Geronimo Stilton Papercutz Graphic Novel #14 The First Mouse on the Moon – My Review

Geronimo Stilton #14, The First Mouse on the Moon, is a really fun graphic novel! There’s good humor in the story along with intriguing dilemmas. The drawings are great with bright colors and it’s like watching a cool, fun cartoon. I love that kind of thing. :cool:

I really enjoyed reading about the main characters Geronimo Stilton, his sister Thea, Geronimo Stilton #14: The First Mouse on the Mooncousin Trap, nephew Benjamin, and Benjamin’s friend Bugsy Wugsy and their adventure. The plays on words in the story were fun. When I read New Mouse City, I thought New York City, of course, with Mouse Island being Long Island. :cool:

There’s humor, mystery, adventure, courage, and time travel, too! Time machines are, of course, fascinating and they’ve got one. Pretty awesome, if you ask me. :D

Finding out the Pirate Cats’ plans was very entertaining. So were Geronimo and the others’ efforts to foil those plans. The story and graphics were continuously well-done and enjoyable. I’m very glad I got to ride along on the adventure as I read this graphic novel.

Geronimo Stilton #14: The First Mouse on the MoonI learned some stuff, too. This was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than any stuffy lesson in class ever about moon travel, etc.

Definite thumbs up from me! :D I’m interested in reading more Geronimo Stilton graphic novels. :) This 14th title in the series is available in paper and digital editions from Papercutz as well as other booksellers and ebooksellers plus you can see if your local libraries carries it. If you’d like to read a fun, cool, entertaining graphic novel then you’ll definitely want to check out Geronimo Stilton #14 The First Mouse on the Moon. :)

I received an advanced review copy (arc) of this title from Papercutz. Thanks! :) Check out the cool pics with this review! :)

Finally an update….

So very sorry that I’ve not gotten my replies, story, and reviews posted yet. Last month wasn’t what I was expecting at all with one serious crisis after another, but we’re very thankful that we’re never alone, never without the Creator. That is priceless and never changing, which means we can count on that faithfulness forever. Prayers and solidarity help so much. <3

I’ve been concerned that the beautiful readers/commenters on the blog would be upset with me for not posting more and getting back to everyone. I will hopefully be posting stories, replies, reviews, etc. very very soon. :)

Love to all of you. :) :cool: <3 :)

Sometimes we feel like Harold Lloyd in this awesome scene, who did that amazing stunt himself, in ‘Safety Last’ and the important thing is to keep holding on. This pic is a teaser for Hardys Inn Danger ~

Harold Lloyd in Safety Last 1923

Puzzle for My Upcoming Story!

Here’s the header for my newest story I’ll be posting soon! You can solve the puzzle of what the title for my upcoming 24 chapter story is by looking at the top half, figuring it out then checking your answer on the bottom half. :) I’m just about done writing the 24th chapter and after I read over it and my family reads it, checks it out, then I’ll start posting it! :)


Hardys Inn Danger  header by Ann Chvq

Hardy Boys Secret Files #17 The Great Escape Info

Hardy Boys Secret Files #17 The Great Escape available 21st April, 2015, 96 pages. Check it out at the various booksellers like iBooks and Amazon. The cover has a snake and a kangaroo on it along with Frank and Joe and a new friend from Australia. :cool:



Presenting The Lil’ Hardys with The Whole Story!

The word fun can refer to many blessings in life such as friends, writing, drawing, comics, and the Hardy Boys! :) Combining all of those then you’ve got awesome fun and the end result’s a comic called The Whole Story! :D Super-talented siblings, Sarah and Shadow, did the cool drawings and shadowing in the comic, a great display of their artistry, and I wrote the story. :) It was extremely fun! :D Thank you, Sarah and Shadow, you two are so cool! :)

The Lil’ Hardys with The Whole Story! :) Hope you enjoy it! :)

Synopsis: Joe’s mysterious question gives Frank a puzzle to solve, but it might get the younger Hardy in trouble until his big brother figures it out. Click on the pic below to read and find out what happens with Lil’ Joe and Lil’ Frank! Hardy Boys The Whole Story Sarah Sleuth Shadow Ann Chvq

One Shot by Ann Chvq

Are you ready for a one shot story called, oh, idk, “One Shot“? :D If so, just click on the link in the first sentence or on the pic below. I have more stories in progress, including several multi-chapter ones. Hopefully I’ll have one of those good to go very soon. :) Thanks so much for the encouragement, everyone – I really love knowing that you guys enjoy my stories. :)

One Shot header by Ann Chvq

Frank is on a desperate search for his kidnapped brother, Joe, who is facing a deadly enemy. Neither brother will give up in their battle for justice as well as for their own survival and each other’s. When you have only one shot, you don’t want to miss.

Hardy Boys Adventures #8 Deception on the Set – Release Date

#8 in the Hardy Boys Adventures series title is Deception on the Set and the 160 page book will be available Feb. 3rd, 2015. ISBN: 9781481414067

Which one of the upcoming titles catches your attention the most?

#6 Battle of Bayport

#7 Shadows at Predator Reef

#8 Deception on the Set

All three have potential and evoke an air of mystery and adventure. :)

Newest news on the Hardy Boys Adventures right here! Check back for more info! :) (This is another of my scheduled posts – originally typed the previous week. :D )

Update ~ HBA #8 Deception on the Set cover ~

Hardy Boys Adventures 8 Deception on the Set by Franklin W Dixon