Find the Secret – Escape the Curse!

Hardy Boys Adventures and Nancy Drew Diaries countdown continues! 😀 On Feb. 5th we’ll be able to sleuth and find out the Secret of the Red Arrow and escape danger, foil the Curse of the Arctic Star, discover the Mystery of the Phantom Heist, and determine the identities of the Strangers on a Train. 😎  But before that you should go ahead and solve these mysteries:

~ Do you pre-order the books?

~ Do you plan to read both the Hardy books and then the Nancys’ or one of each or the Nancy ones first and then the Hardys?

~ Do you buy paperback, hardcover, or eBook?

~ Or do you get them from the library and are you already on the waiting list for them there? 

Keep up with the countdown by checking out the widget I posted for the countdown to the Adventures and Diaries. 🙂 


13 thoughts on “Find the Secret – Escape the Curse!

  1. This blog is so much fun! 😀 It is so up-to-date, informative and accurate. 😎 The sentence you wrote including all four titles to be released in two and a half weeks is brilliantly creative, Ann! 😀

    I like your list of mysteries to solve. 🙂 I am working on the two in the middle. 😎 I will probably read the first book in each series, starting with The Hardy Boys Adventures, then read the second book in each series, starting with the Nancy Drew Diaries. 🙂 After I see a sample of the writing to determine whether or not these series are traditionally sound, I would like to get all three formats that are available. 😀 So that mystery will have to wait until I see the evidence. 😉

    I saw the countdown widget! 😀 It is a good idea to have that. It looks crisp and clear. 😎 Only nineteen more days!!!! 😀 Callie

    • 🙂 Thank you so much, Callie! 🙂 Where’s the blushy smilie when you need it? 😛

      I thought it would be fun to think about. 😀 Your plan of what ones to read first sounds good – makes sense and is fair 😎 I’m so curious about both series. I was thinking about reading the two Hardy Boys Adventures first and then the two Nancy Drew Diaries. I love what you said about needing to see the evidence first before solving that mystery – very clever – and true! 😀

      Thank you! 😀 Getting closer!!! 😀 😎

      • You are welcome, Ann; you earned the compliments. 🙂

        It is. 🙂 Thank you.

        You are welcome. Yes, and I am still looking forward to the Hardy Boys Adventures. 😎

        I had hoped that the other newest series, Nancy Drew Diaries, was going to be patterned after the real Nancy Drew series, The Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. If the newest series was good, I wanted to buy each book in all three formats. However, having read the first dozen or so paragraphs of the first chapter of the first book, Curse of the Arctic Star, on the Simon and Schuster website, I now know what I am going to do…

        I am NOT buying them in hardback. I am NOT buying them in paperback. And I am NOT buying them in eBook. I would, without hesitation, adamantly turn down an offer to receive a free copy.

        I made these decisions because, in my opinion:

        1. The real Nancy Drew is not in this book.

        2. The real Bess Marvin is not in this book.

        3. The real George Fayne is not in this book.

        4. The writing is unimpressive.

        5. The content is incorrect and indecent and inappropriate.

        I believe that this newest series will actually drive up the sales of The Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, because everybody who wants to read a good Nancy Drew mystery will probably be just as turned off by this newest series as I am. For anyone who has not yet had the pleasure of reading The Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, I highly recommend getting the six volume starter set. 😀 Callie

        • Thank you, Callie. 🙂

          You’re welcome. 🙂

          Me, too. 😎 The first chapter of Secret of the Red Arrow should be on the SImon and Schuster site anytime now.

          I had hoped so, too. But now, after what I read from chapter one of Curse of the Arctic Star, my enthusiasm has been extinguished. Owow, this is disappointing – I’m so sorry, Callie, I know how much you were looking forward to the Diaries! 😦 I agree with your opinion. 😦

          I have no problem with first person, I think that can be really good when written right (the characters have to sound like themselves for it to be cool). And while I personally love technology and I don’t think there was too much in the Girl Detective series, I think the real George (referring to the real characters like you did :)), is more interested in enjoying the outdoors, than glued to her laptop, so that is a carryover mischaracterization from the previous series. But I could overlook that error, so that isn’t the main problem.

          I did giggle at “Bess” calling the luxury liner a boat, lol.

          Very interesting info I found today on the Google Books page for Curse of the Arctic Star. Under “Bibliographic Information” it says “Title Curse of the Arctic Star Nancy Drew Diaries Volume 48 of Nancy Drew (All New) Girl Detective”.

          I wish the writers would read the excellent books of the core, essential series – they’re available and as I can say personally and from family and friends – they are read and enjoyed right now in the 21st century! 🙂 Maybe if the writers do read the real ones, the Diaries will get better in the upcoming books….

          I think you’re absolutely correct, Callie. 😎 Your suggestion to read the starter set is an excellent one and also it is such a deal, too, because if a person bought the first two Diaries in hardcover, even on sale that would cost more than six hardcovers of the real series!!! 😀

          • That is good! 🙂

            Thank you for being so understanding and thoughtful, Ann. I wish they had not disappointed us so. 😦

            I agree with you. 😎

            *gasp* Why, those stinkers!!

            You are right, Ann.

            🙂 Thank you. That is an excellent point! Six good books with money left over to buy the fixings for some nice hot chocolate to sip while enjoying the great mystery adventures…or two books that fail to meet the standards of a good story…how easy to choose between those two options! That is what I think. Callie

            • Yep! 😀

              No problem. 🙂 Same here. 😦

              😎 🙂

              Lol! 😛


              🙂 You’re welcome. 🙂 Thanks! 😀 Now that sounds excellent and delicious reading a mystery and drinking hot chocolate!!! 😀 😎 🙂 And you think correctly! 🙂

  2. 😛 Hey, Ann, do you see what I see? 🙂 You did a very witty title for this post 😎 – & I believe it’s even more fitting now, what with seeing what the Nancy Drew Diaries’ 1st book is like! 😛 Run! 😛 Escape from the tacky non-Nancy Drew book! 😛 😀 😛 😀 (That’s what I’m thinkin’, anyway. ;))

    Ooo 😀 – very witty sentence layout! 😀 Very cool! 😀 😎 (With the Diaries now, in my opinion, being something to “escape” because the characters with the familiar names – such as Nancy, George, Bess – are actually “strangers” & sooooo not the real girls! :() Ooo 😀 – I love solving mysteries! 😀 Thanks, Ann! 😀

    ~Nope. They’ve got to show me that they’ve got the genuine article (or at least an acceptable facsimile thereof :P) before I’m forking any of my $ over. 😎

    ~Well, this is an easier mystery to solve than it could’ve been (if I was still interested in the Diaries – which I’m not :cool:), but I’ll state the obvious anyway 😉 – I’m planning on reading both of the Hardy books, one right after the other! 😀 😎 I’m lookin’ forward to it! 😀

    ~Yep. 😛 Paperback is more affordable & more comfortable to hold. 😎 The hardcovers would look nice 🙂 – I love hardback books! 🙂 – but the $ is a bit much. 😦 eBooks are a very good possibility, too – instantaneous delivery is pretty cool. 😎 So…yep! 😀

    ~Nope. (Which is a good thing, because the Hardy Boys books have always had a big fan base & anyone who gets a spot on the waiting list usually feels pretty pleased with themselves for being able to get it. :cool:)

    Thanks, Ann 😀 – that was fun! 😀

    Cool countdown widget 😎 – I’m happy to see it’s highlighting the Hardy Boys Adventures exclusively now. 😎 7×2=14 days & they’ll be available to purchase & hold in our hot little hands & read from cover-to-cover!! 😀 😀

    Appreciating the good things,

    • What do you see? A blog? 😛 Lol! That was purely accidental, because when I posted the title I hadn’t read any of Curse of the Arctic Star – I was thinking of what the story was about so I figured that would be appropriate. 😀 Lol! 😀

      Thank you! 🙂 Lol! 😀 Welcome! 🙂

      Cool that you answered each one! I always love seeing what you have to say! 🙂 You’re cool! 😀 With the sweet compliments and the laugh-out-loud-clever-and-cool things you have to say – it’s so much fun reading your thoughts, 😎 Lily! 🙂 😎

      Sure, good ahead and state the obvious 😛

      I followed that! 😀 😎

      True! 🙂

      Welcome, I’m glad! 🙂

      Thank you! 🙂 Lol, yep! 😀

      • 😛 Yes, I was aware of the timing. 😎 & now it’s even more appropriate. 😛 😎

        You’re welcome! 😀

        Thanks, Ann! 😀 😎


        Yeah, you’re good at that. 😉 😀 😎



        You’re welcome. 🙂

        Appreciating the good things,

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