpable. Joe takes a daring risk….very scary!!!!!

The dialogue is great between the brothers and the action – wow! 😀 And this is only the first chapter!!! 😎

I love Fenton and his sons talking and helping each other. 😎 I love also that Laura knows about the adventure, because she would. 😎 The family love and closeness is easily seen in this story and is an essential part of any good Hardy Boys’ book. 🙂 😎

And the great sleuthing is Hardy level throughout the book – that means it reflects their intelligence and shows that they are excellent, observant detectives. That’s also very important. 😎

Another very important factor – Frank and Callie. Joe and Iola. 😎 These characters are all featured in this book. 🙂 Frank and Callie are in class, and he was so focused on her then he almost missed answering the teacher’s question when called on! But he gets it answered in time. 🙂 Frank and Callie both blush. I love that scene. 😀

Joe’s inspiring words and attitude in gym are so Hardy-like. 😎 “Nobody ever won a game because they gave up trying.” So very true and smart, Joe, and I know you mean that about life, too. 🙂 😎

Chet, after innocently bidding online for some comic books, is in seriously big trouble – as in falsely accused by authorities – and arrested. The Hardys have their work cut out for them to clear Chet’s name and find the actual guilty party, along with recovering the stolen necklace, the Ocean of Osyria. Chet makes good sense in his defense. Frank, Joe, Callie, and his sister, Iola, all know he is innocent and they’re determined to face danger and go wherever it takes to prove it. 😎 Even if it means the brothers have to dodge bullets because agents are after them to stop them from figuring out everything going on. But the Hardys aren’t quitters. 😎 And that is how they end up in the Middle East.

Fun trivia: In this book you can find out Chet’s password – which is his favorite food! 😀

Now, if you thought the first half of the book was exciting – because it was! – hang on for the second half!!! 😎 Whoa! 😀 I’m not kidding, talk about action-packed!! 😎 Also, starting in the middle, Iola is written in character; I like that. 😎

When the agents are complaining because they’ve been looking for Frank and Joe and were unable to find them – those scenes are priceless! 😎

Frank and Callie, Joe and Iola take a flight to Osyria, worried about Chet, but doing their best to fix everything. 😎 Once there, the brothers sleuth and find the bad guys….slight problem, though – the bad guys find Frank and Joe! 😦

It’s so difficult deciding how much to put in a review without giving everything away. Let’s just say that all of the scenes when they are on the road, escaping to freedom and the following scenes are excellent and exciting while in Osyria!! 😀 😎 You don’t get a chance to catch your breath much, either! 😉 The teamwork is great! 😀

And then they take a flight to France, courtesy of Frank Hardy’s genius, necessary to recovering the necklace. 😎 And there’s an exciting costume ball where the Ocean of Osyria is secretly being auctioned off!! 😎 Party crashin’ time! 😉

Oh, I really like when Iola had just gotten done encouraging Chet over the phone and Chet knowing they wouldn’t let him down. 😎 See what I mean? All this good stuff in one graphic novel! 😎 Like Joe Hardy’s brave daring! 😎 The bad guys are shooting at them and the action is great! 😎

The dangerous showdown between the Hardy brothers and the bad guys ends up at the Eiffel Tower. Intense moments, let me tell you!!!

Plenty of action, danger, and humor in this, as well as some nice touching moments that are smooth and good. 😎

I like what Callie says : “with hard work and determination on the part of others, innocent people ultimately go free.” 😎

And note to Chet, that “rare bobblehead” – you know what to do with it. 😛 😉

I’ve read this graphic novel quite a few times and I so love the brothers, their teamwork, including the teamwork with their girlfriends, clearing Chet’s name, the courage, the action, the great lines – is there any doubt I love Frank and Joe and the excellent stories about them? 😀 😎


19 thoughts on “Hardy Boys Graphic Novel #1 The Ocean of Osyria – My Review

  1. No doubt about it, Ann! 😉 😀

    Wow! What a great review! You did an excellent job of giving glimpses of the book without spoiling the mystery of it. 😎 It makes everyone reading your review want to go get the book and read its exciting pages for themselves – which is exactly what I am going to go do! 😀 Thanks! 🙂 Callie

    • 😀 😎 😀

      Thank you, Callie – glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 Happy to hear that, because it’s difficult deciding how much to say! 😛 Awesome! 🙂

      • You are welcome, Ann. 🙂 You do an excellent job of it! 😎

        Guess what I have and am planning to read? 😉 Callie

        • 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

          Oh!!! 😀 Oh, wait, I’ve got this, don’t tell me, don’t tell me….ok, tell me, lol! 😛 😉 Could it possibly be The Ocean of Osyria? 🙂 Perhaps? 🙂 😉 Happy reading! 😉 🙂

  2. Fun! 😎 I loved reading your review of the book, “The Ocean of Osyria”! 😀 Reading it was kind of like reading the book again! 😎 🙂 I agree with everything you have said! 🙂 I also loved that exciting ‘horse’ chapter, which showed the boys’ personalities and the relationship they share very nicely! Like, how much Joe trust his brother considering the daring risk he took! 😮

    Oh, yeah, wasn’t everyone just great in that ‘family’ chapter! 😀 Loved Fenton and Laura in their small scenes! 😎

    I was glad to see that Chet, Iola and Callie are also in the story! And, of course, it was even better that they were totally involved! 😀 Good teamwork, surely! 😎 🙂

    Yes, great sleuthing on Hardys part! They gave the agents the run for their money! 😮 😉 😛 Right, the agents were quite interesting. 😛 🙂

    There are many lovely little moments in this story, showing what they are for each other – Sweet! I love that! 🙂 Lot of good humour! Plenty of action! They face many exciting and dangerous situations, first in Bayport and then in Osyria and France! It is like you said, Ann – “all this good stuff in one graphic novel! :cool:” 🙂

    I hope you enjoy reading it, Callie! 🙂

    • Oh, I am, Ritu, I am! 😀 Thanks. 🙂

      Only a few moments ago I finished reading chapter one. It is excellent! 😀 I love the coloring, the layout, the writing, the lettering, the Hardy brothers rescuing the horse from ignorant animal rights activists (who did not think about what was best for the horse), the action, the humor – wow, this is a great book! 😀 😎 I love it already! 😀 I am going to have to go read that again and take more time to admire the art 🙂 and I still have the rest of the book ahead of me! 🙂 This is great! 😀 Thank you to Ann and also to the Papercutz gang! 😀 Callie

    • Cool! 😀 Thank you, Ritu! 🙂 I’m glad! 😀 Yep, awesome stuff. 🙂 Trust is essential! 😎

      Absolutely! 😎 The family love and closeness is beautiful. 🙂

      Me, too! 😀 That teamwork’s really great – I love it when the mysteries have all of them there and working together! 🙂 I so agree! 😀

      Yep! 😀 Lol, they sure did! 😉 That part when the agents are looking for them, right after the scene of the agents talking – that was just perfect! 😀 😎

      I really enjoyed all the many good things in The Ocean of Osyria! 😀 😎 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed it so much, too, Ritu! 🙂

  3. I finished reading Hardy Boys graphic novel #1! 🙂 It is really something to see Frank and Joe as comic book characters! 😎 It was fun and exciting to see them in action on the high quality paper pages that gives it the title of graphic novel rather than comic book. 🙂

    Ann, thank you for bringing this book series to my attention. 🙂 Your review was great to read and so was the book! 😀 Your blog is a fun place to be. 😎

    Ritu, I enjoyed reading your comments, too. 🙂 You and Ann were right when you said how good this book is. 😎 I know I will enjoy reading it again many times! 😀


  4. Great review, Ann! 😀 😎 You were very thorough – & correct! 😀 😎 – in your review, yet you kept plentiful details to yourself so the readers can discover it for themelves when they read it! 😎 I read this book & I know, too, how action-packed it is! 😎

    Appreciating the good things,

      • You’re welcome! 😀 Yeah 🙂 – it’s fun! 😀 Yep! 😎 😀

        I like the one picture cell where, in the background, you can see someone gazing into the book shop the main characters were walking by. 😎 Joe’s reflection in the brass doorknob is a nice, artistic touch. 😎

        That was really cool that the author had a drive-in movie in the story. 😎 I like that. 😎

        I love the teamwork of the brothers and their girlfriends in this mystery adventure that spans two continents/three countries. 😎

        Appreciating the good things,

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