Mystery of the Phantom Heist – My Review

My review for Hardy Boys Adventure #2 Mystery of the Phantom Heist begins…. 😀 now! 😀

Iola and Chet are in the book! 😀 😎 So happy to see them! 🙂 Iola is described as fearless like Joe – that’s true. 😎 The Morton siblings helped the Hardy bros throughout the book and really added to the story. 😎

I’m keeping a list of all of the Hardy Boys book characters who show up in this new series. 🙂 I already knew from reading the first chapter that Chet would be in the book and I was hoping to see Iola, also! 🙂 The Hardys, Chet, and Iola, along with Callie, Phil, Biff, and Tony are all in the Secret Files. That series has been alluded to several times in the first two books of the Hardy Boys Adventures. In both series, their aunt lives in an apartment over the garage and the Hardy Boys Adventures also mentioned that Frank and Joe have been sleuthing since they were kids (like in the Secret Files). So I’m hoping Callie, Phil, Biff, and Tony will also be showing up. 🙂

There were several things I liked about the first book and also about the second one. I was really glad to see, after the brothers bravely faced the threat of being sent away, not letting that stop them, they can now sleuth and not get sent to that creepy place. Uncle Ben wasn’t mentioned, but I’m figuring he helped free his nephews from that threat. 😎 So now they can more freely do what they do so well – stop the criminals! 😎

Another thing I really loved in this book – Fenton and Laura know about the brothers sleuthing and that makes sense because they are a close family. 😎 And even though Fenton is still writing on his book, in the Mystery of the Phantom Heist, it says he also continues to fight crime! Yes! 😀 😎

I love that the brothers stood up for Chet when mean girl, Lindsay, was, well, mean. She was consistently nauseating throughout the book and I was so glad to see that the author didn’t write Frank, Joe, Chet, and Iola as impressed by Lindsay’s obnoxiousness at any time, because they certainly wouldn’t be impressed. That was a really important aspect of the book to me. I can’t stand it when characters are written out of character. And I also can’t stand it when people think that power and money make it ok to be rude jerks. So yes, that meant a lot that the characters were written correctly about that. 😎

Bayport High School colors – green and gold in both books of the Hardy Boys Adventures, specified as dark green in Mystery of the Phantom Heist.

One fellow student from BHS, named Tony (no, not our Tony Prito) Riley (no, didn’t say he was related to Con Riley), was being harassed at his waiter job by some jerks, but he didn’t say anything. However, our Joe didn’t keep quiet. 😀 I enjoyed that. 😀

Frank is a senior and has a secondhand sedan. The brothers had a car in Secret of the Red Arrow.

Laura is in real estate in both books of the Hardy Boys Adventures.

The brothers actually already have smartphones, unlike what this adventure said. 😎

Sounds like both brothers can operate a boat, like in the Mystery stories. 😎

Aunt Trudy (Gertrude) is cool, smart-mouth, a great cook, and great at gardening. 😎

Fenton was going to be grilling steaks for dinner, but Frank and Joe wouldn’t be back in time since they were busy with the case. Joe was hungry and said about steak for a stakeout – lol, that was cute and funny. 😀

Mean girl Lindsay’s party was at the Bayport Bijou and the Hardy brothers and Chet were ready to stop the heist. 😎 They were undercover in togas as part of the catering service. 😀

There was one instance of lying that really could have been avoided so easily, smoothly, and coolly.

Chet did a great job with timing and it shows his good character that he helped take down the villains, even after how he was treated by Lindsay.

I think Joe summed it up very well, saying that they: “battled an army of gladiators with nothing but torches and karate kicks”.

Now that is cool. 😀 😎


2 thoughts on “Mystery of the Phantom Heist – My Review

  1. Another excellent review, Ann! 😀 You pay close attention to the details. 😎 I, too, noticed the areas that were an improvement over the first book, like Chet and Iola being in the book and the Hardys being more free to sleuth. 😀 Like you, I hope to see Callie, Phil, Tony, and Biff included in future publications. 😀

    Sometimes this book, like the second half of book one, did not attain the true Hardy level in character and sleuthing, in my opinion. There is still room for improvement in this series and after reading the preview for book three at the conclusion of this book, I think I will probably have to wait for book four, Into Thin Air, to see a more Hardy-like publication. Callie

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