The Hardy Boys #112 Demolition Mission Synopsis and Release Date

Here’s the synopsis for #112 Demolition Mission in The Hardy Boys series:

The Hardy boys have been invited to attend the Bayport Motor Speedway to test-drive the prototype of a world-class sports car. But when the high-performance racer vanishes without a trace, Frank and Joe’s investigation leads to the demolition derby, where they run head-on into danger.

Sounds dangerous and mysterious! The ebook edition, 160 pages, is available for the first time starting on the 8th of April from the usual ebooksellers – as in now! :cool: Should be great and I can hardly wait to get to read it! Really looking forward to more of The Hardy Boys series becoming available in digital form. Love The Hardy Boys. :cool: <3

Don’t forget you can check out free first chapter samples @ iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Google books, etc.. :)

The Hardy Boys #112 Demolition Mission @ Kindle
The Hardy Boys #112 Demolition Mission @ iBooks
The Hardy Boys #112 Demolition Mission @ Simon and Schuster

Hardy Boys Adventures #7 Shadows at Predator Reef – Synopsis

Here’s the synopsis for Hardy Boys Adventure #7, Shadows at Predator Reef:

When Frank wins an internship at the Bayport Aquarium, he’s stoked at the chance to not only earn school credit, but to also geek out about one of his favorite subjects—aquatic life. And his brother Joe is equally jazzed about taking scuba diving lessons from the super-cute instructor, Aly. But both boys’ excitement comes screeching to a halt when the aquarium’s most valuable asset goes missing: a rare two-hundred-pound sea turtle named Captain Hook.

Frank and Joe stumble upon a network of underground tunnels hidden beneath Bayport…and realize the aquarium is a secret entry point. Could the aquarium be the newest target of a sinister aquatic smuggling ring? And can the boys snag the gang’s mastermind before they end up in treacherous waters?

The underground tunnels sound intriguing. Mystery has potential. Looking forward to the cover, which, hopefully, will be released soon. :) Paperback, hardcover and ebook editions will be available from many booksellers on the 21st of October and will be 160 pages.

I’m really looking forward to when the Hardy Boys Adventures catches up with Hardy facts and the 21st century by having in this series both Callie, who’s Frank’s girlfriend and true love, as well as Iola, who’s Joe’s girlfriend and true love. These details can be seen in The Hardy Boys (Mysteries #1-#190 2005), which is the main, essential, real deal Hardy Boys series. <3

Hardy Boys Adventures #7 @ Simon and Schuster
Hardy Boys Adventure #7 @ Amazon

The Hardy Boys Papercutz Graphic Novel #4 Malled – My Review

In the fourth volume of the Hardy Boys’ graphic novel series by Papercutz, Malled, there’s action, danger, bravery, humor, mystery, and the Hardy brothers. :D 

The book starts with some thrilling excitement as the brothers and another special agent use some of their skills to do their best to stop evil. I like the way the UBs do that, starting with the big finale of a case with the ultimate capturing of the bad people they’re after at the time then there’s a short breather, very short breather, followed by the next ATAC mission. :cool:

I really enjoyed the good brotherly fun when Frank and Joe were goofing around. Great quote in the book by Frank after being asked what could be more exciting than getting to test a new mall ~ Frank: “Honestly? You want a list?” :cool: Cracked me up. :D

I love seeing the rest of the Hardy family in the books. Fenton, Laura, and Aunt Trudy (in #2 Identity Theft we find out how and when she gets that nickname ;) ) were all in this one, which was very cool. 

Also cool to see Chief Collig in this mystery, who along with the Hardy brothers, focused on saving lives and catching the person or persons trying to kill people. The only ones at the mall that I personally trusted fully were Joe, Frank, and Chief Collig. Everyone else there = suspects. 

Unscrupulous and unethical dealings by more than one person clearly started even before the building of the huge mall, which resulted in the crime of stolen land. The Hardy brothers had to sort out motives and opportunities so they could try to keep everyone there from being murdered. Plus, they wanted to see justice and be a part of that. Their willingness to do the right, brave thing is always essential and I admire that very much. :cool:

Courage fuels the exciting action during the daring rescues that take place in Malled. Would have been great if they could have prevented the murder, but they didn’t give up in their fight to stop additional murders. The Hardys and myself and anyone else with compassion were sickened by the mall owner’s, Harlan Spratt, and the mayor’s assistant’s, Paige Kent, lack of decency and morality, brought to light by their comments that showed more interest in money than someone’s life. :mad: Greed is an evil, ugly thing.

You don’t get to find out exactly what happens later, but if justice is served, then the tribe whose land had been stolen now has a nice, lucrative mall. :cool:

I love Joe’s smart-mouth during a close call with one of the rescues – definitely among my favorite quotes and scenes in the book. He was asked by the person he saved: “Couldn’t cut it any closer?” Joe’s classic response? “Want to try again?” :cool:

The Hardy brothers did a great job and I love that it was noted that they were trained by their dad and ATAC just reinforced it. :cool: 

A digital review copy (drc) was given to me by Papercutz. Thanks, Beth – not only for getting them to me, but also for the great work you did with the digital versions. :D Thank you, Sven. :D Thanks again also to Jesse, who first contacted me to offer me the Papercutz review copies. :D

Cool WordPress Feature: Selecting When to Publish a Post

   So many cool features with WordPress. One of them is scheduling the posting of a blog entry. I can type up a draft of a post, tweak it whenever, choose from among backup revisions, and decide when it’s published. For example, I have some Papercutz reviews to post and I just type them up then set the date and time of when I want each one to publish and boom, there you go. It publishes on the day and at the time selected. How cool is that? :D

   Scheduling when to post a blog entry is very easy. If you have a WordPress blog, as you’re typing up your post, on the right side, where it says “Publish immediately” then there’s a link “Edit” – click on that. The location might differ according to theme, I’m not sure. After that, just type in the date and time, hit “OK” when you’re finished then you’ll have a blog entry that day you selected already good to go. :D When things are super busy and all, this is great! :)

   Also, I wanted to let everyone know that I’ll have a multi-chapter story completed hopefully before long. Check back often! :)

   Hope everyone is having a great spring. :) As Kendall from Big Time Rush says, “Be cool, everybody.” :cool:

Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #19 Foul Play – My Review

Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #19, Foul Play, is one of the best books in this series. In this volume Frank and Joe are written in character – a very important thing to me. :cool:

Foul Play is a very cool and good read. I really enjoyed it and it’s an excellent example of why I like some of the Undercover Brothers books. It has an interesting mystery, fun humor, good action, a couple of fight scenes with bad guys with a dose of poetic justice included. The opening predicament where the brothers were facing Bengal tigers was great edge-of-the-seat stuff and it was exciting how they got out of it. I love how the author writes so you feel you are right in the scene. With the Hardy brothers and those huge Bengal tigers!

I particularly love the entire doughnut scene when the brothers got their assignment. Good writing – enjoyable fun! I love this kind of stuff.  :D

The banter was fun, the way it should be. Good-natured teasing is very enjoyable to read. Banter is an art, just like sarcasm and witty insults, as opposed to flat-out rude, obnoxious insults and there definitely is a difference! I haven’t read all of the UBs yet, but in the ones I have, sometimes the authors write it right  and sometimes they miss it  like the writer is trying way too hard so then it doesn’t sound real and doesn’t flow. The humor and good-natured affection has to be clear or it’s annoying and falls flat rather than cool and smooth, which is obviously preferable. This book got it right. :cool:

There were a number of believable suspects and Frank and Joe had to figure out whom they could trust while keeping their cover safe on a college football team. Injuries, player superstitions, game fixing, sports betting were things they had to deal with while trying to keep anyone from being murdered – including themselves!

Plenty of great lines in this book and my favorite is this excellent one by Frank after fighting a jerk who was trying to bribe him:

“Sorry, dude,” I answered. “You threatened my brother. No amount of money makes up for that.”

My favorite Undercover Brothers books are from the graphic novels  series by Papercutz, but this one was up there with them and I will definitely read it again. And I recommend it
Oh, I also really like their cool gadget that they each got – I love the gadgets in the UBs. :D
I’m more into baseball, hockey, soccer, and X-Games, than football, without a doubt, but I think there is the right amount about the sport in Foul Play. In my opinion, the writer scored a touchdown with this book. Enjoyable. I even learned some interesting stuff! So a hearty recommendation for this Hardy Boys book #19 Foul Play:cool:

Hardy Boys Secret Files #16 Camping Chaos

The mysterious, previously untitled for a long time, Hardy Boys Secret Files #16 has been announced – Camping Chaos. Also the cover art’s been released as well. It’s 96 pages and will be available in paperback and ebook starting the 2nd of Dec. From the title and cover, looks like it should be fun. :) Had this info but just now getting it posted. Finally. :P Check out the cover for the 16th book of The Hardy Boys Secret Files at Amazon.

Hardy Boys Adventures #4 Into Thin Air – My Review

Hardy Boys Adventures #4 Into Thin Air Franklin W. Dixon

Hardy Boys Adventure #4, Into Thin Air, is basically the second part of the mystery that began in Hardy Boys Adventures #3 The Vanishing Game. What happens at the end of the 3rd book is the synopsis for this volume. I had my reviews for both of these books pretty much finished a while ago and I’m finally getting them posted. :oops: Trying to get caught up. :)

First off, the cover’s cool and once again it’s done by Kevin Keele. :cool: One of the things I like best about this series so far is the great cover art. :)

There were some good lines in this book. :cool: Along with some errors in how the Hardys would handle certain situations. I’d hoped for improvement in this one, but instead got really disappointed because the brothers in it actually gave up for a little while after being threatened. :shock: That is NOT the Hardy way and totally wasn’t believable! One of the things I love about the Hardys is that they never give up despite threats, danger, and the odds. The real Hardys don’t give up – in fact, threats just make them more determined. :cool:  

Also, Frank and Joe are cool. They, themselves, their characters/personalities, who they are – cool. In this book that wasn’t truly represented. Like at lunch – again where are their friends??!?!?!?! – it sounded like they’re considered unpopular and uncool —–what? I want to mention that actually in school there are some people who are popular and aren’t snobby jerks like in this book and some who are. That goes for those who aren’t so-called “popular” – some aren’t snobby jerks and some are. There are nice people and jerks in school – regardless of whether they’re popular or not. And since Frank and Joe solve crimes and help people, they would be liked by good people, some people would be jealous, and bad people would dislike and fear the Hardys. Just saying. Because it needed to be. :cool:

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I’m really into tech stuff. So when there are errors, inconsistencies, it’s very noticeable to me. There were. But that didn’t bother me as much as the “quitting” thing did. I think I’ll say it again – the Hardy Boys never give up. :cool:

There was a sneak peek of the next Hardy Boys Adventures, #5, Peril at Granite Peak, at the end of this book. Chet’s in it, so that should be good. Although I already saw one big mistake that I wasn’t  impressed with, but hopefully it’s explained later in the book. Most of the preview looked really good. :)

Still hoping for some better mysteries in the future for this series. :) The first two volumes, #1 Secret of the Red Arrow, and #2 Mystery of the Phantom Heist, have some parts I really, really like and are overall better than #3 and #4. Hardy Boys #5 Peril at Granite Peak is available now and I hope to read/review soon. :)