Secret of the Red Arrow – My Review

Ok, here’s what I thought of Secret of the Red Arrow. 🙂 I liked reading the first book of a new series right when it came out! 🙂 I read the book with a sib of mine and we grabbed some time whenever we could to check out Hardy Boys Adventures #1. 😀

So what did we find out about the Secret of the Red Arrow? The Hardy brothers continue to have their strong sense of justice and stopping evil. 😎 Along with their awesome teamwork and looking out for each other. In the first eight chapters of the book, there are some really good, particularly intense scenes. Plus, good wit and humor during the often very serious mystery taking place. 😎 That’s important. 😎

Love this sentence of Joe’s: “Not that they would stop us.” It shows the Hardys’ determination and dedication and bravery so essential to doing the right thing at the risk of being murdered and the risk of being falsely and unjustly locked up for doing the right thing….it has happened before to innocent people in real life. That kind of thing goes on even today. 😦 So this element is actually very VERY scary (the awful place should be shut down!). The Hardys have to keep it a secret that they are sleuthing, fighting crime, detecting, which they excel at. They want to help people, willing to take these risks, and this is the thanks they get? Real life and scary. Clearly those in the story who are helping out the criminals the Hardys have stopped are haters of justice and are on the side of evil. The agreement to avoid the threat of being sent away is called “the Deal”.

Cyberbullying is also stood up to in the book – love Frank and Joe taking a stand. The Diller character is a dangerous dork who, for the sake of his “art” will do stupid things and put others in very real and serious dilemmas. Diller trying to call something a prank or a joke doesn’t change the fact that crimes were committed, that could have had deadly consequences. I’m glad that the Hardys were there to stop the crimes. 😎 Preventing crimes, including murder, is always preferable to solving the crime afterwards and prevention should always be the main focus.

I was pleased to see that, like in the Hardy Boys Mystery books, they live in New York. 🙂

New interesting Hardy character award goes to: Ben Hardy – Fenton’s brother who is a tax lawyer out of Hartford, Connecticut, where he is working on taking care of the legalities concerning the unfair, unjust, and stupid lawsuits against the brave Hardys who are willing to do what is right, no matter the odds or risks. 😎 Uncle Ben Hardy has only been mentioned so far. 🙂 Should be interesting. 🙂

The first eight chapters have a very good writing style to them so that you can easily picture what is happening, with a good flow to the story. And I’m really impressed with the early twist! 😉 Did NOT see that coming! Nicely done! 😀 So there are really good parts in the book that I will want to read again. 🙂

After reading the whole thing, it really seems that there was one author writing the first part and yet a different author at least by the 9th chapter.

There’s a typo in the book by not having Marine capitalized, yet “Earth” and “Sun” were capitalized in a sentence.

Partway into the fourth chapter, one of Joe’s chapters in first person, Joe is speaking but then there was an accidental switch to Frank and then back to Joe and then to Frank again and then it was finally back to Joe by the end of the fourth chapter.

In the first eight chapters of the book, which was good, it was noted that Frank and Joe had worked with their dad on cases. You’ve been introduced to “the Deal” in this book, but there is something I call “the Mistake” that I hope doesn’t continue. Suddenly in chapter nine it became not-Hardy-like – saying they hadn’t worked with their dad on their cases, never asked for advice or help. Well-established Hardy facts refute this. One of the things I really love about the Hardy Boys books, is that father and sons work together. That is cool. They are a close family. 😎 Laura and Gertrude get involved with the mysteries, too, in the Hardy Boys Mystery books (1927-2005). 😎 Plus, as great detectives, Frank and Joe wouldn’t fail to recognize such an excellent resource for help as their Dad! 😎

There was some lying that could have easily been avoided – unnecessary and not cool.

The brothers’ girlfriends, Callie and Iola, along with friends Chet, Phil, Biff, and Tony weren’t in the book. 😦 Chet is in Mystery of the Phantom Heist and I’m hoping to see all of them in the series and written right. 🙂 Have only read the first chapter of the second book so far….

Another error – Principal Gorse’s first name is Hank early on in the book but then it’s Simon in the second half of the book. Plus, at the storage container where he said he made his phone calls at, just a short time later there was no reception there. Unless he has a cell phone jammer. Not sure about the deal with that (not referring to the “Deal”, just saying).

Chief Collig isn’t in the book, instead there’s Chief Gomez. While Chief Gomez is nice and likable, I just don’t understand replacing an established character. And Con Riley hasn’t shown up yet but he might. I would have liked to have seen him, but I wouldn’t have wanted them to write him like Officer Olaf.

One good thing at the end of the book was Frank crumbling up the note from the Red Arrow and sending a message that the Hardys wouldn’t be intimidated. 😎

The Hardys need to pull a Green Arrow and tell the Red Arrow: “You have failed Bayport City.” 😀 😎 Thwiiiip!!! Send an arrow flying real close and scare the Red Arrow! 😀

Bottom line – I’m glad there are characters like Frank and Joe Hardy who fight for justice no matter the odds stacked against them. That’s awesome and I’m glad there are those in real life who also make a difference and do everything they can to right the wrongs in the world, despite the odds. Interesting question to ask yourself – when you see something wrong do you respond like many of the residents in the book, with cowering fear and letting the bad people continue by doing nothing or caving in and actually doing their bidding? Or do you stand up for the right things even at personal cost? People have been pushed into ignoring wrong in the past as history clearly shows. Even people who aren’t normally evil. Some even become part of the evil they fear, justifying their actions in the name of self-preservation. And some brave souls are willing, like Frank and Joe in Secret of the Red Arrow, to take an underappreciated stand against evil while they and their family are being threatened. Each person who takes a stand is doing something.

As Frank said at the beginning of the book – “It’s funny to think about having enemies. Not funny ha-ha. Funny strange.”

I agree, Mr. Hardy. 🙂 😎 Thank you for not letting enemies scare you and your brother away. 😎


4 thoughts on “Secret of the Red Arrow – My Review

  1. Excellent review, Ann! 😀 If I had not already purchased the book I would go do that right now! 😉 😎 You mentioned many of the things I also saw when I read the book on its release day. (I purchased it moments after it became available. 😉 I love my Kindle! :D)

    That twist you mentioned was unexpected indeed! The author must be proud of that. 😀 I was enjoying the well-designed and well-told mystery for a good while…and then chapter nine happened. 😦 That first paragraph was, in my opinion, as true as a pile of manure is sweet! I did not like that at all. I do not believe that it was written by the same person as the first part of the book was either. The writing plummeted into a mess, I think, and there is more evidence of this theory that there were two authors. The synopsis for the book said that Seth Diller was trying to do something to help his brother, a Marine, but that was never addressed in the book. Also, that wonderful cover art fit with the first half of the writing, but that scene came in the last part of the book – and the author of that half of the book described it incorrectly (in two contradicting ways, no less). I wonder if the first half author was not able to finish writing the book for some reason or if the publisher decided to have the second half rewritten by someone else…or if the author wrote it all and just had a few bad writing days?

    Another thing I cannot ignore: the brother sleuths were in the high school lunchroom several times…yet they never sat with their girlfriends and friends. I thought that was very strange. Maybe the author was just too focused on the brothers’ plight to remember they have friends? One of the great things about the Hardy Boys books are the presence and help of their girls and pals – like in The Mark of the Blue Tattoo. Why not in this book? Where are Callie, Iola, Chet, Phil, Tony, and Biff? They are important and beloved characters (they are our friends, too) and the books are sad without them. Frank and Joe deserve to have their girlfriends and friends with them. I hope these great characters will be included in future books, because readers miss them almost as much as the brother sleuths do! 😉 🙂

    I enjoyed the many good things this book had to offer. 🙂 I hope there will be more good things in future publications. 😎 Callie

    • Thank you, Callie! 😀 Glad you liked it! 🙂 That’s very cool! 😀 😎 And you didn’t have to wait for a bookstore to open since you have a Kindle! 😉 😎

      Yep, with that twist, I was like – “Whoa!” 😉 😀 I expect so! 😀 Lol, good way to say that “and then chapter nine happened”! 😛

      Lol, I love the way you put things, Callie! 😛 Yep, so clearly not true. 😉 Sure seems like two different styles. Good point about the synopsis and story with Diller and his brother – nice catch. I definitely think you make excellent points. I noticed about the cover art, too – which is excellently painted. 😎 Good questions/theories. 🙂

      Same here, every time they were in the cafeteria, I was expecting Callie, Iola, Chet, Phil, Biff, and Tony to show up any second! Yep, that’s possible. The Secret Files have been alluded to already in the Hardy Boys Adventures and they’ve all been in that series. 😎 🙂 I totally agree with you, Callie. 🙂 Like you said, the brothers and readers miss them! 😉 Eloquently said! 😎

      Me, too, plenty of stuff that is good. 😎 Yep! 😀 😎 I’ve got the Mystery of the Phantom Heist review just about ready – I’ll be posting it today. 🙂

      • You are welcome, Ann. 🙂

        Thank you. 🙂

        Yes, it was up when I got here. 😎 I really enjoy reading your reviews, Ann. 🙂 You are honest, fun, and Hardy-minded. 😎 😀 Callie

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